Bergkamp II

The message cannot be clearer – with the injury to Cesc now, and the clear signs that Liverpool are still be protected by referees in a way that other teams are not, the Lord Wenger will know exactly where we stand for the second half of the season.

Back comes Eduardo, followed somewhat later by Rosicky and Theo.  Out goes Cesc for a while, plus anyone from the kiddies’ side who wants to go off on loan.  Hovering is Jack Wilshere who the lord Wenger described last week as Bergkamp II.  (That’s interesting because about a year ago Wenger said that if there were another Dennis out there, he couldn’t find him).  Bergkamp II.  Can you imagine?   And he doesn’t even have a fear of flying.

If he is unsure as to whether the baby team will be able to step up and do their stuff, the Lord Wenger can go and buy anyone he wants.  Real Mad have already spent their dosh paying  several hundred billion for Lasagne Diarra – which is ok because it gets us more money, and it gets money for Portsmouth (and it is hard not to feel something for Portsmouth given who now runs the show, and who is in and around the team).

Virtually everyone else is bust – BarBarBarcaSheep could buy someone as could one or two Italian clubs, but it is going to be a very thin market – which means Arsenal can get whomsoever they wish.   (And that’s leaving aside the fact that by and large most of the people we buy are not on other team’s shopping lists anyway).

I haven’t a clue whether we should buy anyone or not – time and again I have been amazed at what he has conjured up from the realms of the outer darkness.  I’m the one who wondered what the hell he was doing with Henry who didn’t seem to know where the goal was for the first two months.  (I also thought Dennis was over the hill when we bought him.  Shows what I know.)

With that in mind, I was heartened by Sunday, and as each game goes along I think that Denilson is not just a great midfielder, but is getting that inside knowledge that Gilberto had – that “invisible wall” stuff that made him so valuable.  I do recall how, when Gilberto got his year-long injury, there was a general feeling that he would not be missed because he really did nothing.   When he came back he got an overwhelming reception – everyone knew by then why he was in the side, and what we had missed without him.

So, now its Villa.  If you thought Liverpool were play-acting (as they were), just wait until you see the “go down and hold your head” approach they have been using.

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  1. Denilson will emerge as the new Cesc when the real Cesc finally decides its time to play for Barca (25 -27 years, we’ll have had the pleasure of his excellence for nearly ten years and won’t complain at all, will we?). I think by then Neutron Jack and Aaron Ramsey will be pillars. Ade and Robin will still be up front and JD 20 and Song in the centre of the defense. I hope Theo and Nasri will both be there too. If Sagna and Clichy can dispel some of the carelessness that’s creeping in, they can stay too. Yeah and Fran merida should be in there as well.

    BUT WAIT, a picture is emerging! When you sit down and think for a minute, if all of the current squad were fit right now, we’ve have a cracking team! Maybe that’s why the boss didn’t buy???? Maybe that’s why we’ve already given better than we’ve recived against Man U, Chelski, Pool??

    I thought Inler was an excellent prospect when AW made his $8M offer. Yesterday I watched Udinese get thumped by AC Mlan. Inler was just terrible. Uncommitted, uninterested, unable to lace Alex Song’s boots. Watch out what we wish for Gooners

  2. Bergkamp’s The Man – I really agree about being careful what we wish for. Some supporters see the odd game or a few minutes of highlights of other teams’ players and think they are better than ours. But if they were subjected to the same level of scrutiny as our players they would see that no one is perfect and in fact some of our players are far superior.

    Denilson is a case in point – he is an excellent young player but he gets non-stop grief from some quarters, which I just cannot understand.

    Tony, I’m not looking forward to that Villa game because I would imagine their anti-football tactics will be even more pronounced at home and they will be allowed to get away with it. Their play-acting is an absolute disgrace and surprise surprise, no one calls them on it. Much like Stevie Me who has taken diving to Olympic gold medal winning levels!

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