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  1. colario

    Perhaps the club are still waiting for Gabriel Paulista to cough up for the doc.

  2. Richard

    The last I heard was from a mail article. This stated that after the medical he flew to paris to get or the legal paperwork sorted so it could be pushed through in time for him to be registered for this weekends game against villa. That was yesterday so as long as thouse reports are correct and on the money then I would expect something either today or tomorrow that’s as long as the permit issue was really sorted.

  3. WalterBroeckx

    I heard the club photographer was in Spain for the Youth league match and so couldn’t take the pictures of Gabriel. And no pictures is no announcement of course.

    I heard saying that Wenger himself would then take the pictures as he doesn’t delegate and he is a dictator but then they couldn’t find the camera (as it was in Spain) and as Wenger didn’t want to spend any money he refused to approve the purchase of a new camera and so again: no pictures is no announcement of course.

    I also heard saying by some that M’Villa who according to the serious media has been rumoured of having a medical at Arsenal since somewhere in 2011 said that he was first to see the doctor and didn’t want to let Gabriel through the door of the doctors cabinet.

    But apart from that I think it will be more down to Arsenal wanting the papers in their hands about the work permit and other possible papers you need to work and live in the UK before they make it public. Typical Arsenal one could say.

  4. the mickster

    Richard, that could well be right, didn’t Alexis have to leave the country for 24 hrs to get his permit ?

  5. Mandy Dodd

    Maybe Mrs A Taylor works in the work permit department

  6. Gouresh

    Its very unlike AW to come out and say that this deal is almost done. unless they have someone else lined up and Gabrial is a decoy?
    we will look really stupid if we end up with no1.

  7. WalterBroeckx

    bureaucracy at its best if that would be the case Richard and the mickster… .

  8. Will

    i am starting to wonder about the deal.

  9. Va Cong

    Gabriel Paulista was so overjoyed in joining arsenal he partied so hard he has moved from the spot for 48 ours, according to doctors say he will recover before the window shuts which is a big blow to M’vila who beefed up to guard the gates to the emirates.

  10. Quincy

    😀 Walter 9:05am, very good, very good 😀

  11. WalterBroeckx

    Just seen we are being put on red alert for some player.
    Red Alert?????!!!!!! Abandon ship, children and women first…

  12. WalterBroeckx

    it’s the thought of coming over on Sunday that does it I think 😉

  13. rantetta
  14. KampalaGun

    Guys what did i tell you by complaining to the BBC about Phil senile ??

  15. jambug


    As one guy on that link says:

    “He looks like a ‘take that you c***’ kinda guy” which on the face of it is something ,that would be welcome.

    It’s just a shame that if he is that kinda guy, he will spend most of his time suspended because as we all know kicking us is a National pastime, where as kicking back is totally unacceptable.

    Looking forward to his arrival though, if it ever happens 🙂

  16. Alast

    He has signed. Seems to be buried in the background on Arsenal.com.

    Awesome news!


  17. Gord

    I suppose the transfer window has as much to do with pundits (aka muppets) as players.

    I am not really happy to see Henry by a muppet for Sky. Sure, if he wants to do it for a little while, sort of like a piad vacation, do that. It would just be too easy for him to lose the support of Gooners by saying too many stupid things under direction of Sky management.

    So, we see that Henry is to take his UEFA B license in Wales.


  18. Florian

    Now it broke out all over the first page. Welcome to Arsenal, Gabriel Paulista!

  19. Va Cong


  20. Gord

    How far back to go?

    The BBC is all a flutter, MOTD has been resigned for another 3 years. Oh joyous day!

    No mention about keeping a civil tongue in their mouths.

    Q: Who is more intelligent, a blonde or all the muppets on MOTD/MOTD2/FootballFocus?

    A: The Blonde, he/she has 2 brain cells.

  21. Gord

    Wenger updated team conditions.

    Alexis has a slight hamstring condition. Gabriel is available. Wellbeck is close (should be available for Spuds). Wilshere, Arteta and the Ox are almost as close as Wellbeck.

  22. Gord

    Some people have a problem spelling Wilshere, mine was Welbeck. Tooooooo many ‘l’s. Sorry.


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