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  1. Well boys, 100% penalty for Arsenal not given. UA predictions come true, and quite early in the match. Even BT Sprout and Howard Webb said so. Christ.

  2. Tell you what Tony and Walter, your referee analysis has changed, i think, at least one thing. Referees are not that averse to giving opposition players early yellow cards. Hats off to you guys. Keep it up.

  3. See how the yellows from the beginning of the game are right?

    If he had not got the first yellow because of “too early etc, they would still have 11 men.

  4. Yet another push in front of the ref & a stud in the heel of Ramsey. savage commenting like the twat he is.

  5. We should make a few runs at them while they are still flustered. We are taking too much time in front of their goal. I know we have the second half to go still, but….

  6. Yet another poor half of football. Nice tippy tappy stuff but lack of creativity again. The few chances we create are wasted. Please buy a striker.

    As for Newcastle they should have had at least 2 men sent off and how the penalty was not given I will never know.

  7. The benefit of taking shots from just outside of the box is that it forces their defenders to step up those extra 2-3 yards, allowing some space behind…oh yeah, and you just might score 🙂

  8. I really do not understand how commentators can talk about intentional/nor intentional fouls. A foul is a foul is it not?

  9. So even Webb concedes it should have been two reds and a penalty….. Let’s hope it’ll all even out at the end of the season.

  10. I said we wouldn’t have a penalty and as far as I could see Newcastle should now be down to nine men. One out of three Important Decisions right so far. Average so far this year is three wrong so I expect a big wrong call in our box in the second half.

  11. @blackfox

    The striker logic is simple – most chances created in the league so far this year, least goals in the league. Pretty simple. Another two missed by Walcott today – one of them an open goal from 2 yards. Buy a striker.

  12. @para,

    agreed… montreal’s run just showed us whats really lacking in the game…

  13. I find Ox really frustrating. He runs at them and get them to commit, and he shoots when he gets the chance, which not enough of the others do. However his shooting isn’t great, his movement is really erratic and he does give the ball away much too much. But he scored because he made the effort and the other haven’t……
    If he hadn’t scored then I’d be considering swapping him for HFB, actually I’m still considering it………

  14. the game’s being played at a pedestrian pace. Need more energy down the middle.

  15. Stupid commentary on tv… ‘away fans are not real fans, they are cheering Arsenal when they aren’t really playing well. The home fans are less forgiving’…or something like that. How stupid of the media to think cheering your team makes you unreal

  16. Not good at all, not good. We cant score(it was OG) against 10 men? (They should be made to watch this game for the rest of the week)

    I still see many problems with our team the way we are playing. We need to step up back to our level soon. Looks like we have lost our cohesion a lot.

    Lucky today, imagine if Newcastle had all their men? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Still, 3 points is what we need. 🙂

  17. oh well I’ll take the 3 points this way. Re group after the internationals but if we continue to play like this I see us not scoring in many more matches.

  18. Newcastle fans applauding their team after the match despite the loss. Now that’s supporting your team.
    Valuable 3points in the bag.

  19. I got to watch much of the second half, as opposed to reading about it. The referee was wrong to allow that Newcastle substitution when Arsenal had a free kick in a dangerous place.

    With 7 cards in a game, is Newcastle fined?

    I thought Giroud was unlucky a couple of times.

    Nice to see the win though.

  20. Para, imagine if we had got our penalty and the second Newcastle player had been sent off.!

  21. 3 points vital and the only really important stat.

    Monreal, Gabriel , bellerin and coquelin who was motm by a country mile.

    No pace in our game
    Little creativity
    Missed chances when the did come

    We need a striker.
    Ramsey was given motm because BT sport continue their campaign to undermine Ozil.
    We need a striker.
    Boring tippy tappy for most of the game.
    Oh and we need a striker.

  22. Andrew Crawshank – spot on. Imagine if we had no PGMO. What a wonderful world it would be.

  23. I just looked at the BBC, Guardian and DailyMail commentaries, and none of them even blinked at Newcastle being allowed a substitution on the Arsenal free kick. Isn’t that what these damned muppets are supposed to be doing?

  24. As I did have time suddenly to see the match I wrote a match report that is on line now

  25. If they hadn’t had a player sent off then they’d probably have pushed forward a bit and given TW/OG/AS/Ox a bit more space to try for a goal. Ten man defending tends (tries) to make it difficult for the attacking team to score.
    Really disappointed with the pace of our game though.

  26. Our players, specially Ramsey seem to be too focused on passing rather than scoring. Alexis also needed to curve some distant shots to keep Krul interested.

    Blocks on shots are better than loss of ball because of poor passing.

    I noticed Mariner said to Santi – ‘I had to’ when booking him. Why he had to was to reduce the pressure that home support were putting on him. I think Santi should ask for that booking to be removed because it didn’t warrant a booking.

  27. Para, stop being so bloody pessimistic all the time, do you ever have a good word to say. Is your name short for paranoid

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