With this second signing will anyone be able to stop Arsenal?

 By Sir Hardly Anyone

Of course in the world of transfers not everything is as it seems, so before I let you in on the really big secret of just who it is we are signing, let’s clear the dead wood…

Three-Year-Deal: Arsenal Have Agreed Transfer, CL Forward Delighted With Move

That story is about Podolski

Arsenal set to announce deal with former Bayern Munich star, after personal terms have been agreed!

That’s Podolski as well.

World class winner flying out for medical as Arsenal set to announce another deal

And well, you guessed, Podolski has been spotted at an airport in Turkey.

So now with that out of the way let’s get down to business.

Arsenal Set TO ANNOUNCE $33m Superstar Signing In Days

Premier league giants Arsenal are set to announce the arrival of Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal. What looks like a very unexpected move, Arsenal fans are in for a huge celebration if the Chilean transfer to Arsenal is officially announced.

GOOD NEWS: Arsenal Have Had SURPRISE Bid ACCEPTED For 2nd Signing!

Arsenal have finally sorted out the transfer of Arturo Vidal, with the transfer set to be announced after the Copa America.

So whence commeth these commentaries?  Well, blow me up, if it isn’t our old chums the Daily Telegraph.

Here’s another, but just see the headline

Breaking: Arsenal SET TO SIGN Chilean Star, NOT Arturo Vidal!

Now this is a turn up because just when we were used to it being Viddal, suddenly it isn’t.  What sort of a world is this anyway?

Arsenal are set to enter in talks over a potential move of Chile striker Eduardo Vargas to Emirates Stadium. Vargas scored four times in Copa America this season leading the goal scoring charts. He spent last season on loan to newly relegated club QPR.

Meanwhile back on planet fantasy

Now you know this must be important because it is in capitals.  And wow, look at this…
Arsenal are not done in the transfer window and their name have been bandied with one top player after the other. With each debunked story comes a new one with a new perspective. The most recent is that Arsenal are in pursuit of Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain. If this story is to be believed, then Arsenal will be forking out a great deal of money.
But I would point you to this last sentence, and then compare that with the “set to” headline.  It gives “set to” a completely new meaning.

However there are always sales headlined, and a lot of the aaa sites are desperate for some bad news.

Atlético Madrid are understood to be weighing up a bid for Santi Cazorla as a possible replacement for Arda Turan, according to a report in the Times.

Hmmmm.  And yes, it is time for you to be told how you will feel.  These feelings are of course difficult so it is vital to have some anonymous twollop tell you how you are feeling, ought to feel and will feel…

While many Arsenal supporters would be unhappy to see Cazorla leave in the summer, the arrival of Turan may go someway to softening the blow.



“Reports about my move are not correct. I am on holidays and resting,” Turan said on Twitter.

What else?

Arsenal have been told they must pay £14m if they want to sign Baba Rahman from German side Augsburg.

The Ghana international, who is also being courted by Chelsea, Manchester City, is understood to have impressed Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal manager, as he helped Augsburg finish fifth in the Bundesliga last season.

Does all this seem a bit dry and dull?

Try these two headlines right next to each other on Friday on the Independent’s web site.

Here’s another bit of a laugh.  MIU Soccer web site has the screaming web site headline

Arsenal close in on WORLD CLASS deal for£45 million rated Frenchman

Click on it and you get “page not found”.   Such is life.

SHOCKING! Arsenal Star Says That Players Are Leaving Training In tears

Oh my god, the club is falling apart.  But no, it is the Spanish women’s team angry with their coach.  I am not sure it is that shocking.  Managers get angry with players and players get angry with coaches.

Another anniversary…

4 July 1998: Dennis Bergkamp became the Netherlands top scorer.  He went on to score 37 goals in 79 international games – despite not wishing to fly to away matches.


29 Replies to “With this second signing will anyone be able to stop Arsenal?”

  1. why are we not beimg linked with isco or pogba. sometime back messi was reportedly a target for England top4 teams

  2. According to the Express Podolski has been ‘captured’ by Galatasary. I thought he went voluntarily but obviously not.

  3. I’m beginning to miss the “long admired by Arsene Wenger”, “a target of Wenger’s for many seasons” and “much wanted by Arsene over the years”.
    Where are all these poor souls? Why don’t they step forward? 😉

  4. One of the more bizarre rumours is of Nasri asking Arsène if there’s any chance of him returning to Arsenal.
    Of course he denies it.

  5. As usual the press don’t let any facts or truth stand in the way of what they perceive to be a catchy headline.

    Expect much more of the same!

  6. Starting to believe it’s more than the normal erroneous, click-chasing crap from the Telegraph.

    The other day I saw someone talking about Welbeck being on 130,000 per week; when someone else said no chance and provided a link to a much lower figure, the guy fired back with his own link- yep, telegraph, giving that figure as his ‘estimated’ earnings.

    I thought immediately about the guy who’d made a big deal about our wage bill being hire than Chelsea’s last year- pretty sure he was Telegraph

    Then of Tony’s various articles detailing Telegraph misdeeds in relation to Arsenal

    Then that it is they who are probably the worst offenders this year of pushing stories about players we have supposedly signed or are on the verge of signing. Big players often, like Vidal, which gets sections of support very excited, and then angry when nothing comes of it.

    All the stories have the same thing in common : outright negativity towards us, or false information which is designed to create negativity . It looks like a concerted editorial effort.

  7. Silly me, and I thought Vidal was going to Real Madrid. Still the Telegraph must be trusted!
    Think we need to play that Coquelin chap, looks a bit good to me.

  8. I suppose it’s understandable in the respect that these hacks are on a wage which they have to justify, and in the absense of actual football reporting they have to come up with an alternative.
    I’m not really bothered by it, except that it gets a bit repetitive.

  9. Good luck to Poldi at Gala, now official. He scored some seriously good goals for us and was clearly a popular player.

  10. Yep, good luck Poldi.

    Never quite took off for him as he or we would of hoped, but he scored some great goals for us and certainly seemed one of the happiest guys to of ever pulled on the Arsenal shirt.

    Personally I’m sorry to see him go, but then I’m like that with most of the guys. They pull on that shirt and I take them to my heart.

    Good job I’m not in charge because we’d still have Willie Young at Centre half !!

  11. @bjt gooner,
    Couldn’t agree more.
    During the twice-yearly Window opening, a war breaks out within parts of the media, in order to determine the most audacious headlines. Sales and ratings are the prizes.
    As in a real war, the first casualty is the truth. 😉

  12. Our boy Sanchez just scored the winning penalty to win the Copy America!

  13. Yes, Alexis achieves immortality in his home country. All very well, and I congratulate him and his team, but enough of that, let’s get him a holiday, a rest, a pre season and back in an Arsenal shirt…..that’s the important thing!

  14. And if he goes out celebrating with Vargas, Vargas does not drive!

    I still guess Alexis misses the game against West Ham.

  15. Or was it Vidal that wrote off the Ferrari?

    Kind of funny to have the fashion police out writing articles, saying that Alexis’s goal wasn’t a panenka, or a poor one, or …. He scored, it wasn’t a hard shot. Works for me.

  16. Was Vidal with the Ferrari. The player we are supposed to be signing bit is actually going to Real…….or something……

  17. Good luck to Poldi – may he find all the Turkish delights to his heart’s content !

  18. Too much of a good thing ?

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    Once with the witch he said, ”I need your help. My penis is so big it’s hard for me to find women who can accommodate me. Can you help me?”
    The witch said, “Go to the forest, in the middle of it you’ll find a frog, ask it to marry you. It is a cursed frog, and every time it says no, the curse will cause your penis to shrink 5 inches, which in your case is actually a blessing!”

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    So he asked the frog one more time, “Will you marry me?”

    The frog looked up at him in disgust and said, “I told you: No, no, and NO!”

    ( And if you thought that wasn’t bad enough , in the Indian and Chinese versions ,the frog said , “No!No! And a thousand times NO !” )

  19. Aren’t you glad that we are able to converse and share our ideas , dreams and hopes on this site ? In the future , due to the gradual dumbing down by technology , no more conversation would be possible .
    But not to be appearing rude , the solution is now at hand , and at hat !


  20. Shameful lies told by shameful scum. Surely, this must be fraudulent because there is money involved.
    A report said…

  21. Why do they keep writing this shit , he is not and never was coming to Arsenal , the only good thing to write about would be the demise of Robin Van Persie , what a mug , could have been a hero , but money got the better of him and now look at the mug , sold your soul to the devil and the devil mugged you off , bye bye you mug

  22. Congratulations to Alexis on his Copa America win. As much as I love Sanchez, I av also wished Messi a senior international cup win. Was torn apart b4, during n after d game. On a much more pragmatic note very api Alexis won coz dts beta 4 d Arsenal n I’m still hoping for the recognition of our players at d very top of the Ballon d’oor tree even though I’d prefer if it’s scrapped.

  23. Good wishes to Poldi – I will miss him. The left foot of Thor and the (nearly) always happy face. Istanbul will be his third ‘second favourite’ city.
    Well done, Sanchez! Now he can holiday seriously and come back to win again with us. I can’t imagine he is the type to want extra rest time.
    Also I hope that Wenger has one more secret signing to reveal.

  24. If the powers that be need moderation, I guess I need to include 2 URLs to trigger it.

    Why are we still seeing news articles about Septic Bladder? He’s trying to undo his resignation is all that makes sense.

    He is blaming all the problem on the Qatar 2022 vote on politics, the Russia 2018 vote was pristine. And he had nothing to do with any problems in voting over the 500 years he has been president, and has a clear conscience (I talked about transparency and size). And this huge amount of money in his retirement fund, but he has no idea how it got there.

    South Africa has a lot of money and a lot of poverty and other problems. We can’t undo the construction, or anything else.

    Brazil has resources, and lots of poverty. For a World Cup, people expect “large” stadia. All I see in a post WC 2014 world, is that these stadia are of no use to the country that built them. Did we see innovation from FIFA? Maybe let’s build stadia where there is a permanent 10-20k seating, and surround that with a temporary 40-50k seating with luxury boxes that is easily dismantable? And dismantle the extra stuff after the games? No. Brazil is a country that needs no white elephants, and FIFA was bound and determined to leave white elephants scattered across Brazil. All in an effort to help the FIFA retirement funds, oops I mean Brazil.

    Russia 2018 is too close to do anything about. Bladder is blaming politics, why accept a bid from a country led by Putin (whatever title he happens to have on application and games opening).

    Qatar needs a bunch of 50-90k stadia, about as badly as it needs to kill all the slave labourers in its country. Isn’t that is what is supposed to happen, at the end of construction none of them are left living, and so nobody needs to be paid?

    Countries want to sponsor a world cup for 2 reasons:
    1. They want to win it.
    2. They want to provide a well thought out economic stimulus to the country.
    3. They have a lot of money and they want to show everybody they have a lot of money.

    Originally, only a single country could host a world cup. I can understand some two country hostings, and thought Japan/Korea was okay.

    None of these Gulf States with a tonne of money have a need for sports stadia of this size. Even if a person could build a temporary large stadia over top/around a smaller one. You don’t need a 10k stadium for Fred’s Rocks to play Barney’s Stones.

    Sure, if the conditions for Qatar 2022 was to build N stadia where each stadia could be easily disassembled post event and the parts easily used for other things, and all the technology freely available for future world cups, that might be useful. As near as I can tell, that isn’t what is being done.

    Maybe FIFA needs to consider another model. Because if nothing else, Qatar never had a time of year when the games could be played. Let future countries (like Qatar) sponsor games in another country where games could be played at the desired time of year. The stadia are all temporary, and the parts usable for other buildings (or whatever) which the destination country needs. The host country pays a huge upfront fee to nominally “rent the country” in advance (corruption controls in place). If ports or airports need upgrading, they foot the bill for that (outside of the in advance hosting fee). If they need to upgrade the destination country’s Internet, all upgrades are paid by the host and are permanent. And this could go on for a long time.

    World Cups prefer to be played in the northern hemisphere summer. Madagascar has 10-20 degree temperatures then. The rainy season is in December, not June.

    Seeing as the USA-NSA is spying on everyone and everything, maybe some country (like Kuwait, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia) would sponsor/host a world cup at Diego Garcia? It’s closer to the Gulf States than Madagascar is.

    It may be that India (or other countries in the region) want to host a World Cup. Would Western Australia want to allow some host country to build permanent, semi-permanent or temporary structures for this?

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