A tragic error, a bad move, a spot of cash…

Nearly a year ago the major football clubs in Europe agreed to drop their legal case against Uefa and Fifa over injuries sustained by players while playing for countries rather than clubs.

As a result the clubs now get some money from the countries when there are international tourneys.  But as we have seen the money doesn’t cover the destruction of players such as Walcott during an ill-managed training session.

Following this year’s muck about in Europe Arsenal will receive around £745,000 after supplying players to five teams. CSKA Fulham will receive £715,000, Liverpool Insolvency £615,000, and Manchester Bankrupt £450,000.

The money starts two weeks before the country’s first match, and stops the day after the country is knocked out. Uefa made a profit of £215 million from the three-week tournament out of a turnover of over £1 billion.

Uefa will pay clubs £4,350 per player per day at the next Euro runaround in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

Werder Bremen got the most blood money – £1 million – after giving over four players to the German team plus three others.  Lyon and Bayern Munich (which actually should read Bavaria Munich or Bayern Munchen) will also get over £900,000.

Not much for the risks involved to players, who not only play but also train (see Theo for the dangers of that) and miss out on the needed rest between seasons.  Kowtowing to the likes of Fifa and Uefa is always an error in my humble opinion (as I prepare for breakfast afore getting out the Morris Minor for the 100 jaunt to Arnos Grove, and thence the Underground.

See you there.   I’m the guy with the red and white socks.