Ref preview: The vast majority of wrong decisions will be against Arsenal.

Newcastle United v Arsenal Saturday 21 March 2015 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Table of Shame

Walter hasn’t published any more referee reviews since I updated the table last week

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 0 17
Red Cards 3 14
Penalties 3 15
Goals 1 6
Total 7 52
Possible Cost in Points 2 23

Wrong Important decisions against Arsenal still more than seven times those in our favour.  Chelsea are claiming that they have been denied 7 penalties so far this season, for Arsenal the figure is 15 (but we should have had three awarded against us as well).

Matchweek 30 – The Officials

  • Referee – Mike Jones
  • Assistants – R West and M Scholes
  • Fourth Official – K A Woolmer

2014-15 to Date

Matchweek 5, 20 September

Ref Review Aston Villa – Arsenal

A good game by Mr Jones 82% overall, bias against both teams 20/80 and one wrong Important Decision (second yellow, red card, penalty or goal) when in minute 83 Clark should have seen red for a ‘tackle’ on Podolski.  Arsenal won the game by 3 goals to nil so this decision did not affect the game result.

Matchweek 25, 10 February

Ref Review : Arsenal – Leicester

A rotten game by Mr Jones this time 54% overall, bias against both teams 90/10 and three wrong Important Decisions.  Minute 28 Upson should have had a second yellow card for a two footed frontal tackle on Alexis (his first should have been in Minute 5 for pulling Alexis back).

In Minute 45 Simpson had a clear handball to stop an Alexis cross which should also have earned him a yellow card (inexplicably not given) and in Minute 88 he was booked  for blocking Ozil (that should have been his second yellow).  Again these wrong decisions didn’t cost us points as we won the game but correct decisions would have made the game a lot easier for both team and supporters.

Matchweek 3 – Newcastle 3 – Crystal Palace 3

Matchweek 18 – Man United 3 – Newcastle 1

In 2013/14 Mr Jones was in charge of 19 games in total, 11 home wins, three draws and 5 away wins.  Two games involved Arsenal:-

Stoke v Arsenal  1st Mar 2014 (1-0)  A one sided piece of refereeing by Mr Jones, Adams should have been sent off in the middle of the second half for a clear stamp on Giroud who was on the floor at the time (see the second link below).  He then gave a very soft penalty in favour of Stoke, Walters kicked the ball Kos was about a metre away and the ball hit his hand as he was jumping to attempt to block it.  The assistant who was close didn’t move but Mr Jones was convinced.

Home referee as predicted, bad day at the office not as predicted

FA charges Adam, Riley phones Wenger… or did he?

Arsenal v West Brom 4 May 2014 (1-0)  This time we were at home – did the referee perform any better?  Here is Walter’s post match article, he was at the game.  We scored the only goal in the first half and never looked like conceding.  From my recollection the ref was OK and West Brom were not good.

Arsenal – WBA, after the beginning now on to the match…

Not a mention of Mr Jones so again an OK performance.

So, dreadful in our away game at Stoke, OK for our home game, broadly in line with our expectations.

In 2012/13 he was in charge of

Match Review: Michael Jones – Arsenal Vs West Bromwich Albion (2 – 0) [08/12/2012]

He scored 69% overall, Bias against 52/48 and two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow, red cards, penalty and goal) when he wrongly awarded Arsenal a penalty in the 24th minute following a dive from Cazorla.  The penalty conversion shouldn’t have counted either.

Match Review: Michael Jones – Arsenal Vs Norwich City (3 – 1) [13/04/2013]

60% overall, bias against 73/27 and four wrong key decisions.  In Min 45+1 Turner should have been sent off for elbowing Ramsey, In Minute 55 there was a dive from a Norwich player to win a free kick from which they scored, the Norwich player should have had a yellow card and the free kick should have been given to Arsenal. In min 64 Snodgrass fouled Walcott in the penalty area but no penalty was awarded and in Min 90+1 Theo scored a goal but was offside in the buildup so the goal shouldn’t have counted.  Not Mr Jones finest game as a referee.

Overall for the year he had 15 wrong key decisions in the 9 games he was reviewed,  of these 7 were penalties, 3 were sending offs and 5 were incorrect goal decisions.  None of these errors are acceptable  His overall scores were 70% or less in four games and 80% or better in three.  A strong home bias in two games, neutral bias in 5 games and a strong away bias in the other two games.  Not really up to scratch overall, could do better

In Summary

  1. It kind of depends on which Mike Jones turns up. If we have the same one as at Aston Villa in September we should have nothing to worry about.  The other one is pretty useless!
  2. Whichever one it is the vast majority of wrong decisions will be against Arsenal.
  3. Mr Jones tends to be a home referee (except in Arsenal games)
  4. Mr Jones is not good in judgements in the penalty area so expect an increase in the 15 wrongly awarded penalties favouring our opponents.
  5. Mr Jones is also poor at judging yellow and red card offences.
  6. As I quoted from Walter in my preview of the Leicester game “Give me Jones any day of the week in a home match and I don’t fear him. Give him an away game against a footballing team and I don’t fear him. Give him in an away game against a kick the shit team and expect the worst.  Remember this for the future.”
  7. So we are away from home and Newcastle certainly aren’t saints when it comes to putting in a challenge so this one might be testing.

Whichever Mr Jones turns up I expect us to have too much class for Newcastle and am hopeful of another three points.


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35 Replies to “Ref preview: The vast majority of wrong decisions will be against Arsenal.”

  1. Thanks Andrew.

    Yes, but Newcastle are missing some of their big kickers, Tiote for one is missing. And their captain and highest goal scorer are both suspended.

  2. Good points to look out for during the match – this guy certainly does favour the home teams.
    Still think we need a physical presence in the team, the premier league has lots of rough and tumble games. As for Newcastle, regardless of who the ref is, we are in our best form of the season and should have too much for them hopefully.

  3. Hmmm … easily influenced ref , against a physical northern team with a noisy crowd…..this may be one whereby we have to beat the ref as well.
    Our players will be tired after their efforts, ultimately unrewarded mid week. Btw, did anyone else notice how many fouls Monaco were getting away with at the end of that game?
    I am hoping Newcastle have downed tools a bit, the team don’t seem to play for the manager, and the crowd are frustrated. They are also missing their main spitter, sorry, striker. Wenger may need to rotate, the energy of Walcott Gibbs and Rosicky could help here.
    I expect a win, hopefully not too costly a win
    But the omens are not good, with an official called Scholes, but to counter that, Mick Jones was in one of my favourite bands ….ok not Mike Jones, but I am looking for positive signs here!

  4. Mandy, they won’t have a full house. Owner doesn’t want to sell tickets to people that aren’t members.

  5. Mandy, The Clash or Foreigner? Both had “Mick Jones” according to Wikipedia.

    Maybe see Rosicky in midfield, and either Akpom or Gnabry up front?


  6. Good point on Foreigner Gord, but I lean towards The Clash and always will!
    Still think we will win this one, whatever the circumstances. Gnabry, had almost forgotten about him, could be an impact player in this game. Would like to see theo start, think Alexis might need a rest

  7. My taste in music has changed over the years. Some bands I think should quit, Rolling Stones is one. I like both Foreigner and The Clash. As a TODO project, I want to straighten out the Bing Crosby music at My Mom has always liked Elvis Presley, and so I find a lot of Elvis in my music.

    I was kind of hoping for Gnabry and Walcott up front, with Rosicky, Ramsey and either Cazorla or Ozil sitting in front of Coquelin.

    Someone quoted the Newcastle coach, as thinking this would be a bad game for Newcastle to play young players (they can only field 13 senior players due to injury and suspension). I disagree, I think this is the perfect time to play young players. And it has nothing to do with tilting things to make it easier for Arsenal to win. You don’t want to play young players when there are goons like Shawcross playing, they break legs and that is the last thing a young player needs. But young players will learn from playing against Rosicky, Cazorla or Ozil. I am still hoping that Arsenal win, but there is nothing wrong with “exposing” young English players to technically gifted players. Maybe they won’t grow up to be boneheads like the Nevilles or Scholes?


  8. Agree on the Stones, but having said that, have seen the Who a couple times lately, and really enjoyed.

    Congratulations Gabriel, but personally, and for,completely selfish reasons, wish they would all retire or abstain from international football….

  9. Great preview as usual! Hopefully the away crowd can get on him so he forgets where he is at!

    Slightly off topic, but it looks like Wenger has called for more respect for the referees.

    I honestly do not know how Wenger does it, there is no way that I would be able to be as cordial as he after all the times the refs have did one over on him and the team. Wenger continues to show class and be an excellent role model for others.

  10. Am hoping that we continue to play as we have been doing the last few games . A cautious start to get the ‘feel’ of our opponents , and then probe their perceived weakness and attack with speed and precision .
    A clean sheet and no injuries , please .Come on guys – go get them !
    2-0 to the Arsenal.
    Up the Gunners !

  11. @ Mandy
    Giving my age away my ring tone on my mobile is the intro to the second scream going into the scream in wONT GET FOOLED AGAIN
    Anyway a tough game today 1 nil will do

  12. Nothing wrong with the Who Steve. Watched them throughout their careers. And of the they are the origin of “Who are you” (do do do do)

  13. The Who …..incredible band. Amazing that four freakishly talented musicians just happened to cross paths. Keith Moon would rate in the top two or three drummers, Entwhistle perhaps the greatest bass player, Townsend a legendary guitarist and Daltrey almost defines the role of a front man, then there are the tunes. We all have our opinions, a couple of their contemporaries from back in the day may be seen as bigger than the Who, but I will not hear it they were better.
    Personally, of those bands,I would rate 1/ The Who 2/ The Stones 3/ Kinks 4/ Beatles……some would of course say harsh on the Beatles!
    Off to see them in Hyde Park this summer, just never know when it will be their last concert, They still put a hell of a lot of energy into their performances

  14. I grew up in the 70’s meaning it was all ‘Glam’ for me, so it is from that era that a majority of my ‘Heroes’ (there-in lies a clue as to my favourite) emerged.

    But of course the bands from the 60’s still seeped, and in some cases charged, into my consciousness.

    As good as The Who, The Stones and the Kinks where I can’t see beyond the Beatles, as not only the greatest band from the 60’s, but almost certainly of all time.

    There albums are phenomenally good, at least from Rubber Soul onwards.

    I defy anyone to find a body of work to match what they produced between 1965 and 1970.

    The Red and Blue Albums alone contain a depth and range of brilliant, inventive, ground breaking tunes, that is simply astonishing.

    So as much as I love the other 3 they are, in my opinion, eclipsed by the Beatles.

    4TH ??? Mandy!!! And I put so much stock in your opinion 🙂

  15. The Who-plastic Mods, except Pete Meaden was the boy for a while, and the most underrated bloke ever involved with Mod(ernism).Good band though. Moon on “Leaving here”-amphetamine drums.Best way to here Moon is on the instrumental version of “My Generation”.Not sure about Entwhistle being the best bassist, plenty of other people to challenge that.
    Worst crime of The Beatles,(apart from plenty of wonky songs) getting Derek Taylor to play the Beach Boys Smile tapes to them in secret without prior knowledge of Brian Wilson(which would not in a million years have been allowed) and then trying to top him with SF/SP.Shot themselves in the competitive foot.
    Stones plastic blues, but great until Brian Jones(great, great slide guitar player even at the end) died, the soul of that band, taught Jagger and Richards plenty of blues tricks they had no clue about. Kinks,plastic blues/r+b great band however both Ray and Dave are Arsenal fans.Ray, what a brilliant, brilliant song writer.Village Green PS, great album.
    All great bands, but really there’s no competition between any of them, that crap made up by the media.As they still do.As we know.

  16. Jambug, Yes, maybe Beatles in fourth is a bit controversial! History places them above all other bands. Not denying the obvious, they were a pretty amazing band, and wrote,some great great stuff, and like most, I do love the Beatles. Just think in the pound for pound talent stakes, The Who are a match for anyone, though of course it is all about opinions. Not in anyway denegrating what the Beatles were, but I think apart from their brilliance, they were in the right place, from the right place, with the right haircuts all at the right time. But that could be said of many greats I guess. The Beatles certainly put in their shift before they made it. Also,Beatles had George Martin, who was clever enough to carefully craft classical music into what started as quite raw music but became extremely innovative as the times passed. Not sure The Who had such a figure behind them, it was all about the four of them. And they didn’t go out of their way to make friends and influence people either, in fact quite the opposite, perhaps part of their appeal to some.
    But thinking about it, have bought personal preferences into this too much, as much as I love SOME of their songs, there is no way the Kinks should be above the Beatles , nowhere near as prolific with as much quality throughout their career.
    Beatles at number three?? Great music and band all the same!

  17. Interesting read Kenneth. Not sure how an officianado would rate them but I guess McCartney and Wyman must be considered pretty good bass players as well. Saw the Who a couple years back in the O2 and they did a tribute to Entwhistle showing him doing a bass solo at quite an incredible, I would almost say unfeasible speed. I know fast doesn’t necessecarily mean great, but this film really was something to behold.
    Knew Ray was a Gooner, must admit I always thought , I guess wrongly Dave was a Spud….they never seemed to get on, at least on stage!

  18. Mandy,McCartney is a good bass player, the bass lines he made up are tough to sing and play, not sure hes great though.Not sure about Wyman, but then I think Keef is over rated too. Entwhistle was really embarrassed about the solo in Call me lightening.Also the solo in MG isnt that hot once you know the notes. But he was great, the sheer volume of noise that was coming out of his amplifier and the perfect antidote to Moon and Pete, staying still and playing on.Plus at the Isle of White the skeleton suit, brilliant!
    I always thought Dave (Davies) was a Arsenal fans, saw a pic of him and Ray with scarves etc going to a game, could be worng though, Ray def is. Strange how The Stones and the Beatles both had(coughs) poor drummers.
    Your right though about George Martin being the sneaky extra guy in the Beatles.
    All great bands, wont see their likes again…

  19. I must concede I bow to what seems like a superior knowledge than mine regarding Musicianship.

    I make my judgements on what I hear really. I only know about the technology used because of what I’ve read.

    Also you are of course right Mandy when you point to the massive influence of the ‘fifth’ Beatle, George Martin.

    I just think, with the combination of perfectly crafted tunes, incredible imaginations(often drug enhanced) and state of the art studio technology, in the hands of geniuses, it was the perfect storm.

    Also I must concede, although I’ve been to many many concerts I am ashamed to say I have never seen either The Who or The Stones Live(or the Beatles of course).

  20. Thanks Kenneth, very informative. Guess the Davies household are united in happiness this eve like the rest of us on here……or shall I say most of us on here…

  21. Over the years, I started disliking singers that didn’t sing. With men, it was either monotone or YELLING! With many women, is was whispering.

    Which is what got me interested in Bing Crosby (not Bill Cosby). White Christmas. You’ve all heard that. It took years before one of the Beetles songs passed it on the all time list. has a free music archive, songs not covered by copyright concerns that you don’t have to buy. Bing Crosby has over 1000 songs there.

    An entire generation got called Crooners, nominally for singing like Bing Crosby. And yes, if you listen to an oldies station after listening to a lot of der-Bingle, you can recognize the copying of style. And then along came Frank Sinatra, who changed things a little.

  22. Mandy, Roger Daltry and Mick are happy tonight as is the Queen and Harry, and John Lydon.-of course theres a long list of celebrity Gooners,Piers isnt, hes never happy. Gord do you think Bing was a Gooner too?Good singer though was Bing, non to happy about Frank coming on the scene, anymore than Frank was when Elvis turned up anymore than Elvis was when the Beatles turned up, anymore than the Beatles were when the Kenneth and the Widmerpoolers turned up. And they still are the best.

  23. isn’t Roger Daltrey a Gooner? I thought he was.

    My favourite band? Dire Straits and ok shoot me for this…. Status Quo.

    Next comment on topic:) 😉

  24. ON TOPIC:
    From Andrew his once again excellent ref preview:
    “In Summary

    1. It was the useless one it looked to me on first sight.
    2. Correct once again
    3.correct once again
    4. Not correct as he let the tumble from the Newcastle player go correctly
    5. correct again offences.
    6. Spot on
    7. correct

    6 out of 7 predictions were correct! Well done, Andrew very well done!

  25. Yes, I think Andrew is getting good at this.

    I don’t even know if Bing knew what football is. He probably thought gridiron was football.

    If Elvis was alive today (but still young), I could easily see him doing a movie about managing a women’s football team.

  26. Gord – I’m surprised at your choice of team for Elvis. He must have ‘managed’ a few womens teams in his young life. Bing only sang about fishing & golf. He must have had some knowledge of ‘soccer’ though he never sang about it.

    Back on topic.
    The Title of this post is accurate & apt.

  27. Yes Kenneth, we have quite a fanbase, But spare a thought for one Gooner, Oisin tymon, a guy now getting death threats just because oafish Chelsea fan presenter Jeremy clarkson of Top Gear fame chose to hit him because he got a cold platter rather than steak at a hotel during one of their shoots! Yet it is Clarkson who has a petition of a million people asking for him to be reinstated. Sorry, I digress.
    We have a notorious fan or two as well, but won’t mention them!
    Don’t know too much about crooners, liked their music. As for vocalists, always been a fan of Glenn Campbell,the perfect vehicle for the excellent Jimmy Webb, especially his song about a linesman based in mid west USA!

  28. Walter, yes Rogers a Gooner.I wonder who Keith Moon supported?Knopfler supports the Toon, so hes not to happy after yesterday.Bloody brilliant guitar player though. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt support the Chickens.Shame, as otherwise good blokes.Mate of mind had to interview Francis onetime and asked him what was it like to open at Live Aid. He said he had no idea, too much powdering of ze nose!
    Mandy, Glenn certainly knocked a out some good tracks, destroyed by Alzheimer’s now though, sad end.
    Looking in, Clarkson seems to have taken over the UK, so is it now Clarkson island?

  29. Kenneth,
    Yes I remember on a few occasions that before a match in Newcastle they used to play Knopfler songs. Theme from local hero was one of them that I remember. That was in the days I didn’t have to turn the sound off from the start 🙂

  30. Dylan brilliant too, where did all those songs come from? Once you start thinking about how many, its mind boggling really,endless out pouring. I wondered what Tony thought of Joni Mitchell saying he was a fake? To me, if hes a fake, its the same as Tom Waits, a phony but a real phony. Bukowski reckoned that Tom didnt have an original bone in his body, yet what great songs hes written,one of a kind and yet theres a lot of fabrication passing off as reality in Bukowski’s work too. In the end chasing after the authentic is like chasing rainbows.Life in a self imposed gutter is no more real than life as Gooner Elizabeth II. All just different versions of the experience.
    Then theres Charlie Parker, how did his mind think of the notes then send the signal to the fingers so quickly?
    Whos the greatest guitar player?
    Walter, funny to think of all the Untolders watching the Gunners with the sound off, which most of seem to do! I wonder if the Queen and Harry wear a Arsenal shirts when they watches the games? I bet Prince Philip supports the Chickens…

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