Next season’s squad – the analysis, the detail, the review, the transfers

By Phil Gregory

Before the opening of the transfer window and the start of silly season, I think it wise have a look at the squad and see what we need to add for the upcoming season. I’m counting out players with injuries that mean they start the season injured: given the “Eduardo experience” I’d be pleased to have Ramsey as a reliable option by January.

Players in bold are those I’m expecting to depart,while italics indicate a player is an option in that position if needed, but is preferred in another position. I’m not suggesting players who I’d like to brought in, the signing of Thomas “who?” Vermaelen and his subsequent success shows us the folly of this, but to each their own!

Goalkeepers: Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Sczcnesy.

This is certainly a talking point! Almunia’s “injury” for the Wigan game, which meant Fabianski started, was a dropping in all but name. Yet the young Pole didn’t cover himself in glory either. I think Lukasz needs a loan spell: only with consistent gametime will we see his true colours. Some of the basic technical errors in his game are worrying, but I attribute them to nerves – Wenger would not entrust him with the gloves unless he performed in training.

Assessment: Most Arsenal fans want a new goalkeeper to be brought in, and I expect that wish to be granted. In the later days of the January transfer window, we were linked with purchases for goalkeepers and while I admit newspaper talk is often nonsense, it did seem reasonable that a few late phone calls were made by Wenger. Whether Almunia stays or goes will depend on him as a man, will he be able to cope with being demoted after being the number one for a duration?

Assuming we bring in another keeper, ideally, we would see one of Fabianski and Mannone go out on loan with the other remaining as number 3, Almunia goes to number two and Szcznesy gets first team experience at a higher level to further his development.

Leftbacks: Clichy, Gibbs, Traore

Centrebacks: Vermaelen, Gallas, Djourou, Campbell, Song, Silvestre, Bartley, Nordtveit.

Rightbacks: Sagna, Eboue, Hoyte

In the fullback positions, we’re well stocked. Clichy and Sagna are some of the best in the world in their positions and Eboue has to be the best back-up right back anywhere at club level. Indeed as we have seen often this season, Eboue and Sagna are rotated according to the situation, with Eboue preferred at home to “park the bus” sides, but Sagna remains undeniably the first choice.

In regard to depth, Gibbs is an excellent prospect and great backup for Clichy. Traore, while not the best defensively is still only young and certainly not a bad option when considered as third choice for the position.  A concern would be a lack of a young apprentice at rightback, with Gavin Hoyte unlikely to make the grade. Though Francis Coquelin has started to play there, whether that is a long-term career move or just the next stage in his footballing education, we will have to see.

Centreback is the big issue. Vermaelen is a sensation, he has certainly established himself as one of the top centrebacks in the league. Gallas has been a sensation this season, clearly benefiting from a better balanced partnership (right foot, left foot) as well as a partner who is strong in the air. Sadly though, I don’t see the French international staying around, though I’m slightly confused why.

At the age he is approaching, he is surely thinking of winning trophies in his last few years rather than one big payday. While the trophy-winning track record of this Arsenal team is a sore point, I don’t doubt the team know they are on the verge of something magnificent, and Gallas would be foolish to jump ship.

Djourou, while out long-term, will have the summer to regain fitness and proved in performances during 2008-2009 that he is a good prospect, and a worthy third choice. While Campbell is out of contract soon, his quality on the pitch is not in doubt, assuming he can keep his fitness up for another season. He has already played more games than Wenger anticipated when he signed him in January, and as a fourth choice centreback he wouldn’t be overtaxed. Silvestre is only used by Wenger when there is no other alternative, and that to me says that the Frenchman’s contract will not be renewed.

Assessment: All depends on the Gallas situation. If Gallas departs, I don’t believe Djourou will be promoted to partner Vermaelen after a season out injured, which leads me to think a new centreback will be bought for the first eleven.

In regards to the fullbacks,  there won’t be significant movement, perhaps a young rightback will be brought in for the future.

Defensive midfielders: Song Denilson, Eastmond.

Central midfielders:  Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Lansbury

As has been well documented, we are a little light in the defensive midfield area. I believe Denilson is better at the role than most think, his is an invisible contribution, interceptions and reducing space. I do prefer Song there for his ability to fill in for a marauding centreback and his physicality in the middle.

As I see it, for the first day of the season we’ll have the above four contending for the two central midfield roles, but it does seem that it’ll be more of a Cesc/Nasri + Denilson/Diaby setup. Is Lansbury going to be in and around the first team next season? A promising cameo and good game time with Watford certainly boosted his chances, but more than a few minutes seems unlikely to me just yet.

Assessment: Below the first team, there a  few highly rated youngsters not least Eastmond, Coquelin and Frimpong but for this season a first team option would be preferred in the interest of competition. With Denilson a likely partner for Cesc in central midfield, there is no real competition for the defensive midfield role and this must be rectified. Competition is so important: it keeps players on their toes and ensures they know they have to perform every game and train hard in order to start. In central midfield, I’m quite happy with the squad at our disposal.

In central midfield there are two players vying for each position, and once Ramsey is back, we will have cover enough in this area. The situation only becomes worrying if Denilson is viewed as the backup for Song: if Song were to get crocked, we’d be down to three players in the middle of the park and that’s not enough. Knowing Wenger, any arrival will be  capable with a ball at their feet, so likely to deputise for Song as well as being an option next to Cesc.

Centre-forwards: Van Persie, BendtnerChamakh, Eduardo, Arshavin, Vela

Wide left: Arshavin, Rosicky Eduardo, Wilshere Vela.

Wide right: Bendtner, Chamakh Walcott,  Nasri, Wilshere, Eboue

First up, a point of contention may be my decision to have Chamakh in a wide right role. As I see it, when we started this season with a full complement of players, Wenger wanted three direct players in the front three positions: (Arshavin, Van Persie and Bendtner) and I believe Chamakh will be viewed as one of these. I can’t see us shifting Robin or changing the shape to fit Chamakh, so  I expect Chamakh to be in the mixer for the wide right position. He’ll have to integrate with the squad, get used to English football and Bendtner’s form has been impressive campaign, so he may start on the bench.

Arshavin is the standout candidate for the wide left role, with Rosicky an able deputy. The X factor in the mix is whether or not Jack Wilshere will  go on loan. From what I’ve seen, Jack could well get game time for us, but there will be question marks over his ability to hold down a place right up until he gets the chance to do it. I’d have him in the squad as an option for the first half of the season, where he’ll still get games in the cups and then loan him out in the second half of the season if he hasn’t had much first team action.

On the right hand side, I think it’s likely Bendtner will move back out there, with Chamakh a deputy and Walcott an option either off the bench or starting when the situation requires what he brings the team.

Through the middle, it’ll be the sublime Van Persie, with both Bendtner and Chamakh very capable deputies. Nik has shown he can do it this season, while Chamakh’s performances in Ligue 1 give us every hope he can do the same.

A big worry for supporters is Van Persie’s injury history, and whether he can be relied on for a full season. If we go by trends since he arrived, then that fear is well founded. But when we look at the situation objectively, his recent injury problems are impossible to attribute to injury proneness. Torn ankle ligaments happens, as do fractures and broken toes; it’s part and parcel of the game.

Robin Van Persie had a history of muscle injuries in his early career here, note had. These are the sort of things that can (and have been) remedied via targeted conditioning and/or surgery. Since these measures were taken, Robin hasn’t had these type of problems, his injury this season was bad luck. Cesc Fabregas, Aaron Ramsey, Gael Clichy, Kieran Gibbs and Johan Djourou: these players didn’t miss lengthy periods this season due to injury proneness. To say so is to simply twist the facts to suit a D&G criticism of Wenger.

Assessment: I’ll start with the wide positions. Arshavin is great wide left, he’s direct, can take a man on, can drop deep and can score goals. Rosicky isn’t a bad player, but his biggest strength is his ability to keep possession, his end product (while not Hleb-like) leaves something to be desired.  Saying that, while I’d love Messi, Robben and Ribery to be our squad options, that’s not that the  financially viable way I want our club to be run.  As a second choice, Rosicky is more than good enough.

On the right, no concerns from me. Through the middle, my biggest concern is the reliance on our wide-right players to deputise. A couple of injuries to centre forwards and we have worries in two positions. Then there is the Eduardo question. Many have written off the Croatian frontman, and the doubters are numerous. He didn’t excel in deputising for Van Persie, and whether Wenger thinks he can cut it here will be clear by whether he stays or goes in the summer. Some would argue Van Persie took time to get used to the central role, and Eduardo never got this time. He may be capable of reinventing himself as a deputy for Arshavin, he’s certainly direct enough as a player, but time will tell.

On the whole: Overall, a few tweaks to the squad are all we need. This season, we encountered exceptional circumstances in regards to injuries to key personnel. Greater competition within the squad, particularly in defensive midfield and central defence will go far in alleviating the physical demands on certain squad members, while a pre-season of preparation on the 4-3-3 formation will see improved team defensive performances.

Chamakh providing depth and quality up front and a Gallas replacement seem the certainties, while a goalkeeper seems likely. A squad depth signing  in the middle of the park would be the icing on the cake for me, but ultimately if Wenger believes the youngsters can step up then I’m not going to complain.

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31 Replies to “Next season’s squad – the analysis, the detail, the review, the transfers”

  1. Interesting piece Phil. I agree with 99% of what you say, my only real doubt is Chamakh (not of the player but what position!). He will obviously need time to adjust and this will be a combination of being a sub and playing a wide position but once he is settled and assuming he is the player we all hope? RVP plays wide in a front 3 for Holland, I have no idea of Chamakh qualities in playing that role but it could certainly be interesting. What it will do is give Walcott a serious piece of competition, something I think he needs a bit of.

  2. Very good article Phil. And like Marc I also do think that Chamakh and RVP could swithc positions at all time. In fact I think this is one of the master strokes we will see the next season.
    Starting with Chamakh on the wing, don’t forget Arshavin can play on both sides as well and our 3 forwards players can change position and bring by doing this variation in our attacking game.
    Imagine AA in the centre so we play the ball over the floor and then suddenly Chamakh in the centre with AA and RVP on the flanks who can bring in crossess to Chamakh.
    And you can replace them all with other names like Bendtner in the center or on the right…don’t forget Walcott…

    Please bring the season on I would say… 🙂

  3. I heard Leeds is interested in Sczcnesy on loan
    Since they are promoted to Championship and released one of their goalkeeper
    I think it will do good for our young Polack to get first team experience there
    Playing in front of 30.000 people

    Although i agree Fabiansky should go out on loan
    If Wenger decide to promote him to number one
    I rather we stick with Almunia

    But i trust Wenger to do the right thing and recruit top class international who has consistency

  4. Great article..defense has obviously been our main concern this year an has already been well highlighted so I’m not going to talk about that but I think that another addition to our midfield will do us a world of good! It will allow cesc to go forward more easily and nasri/rosicky can then be used as cover for the wings when required. With injuries to song,fab,diaby,Ramsey n a bunch of others even our central midfield looked pretty stretched at times. So a good DM who can also play a little bit could be just what we need

  5. I agree with almost everything you said including the requiring a keeper. I think the main concern is that we need that full back regardless of william gallas staying or going. when you look at all the other top clubs the kinda strength in dept that barcelona had when both first choices were out we fall a little short if gallas stays which I doubt I would like to see.

    gallas vermalen cambell a/n other, one new signing as promising as Thomas vermalen. I havent seen anything from jonathon djorou in his time with us to think he will make the grade sadly.

    The rest of team looks fine maybe as you suggested a player in the centre of the park and perhaps a goal keeper we could actualy win a trophy next season.

  6. Very good piece.

    Wilshere has been playing in the centre a fair bit and is looking to be great in that position. If he doesn’t go out on loan he could very well fight his way into the central role in the first team depending on injuries… it’s one reason I think Wenger might keep him around for the first half of the season.

  7. Good article Phil and nicely balanced. It’s good to see the acknowledgement of the team’s strengths and not just a call for wholesale changes. We came 3rd despite a horrendous injury list last season, so it’s minor, not major surgery that is required.

  8. Nice Article to set-up a discussion on what we think should happen to the team for next season, and some good points raised indeed.
    Personally, I’d have to disagree on the point about Chamakh coming into the team on the right. If you have seen enough of him play, you will know that Chamakh is a central player. He’s a bit in the mould of a traditional English CF IMO actually – a bit like Alan Smith was and his strengths are holding up the ball and linking well with the midfield. He is different to Alan Smith in that he is much quicker though and runs the channels a lot more frequently. But he is not a right wing forward and to play him there will be a waste. Bendy isn’t a right sided player either so the best option there has to be Theo for the time being as he can run behind the full backs better. Here’s hoping Theo has a good WC to get a bit of zing back into his game.
    I also have a feeling that Sagna will be sold as well. He’s been pretty solid but his ability going forward is just not there and his crossing is very weak. A better attacking right back would give us a lot more as Eboue has proved many times this season (to me he has been better than Sagna every game he has played there). I expect that Sagna could be used to tempt Juve to part with either Melo or Buffon – I think Melo is the likelier. I’d like Buffon but I can’t see it happening when Joe Hart could be bought for the same money or less (and at 23, be with us 10 years more) and Rob Green is also only 30 too. If Sagna does go than I’d like to see Gregory Van der Weil come in. He’s just about Dutch no.1 right back now and has good attacking instincts, but can defend a bit as well. He’s also still young and will suit 4-3-3 very well being an Ajax player all his life.
    So there we have it – As well as Chamakh, we have a new DM in Melo, a new right back, Van der Weil, and a new Goalkeeper (Joe Hart hopefully). There is Central defence to look at as well, but I still have a feeling that Gallas will stay, so if he does then maybe it will be another young player signed here to cover Gallas and Sol, TV and DJ (hoping Sol stays)

  9. Marc: my thoughts on RvP are simple: I don’t believe he should move out wide as he was doing so well centrally. I haven’t seen him play for Holland, but his roloe for Arsenal is to drop off and create, and in doing so allow the two wide forwards to move inside. So while Chamakh may start wide, he won’t be a winger in the same way as bendtner isn’t a winger.

    Chamakh coulc certainly play as the central striker, most likely as a traditional targetman. Like Nik has deputised in the middle for RvP, I imagine him and Chamakh will fight for the role of his deputy if he gets injured, with the other being placed out wide.

    I just feel sorry for the little leftbacks who will be going up against Nik and Chamakh – they’ll be absolute giants to play against!

    Redgun: A fullback? I would’ve thought we’d have arguably the best squad depth in the league in that position. Sagna and Eboue are both excellent fullbacks, while Gibbs is a very able deputy for Clichy. I think it’s very unlikely we’ll buy here unless it’s a Young Gun.

    Brett: Fair point on Wilshere. I’d imagine that’s as Bolton don’t have any CMs who can pass a ball though :P. I think jack will end up out wide initially and later as either a bergkamp-esque number ten or play the Cesc playmaker role. For this season, I can’t see him getting significant minutes in that CM berth outside of the Carling Cup.

    Don’t believe the hype: Spot on. All things considered minor tweaks are all we need and all we will get (rightly so!)

    Aaron: Some of what you’ve argued I’ve touched on in my first paragraph. I know he’s a central player, but I see him coming inside from a wide position. I can’t see Wenger moving RvP out wide or changing shape to accomadate a player who will need to adapt to English football.

    I agree with you on Sagna’s offensive inadequacies, but I think with some big lads in the box (Nik and Chamakh, Diaby as well too) he’ll have more of a target for his crosses. I don’t think he’s an exceptional crosser, but it can’t have been easy crossing for Arshavin during the middle of the season !

  10. Great article as always.

    I like most of the Arsenal fans believe few good additions to the squad we have already will help us push on and build what we have done this season.

    I’d love if Wenger signed David James…. I know he is old and had a bad rep from his liverpool days but like Fredial I think he has matured into a very good keeper, he is available on a free and is proven in the PL unlike alot of the others expensive keepers being mentioned?

    I think Yaya would be a good signing with Song moving into the defense having Sol and Djouoru as back up. This would give us great options and some height (If we were palying Blackburn both Song and Yaya could be shielding the defense with Sol and Vermanlen at the back = solid). Song has proven he is a very good centre half (good in the air strong in the tackle). If YaYa was to get injury Song could cover with Sol/Djouoru coming in. Another defensive midfielder could be Diop (Portsmouth).

    I think the position beside Fabregas and Song last season was filled my two inconsisent players Denilson and Daiby the former should be showed the door. Diaby (mainly has attidue problem) could be world class if he is “up for it” I believe if we had someone like Noble from WestHam (excellent young all round midfielder with a great engine and work ethic)on the bench snapping at his heels for a starting position he would be in the mood more often.

    Lastly we lack alot of width last season and if the papers are to believed SWP is available for €8M again he would be a good addtion to the squad so If Nasri or Arshivan were not performing SWP could be brought on.

  11. Just on the right back situation that Adam Matthews who plays for Cardiff City might be an option? Sagna is a very good player but as the article states we have no natural right backs coming through unlike the left back were Clichy and Gibbs have it covered.

  12. John: your point about Song moveing back to CB isn’t a bad one at all. It is clear Wenger values ball-playing CBs, and after Song’s time at DM, he would certainly perform that role excellently. I haven’t seen enough of him at CB to make a judgement whether he would be effective there though.

    On Matthews, we have been linked a few times. Whether that means we are going to move for him, or whether it’s just the medias “lets link Arsenal with a variety of young domestic players” we will have to wait and see

  13. I agree that Chamakh will add something in the front, and I think it’ll be a more central role as well… What we have to remember, though, is that so much of our team’s threat comes from the movement off the ball, not our initial positioning. Chamakh, along with aerial prowess that we really haven’t had in years, is an excellent link-up player. I expect him to be more of a target man/ distributor of the ball. We certainly have more clinical finishers than the Moroccan, in RvP and Arshavin, but don’t be surprised if Chamakh bags 20+ next season. Imagine him as a Drogba-esque style of signing, at 26, years in Ligue 1, and almost an identical stature I expect Marouane will be a hit at the Ems for years to come.

  14. Like most of us Arsenal supporters I think the squad is not that bad and with 3 additions to the squad we could be looking foreward to a great season, however this depends on Arsene Wenger targeting the area of the squad that needs beefing up, Defence we all know is a problem and the problem could be solved by bringing in another ball playing center back and making sure that Sol stays with us for another season.

    The other problem postion is in the holding midfield player, it seems obvious to me that the player to combine both these rolls is YaYa Toure, you can’t get better than him for both these postions.

  15. This is a very good article that i agree with 99%. I think my only concern is that there is no definative role for Nasri and he is one of our realiable player. Arsenal will do well next season and i see Arshavin shining that season. Up Gunners. Bunmi

  16. John – Wenger has stated that Song doesn’t have the reactions for a CB. He has grown this season into a very good DM and is showing signs of becoming a world class DM. I cannot see Wenger changing his position now.

  17. It’s interesting how people get an idea in their head and don’t let it drop despite evidence to the contrary. If you check Sagna’s stats you will find that for all his allegedly rubbish crossing he has actually given a much higher proportion of assists than you realise. Maybe the problem is having players with the natural CF instinct to be in the right place to get on the end of those crosses. RVP grew into that role and Bendtner and Chamakh have the ability in the air and on the ground to make it count. Hopefully we’ll see that more next season.

    I disagree with you about selling Denilson John, you seem to be conveniently forgetting a serious back injury and a couple of other small injuries last season, which may have hampered him a bit. The season before he was a key player in steadying the ship and getting us into 4th. He has also added long range goals to his game, which got us out of a couple of scrapes over the course of the season as well.

  18. Marc I actually thought Wenger said Song most natural position is at centre back long term? If I’m wrong then fair enough it was just an idea and I agree with you Song was excellent in the middle last season. I’m just not 100% sure on some on the centre halves we are being linked with… this morning threw Mexes into the mix…. a poor defender imo.

    As for Denilson he did improve last season. I will agree with that statement but he will never be more than an average player (again imo) … he doesnt have a great engine(he is no Flamini)add to this he is small in height and build and was esaily out muscled and out fought on many ocassions last season.I’m not making him a scapegoat I just really dont believe he is good enough for Arsenal.

  19. Denilson was great againt barca but in England u feel he just isn’t physical enough. I do think we need to bring in one more DM in case song gets hurt. However if gallas leaves we may not get that wish

  20. John, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but some of yours are based on perception rather than facts. If you are comparing Denilson unfavourably with Flamini, again I would urge you to check the facts because Denilson has an incredible engine, is a better tackler and is not physically inferior to Flamini. But then again, most people believe what they want to believe and if the facts don’t fit with that, they say you can prove anything with statistics!

  21. I want also add a bit that Chamakh whenever I saw him play last season( must admit not that much) but he also looked like a player that is willing to work hard for the team. I saw him tracking back after losing the ball and even putting in some very decent tackles to regain posession. But must say that he is not yet a very clinical finisher. He needs a few chances before he scores usually. So a typical Arsenal striker.

  22. On Flamini it also depends on which season you compare him. His last was his best but before he was a very average player. But this is also a very personal opinion and not based on statistics

  23. Three players: Rosicky, Edu, & Silvester have no more business at Emirates. Wenger should consider replacements for Almunia & Diaby. I rest my case.

  24. If Chamakh is going to play regular then my view is that he must play centrally to get the best from him, and RVP will have to move to the right (if 4-3-3 continues to be the formation) to play as he does mostly for Netherlands. Chamakh will be wasted on the right because he is right footed and will not be able to come inside as its not natural for him or his game. Arshavin can cut in on the left because he is right footed, and RVP can do the same on the right as he is left footed. This is how 4-3-3 tactics are used best in the modern game, with the wide forwards playing on opposite sides to their kicking feet, so that they can cut inside, taking opposition full backs with them and leaving space for full backs to get down the lines. Just look at Barca, with Messi on the right (left footed) always coming inside and giving room for Dani Alves to get forward. And Theirry / Bojan / Pedro doing the same on the left.
    A forward like Luis Suarez would be a great addition for Arsenal – especially with the 4-3-3 system – as he is genuinely two footed and can play both flanks just as well as he has done for Ajax many times. But his stock is rising due to his 35 goals in 33 games this season and he is already being linked with all the big clubs. Would AW fork out £20m plus to land him?

  25. Flamini was a one season success. How fantastic has he been at AC? Please lets stop going on about him. I hope the DM Wenger buys is one that can play as CB as well. IMO, we need a striker of the order of Drogba, Rooney, et al & release Eduardo.

  26. Hi all…Regarding the transfer news – Hear the Cesc rounds are doing the full circle again (yawn). I dont understand the media. It seems they dont want to leave us alone. I hope Cesc comes out and squashes the rumours again.

  27. the one game that convinced me that sol deserves a new contract for next season was his fantastic performance against the that game alone he showed the desire,the hunger,the passion,the stand up and fight attitute that some arsenal players showed a lack would think that the likes of walcott,nasri,denillson and co would look at sol and think “yeah” i want some of’s like the belief aint there.i was very proud of sol that night,if only the younger ones could learn from him

  28. Always a good read. Thanks again.
    My Opinion is that Wenger will buy and Goal Keeper. I would like him to buy Hart, send Fabianski on loan and make Szczesney number 2. Mannone 3rd choice.

    I think Senderos, Gallas and Silvestre will go. Djourou to come in with one addition and Nordtveit on Carling Cup duty and back up if our injuries pan out the same. I’d let Traore go as Gibbs is quality and i think Cruise could get Carling Cup. Hoyte wont make it. Bartley on loan for another season.

    I dont think Wenger will buy any attacking midfielders. Maybye a defensive one though. I like Denilson but if I’m honest i dont think he’d get in Everton, Villa or Spurs team, so therefore he is not good enough for a team looking for the title. He’s not strong enough defensively and in his last few games gave up when tracking back, which resulted in goals (namely against Man Utd when Rooney ran the length of the pitch and Denilson was ahead of him till he got to the box). In attack Cesc, Ramsey, JET, Diaby, Lansbury and Wilshere are better than him. So I’d have to let him go.

    Up top add Chamakha and I’m happy. I love Eduardo and i think his poor form is due to playing in positions that dont suit him. he is best when playing as second striker in a 4,4,2. If Wenger decides not to ever go back to this, his future will be in doubt. He missed easy chances this season, but i can name many chances, that Rooney, Torres and Drogba missed, but playing centraly they got lots of oppertunities to keep trying. Eduardo doesnt get that playing wide left and it dented his confidence big time. He is not suited to playing up top alone and with his confidence shot and pulling out of 50/50 tackles due to still getting over the injury he struggled.

  29. I’d give Eduardo one more season, if he is not doing the business in the first few months then id let him go in Jan.

  30. I’d like to see Van Persie Chamakh and Bendtner start the season together. This year our wingers played way too wide. They constantly got in the way of the fullbacks and then there was only ever one person to cross to in the box. (When Diaby felt like it he would rarely run into the box often resulting in a goal) With all three of these players wanting to score yet all being able to drop into other positions, they would be a lethal combination. Bendtner and Van Persie can both cross and we all know how well Chamakh heads the ball. They can also all swap positions comfortably. Our set pieces would be so much stronger as we are sure to have two center backs that can score from headers plus Diaby if he is playing. Lastly, I think Wenger needs to show Arshavin that hes not a shoe in and needs to actually try.

  31. mexes is a very good player with character which arsenal lacking of. denilson can’t be an effective DM in EPL. chamakh is a great relief for RVP as he is a natural CF. There’ll be more attacking tactics can be used with Chamakh presents. I reckon 3 or at least 2 players to be added which are DM/CB, CB and a GK. Melo/Yaya, Mexes/Jagielka, Buffon/Frey. I wish to see more experience players to balance the squad. However too many new players will take time to get the desired game play.

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