British territories named by FBI as part of the Fifa corruption roadway

Sadly there is still no one asking the question:  If Blatter and his gang were evil, and were known to be evil, wasn’t it rather naive of the FA to spend £16m bidding for a world cup vote when there was every chance it would be fixed?

In such a case, surely the criminals of the affair are not just Blatter and co, but the FA for their stupidity.  It is a bit like a man coming to the door and saying, “look I know Mercedes cars normally cost £35,000 or more, but I have got one and it is brand new, and you can have it for £100.   It is parked just round the corner.  I have to move quickly, so if you can give me the £100 I’ll give you the keys.”

There is of course no car around the corner, but some stupid people will give the con man £100.   And the con man is a crook and should be taken before the courts and given an appropriate punishment.

But that doesn’t really excuse the arrant stupidity of the person who gave the con artist £100.

Same with the FA.  We all knew Fifa was crooked.  So why bid?  Why spend £16m on bidding for an event when we knew it was all a hoax?  That money could have gone on new football pitches for children and community centres.

Here’s another question.

If as most people believe there is huge corruption within Fifa, what makes anyone think anything will change?  If will be the same electorate that will elect the next Chairman.  The people who benefited from the corruption will still be there running their Confederations.

The only way this whole mess would be sorted out would be by taking everything apart and building a new organisation, and to do that, the honourable straightforward and not quite so stupid as the FA associations, should start afresh with a new body, inviting those who hate corruption to join.

Some of my correspondents who seem to know about such things have suggested that the batttle this past week was between the Federations that have benefited under him, and who were demanding protection from prosecution, and Blatter himself who said he couldn’t do any more for them as he too was being watched.

If that is so, then it is true, the corrupt Federations are still there.   And remember Blatter got 133 votes in the first round of voting before he resigned – a figure which includes a number of European countries.

John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, has assured MPs that the government would do anything in its power to bring about change in world football’s governing body.  The removal of Blatter has little to do with this, because according to one analysis, he was now totally tied to a corruption process that is central to the running of Fifa.

Answering an urgent question in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon, Whittingdale said: “Fifa needs to change and to change now and I can assure the house that the government will do all in its power to help bring change about.

“I have just spoken to Football Association chairman Greg Dyke and assured him that we stand behind the English FA’s efforts to end the culture of kickbacks and corruption that risk ruining international football for a generation. I agreed with him that no options should be ruled out at this stage.”

“Doing everything” means leaving Fifa, and starting all over again, while at the same time asking the FA what on earth it was doing bidding to host a world cup run by a corrupt organisation.

The Shadow culture secretary Chris Bryant spoke of “Mafioso cronyism” and the “tainted leader of a corrupt organisation.  By clinging on, he is merely dragging Fifa further and further into the mud.”  I thought for a moment he might be talking about the FA, but no, it was still Fifa.

And slowly we have come to see why there is such a problem in the UK.  For three British overseas territories have been named in the US indictment as playing a part in hiding corrupt payments – the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos.

Meanwhile there is lurking in the shadows a half formed plan to set up a rival to the Russia world cup with the bits of Europe that voted against Blatter, and some of South America involved.

But it seems unlikely, especially with Scotland announcing that it was going to play Qatar, despite the endless tales about deaths of construction workers, modern slavery, and arrests of all film crews that arrive.  No one will put what is right ahead of self interest.


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  1. Off topic, but with the incredibly important FIFA stuff going on what do our FA come up with?

    Jack Wilshere to be charged by the FA for bringing the game into disrepute re his behaviour on the victory parade.
    Well done the pathetic cretins at the FA! In the words of Victor Meldrew… I don’t believe it!

  2. 1. Blatter hasn’t fully left. His resignation must be effective immediately. He should have no influence on the next set of elections nor on the restructuring of FIFA nor on any probe into dishonourable conduct therein.

    2. The elections will be problematic without restructuring…Blatter got 133 votes AND everyone knew that the FIFA was corrupt already. The structure allows every country a vote – no matter its size, corruption index position or footballing interest. It reminds me of the International Whaling Commission where even landlocked countries may join and vote – Mongolia anyone?

    3. Restructuring will be a problem because of the great amounts of money involved and the contracts already signed. We are talking about tens of billions of dollars.

    In summary, the best solution may well be for UEFA and CONMEBOL to break away and set up a new world organisation. I suggest these two organisations because all of the top footballing countries in the world are in these regions and I believe it is unlikely that any one country or region could pull this off alone. Without these two regions FIFA would die and no one would mourn it.

  3. I love the way the British goverment sits on its high horse concerning the corruption in FIFA,the organisation has been bent since Havalange succeeded Rouse as president. He started the move to mass commercialisation of the World Cup which has led to money infiltrating the the organisation with all its baggage that it brings.The British goverment has a long history of corruption,the Bae affair in the Middle East ,the Banks
    With their rate rigging MPs exes,the positioning of ex ministers on boards of companies.And we all know that the FA has been complicit in its head in the sand when the PM was formed,nothing was done about fit and proper person rule where club ownership concerned the whole shebang is rotten!

  4. Mick
    Jack Wilshere is a proffesional footballer and an employee of Arsenal FC, which in turn is a member club of Barclays Premier League ,and as such must obide by and adhere to the club’s players code of ethics.

    There is a separate page in every player’s contract addressing those and each player is familiar with them, or at least should be.

    Whether you disagree with FA’s decision to charge him or not , is irrelevant.

    Wilshere left the club and the FA with no choice but to reprimand him( Arsenal) , and charge him(FA).

    There’s no debating this. As a matter of fact I’m surprised this is even a conversation.

  5. Hahahahahahahaha……and then we say there is a distance between players and the fans.

    Stupid FA.

    Time has come to change the song I guess..

    What do you think of totnum? SHIT.
    You can charge us for this SHIT.

  6. Wilshere has brought the game into disrepute? Has the FA been holding their meetings in a cave? Sure what Jack said was bit off colour but it pales beside what FIFA has done, the FA itself has done and what all those Spud fans have been chanting all these years about our manager. Knobs.

  7. Tom, what arrant rubbish. The FA have not charged the LCFC players for their conduct (overseas) and continually neglect to act on other, more serious matters (such as dangerous play for example. The reality is that they pick and choose which actions they take. Jack did this last year and I don’t recall him being charged then so why now?
    Some may regard Jack’s actions as in poor taste and as setting a bad example while others might say that as a young man who has recently recovered from another injury inflicted in him by a player the FA refused to punish, and taunted week in week out by opposition fans (from THFC and CFC among others) for possessing ‘glass ankles’ had every right to celebrate a second FA cup victory with the people that support him each week, and in a style that endears him to them and that we understand.

    I agree with GoingGoingGOing above, if the FA want to take action they should do so consistently and fine those clubs whose fans routinely call Wenger a paedophile.

    We should not agree with the FA, we should – as united Arsenal fans – tell them to sort their own house out and stop ignoring the genuine fans who love the banter of young footballers like Wilshere.

  8. Tom
    As far as I know the offending word is SHIT. If he used the F word or the C word maybe a case could be made for a disrepute charge… but not shit for goodness sake. Correct me if I am wrong and he did use worse language than I have been aware of. In the context of the circumstances and whereabouts this terrible word was used the FA, in my opinion, are displaying an incredible degree of pettiness. I see many worse examples of disreputable behaviour go unpunished on the pitch on a weekly basis than the offence Jack is accused of.

  9. Tom, they did not even punish the players who have been injuring Wilshere to death every season. For example Paddy Mcnair of United who broke Wilshere’s foot leaving him out for an immediate surgery and 6 Months of time off. The player was not yellow carded, not red carded and absolutely given no fine for foul play and was let off freely.

  10. Oh, one other thing Tom
    ‘There’s no debating this. As a matter of fact I’m surprised this is even a conversation.'[
    If that’s how you feel why join in then.

  11. Blacksheep 63

    The only pertinent aspect of your post is the fact FA do pick and choose which actions are punishable and which aren’t .

    Everything else in your post, like Wilshere’s injuries or being taunted by Tottenham fans is irrelevant, or as you put it “arrant rubbish”

    Just because you don’t get a speeding ticket every time you go over the speed limit, doesn’t mean you can do it over and over with impunity and not expect to eventually get one.

    I suggest you or Tony obtain a blank copy of a player’s contract and read it.
    It shouldn’t be too difficult.

  12. I guess a list of all the associations that voted for Blatter be obtained and published. We should then ask association presidents why they thought that it was appropriate for Blatter to get a fifth term. But I also worry about the English FA shooting themselves in the foot, breeding the notion than they are a know-it-all organisation which could alienate them with other Associations especially in Eastern Europe, S. America and Africa.

  13. Tom
    ‘The only pertinent aspect of your post is the fact FA do pick and choose which actions are punishable and which aren’t.’
    Exactly the point, it’s not about whats in the bloody contracts its about Arsenal being picked on. To use you speeding analogy, the word shit would, in most peoples opinion, probably be a 33mph in a 30mph zone equivalent as opposed to the words we see Rooney and others get away with on our screens every week which would merit a 45 in a 30 zone.

  14. Mick
    If there was absolutely nothing in Wilshere’s conduct that warranted any action , then why did Arsenal reprimand him?

  15. you send one over Tom, since you seem to be in possession of the relevant information (my email is within the posts on banners should you wish to find it).

    Your speeding analogy does not work since speeding is a legally defined offence whereas ‘bring the game into disrepute’ is open to debate (despite your injunction to the contrary). Otherwise the FA would not convene a panel to decide whether JW had indeed transgressed their particular set of rules. If Wilshere had indeed broken terms of his contract then we might expect Arsenal to act, but they have stated that they will not be doing so.
    and perhaps look at what Mick says; this action by the FA is discretionary and in this respect I feel they have acted in haste and under the influence ()as always) of a negative media.

    It’s a shame that Arsenal fans (I presume you are one) should find themselves lining up to agree with something that is so obviously wrong and ill-judged.

  16. Arsenal apparently have ‘spoken to the Gunners midfielder and will deal with the issue internally, although the matter will not be treated as a serious incident’. Not serious, like I might deal with an errant student, i.e without official process. It is not a disciplinary matter for Arsenal

  17. Tom, consider yourself reprimanded by me for your disloyalty to the cause. It probably means as much to you as it does to Jack and I know it

  18. Mick

    Wiltshire left himself wide open to the charge

    First he did the exact same thing last year and this followed on from a previous FA charge where he was banned for two games and was warned as to his future conduct following him him making jesters at Man City supporters in 2013

    Second according to the reports I read he did indeed use the word sh** in the context of Spurs but not content with that he then sang ‘ my old man said be a Totenham fan’ we all knows what follows. the report then goes on to say that the megaphone was grabbed off him and the in house coverage switched

  19. “It’s a shame that Arsenal fans (I presume you are one) should find themselves lining up to agree with something that is so obviously wrong and ill-judged.”

    Look, as an Arsenal fan I couldn’t give two shits about what any Arsenal player does off the pitch , short of any criminal act of course.

    Whether Wilshere smokes two packs a day or drinks a bottle of Jack Daniels before breakfasts , or leads an anti- Spurs chant from atop of a victory parade bus, is fine by me , so long he performs when called upon.

    Stating that Wilshere broke some rules of player’s conduct which are clearly outlined in his contract, doesn’t make me a FA sympathizer any more than saying anything remotely positive about Chelsea ,a Chelsea fan.

    Same question to you.
    Why was Jack reprimanded by Arsenal FC then?

  20. I would suggest being a racist would bring the game into greater disrepute than the words Jack used. Having half your supporters calling someone a paedophile (clearly without basis) AND THEN DOING NOTHING TO STOP THEM brings the game into far more disrepute than what Jack did.

  21. Why is it that a chelsea fan makes more sense about this than most Arsenal fans do.

    But then again he happens to be full of shit about the whole host of issues regarding Chelsea 🙂

    I guess it’s impossible for most to see beyond their club loyalties.

  22. Tom

    We are all indeed tribal and whilst ,as I already said, he left himself wide open I do think that the FA need to be more consistent when issuingcharges

  23. Tom

    A speeding ticket is in the law book and absolute relative to the speed at which one drives.

    Calling tots shit is not in the law book, and i think it is debatable if that brings the game into disrepute or if it really enhances the game. Either the language is defined which people can use in media, or it is not. I wonder if he had use a more polite word like “excrement” or a more childlike word like “poo” would there be any fuss? Maybe he should have said, my son say they are “poo”. 🙂

    After all the pundits have called Arsenal and AW worse than shit over the last few seasons in their own clever(not so) way.

    I think we should mount a petition to FA to release that man from the charge with a hand slap 🙂 .

  24. I don’t mean to hurt Tom but I do question your position.

    Wilshere is stupid or naive, or possibly both. But he is a player who is like the majority of people who turn up and pay his wages (or part of them at least!). The FA chooses who to punish – it does so each week of the season and outside it. So some tackles are retrospectively dealt with while others are not; some manager’s comments bring a disrepute charge, others do not, and seemingly some forms of conduct draw official opprobrium, and some do not. My point is that it is discretionary and quite often (but of course not exclusively) it seems Arsenal are the losers in this process.

    Football is tribal and built on loyalty, as you note. If Jack had thumped a Spurs fan, or had used a racist slur, or had fiddled his taxes, or had deliberately injured an opponent, or indeed had driven one of his presumably many expensive cars whilst under the influence of alcohol, then I – like you – would be condemning him. But he swore and he ridiculed our nearest and dearest rivals. And for me that is not a matter for the FA. He hasn’t brought football into disrepute and I expect Arsenal have ‘reprimanded’ him out of a sense of form (in just the same way that they banned the ‘Coq Blocked’ banner because it may have caused offense). The club has a deeper sense of reputation to keep and while I suspect they couldn’t care less who Jack upsets they have to pretend that they do. Hence the reprimand.

    But since football is tribal and our views blinkered I choose to stand with Jack on this one, because he may have been crass and stupid but I don’t expect much more of my footballers than they obey the law, entertain me, and don’t f*** off to Chelsea for double the wages. When Jack does that, ask me again!


  25. What if what Jack said was true? IMO, any club that ALLOWS a large portion of its fan base to chant those vile (and baseless) things about an opposition’s manager is….SHIT!

  26. If Jack Wilshire is reprimanded for acting as an Arsenal fan, then the FA need to reprimand every fan in every ground in England for every chant that may offend someone. I mean…please.

  27. The question re Wilshere is not just whether or not he should be reprimanded, but rather the double standards demonstrated by the FA.

    I can think of (as an example) one of the Manures who has frequently used foul language to refs – on the pitch – and audible tovfans in close proximity – only to go unpunished. OK this was not a public comment about another club – but the double standards are there.

    What about the vile chants by Manure fans about the best manager in the football league – also unpunished!!

  28. I think has a new article out, about the “Recovery” of Coquelin in the FA Cup.

    Apparently “recovery” is a term invented by Opta (or they are claiming to have done so), where a ball has gone out of the control of players, and is then “recovered” by a player. Coquelin had 11 recoveries in the game, which is apparently an unheard of (high) number.

    Rather a nice analysis.

    The first image in the document is labelled “Francis Coquelin with the FA Cup”. I could believe a lot of other words, but “with” doesn’t fit in my mind. Where is the Cup? In his shorts? 🙂

  29. I am a bit sorry for Jack Wilshere’s propelled emotional rant outbursts which was as a result of his emotional fallout culminating from the Boss not starting him in the big Wembley show of the FA Cup final match. Jack wanted to start dearly in that Cup Final but the Boss ignored him by instead starting Ramsey. Jack was emotionally affected by that Boss disappointment. If Sepp Blatter does not leave Fifa soon, I perceive the disintegration of Fifa may happene if Uefa and South America confederations do come together to form a rival football organization. Fifa will not longer be strong to stand as other confederations may pullout of her to join the new body. Then MR. Blatter and his collaborators would have killed Fifa. The English and the Brazilian Jao Havalage Presidents ran Fifa crediblely during their tenures as President of Fifa. No body or associations complained of Fifa mal-administration of football worldwide. Fifa rules were highly respected and accepted by all and sundry. But the moment Sepp Blatter took over the running of Fifa affairs, suspicions and complains over his handling of footballi issues and matters set in and continue to a sour taste. During the bidding for the hosting of the 2006 World Cup. South Africa were croolky beaten to the votes as a voter from Concafe? bulled out of the voting despite his association instructing him to vote for South Africa. And MR Blatter a German decendant abstained from casting his vote to allow Germany to win the bidding. That singular misendervour by Fifa has led to the World Cup being played in rotation across the Globe which now has taken the World Cup to Qatar to the annoyance of some at Uefa. But let us not forget that it was Uefa that first condoned high profile malpractice at Fifa by not saying what they are now saying as Fifa have taken the World Cup to Qatar. And this is what MR. Blatter is holding on to by saying he will oversee reforms at Fifa. If any Government across the world is corrupt, their football associations are likely to be corrupt as well. And they are likely to vote along those corrupt lines. And election is politics which the Fifa Presidential candidates will play to be elected. To stamp out corruption in Fifa will also entails stamping corruption out in the associations and the confederations.. Let see how it will end. But I must conclude by saying Uefa first encouraged malpractice at Fifa when they kept quiet as Germany rigged the hosting of the 2006 World Cup.

  30. I fully expect the FA to take the strongest possible action against Wilshere and ban him for 2 games. Obviously those two games should be the next two, to ensure that they are seen to act swiftly and in accordance with their policy of taking strong action against such clearly abhorrent crimes against the good name of football. These two games are Ireland vs England and the Euro qualifier against someone or other.

    Back in the real world, they will apply a financial sanction which will go to the FA/Blatter Corruption Fund and quite possibly ban Wilshere for Arsenal games.

  31. I’m still looking into the Arsenal U17 versus Aston Villa U17 game last Sunday in Stratford. Which we won 2-1. The Arsenal Ladies site (within the FA-WSL site) had an introduction to the game, and a link to the twitter feed. The twitter feed had the final results, and then a pointer to a facebook page which from the description is all pictures. I try to avoid facebook. Since then, has put up a page which has essentially no text, and a zillion pictures. Pictures? I suppose they are pictures if you are a member, to me they are all black rectangles with red borders.

    Well, today the Stratford followed up on their story, and actually have some words, as well as a bunch of pictures which are actual pictures, not these black rectangles. So, if you would like a sort of game report, from an Aston Villa point of view (a young Stratford girl is a central midfield on the Aston Villa team), the following link is not too bad. It takes a while to download.

  32. @SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I agree that Jack was probably upset that he didn’t start the match but it is a stretch and, I would argue, pure speculation that this is what fueled his comments about Tottenham. He’s one of our own and we don’t like Tottenham…he said the same things last year.

  33. Media for the past several years, Sly sports MOTD etc.:

    “Get in theier faces. Grrrr…”
    Translation for those nt unfortunately as familiar with such gibberish:
    “The best way to stop AFC is to kick their players”

    Would you like a reference?

    There was Barton on MOTD in front of a clip of Cahill’s foul on Alexis, discussing how to foul and hence injure.

    So it’s acceptable to advocate cheating, to be clear in case anyone had a smidgen of doubt as to what has been said. But it’s not acceptable for a footballer to sing a football song.

    It is, what it is.

    Greg Dyke: The man who who chose to point the finger at jonny foreginer for the lack of investment in coaches etc. when he and everyone else involved with the sport knows better. The smiling watchman who likes to accept and return watches, depending upon who is watching.

  34. Can only agree with you Tony, our own…..incompetent FA got far too close to the corruption.I don’t believe our officials received the gifts the likes of Jack Warner did, but they still compromised themselves. Greg dyke took an expensive watch off FIFA FFS.
    It looks like FIFA have played on third world grudges, criminals , and in the case of the Brazilian Marin, an alleged murderer from the dark heart of Brazil’s military dictatorship of yesteryear, who were allowed to do what they want as long as Sepp stayed in, all masqueraded by the odd act of aid and charity supposedly hiding the bribes. There is still a them against U.S. attitude in some countries, especially against the UK and USA which some
    have used to excuse corruption, or at least turning a blind eye to corruption. do not see such forces can be reconciled under the present structure.
    The Feds will go through all the paperwork , others will put in place measures to stop repeats. But the more they find, surely the more embarrassing for the likes of the FA. As for British territories, have a feeling some of the trails may lead to banking systems much nearer to home, London? Isle,of Man? Channel Islands?

  35. I am not English but I have to say that I get the impression that there are many out there that dislike the self-righteous English press and even without the corruption I am not at all certain that England would have won with their bid. Personally, I lobby against my country (Canada) hosting any of these grandiose circuses. The taxpayer always ends up on the wrong end of the stick nor have I seen people at the skinny end of the wage scale benefiting too much, either.

  36. Why are we even having a discussion about If Jack was right or not!

    We want players to feel our emotions don’t we.
    We want players to be one of us.

    Well, If yes, then therz nothing that Jacks done which can bring the game to disrepute. All he is doing is bonding with the fans. In this utter professional world (and world of football) at least we have a player who has let go of the pseudo righteousness.

    Don’t change Jack. Lets make it 3 in a row next season…

  37. Oh and if you think your prescripted interviews will help players connect with the fans, media, you are wrong.

  38. “propelled emotional rant outbursts” Oh is that what they call celebrating with a football chant these days? But wait theres more.. Apparently Wenger is to blame for this? Crikey mate!

  39. The simple reality is that the FA are corrupt in their thinking & picking on Jack is an example of their racist bias. They have done sweet FA with regard to racism in their own organisation & the PGMO. They have acted contrary to the rules with regard to bidding for the world cup & spent money that was meant for our youth facilities. The slimey bastards ignored a choke hold on Alexis by a Stoke cretin that has been published for the world to see yet pick on ‘shit’ uttered in a humourous ditty about the tots.

    It is time for Dyke to wake up & focus on his own house that needs a clear out.

  40. Menace
    ‘The slimey bastards ignored a choke hold on Alexis by a Stoke cretin….’
    They also ignored a push by another Stoke cretin which sent Debuchy crashing into the hoardings and putting him out of action for several weeks.

  41. Mick – I just mentioned one nasty obvious foul that is not acceptable in any walk of life. It was an incident that any police officer worth his salt should have reacted to, & made an arrest. The FA officials were shambles & shameless – nothing new there!

  42. @SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    You do know that the UEFA president, Platini voted for Qatar to host 2022. So I don’t get the annoyance. You do know some members of UEFA still supported Blatter in the last election? So I don’t get it when I’ve read people mouth off UEFA should leave FIFA. Do you mean England should boycott FIFA? Like the author of this article pointed out, FIFA is only corrupt because the member nations’ FA are equally corrupt. I’ve been asking this question since all this noise about FIFA corruption. BBC revealed FIFA corruption in 2010 just before the voting for 2018 and 2022 world cup bids. The Government tried to stop BBC from airing the programme as they believed it would hurt England’s chance of winning. Corruption at FIFA did not matter to anyone then (apart from BBC that aired the programme), it was simply swept under the carpet so we could get to host the world cup.

    The crux of the corruption campaign is the £3bn or more inflow to the economy if England won the bid to host the world cup. The countries that bid did the same thing only some out did others. Jack Warner returned the gift from England probably because it was too small Again like the author of this article has pointed out, the FA (Most national FAs) , including Dyke that accepted and later returned £16,000 wrist watch, are complicit in the corruption at FIFA. They all need to change as well.

    One other thing FiFa needs to iron out is the hosting of the world cup. If the game can’t be played in certain countries, then they should not be allowed to bid. I on the other hand actually love the idea of taking it to countries that have never hosted the tournament, although if they must do, it should not come at a huge cost to the host nation.

  43. Chuck Blazer has just admitted accepting bribes for the France and South Africa WCs . He is currently in a NYC court. Now it really is all over for FIFA , Blatter and possibly the next two WCs . If the bidding was found to be fraudulent, other losing bidders will launch law suits that could put FIFA out of business. Now we know why the France delegate voted for Blatter!

  44. One report about Blazer statements, is that how he got caught was for tax evasion.

  45. I was thinking the same thing, that it was tax evasion that got Al Capone.

    And the IRS is hopelessly behind as far as computerization goes, from what I last remember on that.

  46. I got a reply back from The FA about them missing the game between Arsenal and Aston Villa U17 Ladies teams. Communications director I believe.

    He is sorry this happened, it wasn’t supposed to. He thinks it got missed in the build up to the Womens World Cup (in Canada, go Canada!!).

    I sent a sur-reply (I think that is correct term) back, bringing him up to date with what I know.

    The Stratford Herald said there were 400 people in attendance at the game. From the twitter feed, I think Leah Williamson (?) of Arsenal Ladies was at the game. Maybe the FA can build an article after the fact. It would seem there are more than enough photos to go around.

    So, this touches on the FA missing out on this, but what is the Arsenal excuse? What is the Aston Villa excuse? There are a few women’s groups that cover this kind of thing, how did they miss it?

    I would think all of these U17 Ladies (winners or losers) are disappointed, because it has the appearance that nobody cares.

  47. Blatter wants to stay on until the next congress. Someone is considering new rules, who is supposedly independent and honourable/ethical/moral.

    And we have that NewFIFA site who would like to replace FIFA, with probably something that is similar.

    There have been studies into democracy, in an environment where every person can have a vote. And how do people vote using the Internet. That last one is kind of funny. Lots of commercial outfits claim to have a solution, it just costs (lots of) money. And when the hardware arrives, it is hackable, and there is no warranty.

    Football has value. It should have sponsors, it should try to do good, it should ….

    Football is not a country. Maybe football is what these academic explorations in democracy should start with? Do we need a president? Do we need an executive committee?

    What is the value of a vote from a very small country that is honest, compared to a more populous country that is corrupt?

    I looked at some issues on voting in Canada a while ago, and what seemed to work was to weight votes by the square root of the population represented. But with respect to corruption, Canada is relatively uniform. There are places in the world that are much more corrupt. Or places with lots of money that don’t give foreign workers any rights. Or probably lots of other things.

    Bah, what do I know? I hate politics. Too many crooks.

  48. Rowan’s Law

    All the countries of the Commonwealth inherited law from the UK. Does law flow uphill?

    A death in Canada related to a youth (female) dying because of too many concussions may result in something called Rowan’s law.

    Rowan is the girl’s first name. There is no power to force the coroner’s recommendations into law provincially or federally. But there seems to be interest in trying to realize Rowan’s Law in public society.

    Which might have an effect on boring managers that continue to play players who have had a concussion in a game.

  49. @ GoingGoingGooner – June 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm – ” What if what Jack said was true? ”
    I am with GGG on this one . Can anyone prove that our Jack was lying ? Or fibbing or stretching the truth ? Maybe he shouldn’t have been so gleeful about it !
    Should a person be hounded for telling a truth ? However inconvenient or embarrassing it may be to be seen. Most of us are thought to tell only the truth , the whole truth ,and nothing but the truth.
    It the FA can prove that he was lying , then ban him for a game , preferably an England international . You know just him to show whose the boss .
    We ,the AKBs will not , I repeat , will not show any form of dissent at this punishment !

  50. ” The only thing that you have that nobody else has is YOU. Your voice , your mind , your story , your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can .”

  51. Tax evasion got Capone but the shocker today is lies under oath are not perjury if they are not relevant evidence!!! My tweet -definition of bollocks – lies under oath – not perjury.

  52. It will be interesting to see what Jack Warners going to confess to…

  53. In our local English not your great English I have had a lot of questions to answer the elders who support the Arsenal,
    1- If as they say bringing the game into dispute, jack was on the bus and there was no match being played, if atall one of you can explain that to one of the elders Stauch arsenal supporters.
    2 – bringing the game into dispute (ii)why did that huge crowd just appreciate what jack was saying!? if atall one of you could explain it to the elders.

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