Panic ensues as transfer window fails to open; Zelalem goes US

By Tony Attwood

According to the Daily Mirror and several other newspapers the transfer window is now open.

But no! Woe!  Woe! and Thrice woe! (which is really only meaningful to British readers who remember Frankie Howerd).  The window is jammed shut.  It will not open.  Pliers, crowbars and ratchets have been ordered.

But it will not budge.  And why?

Because according to the Daily Mail and that little bunch of n’er-d0-wells  Fifa (who have earned a moment’s reprieve from our usual level of abuse following the successful prosecution of Barcelona for trafficking),  it (the window) actually opens on 3 January.

But here’s the twist.  In Spain it opens on 2 January.  Yes, they’ll have a whole day to get going before we can. Oh no!  All those bargains piled up by the front door will have gone!!!  [Are you sure you have fully recovered from yesterday’s virus?  Perhaps I could offer some assistance?   Dr Billy.]

Still with the Mirror getting the date wrong – and if you scroll down that link above you’ll see they have the date in VERY BIG LETTERS, I am not too sure about their report that Aston Villa are signing Yaya Sanogo on loan.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  (Remember you read it here first).

The current mindless chatter in journalism is that Sanogo could also go to Crystal Palace, Lorient and Bordeaux, although probably not all at once.

And even more extraordinary, they are saying that Arsenal will try and buy Suarez, although thankfully one without a record of nibbling fellow players.  This is the  Atletico Madrid player who is a defensive midfield.   (Cue lots of journalistic gibberish along the lines of “having failed to sign one Suarez…” – conveniently forgetting that Arsenal never wanted to silly fella, but were covering their tracks as Tottenham tried to stop us getting Ozil.)

Meanwhile Legia Warsaw have rejected Arsenal’s first bid for their Krystian Bielik, who is 16 and is also wanted by AS Roma.

But we can rejoice because the Star tells us that CSKA Moscow have said ok to a deal for Seydou Doumbia for £14m.   Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City follow in our wake apparently.

However the interesting news is that Gedion Zelalem has been granted USA citizenship.   As I understand it he retains his Ethiopian and German citizenship.

Now this sort of multi-citizenship stuff is becoming more common.  My youngest daughter who was born in the UK of British parents but who currently lives in Australia is in the process of getting her Australian passport, and is contemplating in the future working in the US, and thus might herself end up with three passports.  It seems to be all the rage.

When Zelalem moves from the under 17s level (where he has played for Germany) up to full international, he’ll have to choose his football nationality, but as long as I am right in thinking that he does retain his German passport, he’ll be able to play for Arsenal as an EU citizen (having become American while still under 21 – as far as I understand it).

So far he’s played for us in the FA Cup and Champions League and is a stalwart of the Academy sides.  Arsene Wenger said of him, “He’s in some ways the type of player the US was missing in the World Cup.”

The link between the American Zelalem and Arsenal comes through Danny Karbassiyoon who spotted him early on playing for Olney Soccer Club in Maryland, and ensured Arsenal were ready to offer him a deal at the right moment.   There has been talk of him having an intelligence and vision which goes beyond that of any Arsenal youngster before – including Liam Brady.

If you have not seen him play, try and find a copy of the film of the Nagoya Grampus match in which Zelalem put through the pass to Theo.  It all looks impossible.  He’s so frail, so slender.  And so bloody young!!!

So far we’ve seen him play in against Coventry in the Cup (I have a feeling that this will ultimately be one of my “I was there” moments – along with seeing Tony Adams score the famous goal against Everton to win the league… that sort of thing).  And there was the appearance against Galatasaray.

And that’s about it for a wind up of the news that we sort of missed during bits of yesterday.

Next up, Southampton v Arsenal.

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12 Replies to “Panic ensues as transfer window fails to open; Zelalem goes US”

  1. We need tp resolve our defensive issues, i honestly believe, Man Utd are the only team who can match our attack when all fit. I still think we need a complete box to box midfielder in the Vieira\Toure\Diaby mould who can win the ball on the edge of their own box and within 5 or 6 strides be in the oppositions half.

    That and a top class international defender and we are sorted.

  2. Talking of the Mirror.

    This back page headline from the supposed Arsenal fan John Cross.

    BYE POD: Arsenal striker storms out of training.

    Followed by the usual unsubstantiated bullshit.

    Look, even IF it’s true, which I doubt, but even if it is, this John Cross bloke is supposed to be an Arsenal fan.

    It’s New Years Day FFS, Could he not at least try to come up with something positive for his beloved Arsenal? NO.

    Is it really necessary for him to start yet another year with a negative story about the Club he purports to love? YES.

    Surely there’s enough non Arsenal fans at his rag ready, willing and able to have a pop, without his constant snipping, whingeing and whining.

    I mean, they’ve got that odious Reade on there pay roll FFS. A man only surpassed in his hatred of all things Arsenal by the detestable Howard at the Sun.

    I ‘ve said a few times before on here, with friends like Cross who needs enemies.

    Yet another lame excuse of a ‘supporter’ that infests our media.

  3. actually poldolski might well of stormed out of training,however i thought he picked up an injury so it was probably through the frustration of being unavailable at a time when there were not many other strikers around

  4. Will We definitely need another centre back and not just one who is back up to kos and merts.We need one who will compete for a starting spot and keep them on their toes.What wenger fails to understand is that competition is healthy and no one should be a guaranteed starter and everyone should fight for their place with good performances.What doe it matter at the moment if merts has half a dozen poor games he will keep his place.Also as has been well publicised ,we need a dcm.Everyone can see that as much as he tries ,flamini isnt up to it anymore and as with arteta age has caught up.Everyone bar a few loyal wenger lovers on here and the man himself can see this.Schneiderlin or carvahlo would be perfect.Please lets not wait till 23.59 on deadline day to sign another freeby especially one that’s injured..

  5. How dumb do you have to be to think the manager doesn’t want competition for places…. Really. If you can’t say something sensible, don’t say anything at all!

  6. Good morning, fellow Gunnerphilles, and a HNY.

    I feel compelled to contribute today, after reading the insightful comments of a Mr Nick Lees. I am totally in awe of his inside knowledge, his understanding of the transfer process, and his superior managerial skills. I am ashamed that I haven’t heard of him, because he surely manages one of the world’s premier clubs.

    On the issue of a centre back (or centre-half as we were wont to call them): clearly Mr Lees is certain that these players will be queueing up to leave their clubs, where they are first choice, and sit on the bench watching our number one partnership. Like Thomas Vermaelen chose to do. Or didn’t…

    Mr Lees, so lofty that he can refer to Mr Wenger as wenger in lower case, moreover has the Arsenal manager’s confidence, since AW has apparently said to him, “Look, I fail to understand that competition is healthy. It is mere coincidence that I have two and even three players available for every position.”

    Mr Lees, at his world-class club, can afford to drop players constantly who are off form – he will have noticed the lack of benefit persisting with the out-of-form Ramsey, Wilshire, Cazorla (oh, and Mertesacker, judging by the last two games!) has had for the team in the long term.

    Flamini not up to it? Not according to several commentators who are not Arsenal friends: Neville, Savage, et al. I too must have missed something about the way he and Coquelin negated the threat of Downing and the supply line to Carroll. When señor Carvalho arrives, will he be shouting and chivvying his colleagues in the same wholehearted way?

    Oh, apologies, Mr Lee. I seem to have spelt your name wrong… Must be all the wine I’ve been supping, put lees in my mind.

  7. Guys, this is hat I am talking about, people are allowed to have differing opinions. Really no need for the sarcasm or insults. I myself was told to “cry somewhere else” by someone who I am guessing was not even born when I was going to game after game, home and away.

    If someone else has a different opinion or states that someone has made a mistake etc etc that is really ok. When you go off and call people not true Arsenal fans or “go cry somewhere else” it make you look a JCL and frankly, stupid. Stop it, embrace all ideas or you run the risk of becoming a Nazi.

  8. Is it possible to just ban Mr Lee? Usually im very much against censorship, but its clear this one is either the most grumpy arsehole in the world, who just sounds like a spoilt brat when talking about Arsenal or just intentionally trying to stir things (my moneys on both).

    Im not asking about banning him just because he has a different point of view, but because he stops anyone having a decent discussion/debate in the comments, because he feels the need to comment on every article to tell us how awful Arsenal are and obviously the people at UA are extremely passionate, so its hard not to get involved when you see him up to his usual shit.

  9. Nick Lee

    “What wenger fails to understand is that competition is healthy…”

    And in one line you show with what utter contempt your perpetual drivel should be treated.

  10. Interesting tweet from Podolski himself.

    A cynic might say that it is a bridge rebuilding exercise , others might believe that it is a shot across the bows of duplicitous journalists. I think it is probably somewhere in the middle , he probably is unhappy at not getting regular football but understands that making waves is not the way to go about things.

  11. Jampot
    Is that why we only have 2 recognised centre backs at the club???Is that why we are having to play fullbacks there when they are injured.Is that drivel???No the drivel is what you spout when you blame everyone bar our manager when we’ve been poor all season.
    Oh and w.kerr if you believe flamini is good enough for one of the top clubs in europe you are crackers.Theres a reason he was free.Open your eyes and stop blindly following like a zombie.

  12. Jampot -“What wenger fails to understand is that competition is healthy…”

    And in one line you show with what utter contempt your perpetual drivel should be treated.
    So jampot where is kos and merts competition for places ???Who is putting them under pressure.What happens when one is out of form which is happening regularly now???NOTHING..

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