Yesterday everyone was a tactician, today they are all psychologists

By Bulldog Drummond

In the past we used to have specialists, like brain surgeons, bricklayers and baby minders.  Now it seems everyone knows and can do everything.

So after weeks of all those people who have never managed even a little team, knowing more about tactics than a man who has won eight major trophies in England, now everyone is a psychologist, able to tell us what drives Arsene Wenger’s behaviour, what makes him tick, what makes him what he is.

If only it were that simple.  If it were we would have no crime in the UK because we would be able to see the motivations and explain the past behaviour of everyone, and from that judge the future behaviour of them – all without ever meeting them face to face.  Just watch their actions, listen to their speech in the highly styalised world of the press conference and hey presto! you know the man inside out.

Actually I think that is what our security forces are trying to do with their 100% surveillance agenda, but let’s leave that for another debate elsewhere.

So now that well-known expert in human behaviour Professor Alisher Usmanov has told us that Mr Wenger is not able to learn from his mistakes, which for me is on a par with someone saying that Ozil is useless and should be sacked, or Ramsey was a one season wonder and should go.  A simplicity goes, that is pretty near the simplistic end.

Actually Wenger had a lovely reposte to Usmanov.  He said that at Arsenal, “When we have something to say to each other we say it face to face. We don’t go to the newspapers. I don’t take it personally. It is an opinion I respect, but when you are from this club, you are from this club. You are in or out, you cannot be both.”

Usmanov is the largest minority shareholder, and is granted a place in the directors’ area at the club on matchdays for himself and his guests, as a mark of courtesy by the club.  That is style by the club; sadly it is not something he has.

Of course the journalists lap up the ultra simplicities of Mr Usmanov because they are… well, utterly simplistic.  Readers, they know, are silly little people with the intelligence of a lower grade gnat, so we don’t want to tax their higher brain functions.  (Actually Radio 5 did the same this morning, saying that the way in which Man City might qualify for the knock out stages was “a bit complicated for this time of the morning” and thus decided not to tell us.  They giggled a lot in the studio at that.

Psychology – the study of human behaviour and what lies behind it – is a indeed a little complex.  Even a simple part of it such as the psychology of perception, which examines how we see and interpret the world – is very complex.  Did you know for example that if you are given a set of instructions written in red you are 30% more likely to make a mistake carrying out those instructions than if you are given them in black print?  Do you know, when you pick up a sheet of A4 where your eyes go?  Probably not where you think.

It is all understandable stuff, but it needs some study and analysis to get to the heart of the matter, and is not well suited to a simplistic summary of a person’s behaviour of the type that the journalists and their allies in the AAA have been dishing up recently.

What might be a better topic for discussion is the fact that Jack Wilshere could face ankle ligament surgery and a lay-off of around three months. The press report the cause of this with such banalities as (to quote the Guardian) a “challenge from Manchester United’s Paddy McNair on Saturday”.  Mr Wenger called it a “bad foul” but as always was highly moderated in his speech on such matters.  And for him the gentle, “When you see the picture, it is very bad”  has much deeper meanings.  Sad the TV and newspapers didn’t bother looking at the time.

So we try to go forward for the 15th year in succession, although you’d be hard pushed to recognise this from what is on line and in the media.

Wojciech Szczesny is also out, as is Theo although I see he did win Formula 1 at the weekend.  So in goal we will have Emiliano Martínez who must think that a) it gets bloody cold in England at this time of year and b) he’s getting more chances than he could have imagined..

Danny Welbeck is also a little doubtful, and as we know Giroud is ineligible, although I doubt he would have played again so quickly anyway.  We’ll see him in the next league game.  But Koscielny is back in the squad and Ramsey has spoken about being much sharper now than he has been for some time.

So the media build on the “sense of crisis” while Mr Wenger said,

“When you are such a long time in football as I am, you don’t understand anymore what crisis means, I must get to the dictionary and look at it well again. There is life in our team, there’s a dynamic in our team. I’m long enough in the game to know if there’s something there or not and there’s a lot there. This is one of the best teams I’ve had for a long time.”

Here’s the German league table

Team Pl W D L F A GD Pts
1 Bay Munich 12 9 3 0 31 3 28 30
2 Wolfsburg 12 7 2 3 24 12 12 23
3 M’gladbach 12 5 5 2 16 9 7 20
4 Leverkusen 12 5 5 2 20 16 4 20
5 Hannover 12 6 1 5 10 14 -4 19
6 FC Augsburg 12 6 0 6 15 12 3 18
7 Schalke 12 5 2 5 17 17 0 17
8 Hoffenheim 12 4 5 3 17 18 -1 17
9 Mainz 12 3 7 2 15 14 1 16
10 Paderborn 12 4 4 4 18 18 0 16
11 Cologne 12 4 3 5 12 13 -1 15
12 Frankfurt 12 4 3 5 20 24 -4 15
13 Hertha 12 4 2 6 17 22 -5 14
14 Freiburg 12 2 6 4 13 16 -3 12
15 Hamburg 12 3 3 6 6 14 -8 12
16 B Dortmund 12 3 2 7 14 19 -5 11
17 W Bremen 12 2 4 6 14 26 -12 10
18 Stuttgart 12 2 3 7 14 26 -12 9

It is interesting that many of the AAA and their media friends think Klopp should take over from Mr Wenger, presumably on the basis that he goes round saying “yes it is all my fault”.  I’m not sure that is the best thing to have as the lead point in your cv.  But the one thing I love about the guy is that when one of the rabid dogs that passes for a football correspondent these days misquotes him, he says, “I thought it was a serious journalist.”

Jurgen Klopp however does have problems with several members of his team including Jakub Błaszczykowski and Sokratis Papastathopoulos who in a bizarre training ground accident fell over each other’s names.

Here’s the Arsenal team


Chambers, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs,

Ramsey, Arteta, Sánchez,

Sánchez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sánchez,

Sánchez, Cazorla, Sánchez, Welbeck, Sánchez,

Lazing on the beach in the November sun, Huddart, Bellerin, Monreal, Rosicky, Podolski, Flamini, Campbell, Sanogo, Akpom

In 2013-14 Dortmund won 2-1 at the Ems and we won 1-0 in foreign parts.  In 2011-12, Arsenal won 2-1 at the Ems and we drew 1-1 in overseas (where as you may know from the ancient rhyme, is where we follow the Arsenal to, and is near Leicester).

Pld Won Pts
Borussia Dortmund 4 4 12
Arsenal 4 2 7
Anderlecht 4 0 2
Galatasaray 4 0 1

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137 Replies to “Yesterday everyone was a tactician, today they are all psychologists”

  1. In my opinion, Gibbs is so left-footed, he should be left out and Sanchez (who can use both feet) used at left back.

  2. I am still trying to work out whey Podolski doesn’t get more games. The guy is a killer in the box.

  3. Talking of those who know better I see Arsenal Action (who??) are trying to arrange a Wenger out stroll & sing song before the Newcastle game.

  4. Nicky: That was a good comment, and Teo, who uses only his right foot, playes right out should be left right out? 🙂

  5. Had missed the Usmanov quotes and the Arsenal Action fiasco. Obviously I am only sticking to sensible news sources!

    I hope Dortmund rest a few tonight…

    Would be wary of rushing Koscielny straight back – but I don’t know his detailed situation. Actually thought the defence did pretty well on Saturday! (There, I’ve said it…).

  6. The defence did well on Saturday? That should be your last football related comment to stop you embarrasing yourself further.

    Kos will have to rushed back as we have nobody else as we have been left short defensively by our erstwhile manager.

  7. Yes Pete, I think the same.
    Maybe Per pushed a bit much, when the Verminator was doing it, he was the Captain leading the revolt, when it’s Per it appears to be a different story…

    I thought Monreal had his best game against Man U!
    He kept Van Persie quiet, didn’t he?

  8. Fucking hell I honestly can’t see why people are pissed off. We just won the FA cup and signed a bunch of players! I thought they wanted us to ‘spend’ and ‘win trophies’. We done both! Who cares that we’ve been a bit shit recently, this is football and Wenger is still BY FAR the most consistent manager in the game. I think people who are unhappy in their own personal lives project that unhappiness to the rest of us.

  9. Now come on Th14thesecond.
    We should win the league each and every season. And do the double. At least. If not the manager has to be sacked. And we are not allowed any defeats on the way. Hell even a draw is not permitted.
    And even when we win we shouldn’t celebrate as it is only…. who we beat.

    You are not allowed to feel happy! Never! 😉

  10. “Readers, they know, are silly little people with the intelligence of a lower grade gnat…”

    I wish it isn’t but that is so true. The media rely, heavily, on the gullibility of the masses. And they so fucking gullible. Just point them to a shiny object, usually in the form of a subject to hate or detest, and you’ve got them for good.

  11. Th14thesecond,

    You sir (or madam) just won the thread!

    I have been saying for years that the whiners among our fans are lacking something in their personal lives for which they are trying to use Arsenal’s success to compensate. I have heard some fans say stuff like: “Arsenal is my life” (or many of its variations) and I thought, their life must really suck. Badly!

    You see such fans behaving like junkies and latching unto every stupid transfer rumours during the off season for some Arsenal whinge and it makes you wonder: if the players and manager are having a break shouldn’t the fans take one too? I don’t a bigger set of cry babies than Arsenal fans on the Internet.

  12. The comment by Usmanov was unnecessary – but then his ambition seems even larger than his waistline. I rather liked the way Wenger put him in his place – an experience which Usmanov is probably not familiar with!

    I am surprised at Dortmund’s league position, I would have thought they were a lot better than that. They have a lot of pace in the team and no doubt will try the usual tactic of trying to catch us on the counter.

    It is good to see Kos on the way back – but if he has not fully recovered he should not be rushed back prematurely, we have a long way to go this season & we will need his services for most if not all of the remaining matches.

  13. no one said that we cannot loose or draw, did they? all we asked was, why we loose making the same mistakes?

  14. some great points, just hope the AAA dont embarrass themselves drooling over klopp this evening…the way they do over Jose.
    As for Mr Usmanov…on the surface, he may be entitled to make a point, though after investing quite a lot….despite having no levels of influence within the club, guess he is sometimes reduced to using his postion to make mischief from outside. Of course he is entitled to his opinions, which he shares with many. Is Mr Wenger too guided by principles? He certainly appears to have old school values on the game, sticks to his guns, and those he is loyal to. Does this work in an unprincipled world and game? At this juncture in time, you could argue perhaps not. But looking at the past and future, the picture has been and maybe again will be different. Principles…a difficult area. You can easily apply them to yourself and your sphere of influence your family, job, business, friends, community, but the further out you go, the less your principles matter, and the less you will affect those who have none. Wenger seems to apply his principles to his team and the club, despite what goes on around him. As someone who has posted admiration for him, tempered with a desire to take on, expose, get in the faces of Dean, Riley and Atkinson. Maybe stick in an enforcing thug…to help protect our players. Yes he would rack up the reds, but we get a few of those anyway…and could such tactics reduce our injuries? I would at times like him to be a bit more prepared for the strengths of others rather than just his town. all things he has done before, but has moved away from. So it would be hypocritical of me to go too far against Mr Usmanov….despite what is a clear agenda on his behalf.
    But the fact is Mr Wenger is not going to change. And despite the current gloom, it does not serve him too badly
    No idea what is going to happen this eve, apart from the AAA drooling. Even if it comes to the worst, still think by the end of the season, and lets face it, this is another season in transition, we will be seeing a stronger team than last season. And thats what Arsenal and their manager is about.

  15. I think that Herr Klopp is a proven manager of ability.

    But I must be mistaken because Dortmund has lost some matches in the league this season. So, it must be time for him to be replaced by a new manager.

    On a different topic, I thought that even with 10 men, Bayern were different class from MC. Tiredness in the last few minutes led to 2 mistakes which turned the result on its head. Any chance of the medi criticising MC for being too dependent on Aguero?

  16. Marching demos against the Manager particularly on a match day are disrespectful and pointless – Usmanov is intitled to his opinion and is trying to appeal to a populist view that the manager is not above question – however his view of principles as a weakness will not wash well with traditional fans .

    However this kind of rubbish – ” Who cares that we’ve been a bit shit recently ” is equally unhelpful

    Lets hope we get back on track with a win tonight another loss would not be acceptable .

  17. Zoon – Man Utd did not have a shot on target until 80+ minutes (and not many off target either). That is a fact! They only exposed us when we were chasing the game – which is a collective failure. For most of the game I thought we marshalled them expertly. I was concerned about our lack of pace at the back but I needn’t have been. I’m not sure which game you were watching? Our strikeforce can be criticised for not finishing well, but not our defence.

    I think I am well qualified to make football-related comments. I played senior football for 20 seasons (level below semi-pro), I must have seen getting on close to 1,000 Arsenal games live and I am a qualified coach. How about you?

    Gouresh – maybe – but the fact that the comments sections are filled with people bursting blood vessels after every non-win would suggest otherwise.

  18. Well written up for the scene tonight; only one observation, I don’t see Sancez ANYWHERE on your line-up! 🙂 🙂

  19. Hi Pete,
    I have played semi-pro as well for 20 yrs in Pune [India] for a team called Shivajians [now DSK Shivajians,] which I am saddened to say have a Liverpool Academy. But as you have rightly pointed out, we cannot win or draw all matches. Even though I get upset, especially when the same mistakes are made.

  20. Untold posters moan all the time cursing and swearing when we lose and blaming refs and media , hardly being happy then. Only blogger who’s constantly happy is that Armchair Gooner suggest you smoke what he’s on

  21. Gouresh – don’t think I don’t get frustrated but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  22. AB
    “Untold posters moan all the time”

    Ha ha. I may need to have my sides sewn up as that has to be one of the most hypocritical cooments of all time.

    The one thing that does happen on here is posters stand by their club and only ‘moan’ about other clubs actions, like bad tackles, refeering performances etc.

    What you do is moan about the club you follow and everything that surrounds it: Our manager, our players, our supporters, our atmosphere, our chariman, our directors, our tactics, our injury record (being the clubs fault), our scouts, our medical team etc.

  23. Back to the subject – technically Usmanov did not invest in the Club. His money went to David Dein not to AFC. He has also seen the value of his shares increase by around 250% since he bought them and, during that time, has not seen one jot of a change to the ‘principles’ that he now sees fit to criticise.
    Do I smell the re-emergeance of a old and long ago scuppered agenda?

  24. Afternoon from Meadow Park, ten minutes before the U19s kick off in their Champions League fixture v Dortmund.

    Team – Keto, Johnson, Moore, Mautland-Niles, O’Connor, Pleguzuelo, Iwobi (captain), Zelalem, Mavididi, Crowley and Willock.


  25. Let’s get one thing straight, it serves Usmanov’s purpose to destabilise the club. He wants it as a toy and stirring up trouble via the media and the AAA’s is to his personal benefit despite being to the detriment of the club.

    As for the comments about our having defended well on Saturday (or all season for that matter) perhaps the dissenters would…………..for once…..look at the facts. The first goal was an own goal. Man U managed two shots on target. The average number of shots on target is 4.1 per game in the EPL this season. Man U have averaged 4.5 per game. So we restricted them to less than half what they would normally have (even though they’ve had a bad season).

    As far as the season goes, no defence in the league has restricted the opposition to less shots than Arsenal @ 8.1 per game. Of course the media continually tell us that Chelsea have a fantastic defence but they allow 21% more shots than we do. Come on AAA’s, how does that work?

    Some other stats the AAA’s will ignore without coming up within any scientific evidence to the contrary is the fact that the average number of shots by each club per game this season is 12.9. We had 29 against Man U. The average number of shots on target per game is 4.1. We had 9 against Man U. De Gea got man of the match.

    What the hell is wrong with the media and the AAA’s. We’ve had 13% more shots than Chelsea and restricted the opposition to 21% less shots against us. But the media would have you believe they are fantatsic and we’re crap. Don’t fooled by the hype, you only make yourselves look stupid……and that’s what they pay MotD pundits for.

    Results have not gone in our favour and that’s frustrating for all of us but why blame Wenger for creating a team with stats like this? Perhaps because it’s a hell of a lot easier to blandly criticise than it is to actually come up with a substantive argument supported by proof. Untold goes out of its way to try and bring some meaningful analysis to football. It is ludicrous to think that unsubstantiated opinion has more validity.

    As I said to a ‘major pain in the Arsenal’ who sits behind me at the Emirates. If he doesn’t like it, then he should give up his season ticket so someone who actually wants to support the club gets the opportunity. As I also said, if he doesn’t give up his ticket, I’ll give up mine because people like him are far more likley to drive me away from the club than AW or the Board. That’s all pretty bloody sad in my opinion since I had my first season ticket in 1968 and have never been so annoyed with so many so-called supporters…………… in 1968, fans had something to moan about.

    I don’t pretend for one moment that stats are the be all and end all but I do think that the bile that comes from some fans without any attempt to prove their point is just nonsense. So if you’re going to criticise my opinion at least be prepared to use facts rather than rhetoric or your wasting your own time.

  26. I cannot decide that Koscielny should further rest his Achilles for the WBA game. Can I? ………..Martinez. ……Bellerin..Chambers..Per..Gibbs. ……………..Arteta. ………………………Ramsey. ………………Cazola …………..Oxale. ……..Sanchez. …………Welbeck. There are certainly a lot of positives within the Gunners’ team. But there are negatives there too that MUST be expunged with a minimum delay. We are being driven by a passionate desire to see a near perfect Gunners team that will domestically stop playing the second fiddles to the Blues, the RedDevils and of late to the Citizens, the Cops and the Toffees. Alisher Usmanov, a Patron of the Arsenal 5* hotel gave a complaint to the waiter about the consistent bad taste of the food served to the customers and himself. While the waiter was narrating the Patron’s complaint to his fellow collegues, the 5* hotel manager overheard him. And he grew annoyed saying: why didn’t the Patron come to me personally to lodge his complaint? Well, since the complain has been known. To first address it and then later talk to the Patron to desist from embarrassing him publicly in future would have been a better approach to resolve the impasse by the 5* hotel manager. I think the Patron is right to have made a complain on the poor dishes being served to the customers. But he shouldn’t have gone public with it. But it could be he felt if he had privately complained, the 5* hotel manager will not bother himself about his complaint. Moreover, as he has been hearing of many customers complaints are not being looked into. Hence he became angry and joined the bandwagon. Bulldog Drummond, your love for the boss and the Gunners is well in place and is in order. That is what we care and live for. Nevertheless, have you noticed that, in the last 50 titles (BPL, FA Cup, CPO Cup, CHRT Cup & CsL Cup) which were contested for in the last 10 years by Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool & Arsenal. The Gunners won only 2 out of the 50. The remaining 48 were shared by the rest of the 4 teams. I don’t known what symphony number of tiki-taka football the boss will employ against Klopp’s heavy metal football tonight. I will personally hope the boss will play a high-pich symphony number that will drum out the heavy metal noise.

  27. Just spotted this in the Telegraph..a response to Henry Winter’s article (

    from a non-Arsenal supporter

    anychangeguv • an hour ago

    I like and dislike Arsene Wenger at the same time.
    I like the sort of football he has presented for our edification over recent years.
    I dislike that he has been a thorn in my club’s side for so many years.
    What will not be in dispute, or even open to serious scrutiny, is the stark reality that, during an extensive period of re-structuring by the club, including the re-siting to a magnificent new stadium ,- with the inherent financial constraints that causes, he is a manager that has produced possibly, the clubs most extensive run of consistency in it’s history.
    Year after year after year, Arsenal fans have been served up the treat of the World’s finest teams through qualification to the Champions League.
    Frustration that this has only resulted in one Final appearance is understandable but fans should line up their club’s standing and achievements alongside others.
    Liverpool’s or Spurs’ for example.
    Consider this: the only teams to have beaten Arsenal to Premiership titles over recent years, have been Manchester United, who have been gifted the benefice of probably the greatest manager in the game’s history and have the biggest club support in the country; and Chelsea and Manchester City. Both of whom have floated on the external wealth of others, with sums of expenditure in trawling the World’s talent, previously unimagined in the game.
    Perhaps Arsenal fans feel they have reflected on Wenger’s position long enough; and have allowed him patient latitude enough. But I would urge you to balance your options carefully: most opposing fans, like me, would like you to get rid of him. Just as opposing fans wanted my team to hire Moyes. Because they knew it would knock back an adversary. So be careful what you wish for.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  28. 15 min Crowley narrowly wide again
    min21. FK Crowley delivers out for corner caught by keeper
    Min 24 Dortmund corner
    Min25 through ball from Zelalem just too long

  29. @Mandy, I have no idea what Usmanov’s agenda is but at least he seems to have an opinion on our current situation whereas we never hear a peep out of Kronke. Who knows which of them is worse, I only know I’d rather have a real Arsenal man running the club and I’m not sure either of them fit the bill.

  30. Half time no score, Crowley with the miss of the half, otherwise a half of few clear chances. Neither keeper with much to do.

  31. Phew arsenal is dead,we are going to be relegated,we are not in the champions league,we are in crisis,wenger have to go??/Wait a minute,we are the current FA CHAMPS and we are the defending champions,we are in the champions league,we are not in crisis,we wont be relegated,we are not dead and wenger is not going anywhere how does that feel in the head of mwagwampa’s??Klopp who??oh yes why not he has beaten arsenal and he is sixteenth in the bundesliga for GOD’s shake why hate someone to that extent?? Im not getting any moron betting of The Mighty Arsenal not getting into the top four?One more day and i’m closing the betting. Sewer Rats who can not sit on their bums.

  32. Walter.

    I don’t know where I seen it (or heard it), but Wenger had some statistics a few days ago. Apparently Arsenal is either the fastest, or one of the fastest, in recovering the ball when the opposition is in our half. Sounds like our defence has a good base to improve from in that regard.

  33. To the Arsenal one-nil. Mavididi form the centre of the goal from a cross from the right hand side

  34. So nearly two. Beautiful thr ball from Zelalem. Mavididi on it bet great touch from the keeper to prevent him getting full control of the ball

  35. Mike wrote:

    “As I said to a ‘major pain in the Arsenal’ who sits behind me at the Emirates. If he doesn’t like it, then he should give up his season ticket so someone who actually wants to support the club gets the opportunity.”

    And that’s what I have been saying. Enough with ST holders whining about everything from results to ticket prices and POTENTIAL price increases. They will then have the arrogance to call non-ST holders “arm-chair” fans like their attendance of matches makes them more passionate about the club than those who can’t probably because they’ve been stuck in the waiting list for years.

    If it is all too difficult to bear, they should give up their STs for those on the waiting list who can attend without all the grumbling and groaning.

  36. Nasty ankle injury to Dortmund captain Dietz who is helped off the pitch. Arsenal have the ball in the net before they can make a substitution but offside. Arsenal more dominant this half

  37. Gf60,

    At the bottom of Arsene’s picture in the linked article is this line:

    “End of the road? Arsene Wenger needs to implement change or else his time at Arsenal may be at an end”

    Reading this, one would think that Henry Winter is a member of the Arsenal board or something. I think we’ll know that Arsene’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end when we hear complaints from his ACTUAL employers.

  38. Mike,Gf60 and all other positive bloggers, your very intelligent and rational arguments are wasted on the AAA whiners,moaners and pessimists since they have one agenda and will never let that agenda be swayed by rational argument. It is Wenger out and Arsenal are useless…..period! We could have God in charge and they’d find something to criticize…..which brings me to a realisation that is both disturbing in its implications and yet so clear, at least to me.
    The AAA is very likely a small group of negativists, pre-disposed to only complain and seemingly homogeneous,but loosely organized individuals who are deaf to anything but the bad about the Arsenal. Their common agenda seems to be dictated by a repetitive meme based on ignoring anything constructive or positive about AFC and on the principle that if they throw enough BS, some of it will stick. They RARELY show up when the Arsenal do well but INEVITABLY waltz onto every website that will tolerate them and spout their venom in the vain hope that Wenger will be seen as THE villain and Arsenal as a bunch of losers. Whose objectives does this agenda promote,,,from the looks of it, Usmanov’s.
    Therefore, here’s a real conspiracy one can get their tinfoil hat around: Usmanov has hired a small group of disaffected ¨supporters¨ to continuously promote the dual message of Wenger is a clown and we need a new owner. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard this message coming from his corner wither.

  39. @ Boo
    …and I always thought he was a good reporter. Fair enough, I’ve thought AW made 2 major cock-ups this season; not signing Cesc: you always sign genius when it’s available, and, his wrong/non/too late substitutions at Swansea. How many cock-ups didn’t he make? (and who’s to say I’m correct anyway?…he has a little more expertise than me )

    As “any-change-guv” said, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  40. From

    86 minutes: That was a good chance for Arsenal.

    Doesn’t say anything else. 🙂

  41. omgArsenal

    You are on the right lines, but I feel the tentacles engross a wider grouping than just disaffected supporters.

    I have for some time contested that there are two types of AAAA – the sinister AAAA who plan and motivate the anti Arsenal and anti Wenger campaign and then the brain dead AAAA – the idiots who get off by repeating anything that seems likely to cause trouble, hurt or discontent.

  42. Gf60,

    Not a fan of Winter and can’t really comment on his competence but the quoted line is preposterous and presumptuous from him and he knows better. It’s like 4evered writing above that: “another loss (tonight) would not be acceptable”. One wonders: WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY GOING TO DO IF THE POOR RUN CONTINUES?

    If the answer is nothing (which I’m sure it is), then why the bloviation? The article is aimed at riling that easily riled section of our fans against Wenger.

  43. Goals galore in UEFA U21

    Ajax 6 Paris 3
    Basel 3 Real Madrid 2
    Zenit 5 Benfica 1 (yesterday?)
    Leverkusan 4 Monaco 0 (yesterday?)

    In the Arsenal Dortmund game
    On target 6-0
    Off target 8-7
    Yellow 0-4

    Arsenal and Anderlecht both at 9 points, Anderlecht has a game in hand (against Galatasary). Galatasary has 6 points. Goals for/against could be important in this group.

    Arsenal and Anderlecht were both tied with 11 for and 7 against (+4) before this game, so Arsenal is now 12/7 +5.

    Okay, problems. Anderlecht-Galatasary was yesterday. The game was suspended at 90+5, with Anderlecht leading 2-0.

    Well, now we wait for the first team.


  44. each goal is a result of a mistake. Each and every fucking goal. You can always point at a mistake somewhere. And you know what…glad those mistakes are made because otherwise football would be the dullest sport in the world. Which it is to many people in the USA… well that is what I have heard anyway

  45. We have Man City struggling in the league and the Champions league despite being league champions and having spent ridiculous sums of money. Liverpool finished second last season, Brendan spent fortunes and they signed the bloke a lot of the AAA said we missed out on, Balotelli, who are struggling. Apparently it is because Sturridge is injured. Man Utd have spent the most of any team and their poor form is due to their ‘injuries’.

    Arsenal on the other hand have a stupid injury list that is not allowed to be mentioned. If it gets mentioned, we get told it isnt bad luck it is poor training! Arsenal are the FA Cup and Community Shield holders and have 17 consequetive years in the Champions League. Is Pellegrini, Brendan Rogers and Luis Van Gall getting abused like Wenger is?

    Now Usmanov, a dodgy Russian gangster who is ‘insisting’ on Shareholders dividends and with a clear agenda, is being used by the media and the AAAA to further their cause. It is disgusting the way our club is getting treated by the media and some of the AAAA. And unfair.

  46. @Proudkev,
    Is there evidence that Usmanov favours shareholder dividends?
    I’ve never read or heard of this before.

  47. How is Usmanov’s questioning of the clubs current direction a bad thing? Man owns 30% and will surely be after more if it becomes available.
    Wenger’s been running riot for the better part of decade with zero accountability. I’m pleased someone is publicly asking the necessary questions, whichever the medium.
    Kroenke and Sir Chips clearly have little interest sos long as we keep it in the green.

    Proudkev you’re clearly creating things about Usmanov to fit you’re argument.

  48. I was one of those tactically aware people (refer to my article on how Utd would play).

    Apologies, I got most of it wrong, and Van Gaal certainly outfoxed me, and made me look a chump.

    However, his tactics were even worse than I predicted.

    Honestly, I have never seen such a bloody tactical shambles, all is forgiven Arsene!!!!

    What an absolutely stunning performance by the whole of the Arsenal squad.

    Believe you me, there is NO sarcasm in my comments, as I thought the Arsenal team were outstanding.

  49. @Nicky

    Usmanov did suggest the issue of dividends a few seasons ago – at a time when Arsenal were financially not struggling but needed to be prudent with their resources. Silent Stan refused.

    Another reason for Stan to be the target for anti Arsenal propaganda by AAAA types?

  50. The two disallowed goals in the U19 game were both for offside. I was on the half way line and couldn’t say if the decisions were correct or not. Arsenal the better team overall and deserved the win. Not sure but I think the Dortmund captain Dietz broke his ankle – was certainly a bad injury. No foul just an unfortunate accident.

    On behalf of Untold I wish him a speedy recovery and no long term harm.

  51. Does everyone who posts on here believe everything is rosy at arsenal and that wenger is the right man to take the club forward.Surely by now some of you can see that the once great manager has had his day.He is tactically inept,cannot influence his team,and plainly cannot motivate the team any more.Im a defensive coach for a team and even though its a couple of levels lower than arsenal it is plainly obvious that we are tactically nieve at the back and the shape is all wrong and our positional discipline is none existent at times.This is shown with the transfers in the last few years.Hes happy to sign attacking players but constantly neglects the required signings on the defensive side.This is evident with just 6 defenders .We have money to spend but he is reluctant to use it wisely.

  52. I don’t see anything in the news about Dietz, nor can I find anything about that entire team on the Dortmund site. There is info about a 23s team, but I see no Dietz on that team. Or maybe I haven’t had enough coffee.


  53. Steely. Please don’t call me a liar. The irony is that you follow the biggest liar of them all on his blog. How many times does he get picked up on either deliberately misquoting Wenger or simply making things up?

    For teh record. The AST themselves were unhappy with Usmanovs /behaviour. Usmanov has long held views about Dividends, all of which is well documented if you bothered to look.. This was one of the main reasons there was a falling out. With Kroenke. sorry to shatter your illusion (and dillusions) but the Russian gangster Usmanov is not some white knight. Who bleeds Arsenal. Those of you that want us to sell the club to the Russian, do not speak for the majority of fans.

    Anyway, just a 5 second trawl produced this . You can also go to many of the Financial sites and find similar content and see I am not a liar. An apology would be nice but I do not expect same.

  54. Steely.

    Ps: If you want to debate, please do so without insulting other posters. This seems to be a common trait amongst your crowd and is unnecessary and pretty childish.

  55. A lot of pro Usmanov stuff out there, but as has been pointed out, he is very open to receiving dividends. Stan has also suggested there is nothing wrong with taking money out of the club….tho in fairness he, despite massive raised revenues under his tenure has not done very much on that front, the mysterious three million aside. There is all kinds of conjecture out there, Stan using us as a NAV, it is only Mr Usmanov stopping him making us private, or taking out huge dividends. I have yet to be won over by either, just do not know enough about them, perhaps raising suspicions on account of both. But for now much of it is just conjecture, whatever Stans aims are or are not, he has not done anything massively harmful,as yet. Think some just resent his clear support of the manager. Maybe Usmanov played on this a bit.All that matters, the team return to winning ways, players come back and we put this aaa media shite fest behind us for a while.

  56. Was that the first shot on target by Dortmund!!…. In 37th min. But our defense is SHIT.

  57. After watching replays….is he really off sanogo??…

    I think the defender close to him plays him on.

  58. UEFA says it is +9C, 94% humidity and the ground is damp. Is it raining, or was the field watered?

    It sounds like Martinez is doing well in goal.

    I think those yellows to Dortmund were their first of CL this season. Anderlecht scored just at half time to lead that game.


  59. Hahahahahahahaha… Commentators.

    Ramsey should sit deep with Flamini!!!…

    What’s with this sitting thing? Can’t they see. All game Ramsey and Santi have been interchanging.

  60. Sure, game is almost over, let’s get all the forwards on! Come Arsenal, put in another goal!


  61. Kagawahahahhah….

    People wanted us to invest in him.

    Was he this shit or Is it the ManUtd effect.

  62. Congratulations Gunners! How to go on the clean sheet Martinez! Sanogo breaks his duck (I believe), and Sanchez just can’t stop scoring.

    Galatasaray had a man sent off for 2 yellow, Anderlecht scored to make it 2-0. Liverpool ends in a tie.


  63. Can someone try and start a trend #PiersMorganOut

    Seriously that guy is not someone you want supporting your club haha.

  64. If we all rounded up our money together we could buy enough tuna brine to fill up his house and flush him out

  65. Ive had lovely dreams of me standing outside Piers Morgans house. All of a sudden the door bursts wide open and out comes a torrent of tuna brine. Waves and waves of it just keep gushing out of his house along with a perplexed, naked Piers Morgan who is carried along with the current and splashed on to the street

  66. Excellent win tonight, well gone the team!!

    Oh! Where are all the two faced doom & gloom merchants tonight?

  67. Good win…super performance…yes Wenger out whited Klop, and yes tactically he was superior, and YES the ref was not of PGMO selection…result? WE KNOW we are in with alighting chance to top CL group!!!!!!

  68. Gunz,

    Can’t believe that was jayramfootball writing:

    “…a meaningless victory giving Wenger another reason to believe his bs”

    Simply unbelievable that the victory that confirms our qualification is described as meaningless.

    And then:

    jayramfootball (again): “We need to lose this game”


  69. Hat’s off to the boys. This is what we have been asking for. Attack as a team and defend as a team. Not rocket science is it?

  70. Bootomee

    These people with FAKE names are NOT Arsenal supporters…they are anything but and most likely stoke supporters…they beg and pray for us to be down!!

  71. @Apo Armani they are not supporters they are just sewer rats who cant stand the heat. Thanks for believing actual gunners lets keep the fire burning.

  72. @Gunz,

    What is that website you shared?

    And is there someone who posts here? With different view?

  73. Wait for the media and those who swallow all their myths to point out that Dortmund weren’t really trying / were crap, that Yaya was off-side, that this result is “papering over the cracks” etc etc.

    We were great tonight in truth. Whole team played well, Santi was superb, and special mention for Martinez, Monreal, and Gibbs who all did a great job. Delighted for Yaya Sanogo – what a prospect!

  74. i just wonder why English pundits do not support their team(especially the Arsenal) they where allover us but they have eaten a humble pie,shit ..les

  75. Don’t thank me KampalaGun…I have been a runner since I was a boy (7)…at this age now (51)…I don’t listen to fake trolls…glad you are one of US!

  76. @Bootoomee,

    So you noticed that? i was amazed it was him!
    i though he was a pro-Wenger one. Now he is has the right to think whatever he wants, but why would he change with changing sites? Am laughing right now, surprised! :-O

  77. I’m looking over the BBC “coverage”, the one written by the idiots, oops I mean pundits. Every person attached to a note, was ragging on Arsenal, Wenger has to go, Klopp to replace him, Sanogo not fit to wear the shirt. That early goal seems to have shut up that last group of AAA that the BBC decided to give coverage to.

    Lineker locked himself out of his own house, so no TV to watch.

    86 minutes in, still giving coverage to the AAA.

    Someone says Sanogo has a sore hamstring.

  78. Yassin,

    jayramfootball is quite regular here and while I wouldn’t call him an AKB, he doesn’t post that kinda crap here. He is actually quite reasonable even if we don’t agree agree that often.

    How anyone who writes shit like that would protest when called AAA is what I don’t get.

  79. Yeah ! A great win and a solid performance ovrrall – even great considrring half the squad is injured. My mom goes to gibbo the beast !!!
    Coyg lets beat wba next !!

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