Arsenal v Everton. Teams and recent stats compared. (And Chelsea)

By Bulldog Drummond

And so it goes.  The world as two groups of people.  Those who understand the notions of context and history, and those who think that the only thing that matters is what has just happened.

I’m reminded of a few acquaintances who I had earlier in my life, who on hearing some dubious story about me or a mutual acquaintance would believe it.  If I ever said, “hang on, this is me, Bulldog, I don’t do that,” or “wait a tick, that doesn’t sound like Dave,” or whatever they would reply, “Well, how am I to know?”

In other words the latest rumour overshadows years of loyalty, friendship, achievement and a certain morality.

All notions of being able to judge a person, an organisation or a situation based on past evidence and the world around us is jettisoned and instead we have the last rumour, the last few moments.   And no talking, logic, or evidence can set the notion that the last five minutes are more important than the last five years.

Ah well – we live in a world of two species.  Those who can grasp context and history and those who can’t.  I’m with the guys who can.

Up next is Everton, who had a fine win over a fairly poor Swiss team in the Champs League on Thursday.  Does that make them more confident and Arsenal less so, or does it make us more determined to put things right and them more relaxed thinking they know how to do it all?

The other question is, will the stewards have learned how to stop the flares and smoke bombs being smuggled in.  We saw last time Untold debated such matters that there were a number of Everton supporters or alleged supporters who would defend to the hilt the action of some of their fellows in bringing in flares or smoke bombs, and of obstruction stewards trying to resolve the situation.   We’ll see how it goes.

Everton have won just twice from seven Premier League games after playing in the Europa League and those two games were against Burnley and QPR.   As for last season it was 1-1.

Our injury list….

  • Flamini (hamstring, 14 Mar),
  • Ramsey (hamstring, 14 Mar),
  • Wilshere (ankle, 14 Mar),
  • Arteta (calf/ankle, Apr),
  • Debuchy (shoulder, Apr),
  • Diaby (calf, unknown)

Liverpool and Newcastle are top of the league with eight, we are fourth equal with Palace and QPR, Everton being one place below with five.  Man City and Tottenham are still both bottom with zero.  Figures from the Physioroom web site.

And thus for the team I have


Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal


Cazorla Ozil

Walcott Giroud Sanchez

Subs from Szczesny, Gibbs, Chambers, Ox-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Akpom, Mertesacker, Rosicky, Gnabry.

I don’t think the Ox will start as he is still building up his strength as a, well, Ox, but I guess he could.  I still like Bellerin’s pace.  Mert may have to suffer for the defeat, or at least have a rest.

Arsenal’s recent league results summaries

  • February: Won 4 Lost 1
  • January: Won 2 Lost 1
  • December: Won 4 Drawn 1 Lost 1
  • Total: Won 10 out of 14.    71.42%

Everton’s league results summaries

  • February: Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 2
  • January: Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 1
  • December: Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 4
  • Total: Won 2 out of 13.    15.38%

For comparison: Chelsea across December to February in the league

Won 8, drawn 3 lost 2.   61.53%

Important Days

1 March 1913:  Football League reject appeals by Tottenham to prohibit Arsenal from moving to Gillespie Road reiterating that they have no control over the location of each club.

Good Days…

  • 1 March 1930: West Ham 0 Arsenal 3.  FA Cup round 6 on the way to the cup final and Arsenal’s first ever major trophy.

Very bad days…

  • 1 March 1993: Arsenal scored four goals in 14 league matches between 21 November and Chelsea 1 Arsenal 0 on this day.  During that period Arsenal won just two league games, both away, both 0-1 against Man City and Oldham.

Untold Arsenal

86 Replies to “Arsenal v Everton. Teams and recent stats compared. (And Chelsea)”

  1. We should be able to beat the toffees if the refs give us a level playing field. But against a side with the likes of naysmith that might be wishful thinking. This game has me worried for several reasons.

    In previous seasons refs tended to stitch Arsenal mainly in two main phases of the season; the first few games into the season and secondly around March time. My view is they would stitch us the first few games for two main reasons; the window will just have shut and usually there’ll be the madness of Wenger ‘failing’ to land any of his top targets so what better way to expose his ‘stupidity’ by making him lose a few games to get the crowd on his back, and secondly to put a nice gap between Arsenal and the so called chosen bigger sides (we’re usually about 9 or 10 points behind the leaders by game 5 or 6, that we’ll be playing catch up rest of the season, and interestingly this will usually be the gap that remains till the end of the season). The second period around March is ‘implemented’ to expose our frailties, our lack of depth, etc. We usually will still be fighting on four fronts at this stage, and exiting one cup will usually be followed by a ‘collapse’ with us exiting all competitions in a matter of two weeks and left hanging in and somehow scrapping into 4th spot. These two periods are usually the times we saw refs blatantly screw us, coz it’ll fall in line with the media narrative of how or where our problems lue.

    But this season has been slightly different. The stitching started from day one and has continued throughout the season unabated. Why? Could someone have thought now is the best time to deny Arsenal a top 4 finish, now that Wenger has finally splashed £70m on players,why not show the world what a ‘clueless’ manager he is, and it’d be the perfect opportunity to really get the fans on his back? I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’m really concerned about us getting into the top four this season. Not because the side isn’t good – this side is good enough to finish third or higher from current league position – but feel someone somewhere is going to deny us that opportunity.

    Let’s hope Wenger and the team rise above this cheating and nail 4th spot. The FA cup would be a bonus, but highly unlikely as the media would love to see either rooney or Gerrard lifting that cup in may.

  2. Yes, good morning, good Sunday and happy new month to all of us, the boss, the Gunners and every Gooner. IJCN Amen! The Red devils overthrew the Gunners yesterday at Old Trafford by hijacking our 3rd position in the table. And they want to use the Toffees to seduce the Gunners to fall into a trap of whoredom. So that they will cement their occupying our 3rd position. Consequently, the Gunners must totally reject any form of advances from the Toffees to play the act of whoredom with them as this is a trap by the Toffees to shave the Gunners heads to weaken them to make them lose the points. God forbid. The Gunners must recover from the weakness of their last time outings and totally focus on today to take all the 3 points that are going to be at stake at the Emirates stadium this afternoon. MY FOCUSING GUNNERS STARTS: Szczesny. BellerinDe-AbreuKoscielnyMonreal. CoquelinChambers. WalcottOzilSanchez. Giroud. I dropped 3 goals conceding Ospina. Iam starting Chambers alongside Coquelin as 2 CDMs as Coquelin is seemingly not able to cope alone. The Everton game is a semi big game. Therefore we need 2 CDMs to cover our defense line. MY BENCH: MartinezRhino’CazorlaRosickyWelbeckGibbsAkpom. All to start from the bench and rest to start the QPR game. I am resting Oxlade to further rest his injury to start the QPR game.

  3. For me Monreal is in front of Gibbs. Gibbs is very talented but, at least for now, Monreal is playing well defensively, is solid and in front of Gibbs for selection. Gibbs needs to raise his game. Looking at the second and third Monaco goals in mid-week Gibbs was caught out way up the pitch each time. Of course, Gibbs wasn’t the only Arsenal player who had an off night.

  4. There’s no question that Giroud should at least start; he’s had his Bendtner moment, so a hat trick is imminent.
    I think the goalkeepers will rotate though, and Walcott & Welbeck will switch during the game, but don’t know which of them will start.
    FIFA are considering return subs. Good idea, I’ve always though it would make sense to do this.

  5. sorry to post off topic but I read Jorge Bird’s piece for Arseblog this week on the problems faced by the youth team. They are losing week in week out despite a strong attack; it is the defence that is the problem it seems. In the light of Tony’s article about Chelsea and loanees I am bound to wonder if Arsenal have dropped the ball here: we used to be front runners in youth development but no longer it seems. Given the defending we saw with the first team on Wednesday (and on occasion last season) I would like to know much more about how defending is being coached at Arsenal – from top to bottom. I’ve no idea if any untolders have the knowledge to write this up but it would be fascinating.

    hopefully you will all know that I am very far from being an AAA but I am concerned if the future of Arsenal is looking as vulnerable as our stars sometimes do

  6. Got a feeling Wenger will drop Ozil today and certainly not play Ox.
    The point about the stewards is interesting. I agree with flares not being allowed into the stadium but I also heard they were banning and confiscating banners for being too big… after the Monaco game one fan said a Red Action banner talking about 49 games unbeaten was not allowed. Think the club should do everything possible to enable a good atmosphere.

  7. the stewards have been different recently, although the 49 banner is used in most daytime games. There are never banners in CL games, I always assumed there were different safety regulations (after all there is no alcohol on sale on European nights (shame as we could have done with it Wednesday!). Be interesting to see if the banner makes an appearance today.

    I think the atmosphere is generally good in the North Bank but it wasn’t midweek – partly due to lots of new faces instead of the usual ST holders (around me at least)

  8. Seems some guys are already preparing and ironing their ref excuse before the game.

  9. Off topic, but heard that IFAB/FIFA have decided not to allow video refereeing trials.

    Dark ages.

  10. blacksheep63

    return subs would be to allow a subbed player to return, a bit like in rugby I suppose.

  11. Pete

    Greg Dyke said ( this morning on BBC 5Live ) that FIFA are considering video refereeing trials, and that our FA would like to give it a try out after evaluating the Dutch pilot scheme if FIFA allow us to.

  12. Blacksheep, I agree with you on the youth teams. Not in a position to provide you with the information you seek, and like you, am far from aaa, but I believe defending has become an issue at this club. We do not have bad defenders, nor do we always defend badly, but…..well, there is clearly an issue. I suspect it boils down to the philosophy and higher club management and perhaps Mr Wenger and even if steps are being taken, may take a while to solve. It frustrates me no end, no point in having great attacks or midfield when you let stupid goals in, the likes of which we saw mid week, and have been seeing for a while now. I suspect an overtly attacking philosophy may have been allowed to run slightly of control as such things can if left unchecked. I also think basic communication sometimes seems to be a problem. In addition, I recognise how much our players get kicked and how little protection they get, but I have long suspected something similar , a long term issue with some of our soft tissue injuries, and am glad to see steps are being taken to start to improve things, which may….or may not have deteriorated over time. Back to defence, A balance is needed, attacking football and effective defence are not mutually exclusive, in fact, a sound former will give confidence to the latter. I really hope something good comes out of mid week and a few pennies have dropped, because such performances are as damaging as they are unacceptable. Not interested in who is to blame, or why it has happened, just wish they would sort some of these issues, which would undoubtedly improve the teams performance.

  13. Tailgunner – I heard the same interview – hence my comment. It seemed to me like FIFA have said No for at least one more year. So no trials in Holland or UK. But perhaps I missed something?

    Just seen this on BBC website:

    Pleased to see they’ve rolled it into a bash at PGMO! Hackett really gunning for Riley now.

  14. Blacksheep/Mandy – The form of the youth teams is a concern. There certainly seems to have been quite a lot of instability amongst the defenders. I also note that the change in regime will inevitably lead to some attritional effect – and that most likely in the defence where organisation is key.

  15. Yes Pete, they have undergone a few changes, at least with the head of the set up and as you say, that could explain some of it. But from my admittedly , limited perspective, isn’t the defence the easiest basic to get right ? There are limited clubs with limited players who have excellent defences, guess it is a question of priorities, and as you suggest, in this case, may take them a bit of time. But I really hope the defending is being addressed right through the club, poor defending has cost us one trophy, a few extra rounds in the ECL and numerous points in the league. Just not convinced it is Mr Wengers highest priority, but there times when I wish we took it more seriously, mid week was one, some of those drubbings last season were others, and don’t get me started on a certain league cup final!

  16. It’s not FUFA it’s IFAB who made the call:

    Here’s more info on who IFAB is:

    The Premier League.

    There is no rational or reasonable explanation that can be given to explain te lack of aid for the on field officials in modern top level ass.Football, given what we see in every other sport.

    It is, what it is. Given the successful trial in Holland any efforts to delay can be observed to be the desperate bungling that it is.

    But of even more concern is the following, we saw evidence of this system at the Bus Stop last year etc. it is apparent that the PGMO are happy to use some tech. Just not in te same way that any other sports are. With no transparency. Or admission that they are in fact breaking their own rules!

    “Additionally, since the beginning of season 2013/14, all match officials have been miked up to a secretive network which we will term the EPL Match Centre. All kick offs are coincident and referees are aided (or abetted) by other officials with access to tv replays. This results in numerous match decisions being delayed while a decision is made.

    Three points.
    Firstly, this is illegal under the Laws of the Game.
    Secondly, to what template are the decisions being made if made under such secrecy?
    Thirdly, the outcome is disastrous for the brand. The EPL is descending into fraudulent farce.”

    Very strange. Some hack dwarf pens a scribble upon the Manchester Grunt funny paper in defence of the virtue of the PGMO on a day that they make another spectacular and pathetic bungle a result of the above cheating (talking to the 4th official who has further assistance!). It’s an absolute stinking mess and there’s no point in anyone even attempting to deny it.

  17. From AW’s comments he builds his teams to be self sufficient on the field.

    The team learns to be a complete unit and when it works we see magnificent Arsenal, but at other times, they still rely on the coach to be there with helpful hints, much like children on parents when things go a little wrong, because parents/coach must have a wider perspective.

    Lately when Gibbs plays i start to get worried. Not because he is a bad player, but because i know we are going to attack mode and the defence will suffer a little.

    All in all, we must be sharp for 90mins plus, this is one thing we need to hammer into our heads. Everton can surprise on a good day for them. Being at home does not fill me with a almost surety of winning, but does make me feel that our players will want to recover some pride today, as well as to leapfrog Manu again.

    We NEED to stay ahead of them, no more 4th place this season for true.

  18. Very interesting link Finsbury. I live for the day , as he predicts, the whole thing gets blown wide open. Don’t like the sound of this EPL match centre thing one bit

  19. BTSport

    Steve McManaman

    “I think all the criticism of Arsenal this week has been way way over the top”

    Well said Steve. I said last week that since he met Wenger at the World Cup he is being much more even handed in his assessments of Arsenal.

    Michael Owen

    “Yes, Arsenal have ONE or TWO top players but most are just not good enough”

    Still a complete idiot.

  20. Come 4 O’clock:

    We could be 3rd in the League, 4 points behind City.

    Still in the FA Cup.

    Still in the CL, all be it by a thread.

    Yet according to Owen half our team is “down right average” and Sanchez has been “carrying Arsenal” all season.


  21. City are being short changed by PGMO v Pool. Bookings for anything & being good for Russian Oil. Good for us too as long as we win despite the cheat they have CHOSEN to officiate in our match. Amazing cheating style being shown by the official.

  22. Apparently….

    Man city can’t win big games either…

    Or is that statement reserved only for ARSENAL.

  23. We are a little cautious, almost panicky at times, and Everton are a little more relaxed as the game goes on.

  24. Hahahahahahahaha

    Giroud.. Yyyeeeeaaahhhhh.

  25. 1st half report “Fouls committed Everton 6 – 1 Arsenal”
    I wonder what the “free kick” tally is for each team? Probably the opposite.

  26. The team took a while to get going, understandably cautious in the beginning. COYG!

    And I think I’ve heard something I thought I would never hear, Phil “two-foot” Neville has been giving compliments about Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s CL qualification, and said “there is no one better available that could lead Arsenal”. He even credited both Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould for working on corners with the team after the goal!

  27. From what I can read (Daily Mail and Sky today), I think Gabriel had a little case of butterflies. Hopefully he has worked through that. Still too many medja people calling him Paulista (person from Sao Paulo state, Brazil).


  28. Commentator: “good defending by young Garbutt..”

    Who is 21. And hez up against Bellerin who is 91.

  29. It must be about time for another Arsenal goal. Come on Rosicky, please get us that goal!


  30. I hope Coquelin’s nose heals quickly. He must be a little sore getting hit twice in one game.

    Come on Welbeck, put that ball in Everton’s net!


  31. Thanks XIII and Kenneth. Seven minutes of time added on for too much blood on the field. Still time for Welbeck to add one as well. 🙂


  32. Next thing Marriner gonna do is score for Everton himself. 7min? What the hell?

  33. A little slow to get into the game but a good composed performance. COYG!

  34. How to go Gunners!

    Sorry about the nose Coquelin.

    Now, I would like to see Chelsea/Spurs go to penalty kicks. Let them run arond 30 minutes longer than anyone else this weekend.

  35. What was the 7 minutes for Gord? I only got back to see Rosicky score! Got my bet right this time!

  36. @Gord. Hahahahahahahah

    Yeah…let them.
    And hope the penalties keep going for another 30 mins.

    And press will go about how this has been the best league cup final in history for months. And forget the other shit they usually throw around…..

  37. All in all, we did well given the circumstances. That “lazy flop” Özil picked two assists and increased our tally in terms of goals from set-pieces, Giroud grabbed himself a goal, Ospina kept a clean sheet and, speaking of the clean sheets, Gabriel has two out of two starts. If that’s going to be his standard, he doesn’t have to learn English at all. 🙂

    And, Dorian Gray of football has proven his class again. I just hope he keeps his portrait away from everyone’s eyes.

    My biggest fear was that Marriner is going to book Gibbs for time-wasting when Coquelin was lying on the floor. Hopefully Le Coq will be back soon. The last thing we need are injuries committed by our own players.

  38. “Menace
    March 1, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    Come on neighbours break a few legs!! Spuds v Warmongers.”

    Can someone from the Untold do something with this Phil-Neville-sque person? It’s one thing to hate Spuds and Chavs but completely another to invoke leg-breaks.

  39. So.. Jury is out on Martinez. But he looks too ordinary. Not the one that “people” think can do better than Mr Wenger at ARSENALs chair.

  40. Well done arsenal. Nervy at times but a good result, and performance, against a tough team,especially on the back of mid week, games like that can sap confidence. Still think we can lack a bit of energy in the middle without our box to box players, but today, did not matter so much.Giroud and Ospina certainly put that game behind them, thought coq was excellent again, and our assist machine clicked into gear. Strange no theo though, not fully fit or something else?
    Onwards and upwards, let’s give city something to think about

  41. @ARSENAL 13

    Martinez looks like a nice fella. Everton during his tenure have managed to play some nice football (like the last season when they’d been the best team we had played against in the first half of the season) but they have a thin squad that can’t deal with the mid-week obligations. Barkley has gone through injury-troubles this term, Deulofeu returned to Spain and Jagielka went through a shocking summer with England. They looked really mean in defence last season while this term they have topped the table in terms of errors that led to goals. On top of that, Mirallas, a prick that has a very disruptive influence, has performed below par this season as well and looks unsettled. When teams with lack of squad depth lose their harmony (and that’s what happens when players like Mirallas engage their self-destruction-program), their weaknesses get exploited very soon.

  42. A good result and three welcome points. Nearly on City’s heels. Second should be our realistic target.. I like Gabriel, what a tackle on Lukaku and well done Ospina, excellent work. I suspect Coquelin will be playing in a mask for a week or two, did well to stay on.

    I’ll wait for Walter’s ref review before commenting further on a dodgy performance.


  43. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well played the boys !
    Few nervous moments but they defended stoutly and broke well to score . Could have had a few more , but this will do .
    Am hoping for Spuds to drain Chelski all the way and as suggested here , penalties would get men drooling !

  44. @Mandy Dodd

    I think Theo’s absence had more with the fact Chamberlain destroyed Everton in FA Cup match last season.

  45. Maybe Josif. Looking forward to seeing theo back playing, and just hope a lack of playing time does not hinder new contract progress.

  46. Josif – ‘Break a leg’ is an actors good luck. It is not 2 footed challenge. Tradition is never wish an actor ‘good luck’.

  47. Ah thanks Gord! now that is a beast of a midfielder carrying on with a broken nose!

  48. About Ö…:

    5 chances
    2 assists
    91% pass accuracy
    5 successful crosses
    But Ozil was anonymous 😉

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