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September 2021
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September 2021

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Premier League Betting and Odds

Football Broadcasters want their cash back but the clubs don’t have it.

by Tony Attwood

Premier League executives have been told it will cost them £762 million in lost broadcast revenue if the 2019-20 season fails to finish due to the coronavirus, according to The Athletic.

This sum is calculated to be the amount paid by the TV companies that contract to show games, with the […]

Are Spanish clubs fighting back at last against Barca and Real Mad?

By Walter Broeckx and Tony Attwood

Following Tony’s articles about the problems in the EPL for Everton and in the SPL for Rangers I think maybe we should also take a look at other clubs who we are competing with in Europe.

It has been said on this website Barcelona and Real Madrid are what […]

The most disgraceful, appalling, awful, unacceptable performance of all time

By Tony Attwood

It was the most disgraceful, appalling, awful and unacceptable TV commentary I have ever heard – and there have been some dire ones in the past. I refer, of course, to the commentary on Sky Sports 4 last night.

It wasn’t just that Arsenal were set up from the start by the […]

Arsenal v Notlob; Billy the Dog’s contribution to football journalism is recognised by O2.

By Billy the Dog McGraw

Oh yes indeed!!! It’s Arsenal vs Notlob Wanderers. (And by the way Tony has a spare ticket for the Wednesday European thing match. Call me on 07714 76 2250, or email Tony with your contact details ( Cost price obviously, but you have to sit next to Tony and I […]

Is Internet Streaming Killing Sport? Or is it just the lawyers?

Is Internet Streaming Killing Sport?

By Simon Bailey.

This week I watched the Arsenal match on my PC courtesy of a stream provided by an unknown person in an unknown location in the world. The reason for this is twofold; Firstly it was a 3pm kick off and no UK TV channel is allowed to […]

Man U’s plan is for global domination, and this is why it might all end in tears

Manchester United win things. That is undeniable. They have a big support (even if it is largely located in Cornwall) and they fill the ground. That’s undeniable. And they have an extraordinarily successful manager – something we have to admit even if we don’t like some of his behaviour.

And they are so broke it […]

2009/10: the new Arsenal heroes

Last season the excellent magazine Highbury High invited a range of supporters to participate in the prediction game, where the writers nominate the player who would make the breakthrough in the season to come.

The publishers very kindly included me in their list of guest writers and so I duly cheated and put in two […]

United in insolvency: the story of Real Madrid & Manchester U

By Ronny Lamb and Tony Attwood

Aided by the growing number of correspondents around Europe who are now contributing to Untold Arsenal I’ve been pulling together the financial doings of Real Madrid. And here’s the irony. They are just like Manchester IOU. Each is as bust as the other – and there are serious doubts […]

Tottenham guilty; Manchester in court. Arsenal in the clear

The Tiny Fantasists who inhabit a “football club” in Tottenham High Street, have been told by Office of Fair Trading that they should not ever tell their fans that tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances.

It is a basic, and obvious point, and you don’t need to be a lawyer to know how wrong they […]

How to alienate your fan base

When football clubs are run by money grabbing Americans who are intent on filling the club with debt while having no sense of what a British football club means to its supporters then two things happen.

One is the club ultimately goes bust, but meanwhile while this is happening, it alienates everyone and the supporters […]