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  1. Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    The new triangle trade:
    -Get into shady transfers
    -Buy drugs, make a profit
    -Invest in Dordogne
    Then, a few years later, sell the properties, and the money has been laundered.
    Or something like that…

  2. Gord

    Subject to appeal, Nimes (French Football) is to be demoted to the third league at the end of the season for attempting to manipulate games. This was in the local news of the south coast of France when Arsenal was in Monaco.

  3. Gord

    OT: There is a historical piece up in some local newspaper, dating back to 1959. Has 1 picture, I have no idea how rare. In the comments, it is obvious some facts are wrong.


  4. Mandy Dodd

    Fair play to the Spanish and others looking into this. A shame we Brits won’t be as investigative until the whole thing gets blown out of the water, that’s just the way things work here.

  5. para

    This washing of money is pretty hilarious.

    The crooks that have reached the top tell the other crooks that their stolen money is illegal and can be seized.

    All people who strive to be honest know by the type of laws made, that they are made by thieves. And we know what is said about liars.

    Anyway, looking forward to a surprising and splendid(for us) weekend of football.

  6. nicky


  7. Gord


    Damien Martinez has gone out on emergency loan to Rotherham United.


  8. Gord


    Tural is an Azerbaijani first name. It is also the end of the word agricul-tural.

  9. omgarsenal

    Corruption and criminal activity in Football pay very high dividends and are not scrutinized sufficiently by the powers that be because;

    1)Many powers are involved themselves in some nefarious and illegal/semi-legal schemes,
    2)Its only slimy,greasy foreigners (continentals) who engage in such dealings,don’t you know,
    3)It is a very high stakes process that is easy to manipulate and relatively rick free,
    4)Shining a light on one area will inevitably lead to more light being directed to other areas that the powers want kept in the dark,
    5)Politics and chauvinism require that perfidious Albion’s reputation is preserved and remains sacrosanct,
    6)Britain is an island of fortitude and honesty in a sea of slimy foreign coercion and ludicrously transparent corruption,
    7)You cannot stop what you can’t see or hear about so the media play their ubiquitous role in covering everyone with BS and keeping them in the dark, like mushrooms.

  10. omgarsenal

    point 3….should be risk free!

  11. Th14thesecond

    Another great article. Great read!

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