Community Shield : Arsenal – Chelsea : 1 – 0 To The Arsenal!!!

By Walter Broeckx

It would be interesting to see the line up for this first real competitive match in England.

Cech to make the start in the first match and that against Chelsea so a bit of extra spice for him. Oxlade-Chamberlain was in the starting line up and Walcott started up front. Giroud was on the bench and so was Iwobi. Martinez was the reserve goalkeeper.

The team that started was: Cech, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Ozil, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Monreal, Cazorla, Bellerin, Coquelin.

On the bench: Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Arteta, Giroud, Martinez, Iwobi.

Arsenal with a cross within the first 30 seconds but Courtois punched it away. Ramires putting his foot on Cazorla his foot but ref Taylor missed it in the opening minutes. Taylor inventing a foul when Arsenal was high pressuring Chelsea. Fabregas running in the back of Mertesacker causing some sore ribs with the first. It has to be said Chelsea certainly not parking the bus from the first minutes but trying to go forward and winning a few corners. 0-0 after 15 minutes.

Ramires kicking Özil in the private parts is missed by the ref, a foul by Coquelin not. Ramires again kicking Özil minutes later and so again Ivanovic on the achilles heel of Cazorla. A header from Walcott after that foul but straight at Courtois. Walcott going down in the penalty area then but Taylor is the ref. But the ball goes back to Arsenal and to Walcott who spreads it to the right where Oxlade Chamberlain is in some space, dribbles inside and unleashes a fierce shot ….GOAL!!!!! right in the top corner. 1-0 to The Arsenal after 24 minutes. What a cracking goal!

Chelsea trying to go forward but a cross is cleared by the Arsenal defenders after there was some space on our right hand side. Arsenal losing the ball too close in front of their penalty area but the shot from Ramires goes wide. Remy being offside but not given with a cross to Ramires but his header goes wide. Chelsea putting some big pressure on Arsenal now. But An Arsenal corner causing some problems in front of the Chelsea goal. And Ramsey hits the side net with a shot from the left. Arsenal on the right away with Oxlade Chamberain after some slick passing but Ivanovic can head the ball from under his cross bar under pressure from Monreal who only had to make a connection to put it over the line. Chelsea with a free kick in the last minute of the first half but the header is harmless and Cech can easily claim the ball. Arsenal lead 1-0 after 45 minutes.

Cech with a good interception on a cross from William in the opening minutes. Arsenal trying to be disciplined and a few chances to open things up but the pass didn’t find Özil on two occasions. Chelsea having most of the ball but not really threatening the Arsenal goal. Falcao almost getting away but Koscielny puts his body in the way and Cech can collect. Arsenal still 1-0 in front after 60 minutes.

Hazard suddenly in space then on the right hand side but he blasts over the bar under pressure from Koscielny. Giroud getting himself ready on the touchline. A wise move as the Chelsea defenders are having it too easy with the long ball from Arsenal. Azpilicueta gets a deserved yellow card for pulling Oxlade-Chamberlain down. Giroud comes on after 65 minutes for Walcott. And almost scores with his first touch but the ball goes over. Coquelin gets booked because…well it is Taylor one could say. On my stream I didn’t see a foul to be honest. Cech with a great save on the following free kick.

Cech again with two good interceptions on the resulting corner and Arsenal on the counter but Giroud cannot keep the ball down and he shoots over with his right foot. Koscielny also working miracles in the heart of the Arsenal defence with great blocks and interceptions. Still 1-0 to The Arsenal after 75 minutes.

Oxlade-Chamberlain with a left footed shot but straight at Courtois and that was his last contribution as he went off and Arteta came on. Ramsey moving on the right flank I think. Some real Chelsea pressure but Falcao cannot make the most of a dangerous cross. Özil goes off in the 81th minute and Kieran Gibbs enters the field.

Arsenal still under a lot of pressure but winning a corner after Courtois lets a ball run off his foot. But it comes to nothing. Arsenal then on a counter but Cazorla cannot get the ball over Courtois and the rebound from Ramsey is deflected just wide. Taylor letting things go a bit one sided resulting in some angry players and some pushing and shoving and a free kick in favour of Chelsea of course. Taylor giving a few free kicks in favour of Chelsea. The ball bouncing around the Arsenal penalty area from head to head and Cech can claim the ball. 4 minutes of extra time

Free kick to Arsenal at the other end when Giroud is chopped down by Cahill. Santi hits the wall and the ball goes out for a corner. Monreal being clever and winning a good foul on the half way line. Santi releasing Gibbs but again Courtois can stop the Arsenal player.

Extra time is up now ref. 1-0 to the Arsenal!!!!!! FINAL SCORE

Arsenal win for the 6th time in a row. Wenger wins from Mourinho so that can be put to bed now.

Arsenal again with the Community Shield and makes it 3 trophies in a row in pre-season. Not that the 2 other really count of course.









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  1. Gord
    The Randy Bachman reference went right passed me. I only associate him with BTO

  2. Move on up – Curtis Mayfield, a fitting song for Arsenal, We’re moving on up. 🙂
    Mou at his games again. Now if he had shaken Arsene’s hand too…..

  3. He gave all the players a hand but didn’t even try to give Wenger a hand. I also had the impression that Wenger wasn’t really interested in getting a handshake from Mourinho

  4. Wow, that was quick, well done Walter, well done Arsenal. Taylor, sadly predictable, not the worst I have seen him, but think we beat more than the Chelsea team today.
    A bit of a statement. hope Ozil , and Kos with his hamstring rubbing, and indeed all of them are ok.
    Building up a nice winning habit at Wembley.

  5. cuntinho thought he had the Boss fooled, but when he did his pirouette, AW had it figured out.
    Look at it clearly, the Boss does not extend his hand; cuntinho had schemed a stupid “pay back” but was left… empty handed.

  6. Arsenal win the Community shield…Great !

    Wenger blanks Mourinho…Priceless !

    Mourinho accuses Arsenal of parking the bus…Hilarious !

  7. 1-0 to the Arsenal! Get in! Happy for The Ox, thoroughly deserved & am optimistic for him this season. Delighted 🙂

    Oh & Alexis is back in training from tomorrow!

    Bring on the season.

  8. On mio tv(singapore), Petite keep talking about wenger refusing to shake hand with mou… Saying wenger lack class… And moronhino have class… For shaking hands with the arsenal player

  9. Arsenal pre season

    Played 5 won 5. 15 goals scored. 1 goal let in.

    3 pre-season trophies won.

    It’s not really possible to do much better.

  10. Taylor was great. Got every call right. Who says so? Michael Owen says so, so must be right.

  11. Oh, the little moaner. The best team lost. Blah, blah, blah.

    A few medja outlets mentioned before the game that Wilshere got hurt yesterday, anyone know what happened? Nice to see Alexis twitting away.

    What a game, one yellow a piece and almost the same number of fouls to each team. Obviously an even game that was quite physical (23 fouls).

    TailGunner, I believe Randy Bachman still has Vinyl Tap on CBC radio. Connecting to the website, they show the latest new program as June 14, 2015.

  12. Anyone who falls for Mourihos antics is a gullible twat.

    Petite is obviously in the Club.

    He wasn’t shaking hands because he was being ‘magnanimous’ or ‘classy’, he was doing it as a public exhibition of ‘look how great I am’.

    Wenger done exactly the right thing.

  13. What a fantastic win – and so satisfying to win against the bus load of blue clad thugs and divers and their eye gouging verbally poisonous Odious One.

    It was a tough match, but one that we were up for – well done the team and manager.

    So – we now have three trophies this season! 🙂

    Tonight a very large and joyous celebration is in order!!

  14. Jambug(@ 5.35pm), yep, agree with you mate,sort of pathetic isnt it?

  15. Arsenal are inviting tenders from builders for the construction of a bigger trophy room at the Emirates.

  16. Gord
    Great info re Bachman
    Wilshere’s has taken a knock on his ankle, but don’t know how bad

  17. don’t think chelski have too much of a chance this season with the kind of squad players that they have. will they finish in top 4 if they get anywhere near the amount of injuries that we had last season?

  18. Teenage thinking:
    ‘Don’t do to me what I do to you.’

    Moo Moo’s thinking:

    ‘Don’t do to me what I do to you.’

  19. Excellent disciplined performance , how Ramirez was not booked every challenge he made he played the man along with the rest of there defenders good old Mr Taylor consistently bad

  20. Looking through Google News, nearly all reports claim that Taylor did a good job today. I suspect they were told this would be true before the game started by the 😈 Mike Riley.

    Doing a search for “Park the Bus”, I did run across an article from South Africa about 1.5 weeks ago.

    > Breaking News: Barclays Premier League champions Chelsea have signed a new Korean defender – “Park di Bus”.

    > “Someone says Chelsea want to buy [Everton defender John] Stones to ‘chalk’ the Yokohama tyres when they Park the Bus.”—Park-di-Bus

    There really isn’t too much in the article, beyond those 2 quotes.

  21. Arsene’s interview is out, and he seems to be growing tired of Karim Benzema.

    There is a player interview out at Arsenal, Per Mertesacker. It seems the crowd at Wembley was noisy today, he has almost lost his voice trying to direct the team over the fan noise.

    > “My voice is nearly gone and I’m trying my best to speak. Eighty thousand is a great attendance so we have to thank every fan who came along today.”

  22. I’m glad we won. Chelsea had the best of possession and had the more numerous half chances but we had the 2 most complete chances and scored on one of them. Giroud is important to have on when we are protecting a slender lead because he is better at holding up a ball than Theo. We gave back possession a great deal today…happily they weren’t able to do anything of note with it. The greatest takeaway from this, for me, though was not the victory…though any victory over Mourinho is pleasant, but rather the way the boys were stuck in. They didn’t back down from anything…well done!

  23. As for parking the bus…give me a break! The term refers to a team that starts off the game and plays the whole game defensively, not a team that is protecting a lead in the second half.

  24. Sheesh, that was tense and, in the end, very satisfying.

    Tons of pluses, and yet more evidence for me that a number of our best players are getting better all the time and, in the case of Ox at least, are poised for a huge leap forward in their game.

    To pick out just two others- Ramsey and Coquelin. Ramsey looks like he is still growing as a player, as does Coquelin. Considering how well they’ve performed previously, that’s huge for us.

    As for the ref, I’m still in the habit of judging them against the worst we’ve had in the past. Against that, he was fairly decent today. Not putting a stop to Ramires utter scumbaggery early on was distinctly poor, but that was as bad as it got.

    Riley would have been likely to ‘find’ pens for them not only from the Fabregas incident but the Ivanovic one,too. So for it being better than that I’m almost grateful. We got most of the free-kicks we should have and that’s something.

    On that note, hopefully Ozil needs to accept he is almost never going to get free kicks here when people have a quick grab at him. He should do, but he won’t, especially not when we are deep in our half and turnover’s are very dangerous. Far too easy for refs to make use of the perception that Ozil is simply weak in those situations

    The downer is that if teams look to and are allowed to foul us as Ramires was early on, injuries are utterly inevitable. Only saw the one replay, but Cahill’s on Giroud looked very dodgy to me also. Proper scissor motion, supposedly outlawed, for good reason, and it looked like a close thing that Giroud’s knee didn’t get messed up.

    Pretty scary that’s how fine the lines are.

  25. Some of the movement of our lads just left Chel$ standing still. They played mostly with composure, but especially after the goal.

    Only problem for me is that if they are going to defend their lead, please, please do it a little higher up and also when booting the ball up field do it to the left or right out of play and not down the middle. This way it eats up valuable time.

  26. I can’t make up my mind whether Chelsea were profligate in front of goal OR Arsenal’s defence were immaculate (for a change).
    There can be little doubt that Cech has already made a difference. The back four clearly have confidence behind them and his ball distribution is impressive.
    Mourinho’s complaint that Arsenal parked the ‘bus was a masterpiece of “pot calling the kettle, black”.
    The 57% to 43% possession in favour of Chelsea was an unusual statistic for Arsenal, although it will no doubt instil confidence that the defence can overcome any opposition provided shape and game plan are maintained. 😉

  27. WOO HOO , HOO ! Up the Gunners ! Best move was AW ‘s selling Moanin’inho a dummy after the trophy presentation !

  28. I really don’t wanna hear that the game we just won doesn’t mean anything. People say that it’s only a preseason match, It really isn’t a trophy. I say FUCK THAT, It does count as silverware. Everywhere else around Europe when the league winners play the cup winners they call the match the super-cup. As far as I’m concerned the Arsenal has just won the English version of the super-cup.

  29. Arsene’s first win over the spending/parking master resulted in a silverware. I can live with that.

    Ramires getting away without a card was typical Taylor.

    Like last season’s win at Ethihad, Arsenal seeded possession but kept a solid shape.

    A big congratulations to all Gunners and Gooners.

  30. Enjoyed today’s game as a guest of the Orlando Gooners – great turn out and great atmosphere guys!

    Will just have to slum it back at the stadium next week…

  31. Moanhino doesn’t care a fig about the community shield…it was simply a warmup game to prepare for the EPL season. Rest assured he doesn’t like to lose, especially to Wenger but he is totally indifferent to pre-season games. However , IF , as I suspect and hope, he will drop a few points to the Arsenal during the season, he will really start moaning and crying about whatever whine is the flavour of the month for him (referees, violent tackles, cheating divers, etc.)and he will start giving gibes at whoever he targets for his wrath. He is a classless little Napoleon and hopefully will end up just like that dictator.

  32. @omgarsenal

    I agree with most of your comment, but watching the Classless One pre match in his obnoxious press conferences, also during and after the match, my impression was that he could not quite contain his disappointment post match – a disappointment not fully explained just by losing – my feeling was that he wanted and expected to win another trophy, to beat Arsenal and beat Wenger and maintain his team’s arrogant expectancy to always win; with PGMO aid when necessary.

    Today he had to face the reality of playing against a better team with all the future worries that that will bring – will he spend again – very possibly?

    (And, a better team built at a considerably lower cost than the one he has bought!)


    Maurinhoooooo…say hi to the family 🙂 🙂

  34. Looking back at the presentation I had the impression that Arteta wanted Wenger to be the man to hold up the shield as the first man. But Wenger said it should be him and Per. Look at the finger pointing between Arteta and Wenger

  35. It is likely that Arsenal have the strongest squad with young class players developing. We are now in a position to keep our best players on contracts and attract top quality. Today Chelsea and their manager could see that..the whole football world can see that. Times are a changing… Wenger wants to win things and the board are delivering finally.

  36. The game was shown live where I live and I watched it on a stream as well.

    The TV was about 30secs in front of the stream.

    I saw the finger pointing twice and concluded as you note Walter that the players were wanting Arsene to hold up the trophy to the fans. Arsene would never do that. He always wants the accolades and the ‘big moments’ to go to the players first.

    It was good to see them wanting Arsene to take the lead. I think it is an indication of how much the players like and respect him.

  37. Great victory! Six Wembley wins on the trot.

    Arsene looked fully relaxed when being interviewed by the pundits pitch side afterwards. Was able to jocularly point out he had managed two of the pundits (Ian Wright and Glenn Hoddle).

    Make no mistake, Mourinho will be sore, very sore, about losing today.

  38. MaureenO really wanted to win that, make no mistake in believing otherwise.
    The hand shaking bit was just him trying to get it into his players minds that this was just a pre-season friendly and that he would never have done such a thing if it was a real competitive game. So when he talks to them before our next game, he’ll do the ‘they beat us in the friendly game but we’re going win this one because it means something’ type speech.

  39. I don’t know, but considering the punishment that was dished out to Wilshere, considering how the PL wants to uphold ‘sportsmanship’, I wonder Boohrinho’s trowing his medal away into the crowd should cost him shouldn’t it ?

    Anyway, reading and hearing him accusing AW of pretty much parking the bus to win was a real highlight….

    This looks like a good season coming up….if the refs behave…

  40. Just saw MoTD & was disgusted by the commentators. They see fouls & ignore them because the PGMO official Taylor is a cheat. The cheat allowed so many nasty red card offences to go unchecked. Ramires & Ivanovic should have had early baths if the referee was half decent. Fabregas should have been booked for his foul on Per particularly for going down looking for a penalty.

    I’m certain there will be a lot of cheating from PGMO again this season. There must be a lot of money behind the scenes.

    1 – 0 to the Arsenal & the blues are back in Abramovic’s home. How long before he sacks his manager?

  41. Mourinho always seems to have a hatchet man in each of his sides; at Madrid he had Pepe and in this Chelsea side it’s a close one between ramires and ivanobitch, but I think ramires shades it. That guy is a thug, have lost count of the number of nasty tackles I’ve seen him dish out. One of the worst was against a villa player last year, but our boys have been on the receiving end of most of his worst tackles. And he never seems to get sent off (apart from the challenge against the villa player). Disgusting.

  42. Number of trophies since the beginning of 2013-14 aka the season when we had left financial worries behind:

    1.Arsenal 4 (FA Cup x2, Community Shield x2),

    2-3.Manchester City & Chelsea 2 (Premier League x1, Capital One Cup x1),

    4.Manchester United 1 (Community Shield x1).

  43. Josif

    I looked into the trophy thing a little, just to tease the spuds a little, but hadn’t sent anything in.

    Seeing as the season starts next weekend, when we’ll be 1 entire week since we last won a trophy. It will also be 389 weeks since the spuds won a trophy.

    Tottenham Hotspur last won a trophy 2717 days ago

    Trophy: Football League Cup

    Date: 2008-02-23

    Venue: Wembley Stadium, London

    Chelsea FC 1 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

  44. Today Cheatski looked toothless, and I’m not at all sure Costa is the universal solution to their problems. It’s true that they still have time to transfer strikers, but look how difficult it is to actually get a fitting one. It was absolutely hilarious to hear the commentators enumerating the areas in which the Chavs need reinforcements – we are reminded of 2 at most, they seemed to have problems in every compartment. This one-nil was much more comprehensive than the score suggests. We had enough clear cut chances for a 3-0. The season ahead is long and many things can still happen, but my, our team looks good.

  45. Very happy for the win. U can see that “ordinary feeling” pissed at the end. I don’t think its about “breaking that record” but more like “How come nothing is working. Whatever I try to do”.

    It is not a brilliant game from either side except for the opening 30 minutes by Arsenal but that is more or less expected. Unless Chel$$ea dominates, you won’t see a well played game because they just try to wrestle the opponent whatever they can do.

    Arsenal are far better than Chel$$ea in tactics and technique. Arsenal are also far more fluid and organised. Chel$$ea is still physically stronger and more efficient. They are not organised at all today so their efficiency just saw them passing balls to the crowd. Of course… Arsenal have a world class keeper now…. not a world class keeper in-making.

    Before the second half of last year, I would be quite worried even if Arsenal lead. We can see players getting more tired to the end and then become a bit more shaky in our half. Chel$$ea can out wrestle Arsenal somehow if they fail to out play us. Not this year. The physical gap is bridged by Gunners with determination and team work.

  46. OT: Technology and Football

    The Guardian is running a story about technology in football. Did you know that some players in the Women’s World Cup were running around with instrumentation? Apparently a package about the size of an old cellphone mounted between the athlete’s shoulder blades was being used.

    — Comments on article

    I don’t think there is going to be a lot of success at using chaotic systems to explain athlete performance. There are just not enough football players and managers who happen to understand the math, physics, chemistry and biology. Oh, can I throw in statistics as well?

    Chelsea and ManCity are apparently doing real-time number crunching on video of the game. Which doesn’t surprise me. It has been possible for a while, as CERN does something similar to analyse particle behavior in that big accelerator.

    The IFAB changed a ruling, to allow this data to be collected. The way the article is written, I am going to assume that the IFAB is going to revisit this ruling at least once. I don’t think the IFAB has a problem with the real-time data (only available to the richest clubs) going to the medical staff in real-time, but they (seem to) want to prevent this data going to the manager during the game.

    > “Previous attempts to introduce new technology into the beautiful game have generated long-running controversies. Why kill off the fun of heated debates over disputed refereeing decisions and replace the unquantifiable components of human grit and determination with killjoy technology and spreadsheets? traditionalists howl.”

    i don’t think the traditionalists have a problem with technology being able to provide a signal that a player is dying, or has become brain dead, or has a severed spinal column.

    Some of the technology can be outside the body (positioning, acceleration, …), some can temporarily be in the body (smart pills in the article) and some needs to permanently inside the body (measuring cortisol (or lactic acid) in the blood stream).

    Some people are early risers and some like to sleep in. Which is a physiological reason for people to get rid of this idea that you have a starting XI. It is possible that you need 11 players that perform well for the early game on Saturday, as well as players who perform well for the late game (including such things as Champion’s League games in the Ukraine).

    The article talks about sleep cycles being 90 minutes. I am willing to bet this is 90 minutes plus or minus a hefty deviation. It needs to be individualised.

    I agree that getting more data is not going to significantly reduce variability in football.

    — Other comments about technology

    There are reasons to have technology on players for the players well being, and there are other reasons.

    People have been modifying themselves to become partly bionic for quite a few years. Nominally implanting electronics into tissue. And the easy way to get signal out is some kind of radio, you really don’t want wires coming through the skin.

    I can see a need for a few implantable cardiovascular monitors. An easy one for most people, is like a pacemaker but doesn’t have any ability to stimulate the heart. It is just monitoring activity. But, I can also see a need for blood pressure monitors in strategic places: the arteries leading to the brain, major arteries feeding the stomach cavity, and major arteries feeding the legs. Weight lifting has long recommended against the Valsalva maneuver, pressurizing the thorax when lifting a heavy weight. The biggest muscles in our bodies are: gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings. When those muscles contract, they will effect blood pressure in the legs, and probably the entire body.

    But, we may also want a pacemaker of sorts monitoring the brain, possibly the brain stem and top of the spinal column.

    I would think that if any pacemakers are installed in athletes, that the team would insist their home have a monitoring station for the radio signals coming from the live data feed. Another possibility is to put memory on the devices, and have that data be downloadable (typical of real pacemakers for cardiac purposes). There are personal freedoms versus team desires conflicting here.

    There was a mention of sleep pods. There are very quiet rooms in the world, so quiet that we can hear our blood flowing, and our internal organs shifting around. Apparently being in such a quiet room can distress some people a lot. But having athletes sleep in such a pod (quiet, but not too quiet) could allow for monitoring sound. Listening for noise from joints in motion, for muscles or tendons sliding past each other, that sort of thing. A person could also analyse the air inside the pod. Maybe this is a way to pick up on the development of diabetes, looking for ketones in the air.

    I’ve read articles about managers being annoyed at players being late for practice. But, if the instructions are for players to get 5 full sleep cycles, and we can build alarm clocks which monitor sleep cycles, there could be times where an athlete oversleeps. But, maybe there are points in the cycle where waking up earlier is not too bad, and places where it causes a problem. And maybe the alarm clock knows the athlete has an 8am practice, and needs to be awake by 6:30am to get to practice on time. If the 4th sleep cycle only “ends” at 5:45am, there isn’t time to let the 5th sleep cycle go to completion, and so the alarm clock could wake the athlete early. And the athlete is expected to try and get the 5 (6?) cycles the next night.

    We have read stories about fans shining laser pointers at players during play (or the officials). It would be fairly easy to have sensors on athletes looking for directed energy, such as lasers or infrasound. Lasers are easy to detect and pinpoint, infrasound would be more difficult.

    And probably lots of other things, but this is too long.

  47. Gord, I’m pretty certain that we use a similar system at Colney. Tracking their GPS locations/speed and some basic data. I think the ‘in the red zone’ phrase comes from data collected by them in training.

  48. Gord
    As Andy Mac says, we use these devices in training & most pre season games. I did notice them on the women and was surprised at their use in full competitive games, but collecting data is now all part of the overall fitness programmes.
    Not sure about the implant idea though

  49. One area that Arsenal seem to miss out on, is, one on one with Goal Keepers. There were 2 chances that should have been finished with simple dinks/lobs over the goal keeper. Carlos Vela was excellent at the technique and all Arsenal players should practice the technique, particularly midfield & forward players.

    There have been several missed goals because of poor finishing technique. The technique of manipulating the ball in the air from dead ball kicks, also needs practicing & coaching.

    I hope we do not miss any more chances because of lack of technique.

  50. I agree with the fact that we have been using sensors for years seeing the vests under their shirts a few years ago at a member’s day was a bit of a surprise.

    We’ve also been doing video analysis for a while as well — it could be a large part of why we bought StatDNA.

    Where I’d disagree is that football is as chaotic as many people believe. Its a very complex system, but there are flows and patterns in the game. The problem is in crunching through the data to find them, and until recently that was impossible because of the sheer volume of data and calculations needed.

    Modern computers make it possible, and even easier as time goes on. For perspective, the weather was once seen as impossible to predict accurately. OK, today it still takes supercomputers, but it can be done.

    More, the power available is growing, and ever more cheap to buy — the most powerful supercomputer of 15 years ago is less powerful than my graphics’ card.

    Apply that kind of processing capability to match data, and who knows what you’d discover. If only we owned a company capable of….Oh wait.

  51. Rufusstan

    You need to familiarize yourself with chaos theory. I would suggest a place to start is to look at “strange attractors”.

    But, to say a system is (mathematically) chaotic, is to say that given a set of initial conditions (with some error), that the error in position grows without bound quickly enough that predictions cannot be made.

  52. Andy Mack & TailGunner

    No, it doesn’t surprise me that Arsenal is using these things in training. But the Women World Cup was the first time these things were allowed in a competitive game.

    I have an old Nokia feature phone on my desk, and it would bother me to have this dumb thing tapping me on the spine between my shoulder blades in a game, and it other players knew it was there, you can be sure that someone would come in with an elbow to drive this thing into the spine occasionally.

    I have a long history in numerical methods. I don’t have any significant amount of money. But, I have a computer with a cheap graphics card, which can do significant number crunching in single precision. If nothing else, it will help me generate statistics for Untold Arsenal. I just need to be careful to pick methods that are stable, and to employ polishing where possible.

  53. Maitland-Niles at Ipswich (loan)

    Maitland-Niles was I believe the first Arsenal player loaned out this year (to Ipswich). In the news today, is that Ipswich has recently signed a player who has the long throw capability of Delap. Maitland-Niles is likely to get some interesting experience out of working with a long throw-in person for a season.

  54. This story is probably specific to the EPL, but apparently Petr Cech is the 199th person to play for Arsenal (presumably in the EPL) for Wenger, since he first came here.

    I don’t see any evidence that the reporters in question might have considered players who may have only played Champions League, FA Cup or League Cup games. But the article does have the list of 199 players.

    Wenger has used players from 50 different countries.

    And apparently, we signed another French youth (since Adelaide).

  55. Gooneress No1 – not tired enough to lob an oncoming keeper! Jack did it a few games ago. It is just a matter of practice & keeping a cool head. Problem is several coaches say ‘kick it low & hard’ but that rarely works with fit keepers. I still think a lob is the best way to pass an oncoming keeper.

    Arsenal midfielders have used the lob to bypass a wall of defenders with some success. That is mainly because it is not expected.

  56. Menace, Santi did try to ‘Lob’ the keeper but he was out to quickly: too close for an easy lob. The mistake was that he wanted a touch to set himself up but their wasn’t time. As for Gibbs, he’s a LB and probably saw that Santis lob hadn’t worked and isn’t as talented with the ball as Santi, so he hit it too close to the keeper (who was again out very quickly). It would be nice for them to practice but I don’t think it would have helped. If santi had hit it 1st time there’s a fair chance it would have been a goal.

  57. @Gord I’d have never passed any of my courses in differential equations without some understanding of Chaos theory.

    If you notice from my comment that I specifically mentioned weather forecasting, which is exactly the kind of boundary value system you describe — a complex model of (traditionally) insoluble differential equations that depend completely on initial values.

    As you probably know, they get a handle on it by getting lots of initial data, that is now constantly updated so they can run the model in real time, the models themselves, and enough compute power to brute-force solutions.

    We’ve both mentioned GPUs. Now if you consider a top end consumer GPU (titan) gets you teraflop class double precision compute capabilities (1.3-1.5) for under a grand, imagine the possibilities.

    Building a custom array would be expensive, but not in Arsenal terms. It would be down to whether the streaming data from the players (plus video data?) would be enough to allow you to evolve models accurate enough to be useful.

    Not saying it could be done; just that it is possible.

    By the way, laser detectors would be nice (and easy). While the low frequency sound waves are harder to detect, they are also going to be equally harder to produce, with the biggest problem with laser s being you can stick one in your pocket.

    I was going to say unless someone has produced a Phonon laser while I wasn’t looking; but apparently someone HAS. Thankfully, not at anywhere near the single-figure frequencies you’d need.

  58. Just to add, I forgot that AMD are better at compute on their GPUs for the price. Their mid-range cards (£200 or less) offer teraflop class FP64 performance, making things much cheaper.

  59. Glad to meet another number cruncher. Sorry, I can’t see a bunch of Phys Ed graduates applying chaos theory to anything.

    My branch of engineering (Mat Sci) was amongst the least math able, but 15 years after graduating I was happy to see that they were starting to use spreadsheets. I don’t know if a Phys Ed grad could. But then again, maybe they picked up some physics people, just like how medical physics got started.

    I still can’t afford much. The GPU I have is only a HD6450. If I could find work, sure I could get a R9 something or another.

  60. That’s why the Phys ED graduates buy companies full of people that can :).

    As to Perl, sadly no. I’m a couple of decades out of practice in programming, and its a language I never learned. I did have a look at it a while back (along with C), but I’m usually so busy (read lazy bastard), that I have no motivation to learn a new Programming language unless I’m going to use it.

    The upside is after 4 or 5 you get a feel for what code is trying to do in any language; I just couldn’t write in it.

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