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  1. Stuart

    Tony,Ref 3pm Saturday kick offs and televised matches as mentioned in the previous article, this is unlikely to happen, because the TV companies won’t want it. Judging by the kind of advertising shown on Sky and BT Sport during matches, their target audiences are generally male and quite young… Lots of beer and betting ads. A large percentage of that target audience is either watching or playing sport at 3pm on a Saturday. I agree that match attendance will probably not be affected by live televised matches but believe the TV companies will be more opposed to it than the football authorities and the former have the clout, unfortunately.

  2. porter

    I always felt that Kroenke’s involvement in Arsenal was tied in to the eventual ability of clubs to control their own television rights . I think that’s why he is so happy to stay in the back ground and let his profit roll in that way. After this deal,I can’t see the joint co-operative approach working and I am sure that the oilers and others will try to get a bigger slice of television income from their own worldwide distribution . Should any break up happen I am certain that he is readying to be in position to take advantage .Football has had to decide where it wants to get it’s funding , it seems to have sided with the media and treats match going fans with a contempt . You are right they will continue to switch kick off times until it makes season ticket holding an unaffordable luxury. As long as the seats keep getting filled it’s a bonus but now not a necessity , in America franchises move sometimes 1000’s of miles, I don’t see that happening here (not enough space )but Scudamore et al will get their matches played abroad with elite clubs from a worldwide base . Home football will become the followed game but a number of clubs 2or3 will be missing and those at the top table will protect themselves from ever dropping off. Maybe they will form second tier teams to play domestically. However eventually I can only see it ending in tears.

  3. Gord

    From the beeb:

    > England 2-0 Lithuania
    > Posted at 20:36

    > Danny Welbeck now has 14 goals for England – as many as Paul Scholes.

    I wonder if this means an increase or decrease in Scholes bitching?

  4. Gord


    Some people do nothing but disrupt, by intent. But that is not my intention. Arsenal.com has a note up, there is going to be problems with the subway service for a while. Not living in London (or even the UK), I may not be wording this correct. But, you can read this:


  5. Brickfields Gunners

    Am still waiting to subscribe directly from the club , the joy of watching all Arsenal games live and paying directly . At present I only watch Arsenal games , and the highlights .
    Am not able to sit myself down to watch any other games in the EPL or the other leagues ,even though I’ve already paid for them.
    Just waiting to ditch my cable operator ! And goodbye to all the Steward Robson wannabes , and all the other clowns on tv .

  6. porter

    I think it will be a few years yet before we get carte blanche to view matches on line . I think it likely that a t.v./ computer season ticket for away matches would be a successful seller , it shouldn’t impact on 3pm Saturday matches because we hardly play them .If it were sold purely to club members then it would be a further income stream and would not affect lower league attendances to any great extent.

  7. RJD

    Hmm… so is this ‘safe’ standing actually safe? Why do the German stadiums encased the ‘safe’ standing hooligans with a 3 metre steel cage to contain their rage, and then a 10 metre nylon curtain to prevent their missiles harming the player?? Take extra care watching the caged area of a Bundesliga match and you soon agree the Taylor Report was correct, there is no place for fences in a civilised world. The Premier League fulfilled this and became the greatest league in the World leaving the Germans in the dark ages. Really Untold should not even contemplate promoting such a repugnant idea as ‘unsafe’ standing.

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