Imagine a ref who only gets half his decisions right: Arsenal – MU ref review

Sorry for the delay but finally we can resume our referee reviews and we continue with Arsenal – Manchester United.

Referee : Mike Dean

Arsenal Mu

Apart from Arsenal missing too many chances the big talking points in the first half was firstly the not given penalty for a foul on Wilshere. Shaw blocked his run and brought him down so a penalty but with Dean this is of course not given.  Then Dean giving a few things to MU like free kicks in dangerous areas but nothing came from it.

Big talking point: should Wilshere have been sent off? Not according to Dean. And in this I agree with him. Wilshere was running away from the foul and it was only because of Fellaini came at him in a threatening way that Wilshere moved back in to Fellaini. I would have given both a yellow for squaring up to each other but it was the fact that Fellaini was aggressive in the first place that kept the red cards in the pockets. Hell even the FA and the review committee agreed with this version.  But still yellows should have been given to show that such behaviour is not allowed on the pitch.

At the end of the first half Dean again showed how useless he is in recognising dangerous tackles. Even Blackett held up his arm to apologise towards Oxlade-Chamberlain when he came in flying with his studs showing but Dean ignored it. And when a ref ignores such tackles you get….. what we got in the second half.

The foul on Wilshere by McNair was another throwing yourself in with studs showing and your body out of control and the final result was this

Wilshere being assaulted

This was dangerous, reckless, being out of control when you jump in causing a serious injury. What more do you need to get a red card? Maybe a ref that can spot dangerous tackles? That would do nicely in such a case. Alas we know Dean all too well and this is just another Arsenal player being seriously injured when Dean is the ref.

How on earth did he not call a foul is beyond me. I still am completely amazed to be honest. Or should I not be amazed as after all it was Dean.

Dean who when the match was just restarted after a lengthy injury treatment and finally a substitution made himself again the useless man in the middle. Fellaini was offside but he had clearly instructed his assistants to not give offsides until a player touches the ball. I have seen this on a few occasions before when assistants held their flag down. But the rules state clearly that when a player interferes with play or with an opponent the assistant should raise his flag. He didn’t do this when Fellaini pushed Gibbs with both hands in his back.

Then however Dean had to step in and do his job and punish the push. But as we have pointed out on many occasions before that one of the preferred tactics of Dean to screw a team (any team and Arsenal in particular) is to let fouls on defenders go. So Dean allowed Fellaini to push Gibbs onto Szczesny therefore causing the first MU goal but also causing another serious injury to an Arsenal player who had to be replaced.

Two injured players because of the ineptitude of the ref within 5 minutes. Even for Dean it takes some doing.

He then considered his job done and as Arsenal had to throw more and more men forward United could score on the break. A goal that only could come because of Dean giving United a head start before of course. I don’t think Arsenal would have committed so many bodies forward if it was still 0-0. So another goal one could say coming from Dean his trickery earlier on.

Giroud pulling a correct goal back for Arsenal then leading to Dean being a bit useless once again.

He rightly booked an MU player for over the top time wasting around the corner flag. Then Di Maria suddenly lying on the floor acting dead, Chambers putting him on his feet again being rewarded with an elbow right under the nose of Dean. Who again…did nothing. Oh yes he booked Giroud who must have gone mad at Dean who seemed to let all pushes go on him from the moment he came on.

Final result however: Dean costing Arsenal points. Yet again. For the umpteenth time.  But the previews predicted it might happen and I think we have written half a dozen articles on this and other sites to show how Dean works in ruining a team and he did just that on the day.

Scores for the ref.  The first half score is in the upper part of this article. Sorry for that.

Arsenal mu 2

In the first half he only got 50% of his decisions correct. Only 50%. Let me repeat: only 50%! If we put weight on the decisions then it becomes even worse. Then the score drops to 38%. Only 38% Let me repeat : only 38%.

And if we look at the important decisions we come to a score of….. zero, nada, nothing. 0. A score of 0. I’m not sure but I think I have never seen such a low score on important decisions from any ref in all the years we have done reviews.

In the second half his score went up to 68% mostly because of the fact that he could give a lot of small fouls in the middle of the field. If we put weight on the decisions we come to a score of 61%. And the important decisions went up to 62,50%. Thanks to a few good goals and a few good yellows this time.

A final score of 60% in total, with weight only 52% and only the important decisions a score of 41% is a very bad score overall.

The bias? Three wrong calls in favour of Arsenal in total and 13 wrong decisions in favour of United. So a bias score of more than 81% in favour of United.

That was truly awful Mr. Dean.  Again allowing our players getting seriously injured and given goals against Arsenal when he should have acted. A typical Dean performance from his “good old days” it was.

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  1. Thanks Walter, unbelievable, but sadly, with this ref and this opponent , not at all surprising.
    Looks like the agenda this season is a Chelsea title and Utd in the top four at all costs. It has happened in other sports, it is called …amongst other things, brand protection, as the likes of many such as Ferrari in F1 and various Southern Hemisphere teams in Rugby Union will have known at various times in their history.
    Utd are too big to fail twice. They will be helped into the top four, spend a fortune when their targets become available next summer knowing they have a ECL place…..which is helpful.
    As for our club,and I promise this is the last time I write this oft repeated line, because I can do nothing, but this will not stop until the club, or someone at the club steps out of line and highlights the risks being put upon our players by these refs. This needs taking on. There may well be a cost to such an action, but let’s face it, there is a cost already in doing nothing.

  2. Just a thought how about a class action taken on behalf of Arsenal by it’s fans.
    I have no idea could the fans do this or where the case could be taken my the USA.

  3. Its getting worse, unfortunately. Maybe this was supposed to be a pgmob template for all the young refs on how to screw a team, particularly if that team is called Arsenal. Even after seeing how we blitzed the opposition in the last two games, coupled with Liverpool’s poor form, I’m still not optimistic this weekend. Sad.

  4. Not feeling optimistic because of the ref obviously, lest some may have misread that to mean I’m losing confidence in our boys.

    One thing I’m sure about is it should be a very entertaining and full-of-attacking football match, if the pgmob representative chooses not to be involved. Half of me is hoping Liverpool try to attack us like they did last time, with the weapons we have in our locker this time they might live to regret it. Just worried that man skitrl will be the new Tiote though.

  5. Someone saying ‘grow up’ in the comment section might do some growing up himself.
    he could if he is such an adult try to point at things he doesn’t agree with.
    Or he could tell us what his qualifications are as a ref and point at the laws of the game

    But just saying to grow up is not very adult.

  6. Is it possible for Arsenal lodge a formal protest so that so called Referees ,such as Dean,Taylor and Dowd,willstay 10000000 miles away from Arsenal??????

  7. @gunnerjoe…specifically a lawsuit on what grounds? Perceived incompetence? Welcome to the real world then, where incompetence and ineptitude are as common as breathing. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever had the misfortune of reading. I feel beyond the fool for having even read such utter nonsense. The ultimate in conspiracy theories indeed! Surely there are more useful topics to write about, such as TH14’s contributions to a better Arsenal? This is just so mind boggling dumb that it defies common sense. Sorry, but it’s true.

  8. I’m just curious why you think the performance of referees should not be reviewed? Because they are always correct? The PGMO is always right?

  9. How about the FA providing people who are not capable of carrying out the duties they are employed for.
    The above statement which can be backed up with video everdence and the opinion of retired refs which they did in a number media outlets this weekend.
    As for living in the real world I do not put up with incompetence or ineptitude to the levels shown by the POMO.
    By the way what’s wrong with the article does it disagree with your narrow view that Arsenal are just unlucky that it all balance’s out in the end and our players are injury prone .
    Our like jack they are responsible for their own leg breaks and injuries over the years.

  10. Thanks for the analysis, Walter. That 50% proves how bad Dean’s performance was.

    Let us hope some of the journalists continue to highlight the role of poor refereeing in player injuries, as they have started doing recently. Poor Jack Wilshere the victim again in this match.

    I can’t understand anybody saying incompetence and ineptitude are common, and then appearing to suggest we shouldn’t even talk about it. Silence is the absolutely certain way to ensure the incompetence continues.

    But it isn’t even incompetence, because Mike Dean can referee very well when he wants to, as Walter has proved in previous analysis. That makes it even worse.

  11. By the way Ernest how is it you believe in the existence of incompetence and ineptitude in the real world but not in the PGMO.
    Why is this is because it conflicts with your view that Wenger is responsible for it all.

  12. @Quincy

    That close up photo shows the full excruciating nature of that foul on Jack. I’m glad he hit back at those ridiculous journalists.

  13. Of course Ernest could debunk all our referee reviews. I think we have done some 500 by now. So Ernest, be our guest and start reviewing the reviews on this site and those on refereedecisions.

    Unless you believe that there is nothing wrong in the whole referee world. In that case…sleep well.

  14. I think that if Ernest would be Italian he would never have believed in calciopoli till it exploded in his face…

  15. Well done Walter, I have been looking forward to reading this report and I am not disappointed.

    As anticipated it confirms the many errors and bias exhibited by Dean – once again. Given that Dean, with his unenviable history in Arsenal matches, was chosen for this fixture, it would be difficult not to consider that he had an ulterior motive or was under instruction.

    As others have indicated, Dean, Taylor etc should never never be allowed anywhere near a football field again – never mind an Arsenal match. As for the media who protect their incompetence – perhaps free lodgings for a few years might smarten them up.

  16. Ernest Reed

    “Perceived incompetence? Welcome to the real world then, where incompetence and ineptitude are as common as breathing.”

    The reviews on here are carried out with meticulous care, diligence and impartiality by fully qualified referees.

    Rather than just slinging accusations about, why not try a review on the match yourself and highlight the areas of ‘Perceived incompetence’ of which you talk.

    And why you are at it can you explain why, “considering incompetence and ineptitude are as common as breathing.”
    you are so convinced referees are above such failings?

  17. According to the BBC web site there was yet another player ‘harshly’ sent off against Chelsea.

    “The red card destroyed Derby’s momentum just as they were threatening to drag themselves back into the match.”

    How many games is that now that Chelsea have had to play 10 men?

    And this while they’re allowed to kick players off the park and dive around like Swans without fear of reprisals.

    And some think there are no agendas in the PL.

  18. Many soccer fans who i knew does not know soccer rules, watch soccer games and does not play football.

    Whatever being discussed in ua is too technical and these fans are not competent to handle these information.

    No doubt, Global refereeing standards has fallen, it is due to quicker pace of the game as well as improved standards in players’ gamesmanship . I can’t ne used as an excuse ffor POMO to keep the game flowing .

    Maybe it is meant to be, epl may be an WWE exhibition . Results are somehow fixed; media deliberate stir up things to spice up willie fans are kept in the dark.

    There are too many matter unanswered in EPL.

    Perhaps I should play more games in Arsenal jersey rather than watch arsenal TV games.since watching Arsenal games is hazardous.

  19. I suspect for some reason AFC do not want to publicly comment on this outrageous level of Refereeing In Arsenal Matches’. This maybe for commercial or a contractual clause but they are reluctant to provide any form of statement regarding referees performances , I have suggested before that it could be possible to raise attention of the issue by hoisting a banner/s at our Matches they don’t have to be expensive An A4 size printed out to read, ( AFC FANS DEMAND FAIR PLAY FROM THE REF) of course people will have their own take on what to say but if it’s not officially authorized by the club then there is no come back. As I say it is just an Idea but if 20/30 people do it and it gets highlighted on TV, then at least we will have started a debate.

  20. I want to believe that UA is making official presentation of the ref review and other findings to the Arsenal board. If not we should start now.

    Seeing the volume of proof UA has gathered, the Arsenal board may be encouraged to take action on bias/inept refrees.

    Not necessarily a law suit but something like – hey guys, see what we’ve gathered about you. Know that we’ll be watching you hence forth!

  21. Shall we start a you tube channel that focus video evidence on fouls on arsenal players that got got away?

  22. Jambug
    ‘The reviews on here are carried out with meticulous care, diligence and impartiality by fully qualified referees’

    Maticulous care and diligence- most defenetly a Yes, but impartiality?
    Probably not.

    This is a quote from Walter’s review;

    ‘Two injured players because of the ineptitude of the ref within 5 minutes. Even for Dean it takes some doing.’

    Wether the slight push on Gibbs by Fellaini was enought to make him collide with Szczesny is a matter for a debate. A foul probably should’ve been given though. However , to state that both fouls and subsequent injuries happened because Dean failed to sanctioned them accordingly, makes very little sense and shows a pro Arsenal bias.

    I am happy to see Walter drop his ‘ assault ‘ rethoric when describing McNair’s tackle on Wilshere, which BTW was another unfortunate turn of phrase proving his partiality.

    I can’t say that I blame him either. It’s difficult to emotionally disassociate oneself from seeing things certain way when judging a sporting contest while rooting for one of the contestants.

    After all, they don’t have referees from same countries calling their own teams’ games at WC or any other tournament for a reason.

  23. How Does Arsenal Get Players Injured 1 – Other EPL (FA Cup?) Teams

    Manager: (name of FB (CB or DM)), come here

    FB: Yes boss.

    Manager: We are playing Arsenal on the weekend. And we’ve already been practicing the rotational fouling, so I don’t need to talk to you about that. But I have noticed lately that the referees are carding Arsenal players even earlier than last year, and not calling much. Heck, McNair was even allowed to break Wilshere’s leg without even a foul. If our ref is letting us get away with things, I want you to hit the Arsenal players, make sure they are hearing steps. Maybe give them a tap in the kidney as well.

    FB: You con’t want me to try and break their legs, do you?

    Manager: No, you shouldn’t intend to do that. But if it happens, you aren’t likely to get anything worse than a yellow, and you only have 3 yellows at the moment.

    FM: Sure boss.

  24. Great job Water, as always. More grease to your elbows. It is clear that we as fans must do something to challenge this trend of serial raping of our club. What that ‘something’ is I may not be able to readily say.
    @ Earnest Reed. Your post is an exercise in tomfoolery, especially since you fail to provide any hard evidence to back up your claims and disprove the ref review done by Walter. It is easy to sit on your ass and dismiss other people’s hard work by a cheap, unintelligent post. What are your credentials? Are you a retired ref or do you have any counter review of your own for us to see and compare? If not, please shut up, listen and learn.

  25. How Does Arsenal Get Players Injured 1 – PGMO

    😈 (to office member). You’re sure that this group has developed a nice anti-Arsenal bias over the last 2 years?

    (office member) – Yes 😈 they are probably good for about a 2 goal difference over a fair game.

    😈 – Okay guys, you are doing the Arsenal game this weekend. We’ve been analysing games, and we are seeing Arsenal offside a lot with those searching passes, so we expect you to catch those.

    😈 – Just a minute ref, a word in private?

    ref – Sure 😈

    😈 – Arsenal has gotten a couple of penalties they shouldn’t have lately. If you think a potential Arsenal penalty is possibly dismissible, you and your assistants better find a way to dismiss it.

    ref – Sure 😈

  26. @walter,

    Can’t we compile all the ‘ref reviews’ in some presentation format and give it to ARSENAL in person to analyze our findings.

    Live presentation may be. Where the manager, ast manager, chairman, CEO, the owner and other important members are present.

    Things are getting worse for us. And we should make sure ARSENAL knows what’s happening if they don’t know yet.

  27. @ Tom, interesting post. So Gibbs deliberately collided with a team mate to injure him because of Fellaini’s ‘slight’ push that happened to be from behind? What would be Gibbs objective to injure his own team mate deliberately? Our keeper missed a couple of crucial matches because of that you know? So it is a matter of debate that Scesczny was also injured too?

    All these in an ttempt to be unbiased? Are you sure your full name is not Tomfoolery?

  28. Stan The Man

    Gibbs and Szczesny were going for the same ball and would’ve collided with one another , with or without Fallaini’s push. Doesn’t give you a pause that Gibbs never complained about the push nor appealed for a foul.
    When was the last time you remember seeing a professional footballer getting fouled , not getting the call and not protesting to the referee, especially when the offending team scored a goal on the play?

    It just doesn’t happen,does it.

    What should’ve happened on that play was what I always say Arsenal don’t do enough of – communication.

    From where I was sitting I couldn’t hear wether Szczesny called him off or not but it didn’t look like he did.


    It does have a ring to it doesn’t it 🙂

  29. Tom,
    then how can you explain that in the year when we did the referee decisions website and referees from other clubs did Arsenal matches; that we found an even higher bias against Arsenal in our numbers?
    There was more bias found by referees who supported other clubs than when the reviews were done by just Arsenal supporting referees.

  30. Tom,
    I will look up in the laws of the game where it is said that a ‘slight’ push on a defender is not a foul. I don’t think I will find it to be honest….

  31. Walter
    That’s why I said it (the push) probably should’ve been called , but this was Dean after all, and I do agree with you about his anti- Arsenal bias BTW, but like I said before Gibbs and Szczesny were going to collide anyways.

  32. Walter

    ‘then how can you explain that in the year when we did the referee decisions website and referees from other clubs did Arsenal matches; that we found an even higher bias against Arsenal in our numbers?
    There was more bias found by referees who supported other clubs than when the reviews were done by just Arsenal supporting referees.’

    I have no idea. Maybe the games reviewed by those other referees did show more anti-Arsenal bias, or maybe all those other referees just tried to please You and Tony , seeing how very likable the two of you are.

  33. I have been reading this site for quite some time. It should 4 or 5 years now. I rarely comment. But this is getting over my head. Last few years, since, MRiley became head, the ref standards have declined drastically. I don’t know if that has always been the case, but this seems unfair to anyone expecting a fair game.
    EPL should be renamed as Entertainment Premier League, because, that’s what it has become – not a sport any more! The highest priority does not seem to be the sanctity of sports, but protection of brand and teams that bring more money. Certainly, Chelsea, ManCity and ManU are higher than Arsenal in that list, hence, the approach by PGMOL.
    The analyses on this website are something that should be mandatory reading for all refs. And the fact that they are (and have been) open for debate and critique is in complete contrast to how PGMOL operates. Kudos to Tony and others for providing this platform to all fans like me to get a different point of view because majority can only listen to what is said on TV or other media. Providing this information to people out there is as important as running a club like Arsenal, in my opinion.

  34. I commented on another thread yesterday that there are two broad categories that Arsenal fans and UA readers fall into; the first group of analytical ones and a second group of those that suck up every piece of sh*t the media throws at them as if their lives depended on it. In other words, the brainy ones and not so brainy ones, respectively. And I’m glad the comments in this thread proves my point. How anyone can look at facts that have been meticulously presented such as in this ref review and come to the conclusion that it’s all nonsense and dismiss them outright as hogwash is beyond me. Oh wait, they belong to the second group, makes perfect sense then 🙂

  35. Fellow AKBs, don’t waste your precious time trying to explain why dean sucked in this game. Even if Gérard launches a kung fu kick Cantona style on Alexis and not get punished for it they’ll still say the ref got it right as Alexis had no business being in Gérard’s way. Just like they said mason was right in not punishing Tiote’s kung fu style kick at Alexis at the weekend! I’m not making this up by the way, search the comments after the Newcastle game and you’ll actually see these people defending mason.

  36. Tom

    If you think the reviewers are lying, biased, cheats, just say it and stop hiding behind these

    “I’m not saying it wasn’t a push BUT……”

    type of veiled accusations.

    Walter asked you, how come when refs that supported other teams found an even worse anti Arsenal bias? You said, and I quote:

    “……or maybe all those other referees just tried to please You and Tony”

    If that is serious, then you truly are getting desperate.

    If it is meant with tongue in check, as I suspect, then all it is really then, is a way of avoiding answering the question isn’t it?

    So come on. You make these nasty accusations that Tony and Walter are biased….BACK IT UP WITH SOME FACTS !!!

  37. Foreaverheady
    It’s a rollover?

    Maybe they’re just trying to spare the confusion for the poor plundits out there like Jonathan Pearce (at the World Cup!) or everyone’s favourite role model and plundit extraordinaire Alan Partdrige:
    @ 25 seconds “And another…!”

    Steve Coogan gazed into his crystal football sometime in 1994 and he saw the faces of Rosie the dog, Carragher and Keys staring back at him. Was that the inspiration for Partdrige? Is Coogan a comic genius or a time travelling adventurer? I’m not sure.

  38. Did someone mention Calcioploi and dodgy media coverage?

    Can anyone explain to me why the BBC is paying Joseph Barton licence fee payers money to talk about football? On Friday he was saying there’s too much passing going on in the modern game or some such bollocks like that (yes, he was talking about Football!), but this is my favourite comment from the expert the Bleeb have lined up to inflict upon the poor plebeian masses (that’ll include me then) alongside that tragic fraud Savage:

    “Am I the only one not overly wetting my pants over Arsenal signing Sanchez? From what I’ve seen of him he is incredibly inconsistant”
    – Joseph Barton 11.06.14

    His PR team have been working overtime to create this tweeting media version of “Barton”. Shame it doesn’t know anything about Football.

    That’d be the same Sanchez above who scored the goal in the last game of the season (May 2014) that should’ve won Bunga Bunga Barcelona the league (closer then they’ll come this year?), who had a great World Cup, who has taken the primer league by storm despite being subjected to the kind of hacks that were outlawed by the FA C1850 game after game after game.

    But going back to the Bleeb. They are paying people who don’t know anything about football to talk about football, it’s a bit weird.
    Isn’t it? Let’s be honest. There are far more interesting people then the PR creation above in the game, who’d have more interesting things to say.

  39. That’d be the same Bleeb that carried appeals from the club that was once known as Glasgow rangers FC over the summer for fans to buy season tickets for 14-15, even thought the money from those tickets had already been spent on debts (I think) without explaining to the fans why the appeal for people to buy season tickets was being made or where the money was going.

    There were blogs covering the demise of that former football club for ages, but none of them were picked up on by any of the 24/7 football hack-dwarves until after the grit had hit the fan.

  40. Fins, the aforesaid Joseph Barton has been employed by the BBC, to act as a puppet for them, to fulfil the criteria of polemical sensationalism. Apparently, it makes better reading and creates all sorts of “discussion”,”clicks” and “cutting edge talk”,and also means the licence payer might think they are getting something back,and the BBC can try to pretend not to be middle class.Its embarrassing to see.

    But I realise it was rhetorical question, no doubt the BBC by employing Mr.Barton wishes to be more “in touch” with football fans.No doubt like Diana was the “peoples Princess” and the Queen is now “the peoples Queen” perhaps Barton is the “peoples pundit”? Although I’ve heard other words used to describe Mr.Barton. Some of them rhyme with the words hunt,bat,bit and herd.

  41. Jambug

    ‘So come on. You make these nasty accusations that Tony and Walter are biased….BACK IT UP WITH SOME FACTS !!!’

    Those ‘ nasty accusations’ as you call them , are nothing more than something Tony himself has admitted to being more than a few times on here.

    It’s also something almost every football fan who’s visited this site or any other site always admits to – being biased towards a team they support, wether be it Mike T ( Chelsea) or any other.

    So calling something which is the most natural thing in sports as being something that needs proving – now that’s desperation.

    Also regarding Walter’s question to me , I did answer truthfully ‘I don’t know’

    How about my question which was conveniently ignored of course.

    I challenge you or everyone on here to find an example of a player getting fouled, conceding a goal on the play and not saying even a single word of complaint to anyone afterwards.

    Find one in any professional league and I will donate $200 to a cause of your choice.

  42. 🙂

    If Barton and Savage are indeed the “people’s petty plundits”, the voice of the masses, what does that tell us of Aunty Bleeb’s opinion about the “people”? I suppose they needed replacements for Stuart Hall?

    At the least could they not find people who were actually good at football? With Barton, Savage and Claridge on the books perhaps the Bleeb are trying to compensate for the FAs lack of investment in grass roots football? Charidee ‘innit? A noble intention, I take back my misplaced scorn above.

  43. Jambug

    Just to follow up on my last comment.
    It is a serious offer ( a verbal contract so to speak) and as such it comes with a stipulation.
    Any such example of a player conceding the goal while being fouled and not complaining about it , must be backed up by the player’s manager .
    After all it would be too easy to put forth any example, you or anyone considers a foul.

  44. Jambug I don’t know why you bother with the gibberish merchant.

    It’s not like Gibbo has been sent off for wearing the wrong the shirt or for having the wrong colour skin before is it? No need to protest that decision, and that’s because the lawyers could manage that one (red card rescinded, suspension cancelled)

  45. fins, the “people” in the eye of the BBC are to be sent over the top on the Somme,having already paid the licence fee) to attack the guns and wire, whilst the director Generals are safely sipping Sherry after giving the batman a thrashing for not cleaning the shoes correctly.The batman in this case is Barton,hes going to get it at the third battle of Ypres, the “peoples battle”.
    Bartons also got the spot for the new Brut advert “aqua de toilet: Cannon Fodder, the peoples odour” apparently he does it with a French accent.

  46. To clarify:

    we have some evidence that lawyers or some such have got involved in recently protesting the decisions made by PGMO officials. But hey, we don’t want to upset the righteous defenders of the indefensible, those who claim that all people are biased yet none of the referees are biased (look, just bear with me here, I’m trying really hard to dig myself into a deep dark hole…)

  47. Ken,
    Va Va Vroom!
    He played (briefly) for Marseille too. A fitting club I suppose for this scion of Redknapp and Fernandes *coughs, I see Caterham Racing are doing almost as well as QPR…* I guess the Bleeb see Barton as this generation’s Glen Hoddle. Expanding our horizons. Lucky us!

  48. Tom

    Your accusation of bias on Tony and Walter is based on the fact that they are Arsenal fans right?

    So Walter counter this by saying, ok, if that is so, how come assessors without an Arsenal connection found the exact same bias? In fact, they found the bias against Arsenal to be even worse.

    So Walter has refuted your accusation with a perfectly legitimate and rock solid counter argument.

    Walters defence deserves better than:

    “……or maybe all those other referees just tried to please You and Tony”


    “‘I don’t know’”

    I’m sorry Tom, considering your slur on Walter and Tony, that is just not good enough.

    Walter and Tony are honest, intelligent guys. They have set up an insightful, stimulating, inspiring blog. You yourself visit it and comment regularly, so you must surely value the integrity of the site and its founders.

    And yet, and yet, you accuse them of being incapable of impartiality or seeing beyond there Arsenal alegencies when making there assessments.

    You even accuse supporters of OTHER teams of being incapable of impartiality towards Arsenal.

    Surely the last thing these fans of other clubs would of wanted to do was PROVE a bias against Arsenal. Why would they do that?

    To make Walter and Tony happy?

    Honestly Tom, that is ridiculous, as is throwing accusations about without a shred of evidence to back yourself.

    And as for your question bellow:

    “I challenge you or everyone on here to find an example of a player getting fouled, conceding a goal on the play and not saying even a single word of complaint to anyone afterwards.”

    Of course players claim every throw-in, corner, foul, goal, etc etc etc in there favour, and moan about everything that goes against them.

    What has that got to do with refereeing bias?

  49. Finsbury
    I admit you are truly the expert on gibberish.
    Your back and forth with Andy1886 was something to behold 🙂

  50. fins, 🙂 oh no, does that mean Joey will be a future England manager too?All with the BBCs backing: “the peoples manager”!!

  51. Tom

    Also, despite the atrocious refereeing at stoke, as far as I could see, not only Wenger, but the entire team looked past the blatant pro stoke bias and accepted FULL responsibility for everything.

    Very magnanimous, but hardly a true reflection of some of the disgraceful officiating we ALL had to witness on that particular day.

  52. Tom,
    The very same Andy who lied about Paul Davies in a thread that was successfully set up expose the weird psychology that he has adopted?* Thank you, I’m sure that you along with many many others, enjoyed the expose. I did!

    *A grown adult goes around the internet trying to propagate his “Arsenal not Arsene FC” meme by trying to pretend that those pretend that those who support AW do not show respect to GG, and therefore uses this self-defeating posture in an effort to attack all who support the current manager even if it means he had to lie upon the pages about what Davis said. An unfortunate lie but I can see why you’d sympathise with such an immature posture.

    Don’t lie in public. Especially when their are referees out there. It can come back to bite you on the Arse:

    Paul Davis on that well known “AKB” podcast! Haha.
    “Andy” and his chums are the plonkers that invented the AKB slur when it was always a self-departing term in order to attack the club and cause a divide. I’ve yet to meet a football fan that doesn’t critique their manager after every game of football…

  53. Oooopsy daisy, despite being a self-declared Expert on All matters concering football, finacne and of course PR I confess that I might have copied in the wrong link above. Here it is again. I don’t always agree with the hosts but, hey, they don’t make weird lies in public or make up bi-ploar constructs in order to argue with their own shadows, and they also know how to conduct an interview with a shy and reluctant interviewee (in spite of the slur made by the AAAA expert) – experts in media, if not football 🙂

  54. Tom, why don’t you do a ref review on the Liverpool/Arsenal game and see how it compares to Walters?

  55. Mick

    Re Tom

    I cant see that happening.

    He just avoids answering questions by posing his own, totally irrelevant, divertive, questions.

    Even so I think Walter and I have answered his poser sufficiently for Tom to be in debt to the tune of $200 to a charity of our choice.

    I think I’ll let Walter choose.

  56. I was thinking some more about the possibility that a George Graham supporter would morph into a pal of the man in row 9 over 20 years of Arsenal playing the wrong style of football, and I just can’t see it.

    The only thing that make sense to me, is that the AAA are actually employees doing their job. Someone has hired these turds to cause trouble.

    One party who might want to cause trouble, is someone who might want to buy Arsenal. I haven’t been tracking the AAA problem for long, I don’t know how far back it started gettting stupid. Keep in mind David Dein sold his shares in 2007 for one possibility. Who else is wanting to buy Arsenal?

    A second possibility, is that one or more media outlets, have hired people to be AAA. They have enough money, but can they hide that kind of spending? I suspect Arsenal isn’t the only team so effected, it may be the largest (in terms of number of idiots hired).

    A third possibility is “the system”, or an employee of the system. I am specifically thinking 😈 here, but maybe others. Head of discipline for the FA? Are there 1 (or more) AAA who have been seeing an increase in their net worth over the last N years? Giving the AAA money to bet on game incomes is what I am thinking of here.

    Something else?

  57. @Fins

    Do you have any links to info about the lawyers getting involved with the PGMO? That would make for some interesting reading.

  58. Sorry I don’t.
    The suspension for Gibbs after the SB game last season was dropped without any fanfare or notice in the 24/7 footy Newscorp coverage. I only found out through this site. I assume an appeal against the bizarre actions of the PGMO representative was made by club officials, most probably with some assistance.

  59. @ Gord

    Other possibilities could be:

    a) A mis-projected mid-life crisis?
    b) Stupidity?
    c) Simple Xenophobia (the old “likes AW therefore can’t be liking GG” killer meme as espoused repetively by the anointed protectors of the Holy Arsenal, as evidenced within the bizarre and inaccurate slur on Davis made here by one such upstanding defender of the sacred. A meme that floors me every time)
    d) etc.?

  60. Finsbury, I would still suggest that being paid to do it, makes more sense for people like the guy from row 9. Why do something you dislike, and pay so much to do it, if you don’t get anything back from it?

  61. Walter and Jambug

    Submit kindly the link or quote by Arsene Wenger where he states Gibbs was fouled by Fellaini in the build up to the first goal in the Man U game
    (as per instructions) , and I will gladly forward the money to a charity of your choice.

  62. Gord,
    The consideration of an attempted hostile corporate takeover cannot be dismissed.

    It should be fairly obvious now, if it wasn’t before, why Usmanov has been so keen to protect his wonga by sinking it into some prime London real estate.
    All about the glory and the baubles for him, as the self declared PR Experts *coughs* who continuously refer to old Usmanov and his trips down to his traditional “local” boozer (spearmint white rhino No.3?) often remind us 😉

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