After a day asleep Arsenal quote us again.

By Tony Attwood

Thanks for everyone for the goodwishes.  I feel a bit of a fraud – it was just a bug, and I slept for about 24 hours.

Anyway I’ve struggled up to the computer complete with pint mug of water, just to see what new year’s eve holds in store.

The papers are focussing on Morgan Schneiderlin and William Carvalho as played we might bring in… Winston Reid also is on the list.

But Newcastle United who seem not to have a fully focussed manager at the moment are “snubbing” (what a funny word) a £9 million bid Arsenal are “believed” to have put for French midfielder Moussa Sissoko.   But the owner of Newcastle is a man who is concerned for profit above honours so given that Sissoko was signed from Toulouse for £1.8m in 2013 he might take the money and waddle.

Pardew is being sold to Palace for £2.5m.

What none of them mention is that with a spot of luck we might have Theo, Ramsey, Ozil, and Arteta joining us soon.  Now that’s £100m of signing.

Oh yes and the whole defence is available for the Southampton match.

Arsène Wenger has called for the introduction of punishment for divers by a review panel.  Which is a nice reply to Mourinho’s comment that there is a campaign against Chelsea, labelling them as divers.  Sadly he didn’t put up a video to prove his point, so the same old story.  Allegation, no evidence.  Just like the middle ages.

Mr Wenger is however evidence bound – just like Untold now I come to think of it.

“The panel should punish only obvious cases, but not mixed ones. And the most suited to this are people who have an experience in the game. Naming alone doesn’t work. You have to suspend the player.

“The only way that the players will stop doing it, is if they feel they can get punished. Whether it is  Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea, it is the same for everybody.”

Separately the boss had a word about Internazionale’s loan bid for Lukas Podolski.  And that word was “joke”.

“Inter Milan is not  serious. They talk, there are only talks.”  In other words the old vapour transfers.  Yaya Sanogo however may go out on loan, that is not an option for Podolski.

Early news for the Southampton game is hard to get and it is all a bit tenuous.  In essence

Danny Welbeck “could be short” (that wonderful phrase Mr Wenger introduce to the language).  He got a thigh injury against WHAM.

Theo is available.  Mr Wenger didn’t say that, I did so if he doesn’t play, blame me.

Aaron Ramsey’s recover is slower than expected – h might be ready or maybe not.

Podolski however most certainly could start.

Meanwhile back with Barcelona, we have some FC Barcelona fans now accusing Mr Wenger of doing what they have been doing.  It is an interesting move since that suggests that guilt is finally being admitted at the FCB end.  Unfortunately none of the articles I have seen so far actually provide any evidence concerning players that Arsenal have signed from outside the EU aged under 18 without the parents having a job already in the UK.

One other little thing, have put two of our articles up as links from their site in the past week or so which is very nice.  The most recent was our article on Matthew Connolly which has appeared in full on the club’s Best of the Blogs section.

Rather nice of them to pick us, I thought.

The anniversaries for 31 December are, very late, on the home page

Here’s an Arsenal History classic…

Arsenal’s promotion in 1919.  At last, the truth

Happy new year.

25 Replies to “After a day asleep Arsenal quote us again.”

  1. Ahhah….I suspected it was all a seasonal pantomime on your part Tony and a very clever way to get sympathy from we UA faithful….well it won’t cut it ….you’ve been found out….now back to the grindstone Mr.Attwood….we expect 100 award-winning, aaa confounding articles between now and your next pseudo-cold!

  2. Happy New Year Tony and everybody at Untold, including all contributors.

    Thank you for supporting this great club through another year of mixed emotions. it is fantastic that we have such a positive blog and one that is prepared to stand up for what it believes.

    A happy & healthy 2015 to you all….!


  3. @omg, you have spoken well. Mr. Atwood, you have earned yourself this sentence. Any word of protest from you will only cause an upward review. Doing one heck of a job in the outgoing year is the charge against your person.

  4. I bid all untolders a most fulfilling 2015, many reasons to celebrate, and much joy in all matters Arsenal.

    Can’t say the same for the aaa and their apologists.

  5. Glad you are up and about.
    Yes, lots of stories about MFs to be signed, must admit, I thought our Coq did quite well in the last game.
    The managerial merrygoround has started with gusto, so glad we have not had to suffer such things at Arsenal for so long. Apparently, Pardew
    after the great man himself, of all the EPL managers,has the longest run as a manager at his current club,followed by big Sam, Nigel Pearson then Brendan Rogers!!!!!!
    Conclusions 1/ this manager thing is insane 2/ we are very very lucky with Mr Wenger! He and Fergie are modern day one offs who will not be repeated. And people question Mr Wengers alleged salary!!

  6. A bit off topic, but congratulations to Alan Sefton at Arsenal and a player once on our books, Bendon Batson , they are on the New Years honours list.
    Not a great fan of such honours lists, too many recipients, such as Jimmy Saville for starters have tainted them but sometimes, as with these two mentioned, the word honour is appropriate.

  7. I would like to thank all the genuine contributors on UA for a fantastic blog – giving guys like me an opportunity to read FACTS for a change, may it long continue!

    All the best wishes for a 1015 filled with top health, prosperity, unity, success and PEACE!!


  8. Should have had the ‘flu jab Tony.
    To aid recovery, change swap water for a hot toddy, i.e. “falling down water”, dem sugar and hot water.
    I enjoy it so much that I drink it even when I haven’t a cold.

  9. Chief Tony, thank God you are now healed. If Mike Ashley sells Moussa Sissoko to Arsenal and allows Alan Pardew to go to C Palace, he will surely get some money. Part of which he may put on his Ranger fc project. I think Mr Ashley may be tempted to sell Moussa to Arsenal. But does the boss considers Moussa a highly rated player worthy of being a top class holding-MD at Arsenal? Arsenal are needing a top DM from 1st Jan 2015. If the boss has identified the player(s) he wants, let him sign the player by 1st Jan. So that the player(s) will start training for our home FA Cup game with Hull. There will be no need to waste time. Happy New Year Sir.

  10. Happy New Year Tony and to all of you at Untold. Thank you for your always positive but constructive blogs on Arsenal Football Club. We look forward to more from you in 2015.

  11. Happy New Year, everybody!

    Thanks to Untold for another great year and lang may your lum reek! (As we Scots say)

  12. A very Happy Peaceful and prosperous New year to everyone associated with this wonderful Website and that go’s for the readers to.

  13. To Untold,

    It’s pleasant where Untold is a magnet for true Arsenal fans and you offer the most sincere way to support our team.

    I wish Tony and Walter another successful year ahead.

    Am forwarding a message sent to me .

    Wishing you’ll The very best year ever.
    To have the best year you’ve ever had, live each of its days as the best person you’ve ever been. This year will be what you make it, and you can make it great.

    Many challenges will come your way, and unexpected interruptions will push you off track. Yet you can make the choice to persevere, to innovate, to thrive and to prosper no matter what.

    Life is not easy and life is not fair. Nonetheless, you can live each day with grace, integrity, purpose, love, compassion and richness.

    The decisions you make in each small moment will determine how this year unfolds for you. Decide right now to make the most of that amazing opportunity.

    All sorts of outside factors will have an impact on your life this year. Yet the overall quality of your life will be determined by the way you choose to be.

    Choose to be your authentic best, in each moment and in every situation. And create the very best year ever.


  15. Today Arsenal start our march toward the title. Each match will be a challenge with an extra midfielder for the opposition. Our squad will gradually recover from the physical abuse of the past & will play the beautiful game in a fair honest way despite the media tide that flows with garbage & ebbs when blinded by our quality play.

    Amazing how they bleat about Alexis signing for ARSENAL rather than for Liverpool!! The simple truth is that Wenger has a huge amount of respect in football. Players that have learned their trade under his guidance still glow with respect for his humility.

    Our match at Southampton is made bigger because of the fear that Arsenal is capable of excelling the teams ‘wiggled’ ahead of us by Professional Game Midfield Oppressors. These Crows as @Finsbury refers to them are more viscous than the oil that funds their movement. They slip through games with air of honesty whilst evading truth with an unusual blindness.

    Let us name this year after this tropical enigma. 2015 is the Year of The Crow.

  16. @Menace
    “Today Arsenal starts our march toward the title.”.

    That is what i like to hear, kudos to that.

  17. Poor performance today from the boys
    Front line didnt put much effort as saints were efficient at the back.Our defence was poor and mistakes cost us the match.

    But doesnt mind after 2 good wins this was much expected.Also with everyone dropping points i hope it wont cost us much

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