These developments at Arsenal must be for the good

This blog is about supporting Arsenal, deifying the Lord Wenger, and saying what a load of silly people all the other football teams are. (Apart from Torquay United, who I also support for reasons that will not become clear at this time).

But of course a quick glance at the EPL table will suggest that things are not as fine as they could be.

What is amusing at the moment however is to read even the supposedly serious papers talk about “meltdown” and “crisis”. As we know, if a week is a long time in politics (Harold Wilson) then its a bloody eternity in football (me).

So, what I says is, if we are going to have a problem or two, let’s have them all at once, sort them out and then move on. Let’s deal with the Gallas issue, deal with the thieving of gloves from the locker room (or whatever it is all about), deal with the fact that we have lost to Fulham, Hull, Anti-Football and Stoke, deal with the fact that the EPL – not content with letting Birmingham cripple our brilliant striker, has now arranged to do it again themselves. In fact, one massive sort out, and we’ll be fit.

This will be particularly good for two reasons.

First, a lot of other teams can’t deal with their problems that easily. Manchester Bankrupt and Liverpool Insolvency are, well, bankrupt and insolvent. And no one wants to lend them money. Newcastle can’t find a buyer, and nor can Everton. The Tiny Fantasists are in the bottom two despite Harry Hots, and the entire existance of CSKA Fulham remains dependent on the whim of one man.

There is a real possibility that within a couple of years some of those teams will not be around in their present form.

Second, we have a wonderful set of new players coming in at the time of the January transfer window. Eduardo will be up and running and playing, Rosicky seems finally to have found the problem with his knee and should be back, Wilshere will start getting a game or three, and so will the wonderful Ramsey. Bischoff has come through his rehab and he is looking increasingly promising. Song is looking better each game and so is Djourou.

So there it is – all the problems that have been nagging at us, all resolved in one big bust up in the next week, and a great bunch of new arrivals coming in through Xmas and the New Year – plus of course lots of money if the Lord Wenger wants to buy.

Looks quite a bright future to me. Of course there are 2,594,984,392,090 fans who think that the newspapers are right, and that we are in a deep crisis, the world is about to end, and Arsenal in “meltdown” as the Guardian said today. (Shame on you Guardian writers, trotting out old hack words). We’ll end up 9th and won’t win any cups.

That of course is their view, and fortuantely for them they also have 2,594,984,392,089 blog sites to write up that negative story. (One guy had a connection via Usbeckistan and that got switched off yesterday because they hadn’t paid their power bill). Everyone is welcome to write on my blog too (unless it is to call me a racist or a **** ****** *** ***** ******** ************ ****).

Oh look. It’s nearly saturday. Did anyone come back unhurt from the internationals?