The Untold Banner: we’re making progress!

The Untold Banner: we’re making progress

By Blacksheep

A short and positive update folks…

I exchanged emails with Arsenal today and got a very helpful and positive response from the supporter liaison officer.

So the next step is to mock up a couple of banners (using both the winning and runner-up designs) so the club can decide whether to approve it or not.

So here are the first efforts I’ve made – if anyone wants to improve upon them and can send me a file please do so at

And if you want to see the pics in better resolution, just click on the image.





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  1. They wont approve the first one because they will feel that it is too controversial but the 2nd one should pass. I, by the way think the first one is dynamite and it would get my vote

  2. @Terence McGovern, your post refers. Exactly my thoughts too. They will find a reason to disallow the first, which in my opinion is the better of the two proposed, and will be a huge shame if they do. That’s the influence of tv rights in your face.

  3. What you say is a possibilty guys, but there is a sponsor, and they played a major part in paying for the new stadium, so they have to be considered. If we chose to live without sponsors there would be no restrictions, but then probably no Alexis either.

    But you never know, the club might feel that it is obvious that it is still the Emirates no matter what one banner says.

    And the quote we used for the banner that got voted in second, is a Wenger quote, and it has been on this web site for years, so is clearly associated with us.

    However, the main thing is that we got a very positive and very quick reply from the club, so the process is on the move. I suspect quite a few other clubs around the country would tell their supporters where to stick it if they came up with their own banner.

    In fact, come to think of it, how many clubs have supporter banners in the stadium?

  4. I voted for the ‘unbeaten quote’.

    I thought the idea of a banner was a fantastic one but in my opinion it was let down by the choice of what to put on it. In my opinion the unbeaten quote was the only one worth going for.

    Of the two that won, can you imagine the ridicule the ‘art’ quote would be open to? Such as: “beautiful to watch but what does it win you”. “Stadium Wenger” is in my opinion just a bit, well, meh.

    I liked the unbeaten quote because it is so unique to us, it speaks of a factual and magnificent achievement as well as the visionary-ness of Wenger. Oh and it is also timeless, unique and something every other supporter of every other team would love to be able to be a part of.

    Just my view and good luck with the project it deserves to succeed despite my disappointment!

  5. I have to say I prefer the top one best. I love Arsene to bits, but I do wish that sometimes he would dispense with the ‘arty football’ if it meant winning a game!

    Say what you like about Chelsea (boring etc.) but they do know how to manage games. On their day they can turn on the style, but when they need to park the bus and settle for a 0-0 they have that in their locker also.

    I’m not an ‘Arsene Out’ person by any means, but I do feel that his philosophy of arty football – sometimes at the cost of winning football – is not really something to brag about.

  6. OT
    Congratulations to Alexis for winning the PFA fans player of the season award.

  7. Yeah! My favourite banner won.

    I particularly voted for the winning banner because 1. It gives credit to AW (deservedly) for our stadium 2. It sounds like ‘in your faces you aaa morons’ and 3. It’s a public support for the most berated and unfairly treated manager by the media.

    @Terence, whether they approve it or not, they would have realised the extent at which the positive fans supported AW.

    @Ryan, Chelsea is beatable even with their packed bus. What is difficult is to beat them when Pgmol puppets cheat (wrong important decisions)alongside the Chelsea players. There is nothing Maureen does that I want AW to emulate.

    Congrats to Alexis and Asisat Oshoala.

  8. Well I’m looking forward to seeing the banner in the new season, even though my choice lost. I still love the one about going unbeaten best! But maybe it sounded too indirect for a slogan for some voters.

  9. Still no mention at BBC of Alexis winning that award. Sour grapes?

    Some headlines about Alexis from South America

    Mundo Deportivo
    Alexis Sánchez es el jugador preferido de los aficionados en Inglaterra
    Alexis Sánchez es el mejor de la Premier League para los hinchas

    Alexis Sánchez fue elegido por los hinchas como el jugador más popular de la Premier League

    El chileno Sánchez, jugador del año para los aficionados en Inglaterra

    Alexis Sánchez, jugador del año para los aficionados en Inglaterra

    Nominally, I think they all translate as many South American’s are happy that Alexis Sanchez if the PFA fans choice for player of the year. That last one, is from the South American football association (peer of UEFA).

  10. @Damilare – way to completely miss the point! Yes Chelsea can attempt to park the bus and still lose (v PSG in the Champions League being a case in point), but even the most blinkered fan must say they are well capable of ‘winning ugly’ sometimes – just as we used to do when we won titles (domestic and European) under George Graham. It’s a bit hypocritical for the same fans to chant ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’ (in memory of those heady days) and also mock ‘boring boring Chelsea’. Yes Mourinho is a horrible man but you can’t deny that he’s a talented manager.

    We all loved it when Arsenal sacrificed a bit of flair to win at the Etihad this year – why was that just a one off?

  11. Ryan F…..Mourinho is indeed an expert in adapting his tactics to the situation at hand but so is Wenger. Here are a few differences between the two;

    1)Mourinho is a disloyal mercenary and will move to wherever he can get what he wants. Wenger is loyal and committed to the Arsenal…class versus ass.

    2)José’s approach wins trophies but doesn’t compliment Football. Wenger can beautify the game AND win trophies as well.

    3)José is a rather detestable and obnoxious man with little savoir-vivre and even less dignity. Wenger IS the definition of elegance, nobility and inspirational Football. The gap between Wenger and Mourinho in terms of human qualities is vast.

    4)Mourinho would NEVER have been able to drive the Arsenal to success as Wenger did despite poor officiating, severe financial constraints and the negativism of the media and some of our fanbase…..he would have run off to greener pastures in a flash.

    5)Be careful what you wish for….apparently the 1-0 to the Arsenal were rather horrible years to watch the Gunners from what I’ve heard here on UA.

  12. I like ”Welcome to Wenger Stadium” but it denies the sponsors name, therefore I cannot see it being accepted. However ”Welcome to Emerites Wenger Stadium” might do the trick.

  13. The BBC is saying that Swiss police have raided FIFA’s HQ on charges of corruption.

  14. The Guardian is reporting as many as fifteen people worldwide arrested

  15. They may well not let us use the first one. Maybe put Wenger in single quotes.

    WELCOME TO STADIUM ‘ WENGER ‘ might go down better.

    This makes it clearer that the stadium is not really called WENGER.

    Anyway, hope it’s ready for the new season.

  16. I really like this first one – its show just how appreciative we fans are of Wenger. Such a pro-Wenger message though i couldnt imagine Sky, BT or the BBC picking up on it.

  17. What’s a FA Cup ticket worth? Highest price I’ve seen in the news is £21230.

  18. Apparently ManC are touring North America. They were supposed to play an exhibition games against Houston, but that may be canceled due to the flooding there. Tomorrow (Thursday), they are supposed to play Toronto. I am going to guess they beat Toronto by at least 20-0.

    The Spuds tour of Malaysia has gone over like a lead (Pb) balloon. There is apparently a fan protest behind this, and it may extend to Liverpool visiting there in July.

    The BBC had a story about how far teams travel for away games. Swansea travelled the furthest, Aston Villa travelled the least. Which is one way of saying that Aston Villa is the centre of the EPL.

  19. Why not just combine the two so it says , ” Welcome to Stadium Wemger , where football IS an art !”

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