What’s going on between Arsenal and Man U?

“Sir” Alex Ferguson, as he likes to be called, is a strange sort of cove.   By any measure he is a very successful manager, having worked miracles at two disjointed under achieving clubs – Manchester United and Aberdeen.  His record in the EPL is second to none.

So why does he spend so much time suggesting that the FA and its officials are corrupt, in that they favour Arsenal?  And why does the FA and the EPL fail to charge him with bringing the game into disrepute each time he makes such an allegation.

At the moment he is talking about a supposed assault by Gallas on a Manchester player.  The authorities have said they have seen the film and see nothing to punish.  “Sir” Alex has said that the authorities are corrupt and that they always give Arsenal an easier ride.  He is quoted as still talking about it today, even though his time have a Euro game tonight.

Now most governing bodies and sporting authorities will take immediate action against anyone in the sport who suggest that they favour one team against another.   Indeed as I understand it, players who call refs ”bent” or “cheats” or “corrupt” are sent off.   So why is nothing done about the man from Manchester?

It certainly can’t be because the FA doesn’t know about it.  A couple of years ago when the FA Cup Semi-Finals and the final were all played in Cardiff and both Arsenal and the Manchester team were in the semis, Mr Ferguson said that holding the semi-finals there was unjust and unreasonable, but it had been done because Arsenal had demanded it.  The clear implication was that when Arsenal demand, the FA give.

In other words, he said that the FA had behaved in a biased manner; they listened to a request from Arsenal and immediately done what Arsenal wanted without even consulting with Manchester United.    The FA denied that Arsenal had made the request and said that they had taken the decision at the start of the season – but they did nothing to the Ferguson.

So why do they let him get away with it?

The answer is almost certainly that there is bias – but it is reverse.  Manchester United seem to have worked out a system with the FA which allows Ferguson to say anything he likes at any time, and he will never be punished.   Now of course I don’t have any hard evidence for this – I haven’t seen any documents or taped any conversations – but I would make one simple point.  If this is not the reason why the FA never take any action about Ferguson’s complaints about the FA and about referees being bent in that they always favour Arsenal, what is the reason?   I can’t think of anything.

But why should there be an axis of evil between the FA and Manchester Utd.  Maybe (and I stress maybe – I am just trying to explain the situation – because Manchester refuse to allow their English players play for England unless the FA does their bidding over “Sir” Ferguson’s outbursts.   Again, there’s no evidence – but it is hard to find another reason.  The Ferguson does not talk to various media outlets because of perceived injustices in the past, so he could easily extend this to international call-ups.    It is interesting that in his international career the Giggs played virtually no internationals for Wales that were friendlies.  One might wonder who arranged for him to be injured each time.

It is all specualtion – but then in a sense so is what he says – he speculates about Arsenal being linked with the FA, I speculate about Ferguson being linked with the FA.  It’s all a case of which one is true.

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