Arsenal – Leicester 2-1, the bad stream and equal bad referee match

By Walter Broeckx
For the match against Leicester we had the following team at the start : Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Rosicky, Walcott, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis
On the substitutes bench we had : Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel, Flamini, Ramsey, Welbeck, Giroud

So that is three changes to the side that started last weekend. Alexis Sanchez came in the place of Olivier Giroud up front and Tomas Rosicky partners Francis Coquelin in midfield and Ramsey drops to the bench. Theo Walcott also started instead of Danny Welbeck who found a place on the bench.
A strong and attacking line up from the start and still some good options in all positions on the bench.

A very attacking line up as said but the first chance was for Leicester but the shot was diverted in to corner. But gradually Arsenal took over but apart from one infiltration that was stopped by a few legs of Leicester defenders not a shot on goal. 10 minutes gone and the time wasting already in full flow by the Leicester keeper. Leicester with another chance but the ball when through the legs of Ospina but luckily also wide. And just after 15minutes a fist chance for Arsenal when Walcott was behind the last man but the keeper saved at the expense of a corner.

Alexis held back by Upson with a rugby tackle but not a yellow card. My stream as blurry as the Arsenal attack for the moment. Not really bright. But finally an effort from Özil but the keeper can save in corner. A corner to the first post and Koscielny is on hand to put it over the line. 1-0 to Arsenal after 27 minutes. A strong tackle on Alexis just outside the penalty area but the ref sees nothing in it. Alexis needing some treatment but can continue.

Bellerin with a shooting chance but straight at the keeper. Alexis away on the left but can’t keep the ball in control and still seems to suffer a bit from that strong challenge. At the other side a header from Leicester that goes over. And a bit later a shot that went wide. And Leicester starting to kick around a bit. Oh a former Stoke player I see now. Bellerin with a good recovery the ball goes to Özil who shoots from 20 meters out. Schwarzer can only palm it away and Theo Walcott is on hand to put it in the net. 2-0 to the Arsenal after 41 minutes.

Theo again away but his pass to Alexis is being intercepted. Alexis then with a good run but the last defender was too much. And again a strong tackle on Cazorla and again the ref keeps the cards in his pocket. The free kick from Özil goes just wide after being touched but the ref doesn’t want to give a corner. Ref then seems to ignore a foul on Ospina when Leicester get a corner but luckily Leicester cannot capitalise on it. 2-0 to Arsenal at half time. We can play better.

A big shout for a penalty for handball right at the start but the ref only gives a corner to Arsenal. The hands of the defender spread very wide. Leicester with a shooting chance then but straight at Ospina. A bit of a let off when a Leicester player can’t control the ball when he could have gone at Ospina.

Then Leicester making a substitution when nobody is ready. Amazing. This is pub level football and the ref does nothing. If a player is not ready to come on, you just continue the match ref. Then my stream went completely blurry and after some up and over football Leicester can score a goal. 2-1 after 61 minutes. Seeing the replay the Leicester striker made the ball unplayable.

We really don’t play well and ref refuses to give any cards against tackles from Leicester players. Oh and finally he does when a Leicester player brings down Ospina who tried to start a counter with a quick throw. Ospina neading some treatment but can continue. Caszorla then with strong shot but the keeper can save it. Rosicky then getting a yellow card for a foul. Typical. They commit foul after foul and we get a card.

Alexis who had been kicked enough goes off and Giroud comes on after some 67 minutes. Leicester again with a chance but the shot goes wide. My stream then going up and down but I think I have seen Walcott leave the field.

I think I saw Ospina with a stop on a counter. And then Ramsey went down shortly after coming up and Flamini getting on his place. Another injury? Looking like it as he went straight in to the dressing room. Then I see the ref giving a handball against Arsenal when a player faces the ball with his back. Özil going down but the ref gives again no foul. Amazing.

Then another foul on Özil and this time he gives it and even a yellow card. 5 minutes of extra time given. I can’t figure that one out as my stream was stopping from time to time. Must have been that.

A match like my stream the only thing that mattered was the final score. We were kicked to shit at times with the ref letting it all go.  A not that impressive performance on a bleak stream and from what I could make of it an even bleaker ref. He sure was the worst man on the pitch from what I could see.

Oh and somewhere else in England the tiny totts lost at Liverpool so natural order has been restored.

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  1. I’m sorry for those who don’t like it but on the moments my stream was working the ref was in the centre of things with his (non-)decisions.

    I think Alexis got injured after some 20 minutes after a strong tackle and from then on suffered a bit.
    The way Jones let things go at times was asking for injuries.

  2. At the end of the day its 3 points…as long as Alexis is not injured.

    A few days before the FA Cup tie and then a full week to recuperate and sort out our team before Palace.

  3. I think you need to watch a re-run of the match, Walter. The reffing was even worse than your description. I think Jones was given the match to make up for previous shenanigans in another match with Leicester, and he has plenty of tilting practise with Arsenal games.

    Well done Arsenal. I guess the players will have to lick their wounds for a couple of days.

    Was it Upson who assaulted Alexis? If it was I hope he has plenty of pain. Deep, agonising pain. (And share that around the whole team, because, you’re worth it).

  4. From AW’s postgame.

    “Alexis Sanchez does not look bad, a kick on the knee. Aaron Ramsey is a bit more worrying because it is a muscular injury but the fact he had to stop straight away is not a good sign.”

  5. If fans don’t red card the refs with a show of red cards at each and every clattering, this will continue at home, where at least the refshite can hear the reactions and perhaps some medja will show our disapproval. To those who say what good will such displays achieve, I say you don’t know until it’s tried out. It’s week after week of clattering and it is an attack on the value of our business assets (aka players). Are you listening Mr. Gazidis. Even the hated Maureen-ho raises his voice for several weeks running about his creatures being subject to a double standard. Even Maureen-ho could be right. Perhaps some of the managers would support each other for a change and outright condemn the gross inconsistency at best, double standards in the middle, and you know what at worst. A vast red card waving against the disgraceful orcs of the PGMob is an available option to fans who have truly seen enough. Or is that not being manly enough when only the usual teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing ensues. Perhaps the League has calculated that masochism sells better than fairness, so let the fans stew (pleasurably) in their own juices (as it fattens the take). CYOGooners.

  6. rantetta,

    Thanks for the links. The guy’s hand was between his legs before Alexis passed the ball. He clearly stretched his hand to block the ball.

    But hey, isn’t it cooler to just blame Arsenal players and call them the “wimpiest” in the league and other stupid adjectives?

  7. bob,

    I have read your red card flasing idea many time here but I wonder, do you know of any instance when it has ever been done and has it ever worked? I am not a fan of the idea as I think it will only bring us ridicule from the media and rival fans. I am more in support of Mandy Dodd’s idea of the board and Gazidis fighting outside of the media spotlight.

    I am not saying your idea is wrong, I just Mandy’s better.

  8. My stream was the same. Nervy performance, three points, the ref was an embarrassment to his profession, whatever his motives or orders. Gave us nothing, they could foul with impunity, and since when do you get booked for blocking a keeper?
    Bobs idea for red cards is brilliant, but I say this each week, until our senior all powerful exec who sits on every committee going does something, this will continue.
    Leicester will got what they deserved today, and will get what they deserve, on the evidence of this performance, in May.
    Hope Ramsey is ok, Jack not ready yet

  9. I’m not sure whether it is poor refereeing or the refusal of certain fans to acknowledge the effect of that that bothers me most.

    It is almost impossible to consistently play properly and well when the table is tilted against you. It’s why Casinos not only stay in business but inevitably turn a handsome profit.

    And apparently that’s Arsene’s fault too.

  10. bob
    I agree about the show of red cards, entirely. I’d find it hard to believe Gazidas and others at Arsenal fail to try and put pressure on the authorities re the way we’re treated.

    Indeed, when you consider how blatant the officials are, given their perennial attempts to destabilise AFC and allow their players to be kicked without punishment, I feel sure that our club are simply ignored on these issues.

    Previous attempts by the club to publicly highlight these observations have all resulted in ridiculous denial, at best. Maureen just gets away with it, cos, in the end, the authorities fear and are enriched by what he and his boss bring to the table!

  11. If people out there are still genuinly genuinly confused about how and why AFC players pick up more impact injuries I think they should watch the matches.

    I’m sure that all who love football would agree that it’s not healthy when most fans leaving a ground after their team has won a game of football are discussing the clear and blatant bias observed from the. PGMO representative. The handball rule is not difficult to understand, it was written on a pub about a hundred and fifty years ago? You’d hope most paid professional officals would understand it. The contrast on the handball calls is there for all to see. Alongside the data of fouls/card ratios in games involving AFC. It’s in yer faces! 😉

  12. FH/Tim

    The PGMO representative reached Rana levels of absurdity this evening.
    And we’re seeing that level of “incompetence” every other game or more.

  13. I have now watched the edited highlights, quite a lot of the controversial incidents seem to have been left out.

    The first heavy tackle on Sanchez had a kamikaze look about it – certainly designed to take out the man, not sure if the defender got any of the ball. But it looked a potential leg breaker – and went unpunished. Sanchez suffered two more heavy tackles/fouls before going off.

    There was a very clear hand ball by Leicester in the box – unpunished.

    There were a number of other unpunished fouls – look forward to Walter’s ref report.

  14. Oh well Bootoomee, hopefully your post will soon appear, I get a few that go into moderation and appear later.
    As for the refs ,today, the stakes just got higher, by up to 70% increased domestic TV revenue! It will soon stand at 5.163 billion.the revenue from abroad still to be decided! but have heard the combined figure will be well over eight billion to be shared by the EPL teams, but presumably those at the top getting the most from ….2016? That, with champions league money….we have a fight on our hands, spurs , Liverpool and Utd have some very powerful backers in all walks of life. Some have stadiums to build. I hope we have powerful backers as well….but they at least seem a bit timid in showing their hand. Time for a few to step up, and if not, bring in some who can….maybe a past heavyweight and friend of Mr Wenger could help out….a man who is an expert in the black arts?
    Glad we won first and foremost,but how much more of this shite do we have to put up with? When it is happening at home, it is of serious cause for concern.
    Where does today’s performance fit on your 97.9% or whatever the number of decisions your fcukwits are supposed to get right Don Riley?
    How far can the pgmo go before shame, or fear of getting caught kicks in? On recent evidence, quite a long way.

  15. The reason we pick up these injuries is because we are not direct enough. We hold on to the ball to long playing a short passing game, thus inviting impact caused by late tackles or muscle exertion to avoid the tackle.

    If we want to avoid these injuries play a more direct game, with long balls and more shots from outside the box. Possession football is all well and good if you turn the possession into goals, but if you don’t you are in danger of conceding goals, taking knocks and receiving strains.

  16. This game plan of a clean first half and “let the show begin” second(in terms of rough play & refereeing)has been on since the Brighton match.It didn’t begin recently. Ferguson used it a lot during the Keane /Viera era . They hope the whole world doesn’t notice what is going having been duped by a decent first half showing! I celebrate 8 years, having stopped watching this nonsense & heartbreak!

  17. Think our ownership are maybe a bit corporate, political, don’t really want to rock the boat, whereas others have poured in a billion plus, just to win trophies, and gain respectability , in some cases for owners who may not always merit it. They have a vested interested interest in winning and the power it brings, so will probably do whatever it takes not to suffer what we do, seemingly in silence. Then, there is Utd, that is a totally different ball game.
    I know it might be difficult, dangerous, non corporate, and not politically expedient, but would love to see our execs fighting our corner…might lessen the strength of the arguement held by some that they are only in it for the money. Our players, fans and possibly manager deserve this backing, three grotesque injuries over the recent years demands no less. Ivan, you have your qualities, but perhaps time to discover your inner Dein?

  18. Boo2Mee
    I’ve now seen your posts on the previous thread. I’ve also seen those of Will. Thanks for calling him out, he sees what the PPP’s see, and want.
    Will knows nowt about controlling the game, and has no idea what constitutes a foul.

    For me, he’s not an Arsenal fan. We’ve seen this dialogue time and time again. Will would be a star on AFTV.

    Very PissMorgan-esque.

  19. bc
    you have got to be kidding right? long balls to avoid injuries?
    taking a player out and not the ball regardless of style of play is illegal and not within the rules.

  20. @bc you actually wrote that and click post? Really? Are you high? Did you watch the match? Did you see us getting kicked to bits while the utter cunt of a referee just standing there and doing nothing? Are you daft?

  21. @bc

    This line that our players are to blame for getting injured is unacceptable. If the ref had got out the card at the first dangerous tackle on Alexis, two footed with both feet off the ground, the second tackle on Alexis and the bad tackle on Cazorla and the tackle on Ospina – which were the ones shown in the highlights programme – would not have happened.

    Arsene Wenger said the players were not at full power because of the very demanding Spurs away match three days ago. When you are tired it is harder to avoid the kicks.

    It is ridiculous that only two yellow cards were given out in that match and that one of those was to an Arsenal player.

    From what Finsbury says it looks like the Arsenal fans are well aware now of the terrible ref performances we are having to put up with, so I’m sure they made their feelings known during the match.

  22. Another match and yet another shithousery refereeing. Mike Jones was beyond awful. He let our players get kicked to bits while he just stood there like an utter cunt doing nothing. The Giroud yellow is beyond laughable and it really makes you wonder how in the world are these pricks getting away with it? Where is the accountability? Until when will they get away with tilting games? How after all of this is Mike “BENT” Riley still head of PGMOL?
    Mike Jones made Taylor look like a world class ref. Thats how bad he was

  23. I watched the match in its entirety on a good channel and can say that the ref seemed to suffer the following lacunae:

    1)Out of position far too often, thus missing actual fouls or misinterpreting them.
    2)Far too quick with the whistle, almost as if he had decided his call before actually seeing the foul?
    3)Very tolerant of serious foul play and unable to judge whether they were threatening player safety.
    4)Looked very inexperienced and confused at times.

    The hand ball in the Leicester area was a difficult call to make as it appeared ball to hand and not the other way around but it was too difficult for him regardless. As a former referee assessor, I would have given him a failing mark(s) in 6 of the 10 basic categories most assessors use to evaluate their subjects.

  24. There was a chant from the Clock end during the first half which went “why do we get a shit ref every week”, probably not loud enough to be picked up on the microphones but still audible. A much louder chant towards the end of “you don’t know what you’re doing, originating from the North end but rapidly picked up through all stands and audible booing as the officials left the pitch. The crowd know a stinking pile of manure when it puts in an appearance.

  25. Bc maybe stoke is the team you should watch they play a lot of football the way you described.
    By the way the way we play football is not the reason we have so many impact injuries it’s because are players are assaulted by other teams players with no protection.

  26. Just got back from the game, and in addition to the refereeing tomfoolery that you have already mentioned, there was also:

    Leicester’s first substitution, which held up the game while the ref patiently waited for the player coming on to find his shirt.

    An incident (prior to Giroud’s booking) where Giroud sought to block the Leicester keeper’s drop-kick. Both the ref an his assistant were miles away, but, after the ball hit Giroud, the keeper motioned to the ref that the ball hit Giroud on the arm, and the ref who was definitively unsighted gave a free kick (meaning LCFC could kick it long for an equaliser).

    Worst ref performance I’ve seen since Villa last season. Which makes it the second worst ref performance in over 1000 Arsenal games.

  27. Upson should have already been on a yellow when he horse-collared Alexis who was about to leave him for dust and go on goal.

    Minutes later Upson threw himself with both feet off the ground into Alexis’ knee. That should have been a straight red card in my book.

  28. i think what BC really want to say is, to prevent injuries, we should not hold on to ball for too long, which always invite tackles in. Yes the opposition is the one dishing out the crazy tackles and we could do nothing much about it. Hence we need to protect the ourselves by releasing the ball earlier. The old arsenal, as mention by someone, usually only take one touch on the ball and pass or makes a run, whereas the current crop of players tend to hold onto the ball. The best performances of arsenal is always simple one touch pass, which give rise to a high tempo and great fluency. It is important to keep possession, but its more important to have effective possession~

  29. “Charterhouse has an historic joint claim to having founded Association Football, which remains the main Winter sport at the school. During the 1840s at both Charterhouse and Westminster School pupils’ surroundings meant they were confined to playing their football in the cloisters, making the rough and tumble of the handling game that was developing at other schools such as Rugby impossible, and necessitating a new code of rules. During the formulation of the rules of the Association Football in the 1860s representatives of Charterhouse and Westminster School pushed for a passing game, in particular rules that allowed forward passing (“passing on”). Other schools (in particular Eton College, Shrewsbury School and Harrow) favoured a dribbling game with a tight off-side rule. It is claimed that Stoke Ramblers was formed in 1863 when former pupils of Charterhouse School formed a football club while apprentices at the North Staffordshire Railway works in Stoke-on-Trent.[1] By 1867 the Football Association had chosen in favour of the Charterhouse and Westminster game and adopted a “loose” off-side rule that permitted forward passing.[2] The modern forward-passing game was a direct consequence of Charterhouse and Westminster Football…

    …but F. W. Campbell, the representative from Blackheath FC (now a Rugby team) and the first FA treasurer, objected strongly. He said, “hacking is the true football”. The motion was carried nonetheless and — at the final meeting — Campbell withdrew his club from the FA.”

  30. “The modern game of association football originates from the formation of The Football Association in London, England in 1863 based on multiple efforts to standardize the varying forms of the game. This allowed clubs to play each other without dispute and which specifically banned handling of the ball and hacking during open field play. After the fifth meeting of the association a division emerged between association football and the rules played by the Rugby school, later to be called rugby football.”

  31. Just saw the last few minutes of the game as it was on at 4AM . They were very rough but most of the decisions were going their way .
    Giroud ‘s booking was absurd . Do hope the Ramsey isn’t too badly injured .
    A tough 3 points to win. But Liverpuddle’s win made it a lot bearable !
    WOO HOO , HOO !
    Up the Gunners !

  32. Andrew, would be amazing to hear that shit ref chant beamed worldwide in a live game every time it happens…..

  33. Be fair Walter. The first Arsenal goal should’ve been ruled out because Sanchez manhandled the defender who was supposed to head the ball clear at the near post. That was a clear foul.

  34. Those who advocate certain methods of play so as to avoid injury from illegal tackles are, with respect, quite wrong.
    No team should ever be compelled to alter tactics on the field in order to stop its players being hurt by the opposition.
    Control of behaviour by both sides is the job of a competent referee.
    If the official is blind, biased, incompetent or corrupt, then action should be taken against him.
    I long for the day when an unbiased mechanical means will be employed to ensure fair play.

  35. Thanks for the report Walter, it essentially reflects my toughts:

    1. The ref killed us. Not just the handball or Giroud’s ridiculous yellow – every single time Liecester stopped us with a foul, the ref seemed to ignore it.

    2. We were not in the right energy level, unfortunately. I thought we were over that, but it seems that we were not.

    3. I was not very pleased with the way we played – Leicester City @ home should be a tour de force, not a match in which WE resort to time wasing tactics (and yes, that’s exactly what we did in the last 5 minutes). Mind you: I was happy that we did that, because it showed maturity and much needed cynicism that are sometimes required to grind out 3 points. But I was unhappy that we HAD to resort to that against a side like Leicester city.

    4. All in all, a positive result gained after a not-so-convincing performance coupled with the spuds losing ground. So in the end of the day I’m thankful and content.

    5. What the fuck with our luck and injuries?! Come on …


  36. Re last night’s game which I watched from the North Bank. I have not seen any highlights.

    The set up. I thought we got this badly wrong. Very little height in the team, particularly at centre-forward, against a big lumbering bunch was misguided. Meant that we had to play our way through a team not afraid to foul (see more below). Defensively, there was a lot of uncertainty as to who should play where which left our defence too exposed. We were lucky that Leicester were wasteful.

    The tactics. Leicester played 3 centre halves which meant they were frequently able to overload the wide areas with the wing backs and a wide striker. This was accentuated by the lack of cover provided by our wide attacking players – generally Walcott and Ozil – sometimes Sanchez. Also Bellerin’s positioning was sometimes suspect – particularly in the first half. Going forward, there was just a lack of movement.

    The players. Sanchez did not look fit – even before he got whacked. Walcott offered little apart from his goal (very well taken). Cazorla looked like he had lost a lot of confidence while Rosicky didn’t seem sure of his position and had a quiet game. Ozil was the pick for me – a couple of majestic set ups not taken, an assist for the second – and the first too if he took the corner (I can’t recall). Because of this, he moved more centrally – sometimes playing as a false 9. Even though he has not been playing well I thought we missed Ramsey’s industry. I hope his injury is not too bad – but I fear the worst. And the haters can’t even complain that Wenger was overplaying him! I did notice that Ramsey (and Giroud) were warming up already with trackie bottoms off – it was a cold night and I wonder if that may have contributed to the muscle strain Ramsey may have picked up.

    The referee. I agree with the article and other commenters that he was far too lax and let the game drift out of control. On the other hand, one could argue that Arsenal were fortunate not to be penalised ahead of both goals. It may have been a small push prior to the first goal which stopped the defender at the near post clearing – but marginal. For the second, we won the ball on the touchline which I thought at the time was a foul although I haven’t seen it since.

    The ref was also incredibly inconsistent with the handballs – very harsh outside the box and never gave anything inside the box. That was just weak and poor. Giroud’s charge downs and subsequent booking were laughable.

    As ever, our players received far too little protection and suffered knocks as a result. I just don’t understand how some of Leicester’s fouls were let go.

    Anyway, we got away with it so that is good, but it seems that our confidence took a big knock against the Totts. Hopefully with 5 days to prepare for Boro and then a week before Crystal Palace will allow the coaching staff to get us slicker. Credit also to Leicester who played far better than their position in the table would have indicated. They came and had a go and were unlucky not to leave with something.

  37. I tweeted that the referee was shocking during the game. The decision to book Giroud was laughable. All in all he was poor.

  38. rantetta
    February 10, 2015 at 11:15 pm
    I’ve now seen your posts on the previous thread. I’ve also seen those of Will. Thanks for calling him out, he sees what the PPP’s see, and want.
    Will knows nowt about controlling the game, and has no idea what constitutes a foul.

    For me, he’s not an Arsenal fan. We’ve seen this dialogue time and time again. Will would be a star on AFTV.

    Very PissMorgan-esque.

    Oh dear and I am now ducking the AAA accusations again of the very small mided who use racism, classism and to be hionest, any ism when they have no arguement themselves and it is easier to shout RACIST, AGEIST, SEXIST and all other IST’s that actually enter adult debate.

  39. Walter i’m not denying that the ref was biased against Arsenal but you know as well as I do that Sanchez ran at him and pushed him towards the touchline and that the action was the reason why the player could not jump to clear the ball. It was blatant. You are watching through red and white spectacles. No matter what the relative size if you’re not expecting to be charged into it’ll knock you off balance.

  40. Will,

    I know thatyour misery needs company but Pete is not your type. I’m sure he wasn’t screaming what he thought of game plan at his fellow spectators during the game as you so love to do.

    You should emulate him and post your opinion after the game.

  41. The Refereeing standard this season,in my opinion, has become so poor, it seems crazy that the people in charge, can’t see it. The most annoying thing for me is, it seems nobody has learnt a thing from Eduardo’s butchery, a few years back. What’s it going to take, before something is done to stop these thugs.

  42. Charlie,
    have seen it again on a decent video and to be honest I didn’t see a foul.
    The Leicester defender first puts his arm on Alexis for a split second but both jump under the ball without really having a lot of contact between them.
    The second goal it was shoulder to shoulder with the Leicester player being the strongest and because of that losing the ball as it got stuck behind them.

    So both good goals looked okay at first sight

  43. Will/Boo – I must confess I was chuntering away at my neighbours during the game – but then I usually do. What I never do is loudly criticise the players or the manager. We are there to support them! Even when a player has played very poorly and is being substituted I will still clap him off the pitch.

    I call it as I see it – and always do (what is the point of posting if not?). Thought yesterday was one of our worst performances of the season. Having managed teams I know how easy it is to get things wrong. Wenger rarely does – but he did yesterday unless there is something we don’t know?

    I would always play a big striker down the middle. Firstly, because it gives us an out ball, and allows us to vary our play which prevents the other team settling into a defensive pattern, and secondly because it gives us extra height when attacking and defending set pieces – which we sorely need.

    I find it hard to think of an example of a match we have played well with no height in attack. It just doesn’t work!

    Therefore, in the No.9 position, I would always pick one of Giroud/Welbeck/Akpom/Sanogo (in that order on current form). Never Sanchez, Walcott, Podolski or anyone else.

  44. I think AW has finally made a point to his players by not lashing out in the media about these tackles. I believe to survive in this league, you gotta be tough. Even he feels that things should improve if he doesn’t complain but as I commented previously, at what price? If ever Arsenal plays like their opponent, the match would been cancelled because the referee would have run out of Arsenal players to send off. EPL is not only becoming immoral but also illegal. I was hoping AW would at least win the league once before he retires but I’m sure the FA is so determine to kick him out of the country, that they have resort to this. Probably they would hire hooligans to destroy his statue in Ems if it ever built there. Why the English hate the French so much?

  45. Mandy, Walter, there is always a better stream somewhere, or another tip is to run two streams from different providers(you will differentiate by how the video feed and the page layout looks) and mute one. When one stops the other is usually still running.

    I can’t help thinking that Arsenal seem to be playing below their capabilities at certain times, just 11 players almost as if on an automatic brake, but then other times play like a well oiled machine with no brakes on. The ref alone can not have that great an influence surely?

  46. I’m still not seeing any observations (or excuses or pundit babble) for Giroud’s yellow. Does this means the media sleeps? I thought they were sleeping all the time.

    Gibbs had a blurb at about having to earn back his spot from Monreal. And not too long ago, there were lots of articles saying the Szczesny would have to leave Arsenal. That seems to have dried up.

    A person can’t predict when an injury is going to come along, or lots of people predict, the predictions are all more or less worthless.

    But, Arsenal presently has this great athletic trainer on staff. So, let’s say that when Monreal “earned” Gibb’s spot on the team, Gibbs started into a slightly different training regime from the usual. It can’t be heavy into resistance training, but it can be heavier than the athletes currently making the starting 11 and bench. In the instance of Gibbs, a few people have wished that he could kick with both feet. Maybe Gibbs has been improving his abilities with both feet, and doing a bit more resistance training. At some point, it will be his turn and then Monreal may get his chance at a bit more training time.

    Which would explain a bit about Wenger being disappointed that Ramsey got hurt today. They thought they had worked him along a little bit towards being able to better take the physical game, and this unexpected injury comes along. So, whoever was supposed to be next in training (Wilshere?) may not get the extended training.

    Guessing. And worth exactly what you paid for it, nothing.

    1 Chelsea 24 33 56
    2 Man City 24 23 49
    3 Southampton 24 21 45
    4 Arsenal 25 19 45
    5 Man Utd 24 17 44
    6 Tottenham 25 5 43
    7 Liverpool 25 7 42
    8 West Ham 24 8 37

    Chelsea v Everton 19:45
    Man Utd v Burnley 19:45
    Southampton v West Ham 19:45
    Stoke v Man City 19:45
    Crystal Palace v Newcastle 20:00
    West Brom v Swansea 20:00

    After the above bunch of games, all teams have 13 games (and maximum 39 points) to play for. Chelsea can still shoot themselves in the foot. If nothing else, Moaninho could get himself relegated to the stands for a few games. But I still think they are the most likely to win. I don’t think we have 5-6 teams fighting for 3rd and 4th, I think we have 6-7 teams fighting for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I can see Everton getting a tie or win, sort of depending on their goalkeeper situation. Burnley have a lot to fight for, I can’t see them getting more than a tie. And expect Mike Riley 😈 to be helpful with Fergie Time and penalties/red cards. I don’t think West Ham is going to beat Southampton, they could tie though. I can see ManCity having trouble away to Stoke, and if ManCity do lose, I think 2nd place is in play. CPalace and Newcastle looks like tie. And while Swansea is a long way ahead of WBA, who do they have to score goals? Looks like tie.

    The ending to the season looks nervous.

  47. Michael Ram

    If we take Arsene Wenger out of the equation we can observe the record of what happened with Brian Clough: ignored by the FA at best, perhaps hated for his showing up of the Revie charade (history goes in cycles?), I think there is a lot of evidence to indicate that some at the PGMO do not like association football? Perhaps they believe that Sheffield (or Leeds?) Rules should’ve been adopted C1850 and not the laws we have today, so their “Game Managment” is simply their attempt to enforce rules that were changed before the founding of the football league?

    But that is a generous consideration.

  48. Simulation and the brandishing of an imaginary card are treated as Capital offence. The media deriding the perpetrators of such heinous crimes as ‘disgraceful cheats’.

    Yet they will happily dismiss the most brutal, potential leg breaking assaults as ‘part of the game’. No cheating here lads.

    A cynical foul on the half way line is seen as a ‘tactical’ foul. Again, no disgrace in that lads. Take one for the team they say. All very admirable.

    But God forbid you wave that imaginary Yellow.

    To my eyes the medias and pundits entire take on what is, and what isn’t a disgrace, is completely back to front, and just one of the many contributing factors as to why English Football remains so entrenched in the Dark Ages.

    Kicking Arsenal to bits is just all part of the fun, and to the Medias way of thinking, any whingeing by us, Wenger or AFC just makes it all the more fun.

    Having said that, we have to keep highlighting it. What else can we do?

  49. Gord – as noted, I wonder if Ramsey doing an extensive warm up on a cold night wearing just shorts may have been a contributor? Re Mr Forsythe – he clearly hasn’t had much impact yet on injury incidence – but we do seem to be seeing shortened recovery times – some pleasant surprises there.

  50. I suppose Pete. If the “bench” was a real bench, having the edge of the bench line up with where the tear was before would be more likely. But if Ramsey was not well healed, he shouldn’t have been on the bench. Ballistic stretching? Do any of the Arsenal players do that? I would think something before game time is more likely, than warmup.

  51. Only a few people can actually see that there is something wrong. I think those select few should be in charge of games, till everyone grows eyes.

  52. Gord – I don’t know what ballistic stretching is! But certainly, stretches appear to be incorporated in warm up routines. Ramsey has not been overplayed recently and was warming up for at least 10-15 mins before coming on. And had been out for an earlier session also. Still think it weird that Ramsey and Giroud were warming up in shorts while Flamini was well-covered.

  53. Static stretch, athlete an athlete pulls his body into a position where one (or a small number) of muscles are stretched, and holds the stretched position for an interval. 20 seconds would be nice, 40-60 would be better.

    Ballistic stretch (moving stretch). Athlete is swinging an appendage (sometimes a weight) such that near the end of the range, a muscle (or small number of muscles) is stretched. Too much momentum or kinetic energy, and you tear the muscle. Swinging the leg you can imagine for a ballistic hamstring stretch. But a stretch with weight you might not have seen. Put a barbell (with or without weight) across your shoulders standing up. Twist your upper body to the left. At the end of the range of motion, the weight of the barbell will try to continue the twist, and then twist to the right. With or without weight, easy to get hurt.

    Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). Another person pushes an athlete in a direction they could do a static stretch in. Often the hard part is finding a safe place to push or pull on. But the athlete can relax many muscles, allowing the stretch to be more effective.

    Stretching is best done “when warm”. But studies have shown that the warmth should come from activity, not the application of heat (such as stretching while in a hot tub).

    I often wear shorts if it is above -10C, my legs seem to make enough heat. But, I am not preparing to do sprints.

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