That difficult question “why?” and a lot of rumours

By Tony Attwood

So we have an interesting duality.  On the one hand we can show that Dean made some terrible decisions in the match last weekend.  One the other hand we can see that the TV commentary did not reflect this terrible performance by the ref.  On a third hand (clearly there are aliens here) the newspapers and their camp followers whip up a storm and tell the world that it is all Wenger’s fault, and on the other hand (yet more hands) people write to Untold calling the people who write for Untold deluded.

Curiously, only a small percentage of all these people ever ask the question, why?

So let me try.

Why did the ref make mistakes against us again?  

Either because he is incompetent, or because the game moves so fast no ref can keep up, or because it all balances out in the end so it doesn’t matter, or because he was bent, or because the mistakes didn’t happen, and Walter fixed the pictures.

PGMO who employ the ref argue that the first two are not true, and that the mistakes don’t happen in the abundance that we see.  Our figures over several years show that it does not all balance out in the end.  As for the last option, I know Walter to be an honourable guy and can’t imagine he’d do that.  Besides, I also know the computer he works on – the one that overheats half way through the second half.  And I know his computer skills.  Better than mine, but not up to the level of manipulating those pics.

Why did the TV show not reflect the appalling behaviour of the ref?

Either because they really didn’t see it, or because the cameras were in the wrong position, or because they wanted to hide it.

That is a tough call, because although I’ve done some TV work I am not employed by any of the companies that cover the games now, so I don’t know what is going on inside.  But I must say the technology is pretty damn impressive, and the number of cameras higher than ever.  It was there to see.

But why would they want to hide it?  Is it, as many have suggested, part of the contractual arrangement between the TV companies and the Premier League that certain things will not be commented upon?   So when the ref mistakes one player for another the TV companies can talk about it, and comment on the occasional foul that is not seen, but only occasionally.

For the sake of keeping the audience the image of the game as jolly, fun, exciting and above all well refereed must be kept.  Just as with the booing for time wasting, by and large time wasting must not be shown because it spoils the image of the product, and these days image is everything.

What I do know is that the first thing a newspaper staff does when it publishes is check what the other media is saying.  No one likes to go out on a limb unless they are running a very specific campaign.

Why do the newspapers call for Wenger’s resignation, and give so much coverage to what they label as the “demands” for him to go?

Certainly when the media is not covering the referee’s odd performance they are going to need to distract, and this is as good a distraction as ever.

Interestingly they don’t consider the full picture, but then the notion that there might be something amiss in the game is not something any media outlet is going to do on its own for fear of looking outside the mainstream.

So blaming Wenger is a simple solution, and can whip up a storm.  Easier all round that pointing out some strange inconsistencies in the refereeing.

However it is interesting that they very rarely compare the success of Arsenal under one manager with the “success” of Tottenham under multiple managers.  Just as the AAA never look at the results of their sort of campaign.  We’ve had them since Chapman’s day, and all they have ever done is caused problems.

But then, why do people write to Untold calling the writers “deluded” and various other things?

I am not sure on this.  Do they think they are being original?  Do they think that we will publish such a comment?  Do they not read anything on the site and see that we support the manager?

Some of them get quite annoyed when we don’t publish their abuse, and again I find that strange.  It is a bit like writing to a magazine that deals with model aeroplanes and saying that flying model aeroplanes is a stupid thing to do.  Would they expect such a magazine to publish this?

And I suppose above all, why do these people prefer the version of events in the press, rather than the version of events Untold gives?

I can’t answer this either, but for those who do prefer the media’s reality, here is the latest…

  • Manchester United and Arsenal are preparing loan bids for Barcelona’s Thomas Vermaelen even though  Vermaelen may need thigh surgery as his wait for a debut continues, and even though sports director Andoni Zubizarreta said, “We are worried for him and the medical staff are evaluating what’s best.”.  (The Daily Express and the Telegraph)
  • Arsenal want Jackson Martinez, but Liverpool are ready to spend £30m on him (The Star)
  • Arsenal are interested in Basel centre-half Fabian Schar, 22, and could make a move for him in January. (The Star)
  • Manchester United set to pip Arsenal and Liverpool to Bayern Munich star Xherdan Shaqiri (The Star again – how busy these guys are).
  • Manchester United and Arsenal are both after 20-year-old Hull left back Andy Robertson, who scored for Scotland against England last week (Express).
  • Arsenal are hoping to seal a £19m move for Lars Bender before Barcelona join the hunt for the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder. (Back to the Express for that one)
  • Arsene Wenger wants to sign Benfica and Uruguay right back Maxi Pereira but as always Liverpool will outbid us.  (Daily Express)
  • Arsenal want Newcastle’s England Under-20 winger Rolando Aarons, 19. (The Star).
  • Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund are after  Dinamo Zagreb’s 22-year-old Croatian midfielder Marcelo Brozovic,  (That’s in Bild, but I may have got that one a bit wrong, it was in German.)   

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63 Replies to “That difficult question “why?” and a lot of rumours”

  1. Arsene knows that the team made mistakes. He said as much for the second goal conceded against United “I was surprised that we were left so exposed” and the only reason that he didn’t comment on the first was that he rightly will not criticise his keeper in the press. Do not mistake the manager protecting his players for him feeling that there are not problems.

  2. The PGMO has at its head a person demonstrably unfit to referee an Arsenal game, there should be little surprise when his organisation follows his lead and becomes corporately biased against us.

    As to possible solutions :-

    Refuse to play another game with Dean in charge and take the resulting fight to the courts. Ditto if Atkinson is appointed for a Chelsea game.

    Apply to join the Bundesliga – this would be my preference

    Pay off the referees as others are surely doing

    What say you all?


  3. I cannot believe some of the comments i am seeing on other Arsenal blogs. You know people are saying they actually want to finish outside the top 4, so that Wenger leaves? Its beggars belief. The AAA always try to justify their idiot comments by saying “Oh but we support the club and not the manager”, well thats clearly not the case. It pisses me off how their hatred for Wenger spills over into the club. Being associated with these morons is not good and does absolutely nothing to help the club that they apparently support. Please fuck off and go support Chelsea; im sure everyone would be a lot happier.

    Sorry to be OT, but just needed to get out that little rant haha. Keep doing what your doing Untold – you are a glimmering light of positivity amongst all this misplaced anger and bullshit!

  4. Tony, i have been watchibg pemier league since1998 when my dad bought me a cable tv subscription. what i have observed during these 16 years is that refs in the premier league especially in yhe last 10 odd years have been giving 50-50 decisions in the favour of the team that has relatively a better chance of doing well. if you count such decisions at the end of each season you would find that the top two invariably get the benefit.SAF got these, chelsea got these, man city got these. not sure whether to call it hero worshipping but it happens also in spain where opposition supporters chant “this is how real mad wins”

  5. I used to understand the analysis of the ref, but frankly for this game, he was poor but I don’t think he was biased. I don’t how not calling a 5cm offside and a slight in game push (to a player already heading toward the keeper, is favouring man u as the ball was out of danger (except for a hell of a lucky pool shot).

    Surely, the ball would not have been in, nobody would have ever talk about that mistake. There is lots of other mistakes that benefited Arsenal in this game (offside of Rooney, no red/yellow for Wilshere, etc.)

    I can’t wait for the ref report to see the final bias!

  6. Tony

    None of your questions are difficult to answer at all.

    ‘Why did the ref make mistakes against us again?’

    Because he made many other crucial mistakes throughout the game against Man U as well.

    ‘Why did the TV show not reflect the appalling behaviour of the ref?’

    Because to a neutral viewer Mike Dean’s performance wasn’t appalling.
    Heck , I was at the game, sitting amongst Arsenal supporters , all of whom were ST holders and none of whom are in favor of replacing Arsen Wenger, and none of us thought Dean had a terrible game.

    ‘Why do the newspapers call for Wenger’s resignation, and give so much coverage to what they label as the “demands” for him to go?’

    Short answer on this one – to sell newspapers.

    Number one rule in politics and in media coverage is ; the’ negative campaign ‘ works, and sells always.

    As to why people call you deluded ?

    Perhaps they feel your objectivity is questionable. After all you or your writers have criticized the players, the club, the referees, the PGMOL , FIFA, UEFA , the media, other managers and club owners… , but never Arsen Wenger.

    And lastly,’ why people believe the media’s version over Untold’s of events?’

    I don’t know that they do.

    The vast majority of Arsenal fans I talk to whenever visiting London , think firing Arsen Wenger , especially mid season , is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Further more , they only want what’s best for Arsenal FC and still think Arsen Wenger is still the best men for the job, if only he could stopped being so stubborn and addressed the glaringly obvious issueus.

  7. Thanks Tony for yet again putting things into perspective!!

    A far cry from the inaccurate HYPE the media are causing; especially with the headlines “Wenger in crisis talks with Gazidis”. Almost ALL of these outlets have copy pasted the same article/s (which as we can expect) have no explanation/relation to the their totally made up headlines!!!

    These people are just outrageously misinforming their simple minded targeted audience!!!

  8. Tom – I think Wenger has been criticised, albeit rationally.

    I, for one, believe he is partially accountable for our injury situation – and have been saying so for five years.

    Another defender would have been nice, as would a DM. But we have been unlucky to lose both Koscielny and Debuchy (and Hayden, who I rate) – and Arteta in DM.

    But I believe some of our issues have been due to integrating 5 new players this summer. Two more would have made things even harder.

  9. It’s interesting that Tim from ‘7amkickoff’ is highlighting Dean’s failings more than our own for the United defeat, he has excellent video clips of the first half non awarded penalty on Wilshere, the push on Gibbs and the foul (completely unpunished) that has put Jack out for the next few weeks. He is not normally one of the referee conspiracy brigade, but is definitely seeing something fishy.

  10. May we be reminded that some TROLLs came up with the idea that Szczesny FAKED his injury on Saturday…guess what he must be still faking as he not even in the squad tomorrow!!!

  11. ‘Why did the ref make mistakes against us again?’

    Because wenger winning titles with kids and rosicky or financial restrictions means that city united and chelsea should pack their stuff and retire and go home to grow tomatoes. Its not nice having a cheap bastard winning the top prizes while the rest of us spend makes us look stupid fuck wenger and his principles..this game is about money and he aint playing ball with us.

    ‘Why do the newspapers call for Wenger’s resignation, and give so much coverage to what they label as the “demands” for him to go?’

    1. becaue of the above @rules@ of epl footie
    2. arsenal is in the middle of an ownership war. arsenal shares are expensive and since the club is in very very good condition why sell? enter sabotage tactics and the notion that arsenal is being left behind…stalling…not moving forward..regressing… you get the picture. if i want to buy something which is expensive i will first try to devalue it…no? maybe usmanov pays people to write shit and split fans….just guessing…hoho..

    ‘As to why people call you deluded ?’

    its not only papers who are paid to act like professional trolls..bloggers too.

    ‘And lastly,’ why people believe the media’s version over Untold’s of events?’

    what people? you mean those traitors whose desire to sack wenger exceeds their desire to see Arsenal do well ? in the words of john rambo 3 : fuck ’em

  12. Yes Apo the pedro fans on here claimed that Szczesny wasn’t injured at all… one wonders on which planet they live on…. And they call us deluded….

    Pedro’s poster boys… pfffff

  13. Tony,
    may I congratulate you with your article about Giroud that has been published on the Arsenal website.

    Well I couldn’t expect Arsenal to directly link on their website to my Dean article… 🙂

  14. @Tony, Excellent article! Another article that continues to show the quality of Untold Arsenal compared to the rest of the trash in the media!

    OT: I recall an article in the past by I believe Walter, calling consumers to boycott companies that continue to support the corrupt organization that is FIFA and the World Cup!
    I wanted to post this link that shows Sony is not the 2nd company pull out from their partnership! (Emirates Airlines was the first)

  15. @hunter13
    November 25, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    10/10 for your answers go to the top of the class buddy!!!

    Every single one is exactly the situation…and in simple words!

  16. Pete
    Apologies then, perhaps I have missed those articles criticizing Arsen Wenger on Untold.

    Regarding having to integrate five new players into the squad. Isn’t that an example of bad planning in itself , that a manager with eighteen years at the helm would have to do that?

  17. Tony,
    I was pleased (and relieved) to read that TV did not reflect the poor decisions of referee Dean.
    Because I thought his performance was OK, until I perused a few comments of those who were there.
    I also felt that the criticism of United’s second goal was a little harsh. We held a necessary high line and had so much possession in attack in order to get the equaliser, that the inevitable alternative happened,
    i.e. a goal for us or a breakaway goal for them.
    Things will improve, I’m sure. There will probably be a signing or two in January, our sick list is diminishing and our newbies continue to bond with their colleagues.
    All that is missing is confidence and that will return any day.

  18. While it is clear that Mike Dean did not perform well, Arsenal need to score their chances. It really is as simple as that. If not for the wastefulness in front of goal even Mike Dean could not have held us back. Seriously, just aim at a post boys! #COYG

  19. Good article Tony.

    Wenger ‘does not do tactics’ is now being recycled by all the idiots who think they know best but it is a load of old bollox. This is a man at the very top of the professional game, who has won doubles, gone unbeaten and taken a team to the CL final with the best clean sheet record. But he doesnt do tactics!

    It has almost been assumed that we deserved to lose Saturday and that it was Wengers tactics to blame. Really? The stats do not support thise claims:

    1. We created 22 chances and had 9 efforts on target. This was our highest number of attempts this season.
    2. Man Utd created 8 chances and had 2 efforts on target
    3. We had 68% possession
    4. Man Utd had 32% possession
    5. De Gea was man of the match and had more touches than Rooney
    6. Jack Wilshere missed an absolute sitter for an early lead
    7. Man Utds first goal was an own goal and a fluke.

    (I am not going to list subjective arguments like the penalty and the Fellaini push or criticise the referee)

    Now taking the above into consideration, the fcats show that we outplayed Man Utd and had the chances to win the game. In other words, there was no problem tactically, the problem was our players inability to capitalise. The sitter was missed by Jack, not the Manager. The own goal was scored by Gibbs and not the Manager.

    The only area where I can accept some criticism of Wenger is for the second goal, where we were caught on the break. Again. However, as I have said before, in-game management should be the responsibility of the players. It is okay to push on but why would you leave one defender back? That is lunacy and it has happened too many times not to be a concern. Where are the leaders on the pitch to let this happen? We have experienced players out there. But Arsene Wenger and his coaching team have to share that responsibility. They should be making the players aware of the fact that we cannot have nine players ahead of the ball, that is unacceptable. Make them understand, drill it into them and punish them if they don’t do as instructed. Please do not tell me that Wenger and Bould tell the players it is okay to play like that. Of course they don’t, its bloody schoolboy stuff.

    So for me, Wenger got the tactics spot on Saturday as was evidenced by the stats. We should have won that game by at least three goals but poor finishing, naivety and bad luck lost us a game we had under control.

  20. @Michael

    Yes, we should have scored more goals against the Manures, we had the chances. But when we go down the hypothetical or “what if” route we need to consider all options.

    “What if” we had scored first? Would we have witnessed a dive from the granny shagger, a penalty for the Manures and a sending off for Mertesacker?

    More generally, it is worrying that Dean “failed to notice” a number of game changing incidents and that the media equally failed to notice the same incidents and/or covered up. If they are singing from the same (and wrong) song sheet, are they doing English football justice e.g. Wilshere has just returned to form for England and also looked good on Saturday – having recovered from earlier ref permitted thuggery – now he is injured again with the aggressor rewarded by being unpunished.

    As we have noted before, something is very wrong with the PGMO and with the media bias against Arsenal – there are many questions here, but only one answer fits!

  21. @proudkev
    November 25, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    You can say it again and again (as you have already) but some people ARE DENSE and it doesn’t get through…or maybe it does and they just have blinkers on!

  22. If so Many of you self styled “regular Contributors” like the very reasonable hunter13 and (book burning and ban em apo Armani) genuinely believe that the Manager bears no responsibility for the results and has done everything he can to challenge the top teams in the Prem and Europe but is up against serious criminal corruption – then why do you continue to follow football ? if I thought that I would not waste one more minute of my time watching it as i would believe it futile because the outcome is fixed – the very reason I don’t gamble on line .

  23. @4evered
    November 25, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Perhaps… since you are so negative about OUR manager and GIVEN that he aint going anywhere anytime soon…why don’t you quit watching Arsenal since the manager doesn’t quite fit into your expectations???

    As for what is corrupt and criminal; it is clear for those who want to see; if you don’t and I (an many regulars here too) do, it doesn’t mean we should quit watching/supporting OUR CLUB/MANAGER and PLAYERS, rather our fight is to ‘exterminate’ fools who support (directly and indirectly) corrupt and criminal behavior in and out of the field as well as behind the scenes (Media/drama queen blogs etc…).

  24. Apo,

    to add : I will support the club as long as I see bent refereeing.
    And I got years of proof of every ref to support what I say. My views aren’t based on one decision. (Like those who talk about Wilshere-Fellaini incident and swallow the media point of view).
    My views are based on years of own experience and years of observing each and every ref in the PL.

    Foy at WBA next…. I don’t know how WBA do on the kicking front these days but we might be in to some unpunished kicking again….

  25. Walter…you are always spot on!

    This continuous form of argument by TROLLS has a ‘spirit of contradiction’ air about it time and time again.

    To the point of antagonizing people who truly support the club/manage and players.

  26. If anything; totally distractive as there are absolutely no posts from these people suggesting constructive criticism with FACTS to back up their fantasies!

  27. Tom – Not many to be fair. But plenty of the “regulars” will criticise from time to time in the comments. But in measured tones supported by evidence. And will also criticise the club more broadly – Tony has written some quite strident pieces on non-football related deficiencies of the club

    Wenger doesn’t get a lot wrong, but he does get some things wrong. Again my main beef is with the injuries. I accept that more than should be are impact, but that still leaves too many soft tissue injuries. Even if none of them can be prevented, and recovery times can’t be shortened, this should still be allowed for by a slightly larger squad.

  28. And quite enjoying Man City being humiliated by Bayern.

    The quality of Bayern’s passing and movement is astounding. And the defensive shape and tackle success rate is superb as well. All this a man down since very early. Wow.

  29. And how is it strange that every game we lose/draw, and the ref has a hand in it. We see people calling is deluded for blaming the ref?
    every single game? Its not a coincidence! Wake up!

    I believe the reason of this “Wenger do no wrong” thing is just a reaction to what those who come here to troll say. I have no problem debating you, and others (like AB, and others), neither will most Untold regulars (which you now is one of them).
    its the way they come and start telling is exactly what the media (which I dont want and like to listen to) say. When those are out of the way, I am sure you will hear more talking and thus critisizing of the players and manager when it is due, more talking about tactics and what we should do and not.

    When I am angry of losing, and then come here to see some just telling me am deluded, the. i will surely be defensive. But if they came and said OK, dean did a mistake that cost us 3pts,but then our attackers has to score those chances. This will not start those angry replies you see.

  30. I think our “Arsenal” bad luck is due to Pete here, what did you do to Bayern? 🙂
    Just kidding, its an honour to have a fellow Arsenal supporter like you.

  31. hunter13 well done bro, I couldn’t have said it better. ”Its not nice having a cheap bastard winning the top prizes while the rest of us spend makes us look stupid fuck wenger and his principles..this game is about money and he aint playing ball with us.” Love it. Untold keep up the good work, and as Rambo said Fuck’em 🙂

  32. apo Armani
    why don’t you quit watching Arsenal since the manager doesn’t quite fit into your expectations???

    Because unlike you Apo I support the Club and the 11 shirts that run out with the Badge on – not a personality cult or Individual players and despite you trying to suggest the opposite if you actually read my posts and stop listening to those voices in your head you will see that in fact I do respect what Mr Wenger has done for the Club historically but I believe he is not beyond question and as sure as taxes and death one day sadly he will be the Ex Manager of Arsenal and I hope remembered for what he did, not what he didn’t do .

  33. WalterBroeckx
    November 25, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    to add : I will support the club as long as I see bent refereeing.

    Walter – I asked a genuine question because I really cant get my head around grown ups believing in such a tenuous conspiracy theory , as for these years of evidence you have well perhaps other people outside of the collective UA psychosis would just see it as selective stats in support of an already established position ?
    when you get numbers of non Arsenal and non UA “regulars” supporting these ” facts” you might be onto something – but something about the selective evidence from your piece yesterday on ticket prices tell’s me it aint happening any time soon .

    I am strangely kind of in awe of your cult like focus though Guys it’s weirdly admirable

  34. apo Armani
    November 25, 2014 at 11:51 pm
    November 25, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    AND now you Ass/u/me you know me!!!!

    LOL no no – even you dont

  35. Think there are those on her who can be critical of wenger at times Tom, had a bit of a pop myself this weekend truth be told. We can all see what is wrong, many of us…ok I speak for myself…are baffled at four defenders leaving this summer and only two arriving…..I have openly stated I believe wenger does not place sufficient emphasis on defence these days, and it can be to our cost. Would really like to see him get back to basics a bit.I have also firmly placed myself in the Pete camp regarding injuries.
    We all know the problems, there are multitudes of sites that owe their very existance to them, but just like to come on here and get a slightly different perspective on things. There are problems, but there are ….perhaps not excuses, but mitigating circumstances, sometimes ref performances, what wenger may call unprinclpled opposition tactics count amongst them. There are perhaps reasons beyond the obvious for some of these issues too…..just good to get a different slant on things to what you will read in 101 blogs or newspapers. As someone who can criticise constructively,but ultimately backs wenger, this site and it’s articles and comments can be an essential in troubled times!

  36. I got carried away in a response, and produced unexpected (to myself)
    argument. The following is not guaranteed to be bulletproof.

    I don’t think officials at any level get paid enough. This argument penalizes officials. The idea
    being that if officials can be penalised for things they do, or do not do, this will filter down to
    play. And maybe makes for a level playing ground. Which is not present now, at any level.

    FIFA and IFAB produce the laws the game is played by.

    Perhaps the zeroth law, is that the game requires (at least one)
    official; and the primary requirement of that official (or officials),
    is that the game shall be conducted in a manner that is intended to
    safeguard the health and well being of the players.

    A league I played in (indoor), once had a player who got hit in a manner
    which strictly speaking was a foul, but in the interests of letting
    the game flow and allowing some contact (because not all players are
    skilled enough) was thought to be “fair”, and consequently happened.
    The player fell, and as the field is nominally rubber covered
    concrete, there was not a lot of give when his head hit the ground. I
    was not there that day, but I suspect the first person to arrive at
    the scene in a somewhat medical oriented manner, probably noticed
    blood coming out of the person’s ear. Just a dribble.

    This field was only about half a kilometer from a research hospital at
    a major university, but one-way roads were present. Even if there had
    of been an ambulance at the field, I doubt they could have gotten him
    to the hospital in time to save his life.

    Having an amateur player die in the normal course of play, is
    horrible. If that player died because the officials allowed a certain
    amount of cheating, it is despicable.

    Leagues encourage referees to act in a manner that allows the game to
    flow. Leagues need to formally recognize the Zeroth law.

    If in the course of normal play, a player is injured in a manner which
    involves ANY amount of cheating, and that player subsequently DIES
    from injuries sustained in the incident; ALL the officials at that
    game shall preliminarily be banned FOR LIFE from any participation in
    football. As a result of an open investigation by an independent body
    into the incident (with all investigation publically available), some
    (not all) of the officials may have their PERMANENT banning from
    football reduced. At least one official is hung out to dry, so to

    Should a player who causes a severe injury return to play before the
    injured player does? This has been asked on Untold, and probably many
    other places.

    Wrong question. The officials are charged with providing a safe
    environment for the game.

    I think that ALL serious injuries shall require an open investigation
    into the incident which caused the injury (and the results publically
    available). If the incident leading to the injury involved ANY
    cheating, the officials WILL be held partially responsible except in
    the situation where this happens to be the first foul of the game.
    And I suspect some first fouls could leave officials responsible too.

    If 1 person was seriously injured and investigation finds that an
    official (not necessarily the referee) was responsible in part (for
    allowing cheating to allow game flow, for example), the official in
    question will have 1/44 of their pay for the event donated to charity,
    and that donation will continue until the player seriously injured
    returns to play. (Some mechanism if that injured player quits
    football as a result.) If the official so penalized was not the
    referee, the referee will be given 1/3 of the same penalization. The
    referee is always in charge, and if there is a problem, they are
    always partially responsible.

    The 1/44 (or 1/132) penalty is for each incident. Two incidents is
    2/44, and so on. If an official gets to the point where more than
    100% of their pay for services is going to charity for lack of
    protecting players, that official shall be banned by FIFA from
    involvement in football for the rest of their life.

    This is potentially a drain on officials, and there aren’t enough now.
    Perhaps a person starts at U8, but every team must supply a person to
    officiate at lower leagues, who isn’t already officiating. This
    person has to attend the training classes. If this person reneges on
    their duties, the sponsoring team shall be docked points.

    I will leave definition of reneging on duties to others.

    4evered I don’t like you.

  37. Officials are the underpaid (at all levels) part of the equation. But if a person is to produce a level playing field, that is where to start. If nothing else, it circumvents diversion by people like Mike Riley 😈 .

    What makes it effective, is independent investigation of serious injury with all results in the public domain.

    Broken leg 19 was due to an offside not being called. PMOB: our officials are perfect, all offsides are called. Independent investigator: As I said, this injury was due to an offside not being called. PMOB is mistaken, their officials are not perfect, or even close.

  38. Some of these stupid AAAA types often make me want to puke .
    If you have all the answers ,please share it with us and in the process enlighten the deluded ones . Really !
    Don’t just come on here and ask why this and why that .Stop with the questions and just give us all the answers (or at the very least ,gives a chuckle or two !).
    Let us all benefit from your vast and superior intellect ,insights and knowledge .Also inform us what you do/work and your achievements in life. Crayon etchings are also acceptable !

    And speaking of puke, here’s an interesting DIY guide from the Medical Division of UA .

    10 Home Remedies To Treat Nausea

    Nausea is that unpleasant feeling of discomfort inside your stomach, often times leading to vomiting. The most common causes for nausea can stem from food poisoning, side effects of certain medications, pregnancy, ulcers, motion sickness, and acid reflux digestion problems.

    ( These symptoms have been noted in the younglings and newbie AKBs ,when reading certain comments by the AAAA on UA .The good news is that they soon go away .)

  39. BAD NEWS IS :

    You cannot make people like , love , understand , validate , accept or be nice to you.
    You can’t control them either .


    It doesn’t matter.

  40. Guys, let’s call a spade a spade here and admit that the finishing was shocking, how many times were we one on one with the keeper only to shoot tamely at him? The defending at the moment is schoolboy where every player charges up field chasing after the ball.

    These things need to be sorted and pretty damn sharpish. We have a team who could easily challenge and even win the title but there is something missing and I can’t put my finger on what it is.

  41. Dr. Epstein was a renowned physician who earned his undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees in his home town and then left for Manhattan, where he quickly rose to the top of his field.

    Soon he was invited to deliver a significant paper, at a conference, coincidentally held in his home town. He walked on stage and placed his papers on the lectern, but they slid off onto the floor. As he bent over to retrieve them, at precisely the wrong instant, he inadvertently farted.

    The microphone amplified his mistake resoundingly through the room and reverberated it down the hall.

    He was quite embarrassed but somehow regained his composure just enough to deliver his paper. He ignored the resounding applause and raced out the stage door, never to be seen in his home town again.

    Decades later, when his elderly mother was ill, he returned to visit her. He reserved a hotel room under the name of Levy and arrived under cover of darkness.

    The desk clerk asked him, “Is this your first visit to our city, Mr. Levy?”

    Dr. Epstein replied, “Well, young man, no, it isn’t. I grew up here and received my education here, but then I moved away.”

    Why haven’t you visited?” asked the desk clerk.

    Actually, I did visit once, many years ago, but an embarrassing thing happened and since then I’ve been too ashamed to return.”

    The clerk consoled him. “Sir, while I don’t have your life experience, one thing I have learned is that often what seems embarrassing to me isn’t even remembered by others. I bet that’s true of your incident too.”

    Dr. Epstein replied, “Son, I doubt that’s the case with my incident.”

    “Was it a long time ago?”

    “Yes, many years.”

    The clerk asked, “Was it before or after the Epstein Fart?”

  42. “An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.”
    Aldous Huxley

    “Did you ever notice the people who are most adamantly against abortions are people you wouldn’t want to f*#k in the first place?”
    George Carlin

  43. I may have doubts about Wenger but calling for his head mid season is crazy. Not sure any other manager would rush over to us right now and not many would effect an immediate change.

    @hunter 13, really think that is utterly absurd. We’ve spent a lot of money in the last two summers so hindering our chances because we represent some sort of ethical challenge to financial profligacy is bizarre. And if we did win the league what would you think would happen? That Chelsea, Manu and City would suddenly buy cheap players or the cost of the best players would drop? Of course it wouldn’t. Spending vast sums of money is how you ensure you finish top unfortunately and it won’t change for a while I suspect.

  44. A recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related.

    This means that the remaining 77% are caused by assholes who just drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, yogurts, and shit like that.

    Therefore, beware of those who do not drink alcohol. They cause three times as many accidents.

    This message is sent by someone who worries about your well being.

  45. Yassin – thank you! And you.

    I have said before that too many people only look at the result, not the performance. If the match had been reversed on Saturday and we were dominated, but sneaked the result, how would everyone feel? Relieved, no doubt. But also somewhat concerned I would expect.

    It is tempting fate prior to tonight, but I do feel things are improving. Giroud will need a few games to get match sharp, but at least he is on the pitch again. Walcott ditto (notwithstanding minor injury). Koscielny is back in the squad and Debuchy is close. Hopefully Szcz is only short term although it seems that Wilshere may not be. Then that only leaves Ozil as an absent significant player. It was also interesting to note that Ramsey has said that only now he feels he is getting back match sharpness.

    Be positive!

  46. apo & mac ..cheers! that is what it is really. we cant have wenger embarassing us with denilson and eboue and whose this guy again? eduado? no no no …… chop kick tackle break ..and if any arsenal player retaliates? RED.

    30 year olds wouldnt cope with that but we lost our shit cause 22 year olds couldnt…

    why stay at fucking arsenal and get kicked chopped and have my right to a fair and equal competition shat upon and then getting abused by my own fans ( lol)….


    rupert sorry dude…if you think this league is all a bout @honesty and merit@ then we will have to disagree.

    we know the name of the game…its the same everywhere…you spend we take you seriously, you dont then come back when you have something to spend..maybe we take you seriously then.

    wenger is suffocating money out the system like a vampire while the others are pumping money into it. who will they help/take seriously? its not rocket science.

    this league is a product sold worldwide for 4 billion by murdoch and zahavi… if this league is decided on low budgets and actual football then how will they continue their opec/gazprom/sky/epl bonanza?

  47. @hunter13, of course every ref is against us. Strange they let us win the FA Cup then. I never said the league is about honesty but neither do I think there’s some great conspiracy to prevent us winning the league. The best players cost money and we have only just started to collect some superstars. And when you buy the best you then get the results to follow. We haven’t had a squad good enough to win the league in years and the present one, probably the best we’ve had for nearly ten years, is still inferior to Chelsea’s and City’s. This season we’ve been hampered by a whole raft of injuries anyway.

    Much as I liked Eboue you could hardly call him a fabulous signing. Denilson too, though initially good, seemed to lose his mojo. Not bad players overall but probably not what’s needed to win the league or CL.

    I don’t think anyone cares if a team wins the league on low budgets, it’s not going to change the dynamic of the league, more’s the pity, because both City and Chelsea know you have to pay big money for the best players and they have an all consuming ambition to win trophies no matter what.

    If you believe what you believe it’s best you follow tennis or golf, you won’t find any pleasure in football.

  48. Rupert in that FA cup final the ref refused to give us 4 (four) penalties! In a way it was strange that we could overcome that, yes it sure was. It didn’t went according to their (PGMO) plan by sending one of the most biased refs against Arsenal in that final.
    But that is a detail that most including you have forgotten of course…

  49. 4evered,

    we have done a whole season with refs who didn’t support Arsenal and by doing more than half of the matches of all the teams. And the result we found of bias against Arsenal was higher than when we did it with a few referees who supported Arsenal.

    The problem is that people don’t want their dreams being shattered and they want to believe in the media platitudes like: “it evens out at the end of the season”. If this would be the case…then why has nobody yet come up with any evidence of this?

    In fact we are the only ones who have investigated this and the only thing we found for ALL clubs was: it doesn’t even out. For nobody. Not for Arsenal, not for Chelsea, not for MU, not for MC, not for Swansea, not for…. it doesn’t even out.

    We have given seasons of evidence. I am waiting for others to counter our arguments with facts and numbers. And as long as they don’t offer this then we are the only ones who have given all the decisions and all the numbers and facts.

    But be my guest and keep believing the media and their platitudes.

  50. Interesting remark from Chambers in his interview about the refs and the difference between refs in the PL and the CL.
    In fact this remark is telling all you need to know about the PGMO : they are operating in a different way compared with the rest of Europe. In a way you could say that the PGMO did what we have said the FA should do: go out of FIFA and their laws. But that would mean that the English teams would be no longer allowed to play in the CL so the PGMO has kept it quiet that they moved out of the Fifa laws of the game

  51. A skunk walks into a bar and he says, “Hey where did everybody go?” ( You know what I’m thinking !)

    So a guy walks into a bar, looking really moody and orders immediately a double-whiskey. Then he starts rambling on about how lousy a wife he’s got, until the bartender finally says: “You know, I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. All the other guys in here only have compliments about your wife.” ( Ditto !)

    So a guy walks into a bar after a round of golf and sits down at a table opposite a flashily dressed blonde who says to him” I’m a hooker” and he says “well, if you turn your hands on the shaft a little bit to the left… you’ll tend more towards a slice. ( Que ?)

    So…. a baby seal walked into a club… ( Damn !)

    A guy walks into a bar. Bartender asks, “how’s it going?”
    “Okay, I guess. Holding my own.”
    “That’s good.” replied the bartender. “You’d get arrested if you held someone else’s.”

    Guy walks into a bar and yells, “All lawyers are A-holes” .
    Man at the end of the bar says” I object to that remark”.
    Guy says “Why, are you a lawyer?”
    Man says “No, I’m an A-hole”

    A drunk walks into a bar. “Ouch!” he says.

    And having ‘observed ‘ all my usual rituals for the CL game , I bid you all goodnight and ” UP THE GUNNERS !”

  52. @Brickfields

    Three strings are walking, and come up to a bar. They are really thirsty. They see a sign, “No Strings Allowed”.

    The first string decides he is going to try and get a drink because he is sooo thirsty. The string enters the bar and walks up to the bartender and attempts to order a drink. The bartender interrupts him, and points out the sign. And tells him to leave.

    The second string has become even thirstier, and he too decides to try and get a drink. He goes through the doorway and makes his way to the bartender. The bartender notices the string, and reads the riot act to the string before throwing him out.

    The third string is getting terribly thirsty, and he starts twisting and curling and bending, he is so thirst. Finally, he too walks into the bar and up to the bartender. The bartender growls at him, “You’re another string, aren’t you?”. To which the string replies, “frayed knot”.

    With my luck, that joke is probably in your list. 🙂

  53. @ Gord – You’re getting rather good at this , aren’t you? Soon I’d be out of a job !

  54. @Brickfields

    Just lucky. String theory is something out of physics. I don’t need it for what I need of physics. Knot theory is from mathematics (topology), and stuff that I have done in the past dabble with topological issues. Somehow, that joke sticks in my head.

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