Trolls, hyenas and vermin


Following our loss to Chelsea, which imho was a close run thing….I felt it appropriate to anticipate the reactions of our AAA minions.

There is a phenomena in cognitive psychology which tries to explain how mankind’s morbid focus on small and often irrelevant negatives dominates many ordinary people’s thinking. It is called obsessive myopism or in plain English, choosing to maintain a shitty outlook on life. It explains why our AAA plastic fanboys come streaming onto the site to criticize Wenger and all things Arsenal only when we have a poor result in their view( a tie or a loss) but never show up when we win.

The media and press, as well as society in general share this morbidity, not because it is rewarding to them but because it gets hits, adverts etc. and sells….since negativity is the flavour of the decade. It won’t change anytime soon and will continue to be fueled by cultural and religious beliefs (the world is going down the toilet, we are all doomed, our planet is screwed, we are all going to hell, politicians are all corrupt, our food is poison, all men are unfaithful, all muslims are terrorists, all blacks are inferior….you name it, we bemoan it!).

Of course the contrary is true but black and white statements (called absolutism in cognitive psychology) are easier and more ¨coherent¨ than having to think something through and it requires far less work than developing fair-minded and open-ended dialogue. The ability to maintain a positive and rational perspective even in the face of defeat and despair is the sign of a healthy, well-balanced mind. Therefore, the trolls, hyenas and other vermin who crawl out of the shadows after every Arsenal setback are almost inevitably unbalanced, myopic and obsessed with a constantly repeated meme as follows:

  • Wenger is a loser
  • Arsenal are going nowhere
  • ****** is a shit player and was never worth the fees he’s paid
  • Wenger out
  • Everybody is better than us
  • AKB’s are deluded idiots, etc.

One of my favourite Arsenal analysts is Adrian Clarke. His understanding and fluency in explaining what occurs in each game is impressive and in my opinion perfectly astute. When I feel down after a tough loss or poor game, his balanced and intelligent reviews serve, along with UA’s rational and insightful dialogues and discussions, to reinforce my faith in all things Arsenal and improve my morale as well.

There is a branch of neuro-psychology which studies neuro-linguistic behaviour and its subsequent iteration, neuro-lingusitic programming. In a nutshell, it maintains that how we express ourselves serves to program our brains to continue to think in that way. NLP questions and draws attention to the assumptions and expectations that others and you bring into an engagement. It is a cognitive re-evaluation of what your mind tells you and what you program your mind to believe.

So the trolls, hyenas and jackals who populate the netherworld of pessimistic doomers on the net and here on UA have ¨successfully¨ developed a world view which is depressed, negative, gloomily predictive and entirely dark.

The ordinary UA blogger who criticises AFC in a fair-minded and rational manner but who remains supportive of all things Arsenal is rather different. They can see both sides of the coin and leave their rancour, anger and disappointment behind, in anticipation of better days.

We do not need, regardless of the dictates of free speech and freedom of opinion, such trolls and other vermin infesting UA. There are more than enough anti-Arsenal websites to accommodate them…..UA is a collection of open-minded Arsenal supporters who share a love of the Club and a willingness to support it through thick and thin…..anyone with another agenda can try alternate sites.

Why does Untold support Mr Wenger?

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  1. Excellent point OMG. I discovered NLP some 12 years ago while looking for ways to improve myself, and I can say it’s been worth using it. One typical way was to rephrase my negative thoughts (which I had a lot) into positive terms. The result was, after a long enough period of time, of course, that my perspective changed for the better. It’s interesting how it makes use of neuro-plasticity to shape the brain in the areas that we choose to target by using specific notions.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! The doomers make me sick – just take a read of Le Grove to experience the hatred and bile aimed at our club/manager. One defeat and we are apparently relegation fodder! There are some deluded fans who think we should be champions every year, plus win UCL, FA Cup etc. Sadly, we don’t always get everything we want in life – sometimes you have to really slog away at it, make sacrifices, take criticism and disappointment. Unfortunately, the media and bell end ‘supporters’ continue to chip away at our brilliant club – that’s why real supporters need to stick together, for the better of Arsenal FC.

  3. Excellent Don. The psychological insight is particularly interesting. Like a lot of things, problems (i.e. a negative outlook on life in general and Arsenal in particular) need to be tacked at source rather than the symptons. Unfortunately, apart from publishing articles like this – which may help a few become more self-aware – this is rather beyond this blog I suspect.

  4. Hi real gooner fans. These doom mongers are every where I guess. They don’t really have an agenda and expect that everything has to click in no time as if it is programmed like a robbot. These are surely failures in life bse they seem to think that in order to be in a win win situation, you should not try anything for fear of criticism. That’s why Wenger willalways remain an innovator and what ever they throw at him still remains to be one of the 99% of global losers.

  5. Don,
    An excellent article.
    It is instructive to see that amongst those who attend, both home and away games, there is actually a genuinely positive outlook. This is generated by being around other positive individuals, in conducive surroundings eg pubs and restaurants before the game and entering the stadium in a positive frame of mind. I genuinely believe that these positive acts engender a positive state of mind and that for the most part the doomers are those who for whatever reason are excluded from the ritual of attending.
    I would be glad to hear the thoughts of others as, win lose or draw the experience I have and see others having at games is very positive indeed. Are these people simply using football in general and Arsenalin particular to vent their frustrations at their own personal circumstances? I don’t know but I find it interesting that their views are so seldom expressed within the ground itself.

  6. Firstly, the decision to write this is unwise as this is the busiest time of the year at work, yet after a somewhat lively debate with fellow Arsenal fans this morning, I thought it appropriate I take the liberty to share my thoughts.

    As we delved into the detail of the Chelsea match which then naturally opened the door to a much broader discussion, the central point became the subject of how to move forward.

    I was somewhat forthright with my assertions that the problem lies in Arsenal living on its past glories in their continued support of Arsene Wenger. What I emphasised is that every fibre of this football club, encompassed in its DNA and heritage is a desire and will to win. Over the decades, particularly prior to Wenger, this has not been replete with the technical excellence, however the foundations have been built on a refusal to accept the very best.

    Over the years that passed between our two previous FA Cup successes, it is not controversial for me to suggest we have woefully under-achieved with the players we have had at our football club. Throwing away an eight-point lead over United in 2003 was perhaps one of the most striking, however scratch beneath the surface and you see the frailties that have developed. Remember that 2007-2008 season – a five point lead over United with only 12 games left, playing against 10 men against Birmingham and we all know what happened. How can the wheels come off so dramatically? Where is the resolve? And then of course last season – in total, top for 20 weeks of the season. You can say we have ‘blips’ but these are regular occurrences. Again being humiliated at the hands of rivals once is a blip but three/four times is not a blip.

    And, the most frustrating of all is the party line of a new stadium and no resources. If you look at the titles we have thrown away, clearly we have the ability to win but not the mental resolve to see it through. You cannot blame lack of resources. Throwing away a cup against Birmingham is not a blip – it is complacency and everyone knows it. This is not a one-off as we cannot compare City to Wigan etc. because those are true ‘blips’ and they clearly have bigger fishy to fry.

    Whose responsibility is it to buy the right players? Did we really need Sanchez? Would it not have made sense to replace the ailing Arteta and the calamitous Flamini with an enforcer? Would the money we spent on Sanchez not have bought the finest we need in that department? And why sell two defenders when we have no replacements, and it is the weakest part of our squad?

    And so to the Chelsea game – now a manager of his experience and success should have seen this coming – it is as subtle as a Stephen King novel – pretty patterns in the middle of the park but no cutting edge – we knew what was going to happen – we would be hit with a moment of brilliance and duly it arrived. It was a ridiculous tackle in terms of the technique and decision. However the problem lies in now having anybody to break up the play. Again whose job is it to have found that one diamond we truly needed?

    Stupid questions detract from this. Ozil is underperforming – of course he is because he is being played in a position which is completely diluting his ability. Wenger’s response – ‘someone has to play there’ – well if we are in that desperate position, why are we not finding the people to play there instead? Sanzhez is already looking like an average player because of the situation of the team – Ozil is weakening by the day and Carzola is rightly looking somewhat disgruntled and rightly so – our one bright spark taken off when Ozil should have been – not because of his ineffectiveness, but because he is not allowed to be effective.

    How many decisions are flawed? You can excuse one or two – and this is not even the tip of the iceberg – but clearly it is time for change. We need winners. What Wenger has given and inspired is nothing short of history-changing for the club – but we cannot live on former glories and an intransigence to change – we must be prepared to accept some time away from the elite to spend a more sustained time with this group in the future.

    Honour the past, but embrace the future!

  7. I feel we have the main I making of a great team but we just need to strengthen in a couple of areas. When Theo returns our attack will be devastating.

    On paper I’d say we’re the 3rd best team in the country so I think that’s where we’ll end up. Hopefully go on a good cup run, although we could struggle to reach the latter stages of the ECL.

    It is difficult to compete with the two oil rich clubs at the top of the table but certainly not impossible as Liverpool showed us last season

  8. it’s very true that a metric tonne of fans are overly negative in the face of numerous positives and likewise that a tonne of fans and the media are unnecessarilyreactionary, lleaving rationality and common sense at the door to either describewelback as the next henry or the next jeffers on a game by game basis. what your distainful posts about these groups so often fail to acknowledge is that others are guilty on sites of being so iincapable of admitting that some problems with the team or management are real and in some cases quite ssignificant. the really healthy outlook is to properly acknowledge both bad and good and love the club regardless.

    this idea that those who are negative are plasticand not real fans is no more accurate than people being gormlessly positive in the face of problems to the extent that they dont get addressed as heads are busy buried in the sand.

    i give the analogy or a parent. if a parentis strict and ccritical of their kid because they want the kid to do better for their own sake and future. thats got its own pros and cons the same as those parents who believe their kids should be free and effectively have no discipline. either approach as well as every one between the two doesn’tmean you love your kid more or less, it means you have a ddifferent outlook on what is best for them and its no different with arsenal fans.

    we all love arsenal. what divides this club the most is not that we have lots of negative fans and lots of positive fans disagreeing. what divides the club is that people gormlessly associate themselves with one camp or another and refuse to accept any middle ground.

    wenger has achieved many incredible things but he’s not god and really shouldn’t be treated as such. he deserves fullcredit for what hes achieved and full blame for his own shortcomings in the last decade. likewise people shouldneither be calling giroud the worst striker weve ever had or equally as ggormlessly pretending that hes reallysome world class world beater.

    i really dont get why peoplehave to be so eextremeabout it all. common sense aapparently doesn’t prevail on any of these blogs or media outlets

  9. Don

    An excellent article and I fully agree with your analysis.

    The only additional point I would make is that the AAAA try to make a much greater “noise” than their numbers justify and some of the more dedicated AAAAs seem to have links with parts of the media – possibly a myopic campaign following an agenda?

  10. Personally i think Wenger has a lot of good stuff going on in his life outside of football and things he wants to do do from what ive read from time to time and dont think he ll want to fester away like Ferguson did until his 70s. Hes 65 nearly now and its one of the factors that makes me think he ll want out of it quite soon. His body language and words have suggested form some 2-3 years now that hes not as enamoured with how football has gone in the last few years. We ll see wont we. 

  11. @Mick

    Agree with your comment, the trouble is we are being “hit” with trolls/AAAA who are trying to disguise their outlook and are pretending to be concerned fans.

    This is not new but seems to be more prevalent – perhaps it is a response to the more obvious multi IP trolls being binned.

  12. @Tony/Walter

    Not sure if the cause is my computer, but I have found the site quite glitchy the past few days.

  13. Wenger is a very good case in point if you wish to use business analogies. He undoubtedly gave the blueprint in how to be successful for everyone else to follow, namely a rock solid defence (inherited) coupled to a couple of Rottweiler type of holding midfielders (any two from Veirra, Petit, Gilberto or Parlour) then complimented it with very creative midfielders and forwards. Even those players, with perhaps the exception of Pires had something about them, typified by DB10 who knew how to look after himself. So once Wenger showed everybody else how to succeed they copied him, whilst he decided to go down the youth tippy tappy don’t shoot route. I like most accept that he initially had no choice but to do this, because of the new stadium costs. Getting back to business though, when it becomes clear that this method is not achieving what’s required against other big clubs, surely you would adjust your business model to make it work? Just as I and presumably you have had to do over the years when our own money was at stake in our businesses! It’s Wenger’s entrenched position that irritates most, as even just some minor adjustments coupled with the purchase of more “Over my dead body will you get past me” type of players could make all the difference. His entrenched idealistic notions are the very thing which is holding him back. I read recently that Wenger was so appalled by Arsenal’s 2005 FA Cup win over Man U that he vowed from that day forward never to park the bus again to get a result over style. Now whether or not that is true I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, and it might explain a lot. So in my view money has little to do with what is currently holding the club back, it’s the manager’s inability to adjust to the current football scene. Another thing you will know having run your own business is that generally speaking the younger people, keen to prove themselves as salesman, are the more dynamic, because they have a hunger and desire for money, plus wanting to carve a career path. Hence it follows a younger football manager like Klopp would I probably achieve a hell of a lot more than Wenger currently does. With Wenger being probably the highest paid manager in world football today, coupled to no pressure from above, he has simply become complacent with an inability to adjust, despite all the evidence pointing that his current philosophy does not and never will win you the PL or CL. For a man who clearly hates losing or being proved wrong it’s baffling to most of us why he won’t take some inspiration from his teams when they were successful. The fact that he doesn’t and won’t is because he wants to be proved right and say “I told you so” even if it takes 30 years for him to possibly speak those words. I genuinely think he wants to have that moment in time again, when during the previous campaign to the invincible season he was ridiculed in the press for suggesting his side could go unbeaten. When they did achieve this incredible feat the following season, you could tell he was more proud of that, than actually winning the PL because his ego is huge. It’s his ego and his constant need to prove everybody else wrong that today is his Achilles heel. Playing central midfielders or forwards out on the wing is just so counterproductive. I personally never had any time for Bendtner, but to play him out on the wing was a good case in point. There are many other players like Arshavin or currently Ozil who is clearly struggling being played out of position. Wenger keeps doing it though, so he can eventually hopefully prove us all wrong! If you or I ran our business like that we would have gone bust years ago, so why is Wenger allowed to continue making these same mistakes year after year after year?

  14. Vince,
    If you want to write incredibly long posts, can I suggest you start your own blog. Honestly we don’t have time to read stuff of this length especially when it’s so tendentious.
    Many thanks.

  15. @vincelorne
    Sorry to repeat myself but…
    We’ve heard it all before, for God’s sake give it a rest.

  16. Don,
    I think I should start by saying; what a well- timed article! (Smile).

    I like the title. I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere. Something along the lines of an old tune that could describe the refs: “Gypsies, tramps and thieves”?

    And ooooh, some early responses to your article have clearly hit the spot. Here they come – Wenger is old/tired/stubborn, nag, nag, bleat bleat. There’s nothing like calling out the irrationality and negativity of some alleged footy fans. You’d think the groaners hadn’t visited the idea that Arsenal are cheated. They certainly haven’t comprehended the article previous to this one, and they don’t think about NLP (thuck all dat shit).
    All will be well when Wenger goes. Har har har. (Didn’t comprehend this article either).

    “UA is a collection of open-minded Arsenal supporters who share a love of the Club and a willingness to support it through thick and thin…..anyone with another agenda can try alternate sites.”


  17. Vincelorn, your both posts are excellent and I agree 100% with you. It’s a changing world. Nothing works for ever and nothing stays still. If we don’t change with it, then we are left behind, and this is what is happening with Arsenal. If we need a left winger, then go and buy in the market, don’t move Ozil from center. Carthola, Ozil, Arteta, are wonderful players, but no one is scared of them in match. Cahill won’t have made that aweful tackle on Sanchez during Viera days because he would be aware that he will be paid back, with interest in kind, in the same match by an Arsenal player. Other teams are kicking us like we are kids and laughing at us. Our midfield is soft .

  18. @Vincelorna You obviously think you know how to run a club. There are vacancies you can apply for. Before that could you please write your surmon to PGMOL praising their effective management of England’s footballing demise.

    Wenger has a team that plays the Beautiful Game by the Laws. I support that team & don’t care for the dreams of those who think they can make a train fly without having built a train.

    Ozil is brilliant. He knows how to avoid injury.

  19. Nicely said. Needs to be said.

    Also – trolls are talking to each other – or are they just one sad and maybe paid blogger furiously cutting and pasting…hmmm…

  20. Vincelorna
    Please go away, will you. Go to le grove, never been on that site myself (from what I’ve heard they don’t publish anything positive about our club, and me wanting to read positive stuff about our club find no reason to go there), but sure you will find your comments will be more appreciated over there by their readership. And while you’re at it can you please do us a favour and drag a few of your chums along with you. Thank you.

  21. hang on a sec, vincelorne has made some good point and his/she is being quite respectful in what has been posted, so why is that he/she is being asked to shut up?

  22. Verminbone has expressed long winded negative opinion based diatribes – totally worthless, but designed to poison the unwary.

  23. @vincelorne
    October 8, 2014 at 10:49 am

    “Now whether or not that is true I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, and it might explain a lot”
    How can you base an argument on such supposition? Try using fact instead of rhetoric and propaganda.

  24. One of the things I hate most is how the media attempt to bully people into saying something, anything that can be turned against you. They ask inane question after inane question looking for those few words that slip that can be turned into a headline and then they write to fit that one out of context quote. Then once they have a few talking points and a few clever phrases its game on. Time to brainwash people by hitting them over the head with their drivel over and over and over and over and you get the picture.

  25. gouresh
    It really is quite simple. This site is a meeting point for like minded people who are positive about the club and manager. A ‘club’ if you like. We are happy souls who enjoy coming here and when we find an outsider intent on spoiling our enjoyment by posting negative stuff we do not take kindly to it. Any one who takes an opposite (negative) view should stay in their own club or at the very least whilst here just read the article and refrain from posting any comments which will obviously disrupt the atmosphere of said club. That is plain good manners. There are many suitable outlets where their views will be appreciated as has been said before, the most well known being Le Grove.
    It baffles me why anyone in their right mind would want to frequent a ‘club’ where they are not liked unless they are up to no good!
    I am a member of the Labour Club, why would I want to go to the local Conservative Club?
    That’s my two penny worth any way.

  26. And to address this Arsenal are soft notion. Does anyone remember when Arteta had a tooth knocked out and finished the game off like it was no big deal. Yeah soft. Please refer back to yesterdays post The injury crisis is indeed a referee crisis.

  27. It never ceases to amaze me how the AAA can send the Untold faithful into a hizzy fit every time they post, and how you can never stop talking about them. Surely something in life you don’t like you ignore or prevent from entering your sanitised righteous world. There getting to you only proves there winning the battle , ignore them and they will go away bored and disinterested . I do love however the name calling ( the child in me ) and love the way some members morf into James Cagneys ” You dirty vermin Rat you “” excellent .

  28. The irony is that it is unlikely that this site could survive without the clicks of the very people you’re whinging about.

    Why not make the site a log in members only area if you want to isolate those with alternative opinions and have complete harmony.

    I’m sure the advertisers would love that Tony.

  29. In fact the sites survival is entirely dependant on a group of people who actually dont exist

  30. The troll(s) above attempts and fails to focus it’s attack on Untold.

    Yet I can burn the two comments from the troll above by simply noting that they have also attempted and failed to troll all other sites like ArsenalVision. This has been recorded and observed. Please refer to the AV comments policy for clarification if required. And Mean Lean is a much respected voice online amongst the Arsenal football family. Yet still they try. And fail.

    Why do the AAAA attempt and fail to troll all supportive Arsenal blogs? What does this tell us about these weak and pitifully lame efforts at trolling above?

    We know the answer.

  31. That was too easy 🙂

    Nice try chaps. But you’ll have to try again. Back to the Groaning board.

  32. ‘Members only’ now there’s a thought would certainly please all the Jambugs and Brickies

  33. @ Mick: Does that mean that you can never come here as say what you might think needs to improve or what one thinks the issue with the club are? of is it the case you all want YES men?

  34. Fins, good post on PA(12.34).Would like to see it over here too.
    COYG! etc

  35. vincelorne has not abused any1, he has clearly stated what be feels. what’s wrong with that?

  36. InitialsBB

    Alternative opinions are welcome and encouraged but they must be evidence-based. We’ve heard all the garbage regurgitated by vincelorne before it’s tiresome. If any WOB produced a shred of evidence to support their claims I might become one too….

  37. Vincealone……….you are entitled to your opinion(s) but not necessarily to express them without supporting them as well. Others can agree with you all they want but it doesn’t legitimize your rants and that is the beauty of free speech but free speech does not include endless proselytizing nor does it encompass unsupported personal agendas like yours.
    To those who say UA could not exist without the trolls and moaners, in actual fact we have and will continue to, because said troll,s and moaners only show up when AFC drop points, however we win far more often than we drop points so it is quite apparent from reality that the tolls are wrong and UA is solid,solvent and a sure thing. Would LeGrovel exist without trolls and moaners…..not for an instant!

  38. By the way, Vincealone and others are welcome to write an article for UA so that the world in general and our fine UA readership can assess and dissect their Football knowledge.

  39. @Gouresh

    Its not about Yes men, as you well know, seeing as you have been on this blog for quite some time. Are you just being disengenuous yourself or are we to believe you truly fail to see the disengenuous trolling above and on previous articles?

    Evidence based discussion, as others have stated above. Evidence based discussion, with facts. Not the tired old propaganda. Its soooo boring.

  40. @Gouresh

    I want to change my opinion of you being an apologist for:

    October 8, 2014 at 10:02 am 10:49 am

    Honestly, the fact that you are defending this absolutely disengenuous troll with the ridiculous happy pills inspired fantasy propaganda must mean that you yourself have an agenda. I’m sorry, trying to play the grown up fails when defending nonsense, you only get exposed.

  41. Why should I shut up? Because not a single person on here has actually read what I have written? Or, do no know the answer to any of the questions I have posed? 
    I have not insulted anyone, I have asked the questions that a true fan should be asking, not just going yes yes to everything that comes from Wenger and the joke of a board. Why are we getting beaten to the ground by the top sides irrespective of the quality of the players we have? 
    ahh Ozil injured…no big loss anyway. Being playd out of position meant he was ineffective for us. 
    It is as if Wenger is immune to making mistakes on here. I read somewhere on here the other day that Wenger has not made big mistakes, are you not getting a defender to replace Vermaelen was not a mistake was it. not getting a combative midfield ball winner was not a mistake was Wenger employing the same old boring tactics against the big teams is not a repeated mistake is it.can you or anyone else honestly tell me you can sit or stand there and watch us get humiliated time and time again against the big teams and just accept for telling fans what do,what right do you have.0 mate.we pay our money,we have a right to’s called a democracy.

  42. Vincelorne

    Özil is not played out of position, just look at the heat maps on the Arsenal Breakdown by Adrian Clarke on the Arsenal Player.

    Paying for a right to vote? democracy? Mmmm….ok I think I’ll leave it there. Because that comments speaks for itself…

  43. @Ab…Mate you have been totally brainwashed you support The Arsenal one of the biggest football clubs in the land and you think anything but 1st is acceptable. The only thing Wenger and the board have been successful at is lowing yours and many Arsenal supporters expectation. Yes United are where they’re now which is unacceptable but at least our club will show the right attitude to get us back above City and Chelsea something which Wenger and the board gave up on years ago.
    Has being part of a brilliantly astute business prevented Arsenal from signing a decent CDM? Has the excellence of cashflow and capital expenditure management somehow prevented Wenger’s ability to vary his tactics rather than blindly continue to play exactly the same way against everyone, thereby giving an astute adversary a massive advantage? Did finances dictate that Fabregas should be passed up this summer? No, no , and no. And by the way, you’ve passed up every cup barring one in the last ten years, not ‘a few extra’. Football is about more than profit and loss – real fans know this. Clever clubs find the elusive balance.

  44. @Gouresh
    ‘Does that mean that you can never come here as say what you might think needs to improve or what one thinks the issue with the club are? of is it the case you all want YES men?’
    Regular contributors here often have disagreements as you should know. The ones I am talking about are the ones with polar opposite views to the folk who write for and regularly support the site. There is as much chance of them changing our opinions as us changing theirs. They know that but persist in deliberately trying to through a spanner in the works. What is the point. If I were to go on Le Grove and do the same thing I would get dog’s abuse and deservedly so.

  45. I see that LG and the Daily Mail have made an alliance after the Chelsea game.Says it all!

  46. @vincelorne
    October 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    “Yes United are where they’re now which is unacceptable but at least our club will show the right attitude to get us back above City and Chelsea”

    So your a Manure fan then? That explains a lot.

  47. AB
    October 8, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    I suppose the Spud hit was sufficient to damage his ligament. It is time for the money men to get involved with the FA. They cannot allow asset to get hooliganised on this scale.

    Maybe its time for Wenger to withdraw our team

  48. AB
    October 8, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    I suppose the Spud hit was sufficient to damage his ligament. It is time for the money men to get involved with the FA. They cannot allow asset to get hooliganised on this scale.

    Maybe its time for Wenger to withdraw our team from poorly officiated competition.

  49. So Vincelorna you bat & bowl! Manure fan playing with the arse!!

    Our players get kicked beyond the pale and yet our criticism of the cheats does not carry favour in the press.

    There is a mightier force that will deliver justice.

  50. Ozil rarely seemed to be injured, but alas that was before he played in the Coliseum that Riley permits, the media protect and the AAAAs choose to ignore.

  51. I miss OldTurdy.
    It tried so hard to be civil, the poor blighter. But we were so cruel to it, eh? And then it dropped a turd or two and needed a nappy change.

    People need to be careful with what they feed themselves.

  52. @ finsbury October 8, 2014 at 5:34 pm – lookie at what I found !

    A bear was taking a dump in the forest when a rabbit walked by. The bear said, “Hey rabbit, does poo stick to your fur?”

    “No,” replied the rabbit.

    The bear picked up the rabbit and wiped his butt with him !

  53. Bricks, some funny stuff there.Where do you get it all from? Hacking computers? 🙂

  54. We all watch the games. Win or lose. Depending on our experience we see/understand what went well and what didn’t go well. The difficulty is understanding/knowing the stuff behind the scenes. Mr. Wenger said that he intended to replace Thomas Vermaelen. To many it is evident that he didn’t. Unfortunately, we don’t know the why. Was such a player available? If he was, did he want to come to Arsenal? Did he make exorbitant wage demands? Or, did Arsene Wenger take a gamble (perhaps as a consequence of some of the previous factors),change his mind and decide that he had to go with Chambers, Flamini, et al. …we don’t know. The same thing can be said of getting a defensive/holding midfielder (although Mr. Wenger never said he was looking for someone – the media did).

    Following an adverse result, many indulge in the ‘AW should have done this or that’. Following a positive result we see the same thing ‘Had AW done that we would have won’ in reference to a previously non-successful match. Following a run of good games, the analysis changes but the target remains the same. To paraphrase (from a Russian source): At Arsenal it is difficult to predict the past; it is always changed to somehow hit Arsene Wenger – win or lose. It would seem that there is nothing that could happen that would convince some people of the worth of Arsene Wenger.

    If the second paragraph applies to you then you should not be on this site. Your arguments come across as illogical and you come across as a Troll. And, before you try to turn it around and say that there is nothing AW could do to convince the Arsene supporters on this board that he should go the answers is that that is incorrect. You would be trying to predict the future. And egregious error of moral judgement on Mr. Wenger’s part would probably lose the support of most people here just as the bung debacle lost George Graham the support of many. It hasn’t happened for Arsene Wenger.

  55. @finsbury

    I suspect “OldTurdy” is still trolling his email a/c – goodness knows what he has found!

  56. @Gouresh,

    Man look at his words, they are the same the pundits say on TV. We are sick of it really. Are they not allowed? No who said so, until Tony ban them. Are they not welcomed? From my side, yes. They are boooooring!

  57. Life is often bad enough without reading your favourite Arsenal site to find so many ill thought out posts and many negative comments.

    This usually following a defeat.

    Please do not included any of these biased views, only the constructive pro Arsenal posts should be allowed.

    I wish to enjoy the rest of my life, not have it tainted and spoiled by no-thinkers.

  58. Trolls and such the like…..if we ignore them, as Arseblog so eloquently put it today, they become nothing more than angry men shouting at the clouds

  59. I really don’t understand these negative motherfuckers who come on this website to bitch and moan like whiny little assholes. This is the real fucking world and nobody wants to hear your crying. You are not happy the way the Arsenal is playing or being run, Then get the fuck outta here. If I am not satisfied with the service or food at a restaurant, I let management know immediately and do not frequent that establishment any more. I voice my complaint only once and then let it go. I do not feel the need to whine and bitch over and over the way you fucking assholes do. Everyone has their own problems in life and if you ain’t happy with the Arsenal, Then go support another team. You motherfuckers just bitch, moan, and cry to no avail. Wenger isn’t going anywhere and all your petty bitching ain’t gonna change it. Just like certain idiot assholes who bitch about the weather, All your bitching ain’t gonna stop the rain, cold, or heat, So why whine about it. You are powerless to change the weather. Grow the fuck up and take a good look at yourself to see how you motherfuckers look to the real world with real people who have real problems. So the Arsenal according to you assholes don’t have a defensive monster midfielder, nor enough central defenders. So what. Deal with it. Your incessant bitching isn’t gonna change it. You ain’t the manager and I for one am glad you’re not. You fucking dickheads better grow the fuck up and start acting like adults. You ain’t happy with the Arsenal then get the fuck outta here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Assholes like yourselves are not wanted over here.

  60. Bill can you not rant without swearing its so predictable and boring it really sounds like little man syndrome and I’m sure your bigger than that .

  61. So Bill your last game was ! Oh that’s right you’ve never been to a game . Must remember to post my views ref one one of your rounders matches .

  62. Yes indeed Bill, you’re the man!!

    AB – you are the boring one – and troll apologist.

  63. Bill, I think some trolls are paid trolls, which explains why they keep coming back, in various forms and guises.

  64. @AB, How the fuck do you know where or when I’ve been in my lifetime. The last time I checked you ain’t my fucking travel agent. You made yourself look like one of those stupid whiny little motherfuckers I was pontificating about. You and your ilk are worst kind of Arsenal supporters that I have ever seen. You and assholes like yourself are proving my point. If you’re not happy with our club, Then let me paraphrase the great Ray Charles, Hit the road bitch. Get the fuck outta here and don’t you come back no more no more.This is a Pro-Arsenal and Pro-Wenger website, It says that on the masthead. Why can’t you little whiny bitch assholes get that through your little pea-headed brains. As I said before, You and the rest of your bitching moaning and groaning little bitch-mates are not wanted here. Crawl back into your slimy little holes.

    October 8, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    October 9, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Special words…perfectly molded into super paragraphs…LOVE IT hahahahahaha

  66. Here’s a tale often told of the evil and scheming AAAA pussy , who tries to corner and attack an Arsenal youngling, only to be thwated by the biggest and meanest AKB Mutha of them all -the legendry Manhattan Bill !

    Don’t take my word for it , have a look .

  67. Very good Brickfields.

    Thank heavens my breakfast was well down before reading the links – but morning coffee is in serious danger of being lost! 🙂

    Bill’s summation of prats like AB (who hangs around the site to aid and abet more vociferous trolls) is spot on. Well put Bill.

  68. Not sure why people are celebrating the outpourings of some foul mouthed American. Most of us on here respect Arsene Wenger and I think we all know that he’d respond to criticism with a lot more sophistication than Bill so why don’t we try and behave in a gentlemanly manner.

    The majority of Vincelone’s post, which seems to have sent some of you apoplectic, is supposition and can be easily dismissed but then most of what we fans know about our club is supposition.

    Going Going Gooner’s post is the most reasoned. Let’s just keep supporting the club and believe that we are moving forwards. Adopt a positive attitude, it makes life easier.

  69. ” most of what we fans know about our club is supposition.”

    This is not a logical statement.

    Something which is known is fact based or can be confirmed in some way. Supposition is not something which is fact based and therefore is not “known”.

  70. @ bjtgooner – at our last secret meeting ( BLACK OPS )it was suggested that we give Bill the IP and home addresses of ‘they who are in the know ‘ to settle any outstanding issues ( eye to eye as they worded it ! ) and so ‘facilitate ‘ your smooth accession to the top post !
    Soon they will be all sleeping with the fishes or at least with Luca Brasi and Jimmy Hoffa !

  71. @Brickfields

    Damn it – I meant to order some concrete – must get moving on that! 🙂

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