Arsenal v Everton – 01 March 2015 – The Match Officials

Arsenal v Everton – 01 March 2015 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following Walter’s review of the refereeing of the Tottenham game Ref Review Tottenham – Arsenal here is the updated Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions

Favouring Arsenal

Favouring Opponents

2nd Yellow Cards



Red Cards












Possible Cost in Points



A change with a wrong important decision favouring Arsenal, our goal being ruled out for the most marginal of offsides, impossible to see by any means other than video refereeing. Two important wrong decisions in Tottenham’s favour though, Rose should have been sent off in Minute 59 and Mason in Minute 78 but strangely there was no media outcry about either of those two errors. I haven’t included any points favouring opponents though.

Now to Sunday and our match officials and going from the Premier League website (not my spreadsheet) we have

  • Referee – Andre Marriner
  • Assistants – S Ledger and D Cann
  • Fourth Official – R Madley

This is matchweek 27 and this will be only the 12th game as referee for Mr Marriner. Either he was injured or unavailable at the start of the season (his first game as referee was in week 8 but he was fourth official in games from week 4) or he is clearly out of favour with someone. It will be his second time at the Emirates, he was in charge of the Arsenal v Southampton game at the beginning of December. I have noted nothing particular to raise questions about either of the assistants, one incident by Mr Ledger in the Swansea v Burnley game but nothing to indicate a trend.

REF REVIEW Arsenal – Southampton

59% overall performance, bias against the two teams 77/23%.

This was a game we won one nil with an Aaron Ramsey goal (luckily as there was an unpunished handball when a Southampton player punched the ball away from Giroud in the penalty area). We should have had another penalty in Min 92 when Alexis was brought down in the penalty area.

It will be the second time for Everton as well, the first being their 1 – 0 away defeat at Man City on 6th December


We had him for two home wins and the catastrophic away defeat at Chelsea

Arsenal – Hull 2-0, may I present to you : the machine quoting from Walter’s post game review “About the ref… we should and could have had a penalty. At least one. When Ramsey was caught on the ankle when he went passed a Hull player. Was this the same ref who gave that non-penalty for Chelsea a few weeks ago against WBA? Yes, he was. And my trained eye noticed a few strong challenges he let go. Is this the same ref that send off 2 Sunderland players against Hull a few weeks ago for strong challenges? Yes, he was. He now even didn’t call it a foul.

Özil was kicked from left to right at times without the ref giving fouls, let alone yellow cards. Even my match reporter noticed it and found it too lenient refereeing from the ref. And on the other side he gave what looked soft free kicks in favour of Hull.  So we surely didn’t get any help from the man in black in this match.”

Arsenal – Sunderland, a view from the North Bank This was a game attended by Walter in person, so no surprise about the score, what is surprising is that there is no mention of the referee at all in his article, so we can conclude that he had a good enough game.

Chelsea v Arsenal – Errors and mistakes for free by players and referees again quoting from Walter “First the ref let a possible foul on Arteta go in midfield so that Chelsea once again could break. The ball came to Hazard who took a shot. Oxlade-Chamberlain handled. What followed was referee comedy capers. Well he had one decision right of all the decisions he had to make: the penalty. All the rest was wrong and utterly wrong.  So I don’t complain about the penalty at all.

It obviously took the 4th official to give the penalty. This was clearly visible by the way that Marriner was talking and looking in the direction of the 4th official. Now I really wonder based on what he gave it? Did he see it with his own eyes or use video evidence. Which I think is not allowed now.  And I think it will be something like that as the 4th official was standing in the same line as the ref on the field.

So it would be amazing that the 4th official being 60 meters away would have seen it better than the 1st official who was 15 meters away.

What then followed was bizarre as suddenly Gibbs was shown a red card. Gibbs who had nothing to do with the whole incident.  Now to put things straight a red card for a handball should be given when a defender knocks it out of goal when it would go over the line. But the shot from Hazard was going wide anyway so it wasn’t a save on the goal line. It wasn’t preventing a goal. But it was deliberate handball but should have been a yellow card.

But as a result Arsenal had to continue with a man down. And that was not correct at all. I also would like to add that if you are not sure who committed the offence you just cannot pick out a player and give him a red card. That is making a complete mess of it.

Hazard scored from the rightfully given penalty and Arsenal were looking at a gigantic mountain to climb with wrongfully being a man down.  Oscar scoring another goal just for half time was not a real surprise. The referees further making a mess of things when Vermaelen who had come on for Podolski after the red card, clearly kicked the ball out against Torres but the refs gave a corner.”

So Marriner had a nightmare in this game, as did Arsenal. It was a game our players gave away, one of the worst team performances in recent years and one we would have lost even without the assistance Mr Marriner gave Chelsea.

2012-13 – Going back a further year when there were full match reviews of Arsenal games

Match Review: Andre Marriner – Arsenal Vs West Ham United (5 – 1) [23/01/2013]

Overall performance 67% bias against both teams 69/31 and one wrong Important Decision (second yellow cards, red cards, penalty decisions or goals). In Minute 24 Vaz Te kicked Mertesacker on the Achilles, should have been a yellow card, in Minute 41 he was booked for dissent so should have been sent off for two yellow cards.

Match Review: Andre Marriner – Fulham Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [20/04/2013]

Overall performance 75%, bias against 15/85 but no wrong Important Decisions. Sidwell was rightly sent off in Minute 11 for a horrible challenge and Giroud was sent off in minute 89 when he brought down a Fulham player. It was a dreadfully wet evening and a miracle that any football was possible.

In Summary

Mr Marriner is predominantly a ‘Home’ Referee which is positive from the Arsenal point of view.

But Mr Marriner even at the Emirates is no particular friend of Arsenal, his bias figures are pretty appalling. The Emirates crowd need to be our twelfth man to try and counter his bias

He is averse to awarding Arsenal penalties when warranted.

Like all referees he is incapable of recognising a serious foul on an Arsenal player but all too happy to award ‘phantom’ fouls in favour of our opponents

The statistics show that the best we can expect from Mr Marriner is barely acceptable, at worst he can be truly diabolical.



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17 Replies to “Arsenal v Everton – 01 March 2015 – The Match Officials”

  1. Let’s hope we’re on very good form. And also able to jump over the potentially leg-breaking fouls.

  2. We need to be on good form,with this ref. There could be an agenda, Utd and Liverpool into the top four. I hope people at the club read these reviews and previews

  3. Mandy there is always an agenda. Sky and the PL will already have their permutations worked out to ensure competitiveness and attract top audiences for the last months of the season

  4. In fact I expect Arsenal and Liverpool to get fleeced tomorrow, with no league games for Chelski and the spuds. Citeh move in closer behind chelski while the chasing 4 get bunched. Also with the spotlight on Wenger I expect more pressure will be applied by the PGMO under instruction from their paymasters. Top drama to boost figures for the football entertainment industry

  5. You could well be right ThomB. FIF, should you chose to believe their content has said some interesting things about this ref. And yes, sky have a certain amount of influence unfortunately. Wenger leaving is the story the media want….then they can move onto something else.

  6. We will now come out with purpose and try to win the Everton game. It’s always like this after a defeat.

    Some thoughts on Arsenal changes:
    Team a doing great, working as a team.

    Team b
    Completely a shambles, well not completely, but enough to give that impression.

    These two players

    replaced these two


    and we can see the difference in Arsenal’s game.
    This is not the first time this happened. Why is this happening?


    are not rubbish players, so what is causing the drastic change in play? Is it their way of playing and fitting into the team, or is it something else?

  7. We may start this game 5th on the table, if ManU & S’hampton win their games. The boys will feel the pressure. Let’s hope they channel it in to a big win.

  8. Who knows para. Hope the players, and coaching staff are having a full frank analysis of what went wrong, though of course it will be behind the,scenes. The coaches have to find a way of making our defending more disciplined….in each and every game, and via what ever means it takes. Wenger uses press conferences to get messages to players, the phrase suicidal defending must be a wake up call to all involved on the playing side. They need to stop this schoolboy stuff for good, or it will affect morale, and reputations.
    This time, I trust wenger to put his foot down, and the players to knuckle down. Losing in such a way to an ex club , a French club will have hurt wenger, hopefully there is an enough is enough spirit in the camp. A love of attacking football does not have to lead to defending like that.

  9. I think it helps if we concentrate on the very good form we were in before this defeat, very good form in the Premier League competition. Figures in previous articles have shown this to be true. Over 70% win rate over December, January and February.

    The best way to see that match against Monaco is, as Hector Bellerin said, as an accident.

    I’m sure when Chelsea lost 2 – 4 to Bradford in a cup competition that is what they said. Anything can happen in cup competitions.

    We have bounced back from defeats before this season and we will do again.

    Keep the faith!

  10. Back after a self imposed exile of about 48hrs or so. Couldn’t stand the stench from all those sewer rats who flooded this place after Wednesday night. I just read Walters report and any reasonable person can conclude we could easily have scored five on the night (Giroud a hattrick, Welbz one and Theo one. But it wasn’t to be, luck wasn’t with us on the night. It’s not like Monaco steam rollered us, no. It was just one team being lucky on one end while the other had the opposite luck.

    I am wary about any ref in the pl no, but some more than others. After this ref wrongly sent Gibbs off I think he’s another one to watch. As Mandy already pointed out, the pgmob will love nothing more than to have us suffer two consecutive home defeats to really put the pressure on Wenger. Our players will need to be extra careful tomorrow.

  11. We have to bounce back and the players be in the right frame of mind .Monaco is done and dusted for now .
    Hope we get back to winning ,and winning ugly is acceptable for me.
    Keeping our defensive shape and waiting patiently for the breaks will be crucial . No gung ho ! Am hoping for a 2-0 win.
    Up the Gunners !

  12. Think gung-ho is dead for a while at least, would put huge pressure on the manager and players if we did anything really stupid in upcoming games, though being football, allowances have to be made for genuine mistakes

  13. Roger East seems to have moved on after getting injured. He still can’t referee properly:

    > but there was controversy in the second half as referee Roger East sent off Wes Brown incorrectly.

    I think the way this works, is that O’Shea gets off because he was never shown the red card, and Brown gets his red card rescinded. So, Sunderland will be back to full personnel for the next game, and only punished for half of this game. Just enough to help ManU win.

    Oh well, ManU get more referee help. What else is new? It would have been nice to see them drop points. It was nice to see WHam drop points.

    Phil Dowd gets hurt (subbed off at half time) in Southampton’s loss. I don’t see anything in 1 commentary to indicate what happened. Is this Graham Scott’s first time in the centre of an EPL game for the second half?
    In any event, most of the twitterverse seems to think Dowd is too fat.

    Moaninho is stroking Taylor in the press, looking to be awarded the game before it even starts.

  14. Because i watch our games, win or lose, again i tend to concentrate on the way our players play. It’s just my thing now. I want to see if my analysis matches the one on the Arsenal site.

    The second time of watching Manc v Arsenal was frightening to me. I am still wondering how we won. We really were not as good as we thought, which apart from the win, is a worrying sign.

    But i do many see improvements in the team generally, and i wonder if this summer there will be many additions, mainly because our Academy needs stocking up again, but also because of some changes in how Arsenal are going to operate from now on(stable, have money, attract more players).

  15. Meant to say that it’s set up nicely to kill off Manc and Arsenal tomorrow eh?
    (Manu with a soft pen, and the red carded opposition did not have a chance after holding them for so long).

    Lets hope the Arsenal is on fire again and can leap over any hindrances the ref may put in our way, but we have to perform together.

  16. Well. It does look as if Barney Ronay attempts to defend the virtue of the PGMO was well timed 🙂

    Video replay: “it’d ruin the flow of the game”

    “It all evens out in the end”

    “Nuffink wrong with Gazprom laundering through a UK football club. Everyone’s at it. Well, almost everyone. Rosie told me that so it must be alright to do so.” As the late great Rik Mayal would say:


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