Tottenham guilty; Manchester in court. Arsenal in the clear

The Tiny Fantasists who inhabit a “football club” in Tottenham High Street, have been told by Office of Fair Trading that they should not ever tell their fans that tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances.

It is a basic, and obvious point, and you don’t need to be a lawyer to know how wrong they have been.  If the club itself changes the kick off details of any match, then the original contract is invalidated by the club, and that means that if the person who has bought the ticket wants a refund, they have to be offered one.

It is so obvious, so basic, you have to wonder what on earth Tottenham were up to allowing this to get as far as the OFT and a formal ruling.

Worse, Tottenham, having been found guilty, did not immediately apologise, but rather put out a statement saying that there had only been 100 complaints!  Only 100.   Such an approach shows a total disregard for the law and contempt for the supporters of the club.

A similar contempt is shown by Manchester Bankrupt who insist that their season ticket holders buy tickets for cup games without knowing in advance how many they might have to buy.  They are currently being pursued by their own supporters through legal means.

Living as I do around 100 miles from the stadium and being a silver member since the start of the scheme I have on occasion had to go back to Arsenal when a match was changed, and have always had a refund.   Likewise, when I was a season ticket holder, as far as I recall we always knew how many tickets we were paying for – after that number we had to pay if we wanted to retain our season ticket seats for a cup game.

There is something truly rotten within certain clubs – where supporters are treated in the way that the Bankrupts and the Tiny Fantasists treat their fans.