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  1. DR

    I really hope that’s true about the Benders, someone needs to sign the both of them and see if the average referee can tell the difference.

    I wish people would stop talking about Reus as a potential target because the mere notion of him playing in a front 4 with Sanchez/Giroud/Ozil, along with possibly Santi in midfield, makes me feel giddy.

  2. Clockendrider

    I sit here at home on a Friday evening, Negroni in hand, and thank heavens for the inspired articles on UA. Great way to start the weekend. Keep up the good work.

  3. nicky

    Friday night and a meaningless match v Lithuania for next year’s EU title. England will qualify of course and founder long before the play-offs (as usual).
    Meanwhile we hope that Arsenal’s current momentum in the EPL won’t have come to a halt due to injuries sustained on mainland Europe, in other qualifiers.

  4. Gord

    Billy (widely regarded as a long term replacement for Per Mertesacker).

    Isn’t Arsene Wenger going to rush out and put an offer on Wellington Silva (widely regarded as a long term replacement for Per Mertesacker)?

  5. mick

    Off topic but bad news, Danny Welbeck off injured and out of the Italy game next week. No information given as to what the injury is. He was also made man of the match.

  6. Mandy Dodd

    Very wary of Smalling, on and off the field, but if Wenger knows something else and really does sign him, who am I to argue. As for Chelsea’s goalie, Just cannot see Jose selling us a top keeper.
    Concerned about Theo and Szcz, players I rate highly…..is it as appears,,they are being encouraged out? Or are they being challenged?
    Off topic, bad news, Scudamore getting even more power as the head of the EPL, good news, one of his right hand colleagues, in place to keep him honest is an Arsenal season ticket holder. I hope Claudia Arney makes sure we get a fair, proper and more level playing field than in the past

  7. Gord

    Thanks Mick (widely regarded as a long term replacement for Per Mertesacker).

    While doing other things, I’ve been trying to find news about Danny (widely regarded as a long term replacement for Per Mertesacker). And I found a hint.

    Danny has some kind of knee injury, but the English team apparently feels he may still be able to play against Italy.

    Hodgson (widely regarded as a long term replacement for the trash container in your kitchen), go to hell! You already let off two Liverpool players. Send Danny home, it is only a friendly next week. We have better physio’s than you do.

  8. Mandy Dodd
  9. Gord

    My reading (between the lines) of the things in the news today involving Scudamore, is that Scudamore thinks that he should get a large part of this 1 billion meant to help the EPL and FA. After all, if it wasn’t for him, there would not have been the 5+ billion deal. In a universe populated by Seth Bladder, he probably deserves at least 10% for his retirement fund.

  10. AL

    It’s now clear there’s a direct correlation between being an Arsenal player and playing for England; Danny Welbeck was man of the match last night but the press can’t stop talking about harry kane. Hodgson was criticised for starting with Welbeck and you’d think after that performance they’d be admitting they were wrong and Hodgson was right. Sterling was quiet all first half but no criticism of him. Same with Barkley. I’m sure if Danny moved to west ham he’ll start getting all the plaudits he deserves again. There’s a disease in this country.

  11. Tony Attwood

    Personally I’d like it if being an Arsenal player meant you could never play for your country.

    OK a few soft heads might not sign for us, but the saving in terms of broken players would be enormous.

  12. nicky

    I think we must be careful not to get too paranoid about the perceived anti-Arsenal attitude by the media (and match officials).
    Unless or until we have evidence to that effect, we can only speculate.
    Better by far to soldier on and show our critics that we can still prosper in spite of them.

  13. Al

    I too would be more than happy to see none of our players playing for England, but it’s just the lack of appreciation they get from the media when playing for the national team translates to how they’re treated by referees at club level.

    I wouldn’t call it paranoia, there’s a whole debate out there right now about thi, see the two links below. In the standard article the reporter somehow thinks that Welbeck should be the one to make way for harry kane and not sturridge, even though the stats he uses show Welbeck has better stats than sturridge for both club and country. What logic is he using? I don’t mind Welbeck not playing for England, not at all as our players tend to pick up injuries on international duty, it’s the lack of respect that irks me.



  14. nicky

    Your 8.32 surprised me.
    Virtually all our grievous injuries sustained over the years were caused in League games.
    Surely, for safety’s sake we should maintain a squad earmarked to play only in International matches. 😉

  15. jambug

    The Suns Mark Irwin.

    Player ratings:

    Welbeck 8 MOTM

    “….Was looking over his shoulder at Harry Kane so had to raise his game”

    Sterling 6

    Where as Stirling obviously has no such worries !

    Honestly these people are a joke.

  16. Gord


    My take, is that Welbeck has had an influence that Sterling hasn’t, Alexis Sanchez. Alexis by nature, chases back, which raises the bar to other players. Podolski wasn’t taking the hint, and that is in part some of the reason why he ended up going to Italy. But, it looks like even that has had no influence on him, as he is getting almost no game time. What happens when he comes back here at the end of the season?

    I hope Alexis has a good game tomorrow.

  17. jambug


    Going by what’s happened so far I just hope he doesn’t get injured !

  18. Micheal Ram

    Before Alexis was doing the defensive aspect of game, Giroud was already doing it for two seasons. Why no one but Untold talk about it? Now with Welbeck, AW has top three of quality in attack and in defense. How many teams can boast that? I think if Walcott don’t improve, AW will cash him in end of the season. Just saying… The trinity of Ozil, Cazorla and Coquelin are in-form, so Ramsey, Ox and Wilshere gotta raise their game cause Flamini, Arteta and Rocisky are still around. I think the defense is stable now with addition of Gabriel. Can’t wait for injuries-free 2015-2016

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