As predicted by Untold months ago… the ref for Arsenal – MU

By Walter Broeckx

I think it was halfway September that I for the first time predicted that we would have Dean for our match against Manchester United. And who did Mike Riley appointed for this match this Monday? Yes, the Untold prediction on referees once again was spot on. Mike Dean it will be.

In a way this is getting laughable. In a way this is so poor for the PL who sells themselves as the best league in the world.

Because I with my ‘amateurish” approach of studying the PGMO can predict not only almost every move a referee makes on the field. But I can even predict which appointments will be made for Arsenal matches weeks in advance.

Just give this a thought. Untold with their studying can do this. What is the chance that people who earn…or loose millions by running betting companies  can go further than I? I think that chance is very big. They can spend thousand of pounds on paying people who can do nothing else but do what I am doing in the open. And their predictions can even be better than mine. Or maybe they are using my predictions and my work to arrange their betting odds?

If a company as the PGMO is working in such a predictable way this is also opening the door for people who are  seeking to influence a match. We are just asking for getting better referees and most of all fair referees. Where at the end of the day the errors even out. And that is not what we have been getting from the PGMO for many, many, many years now.

But people who want to use their power to influence referee performances…. for their own fortunes can have all the time in the world now to try to influence them. I’m not saying this is being done but the way the PGMO works it could open the door to such dealings.

So halfway September I predicted for the first time that it would be Dean for this match. And I really am not a person that can predict the future. I cannot tell you the correct numbers for the Euro Millions because if I would I would have predicted them a few times in my family circle. It is nothing to do with inside knowledge. Well you might say it is as I do have inside knowledge in to some things. But not in to that part of the PGMO.

It just is looking at the appointments and then draw conclusions for the future. Oh so predictable, oh so easy you might say.

And when you got Dean we also can predict a few things. Most of them will be predicted in our referee preview of course. I heard Andrew was also already working on the Dean article for a few days, maybe weeks.

But if you see any odds about no penalties in favour of Arsenal that would be one I would go for. Of course with the SAF-shadow no longer hanging over Old Trafford and Manchester United we might see a different Dean. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him dancing when the other team scores a goal against Arsenal. Penalty or penalties against Arsenal are very likely.

And if Koscielny would get fit in a miraculous way I would bet on a red card against him. But more on that later when the preview comes on line.

I must say that in the last seasons we have on a few occasions been able to overcome Dean.  So it is not that straight forward any more as it was 2 or 3 seasons ago. We have found a way to stand up against him it seems. But we never know if he will find new ways of doing what he did all those years.  Allowing us being kicked to pieces like Chelsea was allowed last time they came to the Emirates is maybe also a certainty.

Some people will say that it doesn’t matter who the ref is that we should win this match anyway. That might have been the case if  we wouldn’t have the PGMO with Mike Riley as the head of this secret organisation. An organisation that we have shown to be living in their own fancy dream world for the last years.

Producing statistics that suit them out of nowhere to make them look very competent. And with an organisation like that you have to be very careful and take them in account when you talk of any match when Arsenal is involved.

And as we have been studying the refs and the PGMO and we could come to this prediction weeks ago it seems that Mike Riley specifically wanted Dean for this match. He kept him away from both teams as much as he could. So Riley has something in mind. For weeks. And we know that Dean so far in his career has been a very good servant of the ones in the driver seat.

I once said that he is an excellent referee (or could be one) but that he also is very well aware of knowing which way the wind is turning and which way he can please his pay master. And his pay master is still Mike Riley.

So it will be interesting to see if we will see the Dean of old, doing the paymasters job. Or will we see that there really is a crack in the leadership of Riley at the PGMO and that there might be a change at the top. No better person than Dean to know.


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  1. Only God knows the wrong Arsenal has done to offend these match officials. I know that, one faithful day, God will sure disappoint them.

  2. The Home Army can play a vital role on Saturday by keeping an eye on Dean and loudly voicing their opinion each time he blatantly bends the Laws in order to favour United.

  3. Walter
    Have you considered the possibility that the referee selection DEPENDS on the amount of bribery?
    Before a game, if Mike Dean can bring a large amount to the table then he is selected for the game….look boss, I have got £1m in income of you let me do this match….usual splits for all concerned?…. Great Mike, you are bringing in double the next guy….you’ve got it !

  4. Do the referee change rooms have vents from above? Put a couple of hundred kilograms of chopped scotch bonnet/habbenero peppers (and ghost chilis if you can find them) in the vents. When all the officials are in the change room, drop the chopped peppers on them and pin the door. After 10 minutes or so, unpin the door. I would guess all of their mucus membranes should be saturated with capsicum by then. If they work up a sweat at all, they will probably end up in extreme pain.

    If they do an honest game, have bathtubs filled with cool yogurt available for them.


  5. @Jayramfootball,
    With respect, I think your proposition is a little farfetched. It’s more likely that the bribery will originate from the opposite end of the spectrum.

  6. I for one have got us down for a win ( long time coming I know ) I’ve even booked a celebratory meal afterwards in Quaglino’s . Won’t let Dean rob me of that !

  7. can u help broadcast the reason why Riley is arsenal and wenger’s albatross. Please remind our fans that years ago Riley was demoted to second division partly or mostly becos wenger exposed some frightening statistics(2004-2005) on how after 7 matches with manchester united, riley who officiated in all awarded 7 penalties against arsenal.
    This can go a long way in explaining why since Riley became head of referee association, he has made it his duty to select referees who have the tendency to punish arsenal in our matches. And why even when we have a good team and play well, it is almost impossible for us to win games. Arsenal play in the penalty area of most teams in the league but have hardly been awarded penalties in games. Riley is the reason. He has arranged it well to work that way. Notice that when we play hard tackling teams, he ensures we get referees who are notorious for ignoring tackles. but when we play teams that equal or surpass us in ball possession, we get referees that are against tackles.

    Anyway, i just wanted to add my little bit to your good work. And I really want arsenal fans to know who is behind all this referee evil. I hope you can use your blog to expose this.


  8. has any1 taken their valuable time to read Adrian Durams article headed Arsenal vs United should be called off due to injuries… clubs and countries need to start working together.

    i did not, but the header gave me a good laugh.

  9. Untold are getting good at this….predicting Dean vs Utd, and Atkinson at Chelsea. It has been a pattern repeated for years.
    And I dont doubt for a minute Riley has something planned. We just have to ensure our attack can thrive against their makeshift defence, and render the ref as redundant as possible. guess they could say the same about our defense though. I am predicting a pen for Utd and a red for Chambers, a red with a 3 match ban.This young player must tread carefully, English or not!
    On the surface,it is a guy called Keren Barratt who selects the refs, but think we all know who runs the show….
    There is some indication …maybe…that things are not well in the PGMOL. Is Riley under threat for his job? Pople under threat and pressure are often at their worst. If this is the case, Arsenal have to be more careful than most with this guy. He clearly has a problem. And, and I know I have said this a thoudand times, the club should be a bit less passive in dealing with this, we have a powerful CEO.

  10. so who is there at arsenal to go have a word with riley or tell him he will be moving to alaska if he dares give united another penalty …….

    oh thats right…we let wenger do everything

  11. “Only God knows the wrong Arsenal has done to offend these match officials. I know that, one faithful day, God will sure disappoint them.”

    its rather simple….wenger came and conquered and embarassed them all and showed them how the game they discovered should be played/managed/organised. unluckily though he is french and it is a real biter pill to swallow to know that you get owned in your national sport by a “frog”…….. so we will tackle him, smash him, dive and cheat and drive him crazy or out and if he complains we will tell him to shut it and spend some money and that this is a man’s game and that this is england bascially and if he dont like it he can fuck off back to japan….

  12. @hunter13
    November 18, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Spot on!!!

    As for the article and prediction in Sept…I remember, as I do that most comments went along with it!!!

    We will get kicked to hell (no cards to our advantage due to them), time waisting to the max!!! and yes I can smell a penalty against us from now!

    SAD…SAD state of affairs on behalf of the FA/PGMOL; they shouldn’t be surprised when things get out of hand (maybe even in their home door-steps) for them by some radicle supporters!!!

  13. For some reason I see this notation: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    I have been posting for quite some time now…something wrong?

  14. The omens are not good ( I come from Africa, and yes some still believe in these things!), but we don’t usually do very well in late kick-offs. So add that to the Dean effect, and we might be on course to losing a few more points come Saturday.

  15. I just need to find the odds of Man U being awarded a penalty and that’s my season ticket paid for again!!

  16. Hunter, I just wish Ivan Gazidis who is on every committee going could have a word help us get a level playing field. Maybe he cannot, who knows
    Agree with your post 11.36, sums it all up really,there were… times when he had a level playing field… when he got the better of, perhaps embarassed the most powerful man maybe in the history of English football….such as winning the league on his ground, and then…there was the Invincibles. Even now, they still need to kick the team to stop them when they get going.
    Also believe there has long been a system at play with English teams, managers, agents,media, betting syndicates, refs…organised crime, a system that started off with old school dodgyness but has become something else with the advent of huge sums of money, a system Wenger has refused to have any part of, making him an outsider….perhaps a dangerous outsider to some.

  17. @Mandy Dodd
    November 18, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Yes and if you remember there was an initiative from some of us posters here on UA to write in to AFC about this topic…NO ANSWERS as yet!!

  18. @ GOURESH

    I did bopther to read Durhams absurd article.

    This is the opening paragraph which I’m sure Mike Riley will support:

    “If Daley Blind, Michael Carrick and David de Gea are all forced to miss Saturday’s Premier League game at Arsenal through injury then Manchester United should be allowed to request the game is postponed.”

    He goes on to say that Man U are very unlucky and, “There is no logical reason that says Arsenal should benefit.”

    Durham is unbelievable. OK he argues that it should be the same for any club but why now? Why nothing when we (or any other team) have had players out?

    This guy is a disgrace but it really does sum up the pro Man U bias that has existed in the media for years.

  19. No one made any such Absurd suggestions (over the years) when Arsenal have had to ‘make do’ with make shift 11’s!!!

    …and of course we wouldn’t expect anyone to make them as they are just that – ABSURD!!!!

  20. Mandy Dodd
    November 18, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    absolutely. the others pump money in the system…wenger has been sucking money out of the system

    who will get the decissions on the pitch ? wenger? ..ha ..think again…

    it is the main reason why i enjoy watching sepp and fifa screwing with england’s world cup bids

  21. Walter once again called this absolutely spot on. The players have got to be on top of their game on Saturday but more importantly, the Gooners are fortunate enough to be at the Emirates need to step up, BIG TIME!

    I recall that infamous jump of joy of Mike Dean when Tottenham scored against us in the derby of 2011. He looked like an absolute mug after we thumped them 5-2. We can make him look like a bigger fool this weekend by being loud and proud. I am sure that the boys will repay the support with a spirited performance. I know that Dean is hopeless but we can get something good on Saturday if we stick together.

  22. Actually when we have such problems (and we currently do), all we read about is how we should have signed MORE players!!! MU spent a truck load of cash and yet we read articles that poor MU have a problem so games should be postponed…UNREAL!

  23. apo Armani
    November 18, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    like i mentioned previously and have banging on it for many many years …arsenal lacks a personality above wenger to go take care of the media the f.a and the referees.

    if the owners are not willing to protect their investments ( players i.e eduardo) then what hope does wenger have ? he cant take them on….they ridicule him and tell him to shut up.

    unforgivable for ‘a club like arsenal’ to not have a figure behind the scenes and keep them all in check.

    all these statistcis walter has here …someone from the club shoudl start using them and knocking on uefa’s doors and investigating…..

  24. another one should be making noise in media about roman’s wealth and who/why allowed thse tycoons to come and ‘invest’ in epl clubs…..

  25. Afternoon all. Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday Mandy.

    I think we have to be careful we don’t all go over the top about refereeing bias, as it makes us sound like we are making excuses. For me, we need to concentrate on the clear inexcusable mistakes. As I said yesterday, there are genuine mistakes made we are all human. We should really try to concentrate on the ‘mistakes’ and ‘bad decisions’ that cannot be explained or where the rules of the game have not been applied. Yesterday I cited the examples in the Hull game like the Boyd handball. These are incidents where if you had an independent panel review the game, serious questions would be asked. These aren’t incidents where the referees view is obstructed or where something has happened quickly and therefore could be easy mistakes to make.

    Lets take Mike Dean Saturday. We all know we have a terrible record with him and to me that cannot be a coincidence. He clearly referees us differently. Riley used to do the same, if you watch the 50th game he was letting tackles go that were clearly illegal and either lost his bottle or had an agenda.

    I stand by what I said before. We will be going over this forever, nothing is going to change. The club has so much class that it refuses to make more out of these clear injustices, could you imagine how Chelsea would react? We are a soft target because we are ‘soft’. Things are getting worse not better – there is no way we get a fair crack, when most referees see Arsenal on the list, they seem to apply a different set of rules.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist. But I do believe we get refereed differently. What I do not understand is why. That is the million dollar question for me. Why.

  26. @Gord, how can you have such dark thoughts towards such saintly men? UA is becoming an oracle of some sort in all matters PGMO. I wonder if Mike Dean will ‘help’ confirm that UA is unto something by doing Arsenal in by the usual dodgy calls and stuff like that. Not that we dont know what he is capable of anyway.

  27. @Stan the Man

    You don’t think the officials might not like a few peppers? 🙂

    I once was cutting jalapeno’s before a game, and then realised I still had to put my contact lenses in. That hurt, I was tearing (crying) for quite a while.

  28. @hunter13
    November 18, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    I too have said this (about the club needing to do something at a high level).

    Wenger has no place to be mixed up with such issues…but sure these matters need to be addressed and promptly!!

  29. Unfortunately Walter you are right once again. While none of the PGMO refs seem satisfactory, Dean has one of the worst histories re Arsenal.

    The initial danger starts with tonight’s international – I can see an injury or two hurting our prospects for Saturday – I have never considered Strachan as someone who would get his players to hold back in tackles, nor have I considered him to be an Arsenal fan or indeed sympathetic to Arsenal players.

  30. That article from Durham is so idiotic and openly biased that it’s shcking he hasn’t been fired, shocking that the DM published that rubbish.

  31. I’ve been doing some digging on the internet, and I found some articles people might be interested in. Forgive me if Untold has covered this stuff already.

    An article about ‘coincidences’ in Man U refereeing:

    I had no idea Moyes accused Riley of being biased in 2009. It would explain some of his difficulties as Man U manager:

    An interesting discussion of Man U in this thread:

    Former ref Jeff Winter talks about the influence of big clubs:

  32. @bjtgooner
    November 18, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Why is it that I have had the same feeling all day!!! Hope I am wrong!!!!!

  33. Trotz ref and all that, i expect Arsenal to win this. We know the enemy, we know the ref, so let us be so good that they will have it hard to cheat.

    Time for payback.

    Of course they will try to let manu jump over us in their “resurgence to the top”, but we have to start firing now, so well that any rubbish by the refs is plain as day to see.

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