Arsenal v Villa 1 Feb 2015: Taylor will bend the rules to punish Arsenal

By Andrew Crawshaw

Firstly, following Walter’s review of Mr Pawson in our away game at Southampton, we have an updated Table of Shame – it is shown at the end.

That table reveals that there are still no signs of it starting to even out. Mr Pawson made two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow cards, red cards, penalties or goals), both against Arsenal.  In Minute 9 Wanyama should have had a yellow card for kicking Alexis from behind (not in itself an important decision) but in Minute 22 he was given a yellow card for a second similar tackle which should have been his second card and a dismissal and Southampton down to 10 men with the score at 0-0 mid way through the first half.

In the second half Gardos as last man brought down Alexis just outside the penalty area. It wasn’t a penalty but amazingly Mr Pawson only showed him a yellow card. By this time Southampton were two goals up, who knows if we could have come back against Southampton playing with ten (or more correctly nine men). By the way I have not added any points to the favouring opponents column for this game.

On to this Sunday – as most of you know by now our officials are

  • Referee – Anthony Taylor
    Assistants – G Beswick and D Bryan
    Fourth Official – R Madley

So what can we expect? Again no surprises from me – Anthony Taylor is quite prepared to bend the rules far more than any other referee to punish Arsenal – he makes Dean look like an Arsenal supporter at times. We have had him in charge twice this year and he has without doubt cheated us out of points in both matches.

Leicester v Arsenal on 31 August (1 – 1)

His overall score was 61% and his bias was 7/93 (he gave one decision wrongly to Arsenal and 13 to Leicester) there were three wrong Important Decisions all in favour of Leicester;

  • Minute 50, Hammond pushed Cazorla in the penalty area,
  • Minute 58 Moore should have had a second yellow card for a cynical foul on Sanogo and
  • Min 84 Hammond should have had a straight red card for a deliberate stamp on Ramsey.

Stoke v Arsenal on 6 December (3 – 2)

His overall score was 59% and his bias was 100% against Arsenal (so he had watched the Leicester performance and improved on it – intended sarcasm) Again there were three wrong Important Decisions in favour of Stoke.

  • In Minute 28 Crouch should have been sent off for a second deliberate elbow to Mertesacker (amazingly he only got a first yellow card for another elbow in Min 45),
  • In Min 77 Chambers was wrongly given a second yellow card for the most minute of shirt pulls in the centre of the park (both of his yellow cards were ridiculous given the difference in scale of those fouls compared with those made by Stoke which went unpunished) finally in
  • Minute 83 Adams was allowed to practice his TNA Wrestling moves on Alexis which should have resulted in a lifetime ban (in my opinion). It was instructive that in this game both linesmen gave important calls to Arsenal to mitigate against some of Mr Taylor’s excesses and this counted towards improving his overall score to a dismally low 69%

2013/14 Season –

We only had him once on 17 August for the season opener against Aston Villa where his complete inability to apply the rules of the game equally to both teams resulted in Villa winning three one.

As we didn’t have him again the Club must have made representations at the highest level (they should have done so this year after the Leicester game)! Koscielny in that game earning Mr Taylor’s wrath and two invented yellow cards and a penalty for a perfectly timed tackle. Villa allowed ‘Carte Blanche’ to do whatever they wished.

Match Review: Anthony Taylor – Reading Vs Arsenal (2 – 5) [17/12/2012]

– 70% overall, bias against both teams 16/84 and no wrong Important Decisions, I noted that he had a good first half but missed many decisions in the second half.

Match Review: Anthony Taylor – Sunderland Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [09/02/2013]

58% overall, bias against both teams 11/89 and two wrong important decisions

  • Min 24 Cattermole should have been sent off with a straight red card and in
  • Min 62 Larsson should have had a second yellow card and also left the field.

This was, by far, the lowest score he was given all season and it set the standard he has followed in all Arsenal games since.


1. Mr Taylor is an awful referee when it comes to Arsenal – he is to put it bluntly biased to the point of incompetence.
2. It is a disgrace that we should have him for a second time within two months and that shows the contempt that the PGMO have for Arsenal football club
3. Mr Taylor has a three year history of allowing opposition players to butcher Arsenal in all areas of the pitch
4. Mr Taylor has a two year history of inventing fouls against Arsenal players to give them yellow and red cards or penalties. Both Koscielny and Chambers can attest to that.
5. His wrong decisions are usually against Arsenal, 84, 89, 93 and 100% in the last four games this was recorded
6. If it were up to me this man would not be allowed within 100 miles of any ground Arsenal are due to play at
7. He will try to cheat his way to giving the points to Aston Villa again, I just hope that his two assistants show the same courage as Mssrs. Collin and Hussin did in the Stoke game and start insisting on decisions being correctly awarded.
8. If he continues to his normal form it is only a matter of time before we have another player stretchered off with a long term injury on his watch.
9. We can expect at least two wrong Important Decisions to be given against Arsenal, probably involving Aston Villa players not being sent off, quite possibly a penalty not being given to Arsenal or wrongly given to Villa.
10. The crowd at the Emirates need to be our twelfth man, Mr Taylor will undoubtably fulfill that role for Villa.

And so back to the start following Walter’s review of Mr Pawson in our away game at Southampton, here is the updated Table of Shame :-

This is placed at the end as I have a type setting problem here – just scroll down and down to get to the comments section – Tony.

ref table andrew2



16 Replies to “Arsenal v Villa 1 Feb 2015: Taylor will bend the rules to punish Arsenal”

  1. Walter and I have both posted out Referee previews today, prepared independently, albeit based on basically the same data. We disagree in terms of wording but definitely not sentiment. For the benefit of football in general and Arsenal in particular we would both rather he gave up refereeing completely!

  2. Here’s an idea….what if those who have the time and interest put together a compendium of errors, biased decisions and anti-Arsenal events in a match, committed by the referee and/or assistants and send this to the PGMO and the Premier League. To be equitable, we could also send a compendium for other teams. Does anyone think we’d get some response or even aknowledgement of the dubious and spurious referees we get?

  3. I think Aston Villa will unlease their Gabriel Agbonlahor, Christain Benteke, Carles Gil and their newly signed Scott Sinclair on the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The Gunners are currently without 2 of their 4 senior strikers. Leaving them with only 2 senior strikers and one junior apprentice striker to face the Villans. Depite the envisaged biasness by the match officials for this game that could favour the visiting Villans, I want to unreservedly assured evrey Gooner not to entertain any fear whatever. The Gunners will beat the Villans and collect the maximum points that will emanate from the encounter.

  4. The home support can play an important part in Sunday’s game. As soon as Taylor makes a blatant decision against Arsenal, let him know in no uncertain manner.

  5. I know that it would be an extreme step, with high risks, but I have always thought that there may well be circumstances when it would be appropriate for Arsenal to abandon a game in which referee fixing is obvious, if only to protect the players from serious injury.

    With hindsight, it is clear that the Riley atrocity at Old Trafford was a clear case when this would have been justified

  6. Bring red cards to the Ems and show them at every one of Taylor’s biased calls and non-calls with proper chants and howls at half-time. This pale guy is beyond the pail.

  7. We just have play our normal game ,but keeping an eye out for Villa’s foul play and the referee’s perchance of allowing the free flow of ‘free kicks’ on our players .
    Just hope that we play like we did against ManShitty ,with a high tempo and hit them early .
    With Walter ,his Mrs and co ,being there ,a 3-0 victory would be great .
    Up the Gunners !

  8. After last seasons game, Villa played chelski and the ref’s match turning mistakes for that match went against Villa and perhaps not surprisingly Villa lost the game.

    chelski benefited from our game and their own.

  9. Guys relax! Don’t forget Walter is going to be at the Emirates for this match and I know each time he attends a match we always win!:-) . COYG

  10. OMGarsenal – I do not hold hope for anything to come from PGMO or the FA if a complaint is made. They have no integrity nor the humility to accept their shortcomings (sorry wrong word should be foul deeds). As Arsenal supporters we have to accept their cheating as part of English Football.

  11. I hope we will be good enough to prevail, but we will face 12 men. Really like Bobs red card idea, it would show the world what this referee is.
    Wonder what joys Keren Barrett, Riley, Scudamore et al have in store for our visit to Spurs. Swarbrick anyone?

  12. Let’s see who is playing for us and who starts. We have to control the game from the off, closing down, sometimes one does not need to tackle, but just monitor the attacking player and make him pass or go back. Play as a team like we can, and we will win this too. No panicking if things go wrong at first, but rely on our determination, and quality to win.

    Wonder if Taylor is going to do the reverse this game, after all, no one expected Dean’s performance either.

  13. Hmm, more visitors at Emirates/Wenger stadium tomorrow. Not only is Walter and his wife going to be there, but according to a twit at, Bellerin’s parents are in London and will be at the game. Or are they living in the UK somewhere? Anyway, the twit sounded like they were visiting.

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