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  1. RedandDread

    Glad you enjoyed the day Walter-I had to settle for TV at home with some pals. Jamaica’s a long way from North London. But fun it was and a long way from the strife and nerves of last years final vs Hull.

    Unfortunately, there will always be arseholes and they will always spoil it for the good people. Life has taught me that there’s good & bad, sensible & stupid in all walks of life. The cost of life is ramped up by these arseholes who through their innate ignorance ensure that people who appreciate freedom and the respect for others have to pay the price for these idiots actions.

    There’s only ONE Arsene Wenger!……;)

  2. WalterBroeckx

    After the match we spoke to a Gooner outside the pub next to the underground station. He was at the screening and when they invaded the pitch he had left the stadium and had rushed to the pub because he feared Arsenal would turn down the screens as they did last season for a long time and so most of us missing the images from on the pitch after the final whistle.
    This time Arsenal was so kind to keep the screens on the whole time but surely one day someone will say: enough is enough….

  3. blacksheep63

    thanks for the report Walter. I nhad thought about coming to the ground with the twins since i was unable to go with Tony to Wembley. Now I’m glad I didn’t choose to be at the ground (although it would have been great to celebrate with you and the Belgian Gooners. I wonder why some people can’t control their alcohol intake and surely its another reason why the FA should reconsider putting the final back to 3 o’clock where it belongs.
    In other news I have bought tickets to both days of the Emirates cup so if you or any other Arsenal Belgium supporters are going let me know so I can come and say hi!

  4. Derek Paget

    Great stuff Walter [& Tony, too]. Sadly eejits at football matches are everywhere, even at the hallowed Ems. I hope that steward is OK now.
    BTW Tony [if you see this!] – I had also had to deal with an eejit @ Wembley. Right next to me! He didn’t have a good word for either Per or Aaron & he started up with this about 30mins before kick-off! I was willing Aaron to score so I could exult, but happy enough that Per did – needless to relate Mr.Eejit celebrated too. These blokes just want to be right or happy…

  5. Brickfields Gunners

    Great stuff Walter, thanks . One day I’ll join you there .
    Cheers !

  6. Derek

    Last year someone did get injured running on the pitch I think it happened when he was jumping with joy!! He was attended by lots of medics it looked serious.
    Anyway the funniest thing happened when he left the pitch on a stretcher he did the Theo two fingered gesture to the crowd just like Theo did against you know who it was bloody funny!!
    I was there Saturday again what a day!!

  7. Rob Foster

    Having read your report I have just realised that you were sitting right next to us! Still can’t work out how you managed to get cider after they shut all the bars. If I had known it was you I would have said hello.

  8. Rantetta

    Ditto, BG (above).

  9. Rantetta

    3 seconds to invade the pitch?:


  10. Nonny

    Been thousands of miles away from London, I enjoy as always memories of fellow gunners especially at UT which they share with us concerning our great club. Thanks Walter again for all these analysis.

    To digress a little, I saw this article written by an Arsenal fan and published on an Aston Villa web page and wish to share a part of it here. It was under the caption WHY ASTON VILLA FANS SHOULD HATE ARSENAL. It made mention of the “aaa father” Piers Morgan and moronic fans arguments on twitter and fan sites but the below sub-heading torched me most.

    Spoiled fans who don’t understand why they’re spoiled

    Arsenal’s one of the most decorated clubs in the Premier League, competing in the Champions League for nearly two decades uninterrupted and winning more often than not, even when not necessarily in the title race every single year. Obviously everyone wants to win stuff, but you’d think that people would have a little bit of perspective and remember that there are plenty of teams who’s love to get back to the Champions League, just once. Even when things are at their worst, they never really get that bad.
    Of course, that’s way too much to ask. Instead you get banners in the stands going in on the club’s best-ever manager. You get people booing him as he boards a train. You get a pack of morons putting trash bags on seats in the Emirates Stadium. This isn’t because the team’s struggling to avoid relegation. It’s not because the team isn’t trying to win. We’re not Newcastle. There’s no reason for it beyond petulance, and a tremendous level of entitlement and unchecked privilege. It’s very hateable.

    Hope you enjoyed the reading

  11. WalterBroeckx

    Rob, it’s a small world after all 😉 Well to be honest I don’t know either as it was the more drunk part of our group that went out and came back with something, anything… 🙂 🙂

  12. Gord

    I had seen a report (Metro?) about the Cesc banner getting torn down at Emirates in all the “excitement”. Did you notice that Walter?


    Tony often talks about journalistic accuracy. On the BBC site, they have a story about the worst places in the UK to take a driving test. And in the article, the worst 3 (in a table) are Leeds, Enfield and Luton. Personally, I think taking a driving test at the bottom of Loch Ness has to be much worse than even Luton. 🙂

  13. foreverheady

    Thanks Walter and I reckon that I was about seven rows and a goal away from you. I wish I had known because I would have brought my two children to say hello to you. Some go to enjoy the football, some the atmosphere and some just go for the drink. Only a very few can manage to do all three in a classy way but as Nut Loaf once said two out of three ain’t bad.

  14. Mandy Dodd

    Nice one Walter. The majority , including myself enjoyed being on the pitch, but you always get the idiots. I hope the team are in the final again next year, but if they are and if the club don’t screen it, the fuckwits will be to blame. What I saw was not malicious, just silly. Same in holloway rd, most of it just high spirits, but some of it bashing bus windows scaring the passengers. Still a great atmosphere in the Emirates and I enjoyed seeing one of the finest performances I have seen.

  15. WalterBroeckx

    About the Cesc banner: No I haven’t seen it and as for the parade the passage was blocked and we had to go a long way round on the streets I couldn’t see it the next day.

  16. Damilare

    I’m obviously late to the party. But it’s better late than never. Congratulations to Arsenal, AW, the boys, staff and all AKBs world over especially on untold.

    Congrats and thanks to Tony, Walter and all ‘Untolders’. Supporting the club, players and the manager indeed. Yes, we are the 12th man not the moronic aaa.

    1 Arsenal, 12 Victories, No Equals.


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