Man U going bust, Henry returns, Cesc new contract, new Arsenal US team

Just occasionally our good friends at Goonernews ( don’t carry all our stories.   There’s nothing sinister in that, its just that some glitch seems to come along and the story never goes up.

It’s not really bothered us – except with the predictions – I mean, how can we say, “hey look we got that one right” when the original story didn’t get the extra coverage that a listing on Goonernews gives us.

So to try and overcome it, here are three predictions that didn’t make it onto Goonernews, in the hope that this time they will

 Man U, and Liverpool are in serious financial trouble, and Chelsea are still utterly dependent on one man’s whim.

Three of the “Big 4″ are in real financial trouble – and there’s no way out!

All the Arsenal contracts are being looked at a again following a change in European law

  • Cesc, the contract, the prediction, the denial, the truth
  • Henry was courted by Wenger across the world before Henry came to Arsenal.  And that close rapport is still there – meaning he will come back.

  • Henry is coming back to Arsenal
  • We’ve been talking about Arsenal outside the UK for weeks – long before the Game 39 story, and now we can see which way it is going to go.

  • Arsenal Colorado deal back on – an Arsenal 2nd team in the USA in the making
  • Hope you enjoy the stories.   More follow soonest.