Arsenal seeking sixth consecutive Wembley win since spring last year

By Bulldog Drummond

I have not noticed anyone mention, in the build up to today’s overture to the season, that since the spring of 2014 Arsenal have played five and won five at Wembley.


  • Arsenal 1 Wigan 1 (4-2 on penalties) FA Cup semi-final
  • Arsenal 3 Hull 2 (after extra time).  FA Cup final
  • Arsenal 3 Man City 0.  Community Shield.


  • Arsenal 2 Reading 1 (after extra time).  FA Cup semi-final
  • Arsenal 4 Aston Villa 0.  FA Cup final

No club has ever achieved that before.  And indeed Arsenal’s record in the Community Shield and its ill-named predecessor is good.  12 outright wins, beaten only by Man U who have 16.  (For a few years drawn matches were not extended and clubs that drew could claim to have half-won the “shared” trophy – I have excluded these from the total).

Chelsea have won it four times,of which three are this century.  Arsenal have also won it three times this century.

So, we’ve had all the “winning mentality” stuff, the “Wenger out” mob have been quieter than usual, the “DONE DEALS” little blogs are constantly churning out deals that are never done.   We were told throughout, and some still stay, that we needed to buy loads and loads of new players.   And we have sailed through it all to get ready for a new season…

We were even endlessly told that Ospina was on his way out, but it turns out he wasn’t.  All we are waiting for is the apologies from all the people that saw him at the airports.   Although, perhaps he is a plane spotter.

But now, suddenly when people look at our team, they say, “hey, that is not a bad team”, and of course, it isn’t.

Indeed The Daily Telegraph, house magazine of both PGMO, (the ref’s association), and Chelsea FC, did a comparison player by player between what they took to be the two XI’s playing today.  Each player was given a mark out of 10.  Arsenal totalled 88 and Chelsea 91, and if even the Telegraph can’t give them more of a lead than that, then there is clearly a closeness between the two – as we all knew anyway.

In fact the only reason Arsenal didn’t beat Chelsea in this “analysis” (I use the word lightly) was because they couldn’t give a rating to Alexis, and have the Ox in the team – who they don’t rate.

So here is the team that they lined up


Bellerin, Mertersacker, Koscielny, Monreal

Coquelin, Cazorla

Ramsey, Ozil, the Ox


Which leaves a bench including Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Wilshere, Walcott, Martinez, Chambers and Arteta.

I can’t really argue with that.

Just so you know, here’s how they accounted for each team member out of ten.

  • Cech: 9
  • Bellerin: 7
  • Mertersacker: 8
  • Koscienly: 8
  • Monreal: 8
  • Coquelin: 8
  • Cazorla: 8
  • Ramsey: 9
  • Ozil: 9
  • Oxlade Chamberlain 7
  • Giroud 7

Actually it is worth just adding one comment from the Telegraph’s preview regarding Coquelin:

 He was utterly brilliant in the second half of last season and fully deserves to keep his spot.

That’s why you are better off reading Untold than the Telegraph.  With us you know this stuff seven years in advance.

We all know of course that today doesn’t really matter much, and that if we lost 10-0 today and won the league it would be a very successful season.  It would be nice to beat Chelsea, but I would sooner have us beat Chelsea home and away in the league instead.  That would after be worth 12 points according to those who do that sort of funny maths.

Overall if you have been reading the series on pre-season games on the Arsenal History site (and if not why not?) you will know that pre-seasons don’t really tell us much – and nor do Community Shield wins.  Here’s the most recent records…

  • 2014: Won Community Shield, then came 3rd in the league, won FA Cup
  • 2005: Lost Community Shield, then came 4th in the league, league cup semi-final
  • 2004: Won Community Shield, then came 2nd in the league, won FA Cup
  • 2003: Lost Community Shield, then won the league unbeaten, FA Cup and league cup semi-final
  • 2002: Won Community Shield, then came 2nd in the league, won FA Cup
  • 1999: Won Community Shield, then came 2nd in the league.
  • 1998: Won Community Shield, then came 2nd in the league, FA Cup semi-final

So yes, winning is better but a replica of 2003 wouldn’t go amiss.  At least not from where I sit in the stadium.


From the Anniversaries file…

  • 2 August 1934: Lt Col Sir Henry Norris, the man who rescued the club from bankruptcy, paid for Highbury, brought in Herbert Chapman and created the modern Arsenal was laid to rest in the cemetery at East Sheen.

A full list of the major anniversaries each day are carried on the home page of Untold.


96 Replies to “Arsenal seeking sixth consecutive Wembley win since spring last year”

  1. The Chelsea manager’s comments are beginning to be tiresome. Isn’t it time that the F.A introduced a charge against those guilty of unprofessional conduct.

  2. Nice Dogbull. For me its a footballing feast 2day. Will rooted for the Under 19s (appetiser) 1 hr to come. The big one (main meal) after. What a treat!

  3. The scores the Telegraph have given us are quite impressive with 7 ( usually considered a high mark ) being the lowest. I’ve not checked their scores for Chelsea, but they are obviously predictavely high.
    Numbers eh! Doncha just love em!

  4. Its gonna be pretty good splendid game if we triumph over chelsea today @least to break Mourinho winning against us… I think the telegraph comparism is pretty cool…

  5. “I would sooner have us beat Chelsea home and away in the league instead”,
    NO NO, we want it ALL now.

    Beat them today, and twice PL (could be up to 4 times) in this season though.


    As i say, play them at their own game. If they park, then we park too, keep the ball and make them run around.

  6. Does anyone have any info on Wilshere’s injury as reported ( with no detail ) in The Sunday Mail?

  7. Roy Keane, a man in his mid 40s who sounds like an old fart in his 80s. Surprised he knows what a selfie is.

  8. Mandy Dodd 🙂

    Why are they all talking about Arsenal? They must be shh aa kk iing. Let them begin to FEAR us again, yes.

  9. Haven’t yet heard the name of the referee. All I hope is that he’s strong and fair and not afraid to book Cahill, Terry and Fabregas if warranted. 😉

  10. From the site Mr W says…

    Ospina has just come back to training today. Alexis is coming back next weekend. Everybody else should be available apart from Welbeck.
    on whether the squad are ready after a shorter pre-season…
    The preparation was compact, short, but physically we are not far away.

  11. Arsenal:

    Bellerin, Mertesacker (c), Koscielny, Monreal,
    Coquelin, Ramsey,
    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Walcott.

    Subs: Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Arteta, Giroud, Martinez, Iwobi

  12. So it looks as though Santi is on the left of the front three, with Ozil in the hole and Coq & Ramsey doing the defensive stuff with Ramsey getting forward in support when possible. Theo leading the attack. Looks good to me.

  13. Under 19s starting: Hugo, Willock. Plezeguelo, O’ Connor, Sheaf, Bola, Robbinson, Zelalam, Moore, Eyoma, Hinds,

  14. Taylor is a fucking disgrace!!!!! Santi gets trod on under his nose and he doesn’t see it as a foul. Ramsey’s block canons off his head and he blows for a foul?!

  15. Sometimes I wonder why we even waste our time with this rigged league. It really feels like contesting elections in a third world pariah state.

  16. Al
    Foul on Özil = no foul
    Spli second later
    Foul on the F Word = foul

    A.Taylor. He ain’t half a transparent bungler.

  17. I hate Chelsea. See them deliberate kicks, elbows, and shin scrapes? They have a different plan today.

  18. I wonder how and why AFC pick up so many injuries?
    It’s a mystery!

    Ramires again on 21 minutes. No surprises he got the start today. Will he get the yellow he’ll have earnt at some point before the 87th minute?

  19. Finsbury
    And just now ivanobitch rakes his studs down Santi’s ankle and not even a yellow. This is beyond ridiculous.

  20. Ox ox ox ox ox ox ….yyyeeeeaaahhhhh.

    One up theirs hahahahahahahaha.

    Fouling jerks

  21. Ohhh Walcott almost twists and twines Ivanovic inside the area cutting in from the left.
    Puts on the pressure. And they say he can’t dribble?

    Chamberlian follows up and obliges with a fantastic left footed finish cutting in from the right!


  22. Brilliant goal from the Ox!

    We might be leading but I’m far from happy. Seen 3 tackles that could spell a long time on the sidelines for our players already go unpunished….

  23. Our defense are not using the width. careful now. Be sharp. don’t let them score hear me?

  24. GoingGoingGooner: 🙂 we have to let them know we see their kicks and give it them back.

  25. Good morning all (it’s 8:30 here). Game not on TV, and I tried one stream. A maze of cross sites and javascript to figure out, bleech! Guardian started the day, saying Alexis was injured. I guess they don’t understand vacation. At least Guardian is saying that Arsenal is being fouled occasionally.


  26. Gord, forgot to say, when you click the boxes away and page changes, just ust the back button and all will be well.

  27. A very good half by us despite some card worthy fouls by Chelsea. Taylor on his usual form.

  28. Two dives in succession from the typical Gazprom mercenary, that ‘ard man, Ivanovic. One whilst defending from Monreal following a brilliant counter, the other whilst attacking and attempting to get past that notorious bruiser Cazorla.

  29. What pathetic excuses we get to hear!!!…

    Because ARSENAL are ahead in their preseason preparation.
    Because Chelsea had a game on Wednesday and again on Wednesday.


    I thought dates of the season opener and community shields were known in advance.

  30. According to the data partners of the bumbling BBC, Chelsea has had slightly more ball possession, and Arsenal are committing more fouls than Chelsea.


  31. Gord
    Perhaps they’re referring to only the fouls that muppet taylor called. About possession they should be watching a different match, certainly not the one I’m watching.

  32. Mou is going to analyse how Arsenal play today for the season, but we are not stagnant anymore we are now a dynamic team.

  33. Chelsea not taking thier chances. It’s a very hot day and we’ve made no subs

  34. Oh that is rich…the BT commentator said the Coquelin got it for persistent fouling…that wasn’t a foul.

  35. Taylor is a disgrace. I was worried before the game that Chelsea would target some of the key players from Mourinho’s perspective. He probably requested Taylor

  36. Why does our defense not boot the ball out but out the sides in Chel$ half instead op up the middle. This takes up time for the throw in, and we do not lose it in the middle.

  37. Michael Owen says Anthony Taylor hasn’t made one bad decision all game. One stupid oil lock describing another!

  38. I never understand the concept of defending like this,(makes me too nervous) if the ball is in the other half, it can’t go in your net. We have to defend the lead up at the halfway line, and close down the opposition. As TailGunner says we’re parking 🙂 but we need to park a little bit higher,

    Well done lads.

  39. Now wait to hear them say Wenger has not beaten maureen in these such and such games…

  40. Taylor was Chelsea’s enabler – how corrupt is the game?

    Anyway No more than Arsenal deserved.

  41. I was kind of wondering about your oil lock Andrew.

    I am wondering if TailGunner caught on to my comment. Mind you, it sort of assumes he has listened to rock and roll in the past.

    I suppose Walter has the summary up already. I just checked, not yet.


  42. Al – I’ve lost count the amount of times those wimps in the media have said it.

  43. Ok our defence was absolute shite, they only restricted Chelsea to 1 shot on target, and from a freekick too. But yes, we have to find something to criticise our team for.

  44. Wenger out! he hasnt won a trophy for 5mins! Well done the Arsenal! Great to have Cech at the back, magic goal from the OX. Poor old Sweaty one…what will be his bitch off this time?

  45. congratulations boys, another sunny day at Wembley , another pot, and some excellent performances.
    The critics will have their say, Jose didn’t look like he was treating it just as a friendly to me.
    Another comfort zone AAA / media maxim blown away…..Wenger doesn’t do tactics, we cannot defend, we cannot hold a lead, we never beat Jose’s teams etc
    The critic revisionists will tell you that only two trophies count now, despite counting this one when they compare their favourite managers to suggest they are better than Wenger.
    There will be some upset people in the media and our own fanbase but for me, time to head for a glass to raise for another Wenger triumph.

  46. It looks like the squad depth paid off today. A classic Arsenal win ? and we have them in our pockets. YagunnersYa

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