Arsenal v Anderlecht: here we go…

By Bulldog Drummond

So, contrary to popular belief, we do have some players.  Ramsey came on against Hull somewhere around the 25th minute of playing time (the  63rd-minute of time including stoppages).  Arteta  was on the bench.  Theo Walcott, played for the under 21s with Gnabry and Diaby.

And we know that young Emiliano Martinez, (22 as every paper delights in reporting – along with the fact that he is 6 feet 4 inches tall, although with most missing the fact that he cost under £1m) will play.  His previous games were.

  • Arsenal 6 Coventry 1
  • Reading 5 Arsenal 7

But here’s a snippet I found tucked away in one journal.   When Arsenal bid for him, the young man thought the bid came from Arsenal de Sarandí, locally known as  El Arse

Which might well give us…

Monreal, Mertesacker, Chambers, Gibbs;
Arteta, Ramsey;
Sánchez, Cazorla;

Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott could be on the bench plus Flamini, Rosicky, Oxlade Chamberlain, Coquelin, Campbell and probably Ryan Huddart.

Anderlecht and Arsenal have played with each other twice in European competition – in the final of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1969-70.  We lost 3-1 in the first leg and won 3-0 in the second at Highbury.  It was the first Arsenal trophy for 85,000 years.  Well the first for 17 years at least, but it seemed like 85,000.   It makes the nine years between winning the cup last season, and the previous trophy look like, sort of, just half the wait.   Which by and large it was.

Here’s another stat: Anderlecht have not won in a European competition since they beat  Zenit St. Petersburg in November 2012.  That is a run of seven defeats and three draws since then.

Still, its another match so another chance for the journalists to nip out of the pub and fail to engage their brains.  So instead we get the same old same old same old, “Yes, the FA Cup was a much-needed acquisition last May but insufficient to appease the critics”.  Really?  Only the critics who will never be appeased.

Mind you I did find this eulogy in the Independent…

Ramsey is that rare treasure, the goalscoring midfielder, a player who ghosts beyond the last defender undetected, wheeling away in delight before the opposition know what has hit them. His 10th goal of last season against Liverpool helped send Arsenal five points clear after 10 games. Another four days later he gave Arsenal a Champions League victory at Borussia Dortmund. Only when a thigh strain struck on Boxing Day did Arsenal’s bubble burst.

And thus: Anderlecht.  Bottom of the  group with one point.  For us the ideal permutation would be a nice win with no injuries and Galatasaray beating Dortmund.

We should do our bit because we have Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez and the aforementioned Aaron.  Not sure I can trust Galatasary to come up with the goods.

Oh and tucked away in one or two papers was a contribution from Ramsey on Mr Wenger…

“He is a great manager and a great man manager. He knows how to look after his players, to stick by them and to give them chances. He always believes in them. He’s given me a lot of confidence and shown a lot of faith in me. He knew the ability that I had. I just had to overcome a few things psychologically, get my confidence back and he had no questions about my ability.

“He stuck by me, he played me in games which people might have questioned at the time but I’m thankful for that. Like I said, last season was a great year for me and hopefully this season will be another good one.

“Danny has settled in really well. I thought it was a great bit of business. He scored his first hat-trick of his career and hopefully he can kick on and continue scoring.

“Sanchez as well, has played well in every game he’s been in. He is up for the fight as well, he’s not just there when he’s got the ball. Defensively, he wants to work hard for the team and realises that’s important. That’s a great quality to have as an attacking player, to realise there is work to be done defensively when we haven’t got the ball.”

The other bit of news is that this is Mr W’s 65th birthday. Everyone has something to say on this.   Here’s Mr W’s best reply:“Do I feel young? No, my age is my age.”

That’s the way to reply to silly journos asking “how does it feel?”  Give them back what they threw at you.

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140 Replies to “Arsenal v Anderlecht: here we go…”

  1. Another good article from one of very few Arsenal websites worth reading. Nice point about the drought years of 1953 to 1970, we stuck with the club because it was OUR club. Just think what some of our glory boy supporters would be saying if they had to endure that, and a spurs double right in the middle as well!!!

  2. Not too shabby for a side in crisis this…crisis that…ohhh should have spent 100 mil more etc…

    We may not be perfect (no one ever is)…but we sure have a competitive squad with a super manager bundled into an sporting environment called Arsenal FC!!!

  3. Nice , Bulldog . Am hoping for a win and a clean sheet , and no injuries, and no flares , and a happy return for Theo , and , well ,that’s about it !

  4. Me too, that is, hoping for a win with no injuries.
    And Dortmund to lose or draw(probably not).

  5. You would think on Arsene’s Birthday they would raise there game , but no, never mind 45m to go .

  6. One thing I noticed this season, our opponents are running straight through us……. Be it domestic or champions league.

  7. her we go… so that what yellow cards are for
    anderlecht should had have 5 or 6 like that

  8. Bunch of gutless losers we have embedded. Hopefully Anderlecht score 4 more. Rub the salt in that wenger

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuckin eat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. arsenal just awful and gibbs are the worst!!!!
    hopeless team!!!! i hope wenger fired everyone after the game

    and one thing i know for sure

    you crying f…rs

  11. Prinz Poldi!!! Happy birthday Mr.Wenger!Cheers Gibbo!Brilliant!!
    COYG!Aha and Amen!

  12. Never a moments doubt.

    Feel sorry for the Sky commentators who have slated Arsenal for most of the game. Spoilt their night.

  13. We play like this every game. Hence two wins in prem so far. Got a result today but we won’t in prem like this

  14. The way the commentators are talking Anderlecht totally dominated us…which they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong we were toothless – a lot of passing around but no one making runs in and through the box. A draw would have been a fair result because most of Anderlecht’s chances came when we were pushing forward to even things up. Having said all that…It’s good to be a Gooner!!! 🙂

  15. i don’t know what i hate more…
    when arsenal loose or all those big crying babies who don’t know that game is 90 minutes looooong!!!!

  16. @Barnyard
    October 22, 2014 at 9:21 pm
    “Bunch of gutless losers we have embedded. Hopefully Anderlecht score 4 more. Rub the salt in that wenger”

    more like we can rub some salt inside you!!!

    call yourself a gunner???

  17. We were far from our best, I’d say possibly our worst game this season, Wenger was right “the results don’t match our performance.”

    If this was a Mourinho team, well he knows how to win!

  18. Why are we attempting n number of dribbles every game. I would like to see that stat…

  19. Wilshere was a liability. He lost the ball more than any other player. Poldi is a finisher. Arsenal were poor till the equaliser. Poor performance good result. Happy Birthday Aesene Wenger – time to collect your pension but do not retire. You can relax with your job.

  20. @Tasos
    October 22, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    I got a couple mates with each moving equipment – will that help?

  21. A win is all we needed as it was good to get, shame about the Dortmund result but looking like a straight fight between us for top of the group.

    Geniune question though: why does it take us till we are losing and/or late in the game to start playing to our potential? Not every game but a good few this season. Not good for the nerves!!

  22. Winning ugly isn’t it? Isn’t it what we call it? Isn’t it what champions are made of???…..they feed this statement down our throat every time Chelsea or Man Utd or Liverpool wins such games. They why not the same for us??……

  23. Ramsay didn’t look game fit…normally he never stops running…today he looked knackered the last 20 min.

  24. Well done to the team who stuck it out to the end and got the rewards the effort deserved.

    Well done to the loyal supporters who don’t let losing tossers like Barnyard or AB cause disillusionment or despair.

    Happy Birthday to Mr Wenger!!

  25. First I would love to thank the ref for such a good game, some mistakees but understandable. Even when we were losing I was not mad as I knew it was our fault this time.

    We were poor, but lets focus on the positives today:

    Sanchez man of the match, best player, and he won us the game.
    Martinez saved the day with that save. It could have been a really bad result had it gone in.

    @Arsenal 13,

    Its the pressure and confidence. Our players are attacked day in day out. Huge pressure on them, until we are losing they are facing a huge pressure. Its when we concede that we fogrt about why? And how? To do everything and we just do it.
    its Psychological. Plus our players still didnt gel together. Everytimr a player comes back from injury, another 3 gets injured.

  26. A lot of missed passes today almost as if we overcomplicated our play in the final third. I have confidence, though, if a Sunday leaguer like myself can see it, so can Arsene Wenger. We will improve!!! 🙂 In the meantime, we’ll put the 3 points in the bank and put up our shoes.

  27. @GoingGoingGooner,

    Yes it was obvious, and so was Jack. And then the last thing you want is Welbeck to get injured. After that tackle he was not the player he was before, hope its nothing.
    Podolski was not OK at all, apart from the goal, what is wrong with him?

  28. Let’s be honest, we didnt play well, could’ve lost the match but kept going to the final whistle.

    Anderlecht played well but they had run themselves out by the end. It’s difficult to maintain those high energy levels throughout.

    Arsenal grasped victory from the jaws of defeat’and that tastes sweet to Me.

  29. One of the old favourite phrases of commentators used to be that the top teams could win when they were playing poorly.

    Even I would say we didn’t do that well for periods tonight, but we won.

    But the emphasis now is on our poor play.

    Ah well, I’m happier than the AAA will be tonight. Thats one of the benefits of being positive. You get to feel good. Paul Merson looks like he is about to throw himself in the swimming pool.

    Never mind Paul, we can’t lose them all.

  30. I generally have a spare ticket , I’ll have to take you to one of the games, that is if you start being nice that is .

  31. Wow.
    I followed via MBM, sounded like we were horrible in attack until the last 3 min.
    What’s Joel and Pod gotta do to start a game? Have they angered AW?
    Excellent character shown by the team to snatch this one at the death, never say die attitude.

  32. @Tony Attwood
    October 22, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Hard to imagine we paid this guy (Merson) to play for us…what a plunker he is ALWAYS!

  33. We won, we got the three points! Arsene got his deserved birthday present. Gibbs had the right answer to the question why are we finding it hard to win ‘If we knew that we’d be doing it.’ Go on, Gibbsy! After scoring that goal as well.

    Two great goals even though they were late!

    Merson, who cares what you say anyway!

  34. We were aweful most of the game. Referee was excellent. He was reasonable and strong when he had to be.

    I cannot believe how well we fought for the win. Well done the away fans you are awesome.

  35. Yes del done to the team and as importantly to the away fans who must have felt it close up and stood by us as Menace writes!!

  36. Tony come on Merson loves Arsenal he played for them for Gods sake he was worshipped do you really think he enjoys saying what he did , but he knows a damn sight more than any one on this site about football . Thank God we got the three points I hope we improve soon drastically

  37. @Menace @Barnyard football might be 85 minutes in your shitty and deluded planet but on planet Earth soccer is 90 plus minutes so you guys can puke and eat your vo…..
    Thanks gonners lets keep the fire burning.

  38. @C4,
    you didnt watch the match, You will understand why Wenger didnt play them.
    Joel is going to be huge but he needs to be patient and start to play cool, not try to impress. He got a huge future. Podolski just scored, he was like not fit (maybe the sickness, hope so).

  39. No but Arsenal football has never ever been about turning up for the last 90 secs against poor opposition

  40. In general terms, we need to remember that we were without our first and second choice goalkeepers, also Kos and Debuchy. So our defence would never be as tight as when all first choice players are available.

    Also, in midfield/attack we were without Ozil, Giroud and Walcott. We still had good players available, but it can’t be a surprise that we were not as fluent as we can be going forward.

    But the doom & gloom practitioners have to try and slate the performance rather than see the courage determination and skill that the team exhibited to finally get over the line.

    I’m pleased Gibbs and Pod got on the score sheet – Gibbs gets into scoring positions from time to time and if he puts more away it will help him and the team – and for Pod – a great finisher.

  41. @bjtgooner
    October 22, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Why…ohhh why can’t people see that…and be happy that we made the most out of a bad situation…I really can’t!

  42. Maybe, just maybe, we are not creating enough chances caude Ozil wss awesome, but the pundits could not see it.

    And maybe, just maybe, Giroud was great enough in defending and specially in set pieces and high ballss.

  43. Apo were all ecstatic with the three points, but very concerned with the poor performance we were shit in simple terms

  44. @AB
    October 22, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    We may have had more then a fair share of bad performances, however we have had more then a fair share of unfair play (not tonight)…I must admit I was not comfortable when they scored BUT I NEVER LOST FAITH…and so glad I didn’t!!!

  45. I think we need a guy like Abou in midfield. Keeps the ball well, can quickly turn defence into offence, and has physical presence. Anyone have an idea when we can expect him to be available? It seems like we’re being ultra careful with him, he’s not even making the bench.

  46. We can please most of the people most of the time but not all of the people all of the time 🙂

  47. @C4

    I think he played last Friday night for the under 21s with Walcott and Gnabry – all being carefully eased back.

  48. This barnyard asshole is a real fucking moron. What true Arsenal supporter wants the opposition to put four more goals past our keeper. Fucking mind boggling how dense and stupid these AAA idiots can be. Those motherfuckers really need psychiatric help immediately, I’m talking like right the fuck now.

  49. @tony, that was nothing tobe pproud of. Absolute undeserved win and completely flutked due to Anderlecht cropping it

  50. @bjtgooner
    True, I saw that on the website. But hasn’t he been “almost fit” since more or less the start of the season? I think he played in the League Cup about a month ago, right? By now I’d have expected him to be making the bench at least.

  51. So cast your mind back to 1999. Manchester Utd were completely outplayed in the CL final for 90 minutes and were losing 1-0. Utd were utterly atrocious that evening. They then scored 2 late goals to win it. They were crowned as worthy champions with a stunning team spirit and a never say die attitude. Yes it was not the final and Anderlecht are hardly Bayern but the performances on the nights in question were similar. We’re lucky and utterly s**t, whilst Utd were simply brilliant. Commentators really do make me laugh. All through the game tonight they were willing Arsenal to lose so they could have their headlines. They were gutted when we scored those two goals. Completely deflated. Great night overall. We won and the morons on Sky TV went home sad and frustrated. Perfect.

  52. Barnyard, I don’t think you were watching the same game as Tony and I. Perhaps you had the sound on and were swayed by the commentary. It is always far easier just to watch an Arsenal game without the constant bleating of the sheep employed to tell us how poor Arsenal are.

    We were entirely comfortable for the first half, not threatening but then neither were Anderlecht. Our marking was poor for their goal and we needed a ‘smash and grab’ at the end to get the points.

    Surely you must admit that the Chambers assist and Gibbs finish was the best move of the game by either team.

  53. P.S, DNFT Village Idiot!

    Except to make them make an idiot of themselves. Yet again. If you insist 🙂

  54. @jayramfootball
    October 22, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    And here is another one one to add to your argument; goals in the net count and points on the board (playing fair of course)- nothing else!

  55. Kampalagun – why do you include me with Banyard. You must be short of magezi. My opinion is valid. We played a very poor game till the substitutions.

  56. Sky commentator after The home team scored:


    He wished. Alas, the the game lasted ninety minutes. Or near enough, certainly closer to ninety then on Saturday,
    Did you all see what I did there? I must be almost as cunning and clever and discreet as Mr.East!

  57. BILL – I’ll drink to your comments. You say it like it is. The Barnyard is full of pig shit & stinks.

  58. jayramfootball
    October 22, 2014 at 11:24 pm
    I was watching that game with some United supporters and I could see United were playing well but did not get the breaks. I actually told them that United would win after the 87th minute and they did.

    Tonight Arsenal were losing the ball easily in the top third until the substitutions. For whatever reason the play changed and the cross from Chambers was perfection and Gibbs hit the ball across the keeper. Truly perfect. Poldis goal was pure hunger. Credit to the referee. There was an imaginary handball given by one of the added officials yesterday. That could have happened today but thankfully it didn’t.

  59. Well said BILL. I don’t think Barnyard realizes what an ass he is making of himself!

    @C4 – re Diaby – you are right, they are being very cautious with him – he has had so many previous setbacks they don’t want another one. I agree that if fully fit he would be a great asset.

  60. An away win in Europe is always a good result, poor performance or not. The great squad depth we have in offensive players and the phenomenal Sanchez paid off tonight. I personally do not like the midfield when JW and AR are playing together. If we could grind out the same this weekend at a wounded Sunderland, who remember will be hurting and preparing for us all week, then it will be a good week all things considered. But i expect a kicking up there at the weekend.

  61. Not at our best, but showed spirit, a win in the end is all that matters. We really should go through now.
    Hope we get to see more of prinz Poldi.
    Bill Manhattan as legendary as ever…….AAA squirming….losing by four goals indeed……how does it feel Barnyard?
    Merson….he is just a Chelsea supporter, talented enough to grace our shirt with distinction at times….and sadly, now a whore to the UK media, like a few other ex players. Guess you need to earn a living…eh Paul, Alan, Ian, Stewart? Must be a bit of a comedown though….once playing for Arsenal, working for Graham, or Wenger….but now, reduced to saying what faceless editors in nice suits that have never kicked a ball in anger tell you to say.
    But at the end of the day, Happy birthday Le Boss, hope you have many more at this club.

  62. Thanks Rantetta. Honestly how can one not like Poldi? Whatever happens he has a huge smile on his face. All. The. Time.

  63. GGG: He jumped on Poldi and missed him thus falling away :). Watch the byte-size highlights on

  64. I wouldn’t say Anderlecht were better on the night but Arsenal were far from convincing. Let’s keep in mind Anderlecht are about 1/6 of Arsenal wage bill and finished bottom of their CL group each of the previous seven years , and last year they only gained one point.

    Even with all the injuries, Arsenal should have enough quality on the pitch to be more of a threat going forward.
    No time wasting tactics, nor rotational fouling employed by the Belgian side, yet still Arsenal were guilty of losing the ball in key areas way too often.

    Formation-wise , we were stretched often times and our shape was poor, which in turn left our defenders stranded. Our defending for the Anderlecht goal was soft, again, and not enough pressure was being applied to players crossing the ball.

    One moment of pure quality by Chambers, who found Gibbs with a sweeping cross from the right, who in turn applied a technically perfect left footed volley and passed the ball into the net past a hopeless keeper, is what changed the game in Arsenal’s favor.

    From then on there was gonna be only one winner. Anderlecht players’ heads went down with disappointment , while Arsenal kept on pressing.
    Sanchez kept the ball alive from a cross from the left wing , put it back into the ‘mixer’ with a low pacey pass , the ball bounced fortuitously off the defender and the poacher extraordinaire , Podolski took one touch and buried it in the roof of the net.

    Anderlecht were guilty of throwing too many players forward as late in the game as in 86th minute, and payed the price for it.
    Their inability to close the game down is something Arsenal have been guilty of on more than one occasion but this time around it was our opponents doing it.

    Our players showed a lot of fight and determination and let’s hope this win can get our season back on track.

  65. If I thought I’d c**t the ball into the roof of the net in the 91st minute thereby adding to the cultured Gibbs strike into the bottom right corner despite bussaca inspired reffing matching rileys riddling and completely ***ing up the plundits and other twats and winning the match –


    All Night Long

  66. What I noticed is that often when we switched the ball at the back there would be a big gap between the our defensive and our attacking lines. This is very normal as the midfielders are stretched over the field and have to move over. However,the person with the ball didn’t push into the gap with the ball nor did another player move to fill it to receive a pass so the switches were not effective attacking devices. One of the things that I like about Bellerin and Chambers is that often they DO like to charge forward a bit. Perhaps they have been told to stay back.

  67. Woke up and heard the great news!! Bill, Mandy and finsbury always love your comments!! Made me LOL here in Dubai.

  68. Just heard a pundit say after Poldi’s goal:

    This is Arsenal, the team we love, or something similar.
    I was so surprised to hear the words love and Arsenal in the same sentence that i was phased for the moment.

    Then i realise it is a US broadcast, and i relaxed. They are not all anti Arsenal over there.

    Well done lads, this is what i like to see. When the main men are unlucky, then let others step up to score.

    I don’t even want to go into the fouls that were given the wrong way, i’ll leave that in Untold’s fine hands.

  69. What would you call feral ,catty, ratty animal who weasels himself here like a mole , but comes off like an horse’s ass that brays incessantly and relentlessly ;
    always tries to goose and ram the Arsenal faithful doggedly ( but happily , unsuccessfully !) ;
    snorts like a happy porker at the slop trough ; and when outed, ducks the argument like the chicken shit and mutton head that he really is ?

    a) An AAAA
    b) A resident of Orwell’s Animal farm
    c) A resident of Old MacDonald ‘s farm
    d) A louse and a low life (includes all animal sounds!) or
    e)…………( your answer here – you just can’t go wrong !)

    Answer – WOW ! They are all RIGHT ! Welcome to AKBsim !

  70. Great win. A win in the CL is nothing to be sniffed at, regardless of the opposition and especially away. I didn’t watch to other engagements, so relied on the BBC feed for updates and looking at the stats we were better than Anderlecht in all departments, and had 65% possession overall. So I couldn’t quite understand all the bashing the team was getting. But hey, great result. What do they say again if a team wins despite playing poorly? Mark of champions 🙂 COYG!

  71. To those who would question the faith and love of those Arsenal fans abroad (oceans apart) who may not be privileged to attend the home games and shout out our love /lungs in person , this song probably say it all .

    An AKB’s song if ever there was one .

    “Right Here Waiting”

    Ocean’s apart day after day
    And I slowly go insane
    I hear your voice on the line
    But it doesn’t stop the pain

    If I see you next to never
    How can we say forever

    Wherever you go
    Whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes
    Or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you

    I took for granted, all the times
    That I thought would last somehow
    I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
    But I can’t get near you now

    Oh, can’t you see it baby
    You’ve got me going crazy


    I wonder how we can survive
    This romance
    But in the end if I’m with you
    I’ll take the chance

    Oh, can’t you see it baby
    You’ve got me going crazy


  72. And this is for those who had problems in ‘letting go’ and used to come on here constantly and ad nauseam to bemoan the loss of Vieira , Henry, Fabregas , RVP and Nasri( “..pipped to the title of biggest- headed French player “ Nicholas Anelka{ the first ever turncoat !}- The Sun).

    “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”

    I could hardly believe it
    When I heard the news today
    I had to come and get it straight from you
    They said you were leavin’
    Someone’s swept your heart away
    From the look upon your face, I see it’s true
    So tell me all about it, tell me ’bout the
    plans you’re makin’
    Then tell me one thing more before I go

    Tell me how am I supposed to live without you
    Now that I’ve been lovin’ you so long
    How am I supposed to live without you
    How am I supposed to carry on
    When all that I’ve been livin’ for is gone

    I didn’t come here for cryin’
    Didn’t come here to break down
    It’s just a dream of mine is coming to an end
    And how can I blame you
    When I build my world around
    The hope that one day we’d be so much
    more than friends
    And I don’t wanna know the price I’m
    gonna pay for dreaming
    When even now it’s more than I can take


    And I don’t wanna face the price I’m
    gonna pay for dreaming
    Now that your dream has come true


  73. Heard one pundit say that Arsenal should have been crushed last night, he didn’t attempt to explain why; while on another channel pundits were attempting to evoke the memories of Instanbul in attempt I presume to lift Liverpool fans spirits.

    Happy Birthday Arsene and I’m thankful for that fighting spirit the team showed.

    I don’t think that Liverpool are good enough for Balotelli and Brendan Rodgers is not even a third of the manager the media would like us to believe.

  74. @Gooneress No1
    October 23, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Whilst I din’t dislike Liverpool half as much I dislike the other Media darlings…its getting to the stage I am disliking them as much as the others DUE to the MEDIA continuously covering up the scourers shortcomings whilst concentrating in the slightest negative aspect of AFC!!

    It/they is/are diabolical to say the least!!

  75. interesting contrast – Carragher whining/hoping that Liverpool will improve…..Merson writing off Arsenal’s hopes completely. I must say that our old boys aren’t with the programme.

  76. Merson should be totally ashamed of himself…as for Carragher – hopeless player, hopeless at what he does now (whatever it is)!!

  77. apo armani

    I’ve been a big supporter of Mr Wenger but watching going to most home & away games this season sadly I feel all great things begin a downward trend. The well discussed injuries whatever the reason or ‘fault’ just don’t seem to be going away. Our pattern of play looks laboured too.

    Supporters opinions seem to be divided equally.

    This year we are finding it hard with the better & lesser teams, something that wasn’t happening before.

    I will not condemm Merson as he’s very passionate & said he cares about Arsenal but said it as he saw it.

    Of course we support the club & players but any fan must be allowed to raise doubts or question things without be slated.

  78. @Freddie Jeeves
    October 23, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    We all have different ways of doing things in life…and with this comes a different approach to dealing with people and situations!!

    You are welcome to your opinion as I have the right to my thoughts and the way I express them.

    I find that “slate” might be a harsh word…but since thats your choice, I would say that if one has something he loves slated then he/she has the right to “slate” back.

  79. Apo:

    I was just making the point that some here have come down very hard in the past if someone has been a little critical. Sometimes it’s seemed almost a No No to suggest any form of doubt or criticism.

    A win is very important this saturday.

  80. Paul Merson is just a paid vessel his employers use to voice their opinions, whether he agrees or disagrees is irrelevant as long as he adheres to the script they provide.

    The fact that he enthusiastically delivers his bosses agenda is just a reflection of the darkness within, whether motivated by jealousy or whatever.

    There are a lot of ex players out there with less than complimentary things to say about their ex clubs but their keep silent in public but not Arsenal haters and the spineless where money and some notion of career trumps morality and the truth.

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