All the players in next season’s Arsenal line up, and some who aren’t

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  1. Tony,
    I’m sure I watched an interview where Flamini said he had 1 more season in his contract….

  2. @Clockendrider. Transfermarkt says Flamini’s contract runs till July 2016! I hope we manage to sell him.

  3. Arteta, an interesting one, I suspect he is being groomed, initially for a coaching role at the club, as well as being a useful player to have around if he can stay fit. I can just envisage him as Arsenal manager one day.

    But the reality, none of us know anything. And as we all know on this site, no point in speculating until either it is on the official site, or we see Wenger on the beach in his speedos.

  4. Forget about Schneiderlin , apparently he was being closely looked at with a fine thoothed comb by both the North London clubs , but once ,Manchester United showed interest , ‘his head was turned ‘.
    It apparently turned so much that he is now facing the wrong way !

  5. ‘ Arsenal on the verge of signing The Foxes superstar!’
    Are we talking about Jamie Vardy ? Finally we get a real Fox-in-the -box !

  6. Can anyone explain this media love in with Benteke… contrast to the way they treat Giroud, who in my opinion, is the superior of the two. I may be missing something, but I just don’t get this hype on the Belgian, he is ok, but judging by the media enchantment with him, I would guess they know he is on his way to Spurs or Liverpool, or maybe he has a very good agent

  7. ARSENAL 13 agree to that, but CL final tonight. Want to see how Barca play and devise how to beat them 🙂 hoping that Juv shows how 🙂
    Fast forward?
    I used to be able to dream what i wanted when i was young by thinking about it before falling asleep but it don’t work now.

    Mandy, i am slowly getting to think they fear Giroud’s abilities and want to undermine his confidence. Giroud is starting to do things that i don’t expect or didn’t used to expect from a striker.

    Anyway off to watch CL final, and book my place for next Year when it will be Arsenal 🙂

  8. Mandy Dodd

    Exactly. The media hype up anyone who may be going to either of them.

    I mean, we all know how good the players where that they both splashed there ‘Windfalls’ on, at least right up until the moment they actually kicked a ball for them 😆

    As for Giroud. The guy is class. Very strange the way he is so under rated.

    Did I say strange?

    Sorry, I meant to say the usual bullshit 🙂

  9. No mention of young Miquel, the Spanish left back, of whom I had great hopes. Is he on loan somewhere? 😉

  10. Brickfields, I think you’ll agree that looking at anything with a comb (toothed or otherwise) is a totally fruitless activity.

    Para, ‘undermine Giroud’s confidence’? I seriously doubt anything will undermine Mons. Giroud’s confidence. Almost Bendtneresque, the big difference being Olivier is true class and can back up his confident attitude.

    How many more days to football again?

  11. Flamini has told after the cup final (I think) that he has one more year in the club. I think he is surplus to requirements. He did a great job in 2013-14 though.

    Arteta… Eh, there are only few players in Arsenal history that I like more than Arteta. He signed for Arsenal when we were going through the most difficult time during “the-tighten-belt”-era. Nasri left for big money, Fabregas betrayed his troops by crying his way to Barcelona, Wilshere picked an injury that forced him to miss whole season and Ramsey was still learning his trade. Our midfield was decimated. Arteta took a pay-cut to join Arsenal, imposed himself as a real midfield general and made people believe Alex Song is a great player by covering all holes Song would leave during the game. I’d love him to stay in the club at some capacity even if it’s visible his legs are gone. He’s been our best and most successful captain since Vieira.

    Podolski… His finishing is immense but he is a square peg in a round hole. He is 30 and we should cash him in. His goal against Liverpool last season was probably the most important one he has scored for us.

    Campbell is the one I’d like to keep. He actually reminds me of Coquelin at his beginning. Campbell has a lovely left foot (we don’t have too many of those in the attack), pace, work-rate and all he needs is confidence. Back in 2013 I wrote that melting Coquelin and Frimpong into one player would solve all our issues with defensive midfield. Now I think we would get a perfect forward by melting Campbell and Podolski into one player.

  12. Miquel moved to Norwich. He doesn’t appear to have got many games there.

  13. Josip , agree on Arteta, have a really strong feeling he will spend many years at the club in some capacity

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