Hey look, we won the Cup. Finally the match report

By Walter Broeckx

Allow me for once not to do the usual match report I write. As in order to publish the report I write it while the match is going on. I found myself missing goals at times doing that when I was typing things from a big chance and from the following corner or free kick we scored. But as most of you will have read I was at the Emirates for this match. At home my laptop is standing in front of me on the table in front of my couch. But if I would have taken my laptop to the Emirates I had to put it on my lap and thus couldn’t jump up when we would score, nor could I stand up when the songs require us to stand up… So for once the match report is written long after the match itself.

But as I have now seen my recording at home I will use this opportunity to give my views on the goals, some incidents and … the ref. Not a review but some good and some bad things that I noticed.  But here we go.

Aston Villa from the off showing the tactics they would try. Hoof the ball in the direction of Benteke and try to make the most of it. And pressure Arsenal high up the pitch and don’t allow their defenders much time on the ball. And to be honest in the opening minutes Benteke won a few headers. But the Arsenal players surrounding him were mostly first to the second ball and could build Arsenal attacks. Benteke coming in the picture again with this time a late foul on Cazorla who had just his trickery to ghost past the big Belgian striker near the Aston Villa goal line. Moss having a word with Benteke. First big foul, giving a warning, good refereeing and building up from the ref.

Arsenal building the pressure more and more and Benteke more and more on an island. Bellerin and Monreal both taking turns in moving forward adding to the problems for Villa. Vlaar intercepting a dangerous cross from and clearing it for a corner. Monreal being kicked down by Cleverly with no chance of the latter playing the ball. Moss gets out his yellow card. That’s how it should be done and that is the Moss I got to appreciate in his early days in the PL. First a warning but the the cards have to come out.

From the resulting free kick Alexis finds Koscienly but Given can punch the header away. A first big chance for Arsenal. Bellerin with a good run on the right finding Ramsey at the near post but he can only put it in the side net. Özil winning the ball in midfield, then gliding past a Villa player as if he wasn’t there and then finding Ramsey with his cross but Ramsey fires over. That was a very big chance to take the lead. Özil again with a great cross this time to Walcott who just has to put it in the net and would have if it wouldn’t have been for Richardson who blocks the shot on the line with his body. Come on Arsenal just score that first goal!

Özil again (I know it’s getting boring) with a great ball to Theo who releases Ramsey on the right but Vlaar can take the heat out of the shot and Given can collect the ball. Hutton then diving in on Alexis. Luckily the Chilean saw it coming and could get his feet out of the grass. Moss giving a well deserved yellow card.  Arsenal threaten again after a corner from Özil but Aston Villa can clear the ball. Delph pulling Özil down for the second time is enough for Moss to produce another yellow card. Some excellent football from Arsenal so far and some excellent refereeing most of the time.

Finally! Arsenal score. Theo gets the ball on the left flank after having switched positions with Alexis. Monreal on the overlap with a cross. Alexis the smallest player in the penalty area heads it back in front of the goal and Theo smashes it home with a left footed volley! 1-0 to the Arsenal after 40 minutes. Theo being stopped by Richardson a few minutes later and that was it for the first half. Completely dominant match from Arsenal and as my match reporter said the 1-0 score is not a fair reflection of what we have seen.

5 minutes before the interval we scored and we did it again 5 minutes after the interval. And what a goal for Arsenal! A ball breaks loose some 10 meters out of the Aston Villa penalty area. Alexis retrieves the ball on the left flank, goes inside a bit. Monreal on the overlap pulling one defender away and making space for Alexis who fires of a rocket that swerves over Given and cannons off from the crossbar in the net. A real Gunners goal! 2-0 to the Arsenal after 50 minutes.

Westwood getting frustrated and hacks down Alexis who was doing a 1-2 with Özil and he also gets in the book. Moss still very well in this match. Another goal for Arsenal when Walcott first hits Given and Alexis puts it over the line but the flag had gone up against Walcott so doesn’t count. Assistant was correct. Arsenal keep on trying to add a third goal. Ramsey’s shot is blocked by the arm of a defender but Moss gives nothing (handballs were not his thing on the day) and in the follow up Given has to stop a low shot from Cazorla.

Özil finding Walcott in space but a defender and Given can block the attempt from Theo and in the end Arsenal win a corner. And there is our Big F*cking German to head in a third goal! 3-0 after Cazorla took the corner and Mertesacker out tricked Benteke who was trying to cover him and head-shoulders the ball in the goal. 62 minutes played and surely this match is over now.  I still wonder if Moss would have given a penalty if Per had not scored as Vlaar was pulling Koscielny’s shirt over his head … Per spared the ref a decision there.

Arsenal now just in control and keeping the ball and doing what they want. Özil gives another chance to Walcott but this time the shot from the Arsenal striker goes wide. He attempted a curler in the far corner. Both players’  last action in the match as they come off to a big roar. Wilshere and Giroud come on after 72 minutes.

Wilshere very busy and showing some nice trickery but no end product. Agbonlahor has a run and is brought down by Coquelin just outside the Arsenal penalty area. Agbonlahor screaming for a penalty (outside is just a free kick and not a penalty) and a minute later gets a yellow card as he keeps on moaning about it against Moss. Good card work but it was a foul. The match now was no longer a match. Villa waiting for the final whistle so they can run away from Wembley and Arsenal not really wanting to add to the score.

Grealish then escapes and Bellerin has an arm around him….Moss this time should have given a penalty for Aston Villa. It would have been a mere consolation for them as they have been played off the pitch by a glorious Arsenal side. Oxlade-Chamberlain comes on in the final minute to give Alexis a standing ovation from the Arsenal fans in the stadium and in the Emirates. His rocket made a match that was already not really a contest in to a walk in the Wembley park. 3 minutes of extra time.

And in the final minute Wilshere and The Ox combine at the right hand side and the Ox gives a low cross to the first post and Giroud, the third substitute boots it in the goal to score the 4th goal for Arsenal. Finishing the match on a high that is called.  4-0 the final score.

All 14 Arsenal players played like heroes. The manager had his non-existing (of course) tactics spot on. The supporters were in fine voice and overshadowed the Villa fans completely just as our players did. I had hoped for a win. Any win to reach that historic milestone of being the most successful FA cup team in history. But silently I had hoped to reach that milestone in style. And boy we sure did it with style. We did it the Arsène way, not the Arsenal way.

Back 2 back FA cup wins. Last time we did it we won the league the next season. A season that is also memorable for other reasons. Can we do it again next season…..? With this team and mentality that is growing and growing… hell can’t wait for next season. Bring it on, bring it on!


3 June 2000: The song “Arsenal number 1″ enters the top 50 for one week.



26 Replies to “Hey look, we won the Cup. Finally the match report”

  1. BJT

    Are you saying your name is really Dial Square Dave? And your off to the pub for another 3 days? 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning the attempted undressing of Koscielny. Kind of funny (because we scored) but not at all certain that Moss would have called it. Amazing that no commentator mentioned it.

  3. Good report on Moss’ performance, good report on the Arsenal performance. Nice to have it all brought back to us. I also think I shall celebrate again, thanks

  4. @Gord

    No I am not Dial Square Dave – just an AKB fan who has lived through the lean years and is delighted to celebrate our success last year and this year.

    But….. going to the pub for 3 days ….. while attractive ….. no – just a single malt Scotch or two or ….. 🙂

  5. good report
    kos looked really funny in that momment with his shirt over his head.

    all round an excellent day “we are back”

    can’t see why everyone says we need a new CH don’t they know we have Gabriel and chambers who else has 4 centre halfs? also debuchy and monreal can play there.

    special mention goes out to le coq well done young man you have done yourself and the club proud. all this clamour by outsiders that we need a DM what we need is cover because le coq is only going to get better.

    i can’t wait for next season and can’t wait to read more untold articles the nest Arsenal blog on the net by a country mile.


  6. Nice job Walter.
    I saw the game and the performance of Mr. Moss pretty much as you did. Would liked to have seen a yellow on Benteke for the early foul against Santi, but I’ll defer to your judgement and referee experience that a warning was in order. He certainly seemed to have control of the game from what I could tell from the broadcast. That was refreshing – Arsenal allowed to play their game. Also, happy you were able to view the match at the Emirates with all the many Gooners. Beside being at Wembley that must have been the place to be.

  7. First and foremost, I thought BFG is for Big Friendly Giant and not Big F**king German.

    Aston Villa fans think Moss was against them by their comments that I saw on some Villa blogs although I thought most of his decisions were on point. Didn’t see the last 20mins of the game due to some technical faults so don’t know much about the 2 penalties.

    A match to watch over and over again

  8. Great report on a match I will never forget. Moss has been slated on FIF lately, but thought he did ok in this game, despite the frenetic pace.

  9. YES, we av gud CBs.. we wl only get d best out of dem by keeping a reasonably ‘unhigh’ backline..

  10. Mandy,
    Moss has generally been OK for us, not always gut generally. I think he is too lenient sometimes with what he lets opponents get away with but I struggle to accuse him of outright bias… incompetent at times but not overtly tilting the pitch. He is a ref who we seem able to cope with when not at our very best. Unlike some others out there.

  11. Reading the report is like seeing the match again, Walter. I was pleased when Moss got out the cards early – all too rare among English referees. I think even though he didn’t get everything right we would be very happy if we got this standard of refereeing every match.

    Glad to read all the mentions of Ozil. Also, I see there is an article on arsenal.com analysing Coquelin’s contribution to the match. Should be interesting. He looked like one of the happiest of all on the podium after the match. From Charlton to FA Cup winner in six months! A wonderful success story for the young man.

  12. During the game, particularly towards the end, I though Moss had given up. That was why he didn’t call a foul against Coquelin just outside the box, or a penalty against Bellerin, or called a few more yellow cards against Villa. Reading Walter’s report, I don’t think he would agree with that. Maybe I am mis-interpretting things in part, because I watch so little football any more. I usually just read about it.

  13. Thanks Walter. Have just about come down from 7th heaven but your report prompts me to celebrate and re-enjoy the glorious victory. Keep attending matches … you are our lucky charm.

  14. I noticed that Per can make an excellent pass out from defense that is at least 20-30 metres and spot on. Nobody mentions his ability to do this or his excellent sense of attacking at the right ,moment in the opposition penalty area,,,,something that has helped him score a few timely goals for us. while he is a big, akward and disjointed giant, his very well honed skills are extremely valuable to our success and I feel his is sorely under-appreciated.

  15. @Gord, I thought Moss missed the foul by Coquelin just outside the box, and Bellerin (plausible) penalty. But then Algbulgwore is a divey man. His legs are always shaped like an anchor (hanging by the side of the boat) looking for any twig to drag on.

    BUT then Moss was shit allover the pitch. Luckily for us, he was not biasedly shit.

  16. Half time Aston Villa 4 Arsenal 0.

    Full time Aston Villa 5 arsenal O

    In his after match interview Alan Sherwood commented that with 4 yellow cards agaisnt them his team had to be careful.

    When was the last time that at half time the Ref had issued yellow cards to our opponent. Usually the ref gives the yellows to Arsenal in the first half thereby inhibiting our players defending in the second.

    In this match our players were for the most part allowed to play in the second half and look what happened.

    Congratulations to Arsene for bringing such a team together and of course for getting the tactics right.

    In the commentry had I had to endure there was this begrudging gem.

    ”Santi at 35 million the bargin of the season.”

  17. On some other day , some other ‘ regular’ referee might have booked Koscielny for the alleged crime of ‘lifting’ up his jersey and possibly also for the excessive and ebullient celebrations after the goal!

  18. The Bellerin penalty claim by Villa, could it be a penalty as both players were off the pitch and not in the penalty area?

    Should Arsenal not of had at least 2 penalties? Hand ball from the shot by Ramsey? If his handball was a freekick earlier on during the game the surly that was a handball for a penalty. The tackle on Ozil on the edge of the box, the villa player came in from behind and made no contact with the ball.

    Watching the Benteke penalty claim the red was totally unsighted and would of had to guess about where the initial challenge had happened.

  19. @Swales1968
    Yes, the Bellerin “penalty” occurred when the ball was dead so no penalty, but Moss obviously missed it as play continued.
    I think Huttons’ handball was deliberate (but clever)”, and I’ve have not seen a replay of the Ôzil trip, but it looked bad to me.

  20. Pat

    Re: Coquelin.

    “From Charlton to FA Cup winner in six months! A wonderful success story for the young man.”

    Well said.

    If this had happened to a player at any other club it would be a massive story, but all we keep hearing is we need ‘a new holding midfielder’ (as well as keeper. Centre Half and Striker of course). In other words he’s not good enough if we want to challenge for the title next year. What crap.

    Look at the pre match furore over Grealish for putting in one good cross. Ok a bit harsh, but you know what I mean.

    I would be perfectly happy to start next seasons campaign with Coquelin, in fact with this entire squad as it is.

    That is not to say I am against, or wouldn’t even like a new signing or 2. That’s just normal isn’t it? All football fans are like that aren’t they? I bet if you was to trawl through some Chelsea blogs they would be clambering for signings to improve the squad. But if nobody comes in I’m ok with that.

    Not so sure our aaa friends would be so quite so happy though 😉

    But back to Coquelin, the lad should be very proud of himself.

  21. Walter

    Very good report.

    I was fascinated by Moss’s reffing, particularly in the first half. There were a couple of times when AV made “regular”(or non dangerous) fouls and he made a short blast on the whistle and the game restarted quickly, (although a Villa player would only be one meter away). I rarely see that for fouls on Arsenal players.

    Glad you had a great time in London.

  22. Walter

    Can you clarify … as Masterstroke said, Bellarin and Grealish looked off the pitch … if that’s the case, what should the ref actually give, because surely a penalty has to be in the area, but you can’t give a free kick behind the goal line !!!

  23. It might not have been perfect but if every match was refereed in a similar fashion I’d be pretty happy. Fouls were called as fouls and nasty fouls were nearly always punished with yellows. The referees get a lot of stick, a lot of it deserted, but I think a referee deserves a lot of credit for a good game and moss was good in the cup final

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