The Untold Banner at the Emirates: all the latest

By Tony Attwood

You’ll probably know by now the basic story of how Blacksheep came up with the idea that Untold could have its own banner up at the Emirates.   If not, the history thus far is on the Untold Banner page along with our Roll of Honour of everyone who contributed.


That page will be updated during these final stages of the project, and in the not too distant future we hope to have a picture of the banner in position in the stadium on that page too.

The latest is that although we had hoped the banner might be in position for the Emirates Cup this weekend, we’ve been told by the club that this can’t now happen in time, but it will be up for the first home match of the season.

So a slight delay but we are still on track, although we don’t know where it will be in the ground.  Blacksheep will as ever be in the North Bank lower next season, but I’m moving across to the East Upper, just along from the North Bank so, if the team from Arsenal are reading, somewhere on the West Stand anywhere along from the 18 yard line to the centre line would be perfect.

Not that we are trying to dictate or anything – just a suggestion.

As always, thanks for everyone who supported the project both those recorded in the Roll of Honour and everyone who sent in their warm regards as the project progressed.  We’re nearly there.

By a most curious chance, the next special project is about to be launched just as this one reaches it high point.   This next project is in conjunction with AISA and  I don’t want to pre-empt the official announcement but in a short while we’ll be up and running with yet another plan.

The Untold Banner is our second project at the stadium – the first as you might remember was the statues around the ground, which we pitched to Ivan Gazidis in the early days of Arsenalisation.  I don’t think I’ve been more amazed than when he told me he thought it was a brilliant idea.

So two out of two so far.  It will be nice to make it three.

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27 Replies to “The Untold Banner at the Emirates: all the latest”

  1. Welcome to the East Upper Tony …. best bit of the stadium by miles !!!! 😀

  2. merci a arsene wengeet a toute l equipe qui nousfont rever meme a 2000km de distance en corse quant au projet bravo on viendra le voir

  3. Tony

    I am very pleased to see progress in this project – even if we will miss the Emirates Cup.

    However, I have a complaint.

    I sent through my £5.00 on the 10 July followed by a series of emails – so far I do not see my name on the list of contributors and so far the emails have not produced a response.

    So – did you receive my contribution or not? Have you received my emails? If not I must be using the wrong address – but I need to know.

    A response this time would be appreciated.

  4. Well it’s that time of the year again,all the teams are trying to out do each other in the prosess
    of spending untold of million’s of pounds, and the Arsenal come round to the Emirate’s Cup, let’s
    hope we can win it again, ok maybe we never last year but 2012/13 we did so let’s hope for another
    trophy to help us springboard into the new season!!!!#AFC FOREVER!!!

  5. Tony

    I have tried to contact you without luck. Could you please email me asap.


  6. bjtgooner and Jambug, if Tony hasn’t already contacted you I’ll mention it to him at the weekend – have no fear!

  7. They should make a similar banner at “the cathedral” with the boring one’s face on it, and the caption “football should be a vehicle”

  8. Great work all of you!! I’ll definitely feel happy and even proud of the banner whenever I look at it, even though I was not involved. Very intrigued what the new initiative will be.

  9. How often are banners displayed? Is it a one off or do they get regular use?

  10. @menace

    Where I come from (Australia), with the dollar steadily falling, “the fiver” is indeed a big deal! I think these guys just wanna make sure their cash got to its destination and to get some recognition for it.

  11. C4…….even better, Mourinho holding his head in his hands with the caption, “please don’t throw me under the parked bus!”

  12. Since the first one is almost up , why don’t we move on to plan for the next banner . One that has Untold Arsenal on it . And /or in praise of the hard core AKBs worldwide who stood firm in the truly trying ( winless )years . Maybe celebrating 3 FA Cups in a row ?
    I ‘ll start the ball rolling with 10 Pounds.

  13. “If someone sticks by your side through your worst times , they are the ones who deserve to be with you through your best times .” ( )

    So my suggestion for a new banner would be , ” Arsenal , Arsene Wenger and Untold Arsenal – firm and true forever .”
    ( I just couldn’t stand to see the word ‘united’ in that !)

  14. Yeah let’s have banner 2. The caption as suggested by Brickfields Gunners is ok, let just have the picture of Stadium Wenger in it.

  15. Such a shame we wont have the banner in place for the Emirates Cup. I couldn’t partake in making it happen thru my cash, but am filled with pride that I belong to a ‘tribe’ such as UA and have buddies who will stand by Arsenal and Arsene (nice ring to it) come rain or shine.

    Blacksheep and the team of kind donors, well done.

    Come on Arsene, how about one or two more of your clever signings, and let’s go whoop some arse starting from the Community Shield!

  16. @C4, like @Damilare said, you are living up to you ‘explosive’ name!

    @Brickfields Gunners, any ‘sagey’ quote about a ‘Vaunted One’ under a parked bus? Surely you can rummage in your sack and find something! Pleeeese…? Am asking nicely…

  17. @ Stan The Man -July 24, 2015 at 1:58 pm – Sorry just saw this . Was busy on the spoof post. Well off hand ….

    When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

    I would adjust the brakes of the parked bus so that it would run him over !

  18. This nice oldie was sent to me today .To all Untolders-

    “Life is like a journey on a train, with its stations, with changes of routes, and their accidents!

    At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe that they will always travel on our side , but at some station they will get down leaving us in this journey alone…
    In the same way other people will board, and they will be significant: our siblings, friends, children and even the love of our life.
    Many will get down and leave a permanent vacuum.. Others go so unnoticed that we don’t even realize that they vacated their seats!
    This trip will be full of joy, some sorrows, fantasies, expectations , goodbyes and farewells. Success consists in having a good relationship with all passengers, give the best of ourselves.
    The great mystery to everyone is we do not know which station we will get down, so we must live in the best way, love, forgive, offer the best of ourselves …
    So, when the time comes to get down and leave our seat empty , we should leave beautiful memories for those who will continue their travel on the train of life!!
    My wish for you is that the journey by this train for the coming year is better every day …. reap success and give lots of love, and especially thank God for the journey! Oh and I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train.
    Let this coming year be the best …. full of peace and love and a prosperous and healthy one for all …
    Bon voyage to you my dear fellow passengers….’

  19. @Brickfields Gunners. Thanks my friend, much obliged. What a thought. Imagine the ‘Odious One’ being run over by his own invention. Now, why am I having such dark thoughts? The man is absolutely despicable.

  20. My sincere apologies to bjtgooner and Jambug for not listing you.

    I am, as you know a complete nincompoop over such matters and you are now added. If we can ever meet up at the Ems before a game, I’ll most certainly buy you a drink as a small compensation.


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