Define ‘lackadaisical’. Define “Tottenham H”

By Tony Attwood

OK I know the story has got around a bit and I am very much not the first to find it, but hacking with humour does still amuse me – although not necessarily when I have to try and clear up the mess.

So the story is this

Go to

In the box that opens in the middle of the page write the single word


What you then get (or at least were getting until 1pm on tuesday when I last checked while eating an apple and putting off getting back to work for the afternoon) is/was

 lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.”a lackadaisical defence left Spurs adrift in the second half”
According to the Independent the issue isn’t the fault of Google, however. They get their definitions direct from Oxford Dictionaries, published by Oxford University Press.
So I went a checking.
you get

Definition of lackadaisical in English:


Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy:a lackadaisical defence left Spurs adrift in the second half

Now I have a special feeling for Oxford University Press, because they gave me my first big break in writing, publishing four of my books in sequence many years ago, and taking me to the top of the particular academic tree I was climbing at the time.

Of course that was not just years but years and years ago, and those books are long since out of print, but still I do have strong positive feelings for the old firm, and this little adventure has done nothing to change that view.

Keep it up OUP.


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  1. As fun as Spuds bashing is, our love for our mother tongue should trump that. As the “most prestigious” of English dictionaries, Oxford disappoint me by choosing such a poor example to illustrate a word. Like the BBC, the OUP has sunk to regrettable lows, in my humble opinion.

  2. Every time you post an article it’s about us. Your obsession with THFC know no boundaries. You sure your not a secret yid? Ever time this awful blog pops up on Newsnow it’s always about Tottenham. Do you have a life outside THFC?

  3. I’m Fed Up Sending You My Opinion, Whats Wrong With Spurs, Who I’ve Watched from Kid Being Passed Overhead To Front Railings By Great Fans @ Lane.
    When We Had Great Players Win -Lose -Draw Always Gave 100% In Every Game!
    Time For Levi / Useless Sports Director & Owner To Leave Club A,S.A.P.
    We Must Cut Our Loses & DUMPED Our Under Achievers / Below Average Ability Players- Soldado / Pauhinio / Ade / Lemela / Kuboul / Lennon / Townsend / Capone / Chirches Assoto invest money in REAL PLAYERS: MORGAN / BENTEKE / Jay If Fit? Javier on loan?
    Hector / Winger that can beat defenders, pass. score goals?
    Levi & Balhio + Owner OUT! Some One Hear My Cry For Help?

  4. I typed that word ‘Lackadaisical’ on from Zaria, Nigeria where am I. But nothing of sort illustration using Spurs defense as an example is seen. Could it be possible for someone to hack into Google Search Engine and Oxford Dictionary online? People are already ascribing this definition of the word that uses the Spurs defense to the doing of an Arsenal fan. Why? This is instigation. After hosting the Villans on Sunday, our next port of call is White Hart Lane. And awaiting the Gunners at the Lane could be a hostile reception from the Spurds. Nevertheless, come what may, I am more than confident the Gunners will win that local big match encounter despite this incitement buildup to the game.

  5. Sorry to be off-topic, but is there any chance at all that retrospective action might be taken against Costa for deliberately stamping on an opponent twice?

    (probably not)

  6. Only if the officials didn’t see it. If the incidents are in the referee’s report, the disciplinary committee will not do anything.

    I seen a picture of what looked to be a stamp at the BBC/Sport/Football page, was that one of the incidents?

  7. Costa stamped on two of the Dippers rather blatantly and went unpunished – but this was only part of a totally incompetent display by the ref (Oliver?).

    The Chelski – Dipper match had a lot of controversial incidents – bottled by the ref. Probably both teams should have finished with less than 11 players on the field.

  8. Chelsea was home today. So, the referees probably arrived to find very large towels, freshly laundered with a hint of perfume positioned on heated towel racks next to the showers, and brand new socks and underwear (still in factory bags) from some upscale supplier on the table next to the showers, high end shampoo and soap in the shower stalls, and a basket of fresh fruit in the middle of the change room. And Moaninho would have welcomed them, and whispered in their ear something about protecting Hazard during the game. At half time, the officials would have come back to the dressing room to find whatever supplies they had used, had been replaced.

    And after the game, if a person was to amplify the background sound, a person might hear: “Costa did not stamp on anyone, …”. Subliminal.

  9. The FA have to react to Costas stamping even if Oliver says he saw it. The FA however will accept a cruise in return for a blind eye or is that 2 blind eyes to accompany the 3 blind mice sent by PGMO.

  10. I really don’t know how some fowls went unpunished during that game, but at least the deliberate stamping on Skirtel (2ce) and his burst with Gerrad should be looked into. He’s a wild ox.

  11. Yesterday, today, two days ago. I live 7 hours west of London. My original posting is a day and 15 hours before this, approximately.

    Have a great day!

  12. Walter – Your on special a task force to predict the following:

    Result & score Arsenal v Aston Villa:
    Total Number of yellow cards:
    Total Number of corners:

    Va Cong don’t waste your money opposing Walter, he’s on fire !!!
    ;0 ;0 ;0

  13. I think the Spuds fan is obssessed with capital letters.

    And about calling the kettle black – if any team, at any time, in any city, in any league, in any sport, can be said to be “obssessed” with their better neighbours – then it must be the Spuds obssessed with us.

    But hey, nice try Spudders.

  14. Never mind the lackdaisical obsession Walter – I’m waiting for your sage like forecast – it may upset the Far East betting markets!!! LOL 😉

    I suppose you could also predict the Baggies & Chicken soup game.

  15. LOL little tiny spuds. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I just checked the word “lackadaisical” on google and Oxford online dictionary, the result is exactly like Mr Attwood stated in the article.

    Hopefully Theo would show them another score line sign on 7th February but this time around without injury.

  16. Menace,

    I never do match predictions. It brings bad luck to Arsenal. Sorry….
    The only thing I can say without jinxing it is ‘I hope we will win today’ but more is not done…

  17. Am hoping the Blades slice through that Spuds defence tonight and go on to have a stab at Chelski in the Final .
    The League Cup competition is another fine example of lackadaisical – who the fucks cares ?

  18. No worries Walter. Enjoy the game & stay cool when the referee does not see what you see.

    My feeling is that we should score more than 3 on a good day & more if the playing field is not tilted.


  19. FOWT…..the reality is that we are rather lackadaisical about the Spuds and while I understand and sympathize with YOUR jealous obsession with the Arsenal,it being entirely understandable after so many seasons of frustration, it isn’t healthy mentally to allow said obsession to dominate your limited thought processes. I’d try being lackadaisical, like yout team, it suits you better!

  20. Damn , now its a London derby League Cup Final . Lackadaisical or not , all things considered , I’d love to see the Spuds win ,just to see that ‘blue murder ‘ expression on Moanin’inho ‘s face !
    And Terry ,Cahill ,Hazard et al weeping ,sort of triggers my fancy !

  21. I thought it would be a sad day when an Arsenal fan would say Spuds winning will be good.

    However, it is the joy of seeing arrogance of wealth rubbed into Wembley turf that excites the Arsenal fan & if it happens to be a Spud victory – so be it. It will take a whole lot of study for the specialist considering his team lost big time to Spuds the last time they played. The plus side is it will reduce their Premier league effort which will hopefully allow Arsenal to catch up. Each little fraction is an asset to our goal.


  22. I would have loved Sheffield to go to Wembley and then stuff Mourinho like Bradford did. But it wasn’t to be. So now it is choosing between the plague and cholera as the expression goes in Dutch. I will just focus on laughing with whoever loses on the day.
    The best thing about this is that both teams will have to catch up a match in midweek and so it will fill up their fixture list and make it heavier. So both of them risk of dropping points in the league because of that final.

  23. ForeverObessesedWithTottenham,

    When you’re browsing Tottenham news on NewsNow, it shows you only articles that mention Tottenham. You may occasionally see Untold Arsenal appear where articles mention Tottenham; what you won’t see in the Tottenham section of NewsNow is the many, many other articles that are published on UntoldArsenal that don’t mention Tottenham. Becuase NewsNow knows they are nothing to do with Tottenham, and are irrelevant to Tottenham fans.

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