Arsenal v Sunderland 20 May 2015 – Incompetence and bias. Yes it’s the Match Officials


by Andrew Crawshaw

Our penultimate game of the season and the officials are :-

  • Referee – Anthony Taylor
  • Assistants – S Ledger and M Perry
  • Fourth Official – K Friend

So the sixth time this year that we will have had to endure the incompetence and downright bias that is Anthony Taylor – this would be completely unacceptable if he were the best referee in the world.  We should have a referee no more than twice, once at home and once away.

So far he has given us

Leicester v Arsenal      31 – August (1 – 1) 61% overall, bias against both teams 7/93, three wrong important decisions (Second yellow card, Red card, penalties, or goals).

Min 50 Cazorla was pushed in the box should have been a penalty, Min 58 Moore should have been sent off for second yellow card and Min84 Hammond should have had a straight red.  Two points robbed from us.

Ref review Leicester – Arsenal

Stoke v Arsenal – 6 December (3 – 2) 59% overall, bias against the two teams 0/100 and four wrong Importand Decisions.

Minute 28 Crouch should have had his second yellow card (his first should have come in Min 14, his first actual card came in Min 45 which should have been his third), Min 45 Stoke goal should have been ruled out for foul by Shawcross on Ox, Minute 77 Chambers wrongly dismissed for second yellow card (his first card was also wrong).

In Min 83 Adams should have had straight red for wrestling sleeper hold on Alexis.  The two assistants got credits for insisting on correct calls (Stoke offside goal and Arsenal penalty) in the face of one of the worst refereeing performances of all time.  Again points robbed by Mr Taylor

Untold ref Review: Stoke – Arsenal, the Anthony Taylor horror show. “Shockingly bad”.

Arsenal v Aston Villa – 1 Feb (5 – 0) A good performance this time, early goals from Arsenal limited his chances to influence things.  85% overall, bias 100/0 but no wrong Key decisions

Ref Review : Arsenal – Aston Villa. Arsenal commit two fouls in 45 minutes.

Arsenal v West Ham – 14 May (3 – 0) He was in charge for the last 31 minutes of this game replacing an injured Chris Foy so the competence figures are for that part ofthe game only.  73% overall, bias 80/20 and no wrong Important Decisions.

Ref Review(s) : Arsenal – West Ham, two for the price of one

Arsenal v Liverpool – 4 April (4 – 1) Awaiting Walter’s referee review

What other teams have seen multiple repeat visits from referees

Referee Total games Teams with 4 visits Teams with 5 visits Teams with 6 (or more) visits
Andre Marriner 20 Everton, Liverpool,
Anthony Taylor 29 Hull, Liverpool, QPR, , Spurs, Sunderland Arsenal
Chris Foy 18 West Ham Newcastle
Craig Pawson 20 QPR
Graham Scott 1
Jonathan Moss 29 Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Southampton, Spurs Stoke, West Ham
Keith Stroud 1
Kevin Friend 23 Arsenal Hull
Lee Mason 24 Liverpool Aston Villa
Lee Probert * 6
Mark Clattenberg 26 Hull, Newcastle, Southampton, West Ham   Man City
Martin Atkinson 31 Burnley, Hull, Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle, QPR, West Ham Leicester, Sunderland
Michael Oliver 26 Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Stoke, Swansea
Mike Dean 29 Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, West Ham Man City, Man United, Newcastle
Mike Jones 21 Leicester, West Brom
Neil Swarbrick 18 Sunderland
Paul Tierney 1
Phil Dowd 21
Robert Madley 10
Roger East 16 Southampton
Stuart Attwell 1
  • Lee Probert was injured for most of the season hence his low numbers

This should be a table with no entries whatsoever.  The PGMO should have sufficient staff to ensure that no club has any referee more than three times (one home and one away game is ideal but I accept that an occasional third visit may be necessary).  Four is rank bad practice, and six downright scandalous.

Of the 21 referees used, three have only done a single game, Robert Madley 10 and the injured Lee Probert 6.  Atkinson is the most (over)used referee with 31 games, closely followed by Taylor, Moss and Dean each with 29.

Coming back to Mr Taylor, I’m not going to go into the full historical chapter and verse of his shortcomings – he is crap (always has been, always will be).  He will screw us in any way possible so our players will have to be careful and not give him any scope for cards or penalties against us and he is extremely likely to turn a blind eye to Sunderland kicking the shit out of us.

I’ll breathe a sigh of relief at full time if we have un-injured players and no sendings off.

Football wise we should have more than enough to win the game, even if we put out some fringe players.



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15 Replies to “Arsenal v Sunderland 20 May 2015 – Incompetence and bias. Yes it’s the Match Officials”

  1. Play all the fringe players you can get would be my wish. Imagine him sending off some important players from Arsenal in this match and then they would miss the cup final….
    Koscielny having the flu is already a good sign

  2. mIke Riley knows what he’s up to hey?tried to get dean to shaft us first at old toilet ,didn’t work out in favour of manure enough so comes after us with the anti arsenal Taylor….it’s so obvious,that yes it is “scandalous”.letters should be whacked off straight away to the fa re “Riley”but they’re in it together ……..

  3. Average number of yellow cards per team this year = 67. Second highest of any team = Stoke with 78. Despite only committing a slightly higher than average number of fouls per game, Sunderland have picked up a huge 93 yellows. This COULD either suggest they’ve been hard done by or that they are committing some pretty gruesome fouls on a regular basis. This is going to be more tricky than it looks on paper!

  4. We still need 1 point though, and WB to play too. No doubt all teams will be happy with draws and no injuries before the hols. I was hoping that the youth would get the last 3-4 games this season to play but it did not work out so.

  5. Why do I feel that we are getting railroaded by the powers controlling FA/PGMOB into 4th position whether we deserve it or not!

  6. Taylor???! WTF. I think it’s to try and reduce our numbers for the final; either through injuries or sending offs. Sickening.

  7. You cant be serious? Anthony-shitting-Taylor again?! Fuck sake – he’s the worst ref by far in recent years and we have had him so many times, its ridiculous. FUUUUUUUUCK!! Haha sorry, i really dislike the man; he’s an absolute disgrace to the profession.

  8. @Andrew,

    Can’t believe we’re getting Taylor again! Thought we were finally done with him for the year. Wish there was a way can we switch with Manchester City and get Clattenberg instead!

    From the table, that will mean 14/37 games have been officiated by 3 refs – Anthony Taylor, Kevin Friend, and Mike Dean! That’s completely ridiculous!

  9. Great news for Arsenal. We have to play wengerball again to ensure Taylor can’t pick holes. It will be another work of art by Wenger. He must know what is going on. Arsenal played much better when faced by this version of Riley last time. I am looking forward to a high scoring first few minutes. Either them or us!!!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if suddenly Taylor got sick eating pasta like the spuds? 😉 😉

  10. It is not even a hidden agenda, it is so blatant. Please be careful boys, the goblin clone will try to shaft us again.

  11. Thanks Gord,

    Didn’t see that. Sunday will be Clattenberg’s 3rd game for Arsenal (City and Crystal Palace the other two).

    Would have much preferred having Clattenberg 6 times, than Taylor, Dean, or Friend! At least Clattenberg’s mistakes seem like honest mistakes, can’t say the same about the other 3!

  12. Untold have always been a site that I do read everyday… Base on ref review,I always enjoy the review buh not until recent I watch some matches like not an arsenal fan and also noticed that their were some fouls that went against the other teams arsenal were playing with..I believe if everyone of you s given a whistle,u can’t have a 100% referring..Every of ur reviews always have red cards for the other teams and penalty against them..

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