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  1. Samrat
    It’s not an article, but some kind of Twitter feed providing updates on the transfer deadline madness. You can click and drag on the scroll bar to the right, just under the 888 sport icon, to view the updates. Or if viewing on your mobile then just touch anywhere on the screen and drag down or up…..

  2. And I thought it was some kind of droll commentary on happenings today! A la Len Shackleton’s autobio…

  3. It is a service forwarded to us by the advertising agency that we use to sell advertising space on Untold.

    It’s not intended as a reflection of the normal Untold service – just an extra in case you wanted it. Personally I think most of the commentaries are pretty stupid – if that is the common view I won’t run it again.

  4. Personally I think it’s good you ran it here Tony and I found it useful actually; we get to keep abreast with all the madness that’s going on without having to click on their stupid headlines/baits.

  5. BTW, just read. ARSENAL are the only top club to have not signed an outfield player this window….

    Wonder what the two youngsters we signed are!!..

    But why have not signed Kalou yet?????

  6. According to the BBC, Notts County is the busiest in this transfer window (20 transfers). Looking in their records, I found 16 transfers, of which only 1 is a transfer out. Fourteen of the transfers in, are free transfers. A lot of this activity was back in July, but essentially Notts County is an entirely new team. When are they going to gel? April?

    Notts County after 5 games, is currently 20th in League 2 with 4 points and -5 for goal difference.


    According to the BBC, the busiest EPL team is Watford with 12 transfers (I count 13). 7 players coming in, and 6 came in. 8 are loans, 6.4m in purchases, 1 free and 2 undisclosed. Trying to digest 6 new players is not going to be easy. After 4 games, Watford has 3 points and a -2 goal difference.

    Loans out to: QPR, Porto, Sheffield Wednesday, Wigan, Middlesbrough, and Port Vale.
    Loans in from: Guangzhou Evergrande, Chelsea,


    Someone said that ManUre now has 4 goaltenders. How do they play the season? Do they attack the net in the hopes of injuring opposition goaltenders (which puts their own at risk, but since they have so many, …)?


    In Arsenal Ladies news, they have drawn ManCity in the Continental Cup next round.

  7. Sukebe
    – we signed Cech loooong ago so he doesn’t count as a transfer in this window….
    – Wenger is busy doing commentary for French TV instead of being busy doing business on deadline day.

    But look for the change in tune next summer if we have to wait for a deadline day signing a la Ozil; Wenger will now be called the ditherer, leaving things till the very last minute while other managers did their business early.

    In other words, Wenger simply can’t win, whatever he does.

  8. In fact I’d like to bet you won’t find the word ditherer having been used once to refer to any other manager this window (maybe lvg perhaps – in which case he’ll fully deserve it given the cock up that left them with 4 goalkeepers lol).

  9. Piers Morgan is making noises in the news again. Is he really a shareholder? I can’t seem to find any evidence of this, but probably not looking in the right places.

  10. Surely there’s still time to buy Lorik Cana and Lee Cattermole to shore up the midfield? They must be good, so many people touted them as our saviours in transfer windows past…..,

  11. @Gord,
    I believe that Piers Morgan has 11 shares in Arsenal which actually puts him amongst the biggest of the “also-rans” after Stan and the Usbek who own something like 98% of the club between them. I think the shares trade at between £6,500 and £8,600 as and when they come up for sale. No dividends are paid to any shareholder and the prices have been pretty static for a few years now. The best source for this kind of information that I know of is an account run by “Angry of Islington”

    The total number of shares in Arsenal are 62,219. Using his figures, Kroenke owns 41,639 and Usamov 18,672 (although this dates over a year old and may well have gone up a bit), leaving just 1,908 in the hands of small shareholders.

    Shareholders do get an invitation to the AGM in October (high class coffee, biscuits and pastries) but no other perks and can vote on the various motions put to the meeting but once Stan puts up his hand no-one else matters.

  12. Thankfully that BS is over for another few months.
    The cry babies will come out in force for a while, spurred on by their media allies, the rest of us can just get back to supporting the great players we do have rather than worrying about those we dont.
    We need to improve on a few things, but this team are not in bad shape at all, as we will see when things settle down.
    Goals will never be a problem with this team for too long, once it starts, could be a deluge.

  13. Gone six, no more signing’s, we are all doomed.
    Goodness only knows what Durham and Claude on ArsenalFanTv are going to say.

  14. The downright stupidity of Talk Sport.
    When we signed Cech they said he was worth 12 points a season to us and made us serious title challengers.
    Now they say we cannot be considered serious title challengers because we have not made any outfield signings.

  15. Mandy
    is it over and done with, really?
    check this out

    The summer deadline may be
    passed, but Sky Bet have reopened
    their transfer specials for the next
    one, with Crystal Palace and
    Newcastle both priced up at 8/1 to
    sign Charlie Austin before February
    3. There’s also a David De Gea
    market and you can place your bets
    right here .

  16. Arsene has said many times that to achieve 100% success in signing a new player, depends on so much.
    Is his parent club willing to release him?
    Is the fee comparable to our own valuation?
    Are the personal terms acceptable to the player?
    And is he and his family (if he has one) willing to move to London?
    The fact that no new signings have been made during this Window, demonstrates that in every attempt Arsenal have made, some or all of the above criteria have simply not been met.

  17. Not impressed with our performance in the transfer window, I wish the team can compete for the title but we the fans are not convinced with our attacking quality. Even Olivier Giroud knows this. I wish the team retains the FA cup and as usual qualify for the champions league

  18. I love the lies about no outfield players, I wonder where Jeff Reine Adelaide and Yassin Fortune play then? Adelaide at 3m will be better than United’s Martial!

  19. Well at least the window is now closed so the circus is over.

    Wenger has not brought in a striker that so many said he needed. Lots of trust being placed in Giroud. Wenger will either proved right or wrong on this one. No excuses.

  20. @jayram,
    I have jus t checked on the .com and, as I thought, we do have more than one forward. We have Giroud, Walcott, Alexis, Welbeck and Campbell all listed as first team players.

    Between them I expect plenty of goals this year (50 plus) with another bunch coming from our midfielders. I reckon we should be OK.

  21. @Andrew

    I would only class Giroud as a striker from that list, but whatever, Wenger must believe that group, supplemented by the rest of the team, can score enough goals to win the league.

  22. Mick@6.13,
    Anyone who gives a flying one what Durham and Claude (who he?) say should seriously consider trying to reverse the lobotomy they have obviously had.

  23. Jayram – Come on. Be specific. Which strikers do you think we could have bought and how much do you think we should have paid for them?

    Per previous thread it is pointless to write “we should have bought a striker”.

    The Arsenal hierarchy will have their list of targets, each with a value and a price above which they will not go. And a salary limitation. Then, of those targets, many will not be available or, if they are, may not wish to come to Arsenal.

    If you just go out and “buy a striker” who knows who you might end up with and for how much. I mean some fool could have bought Antony Martial for £50mm+… oh, wait…

  24. Pete

    I wish I possessed your blind unquestioning faith in the manager and club hierarchy.

    Unfortunately history suggests that they have failed numerous times to replace players, never mind add to the squad.

    Sure it’s difficult to sign players and there’s a whole raft of variables at play, but that is what these people get paid millions to do! Can you imagine a surgeon telling a patient they’d love to help them, but they can’t because it’s just too darn tricky???

    Get real and stop defending the club when you have no idea what their thinking is. They could quite easily be sat there, smoking cigars, drinking brandy guffawing over all the mindless transfer rumours while lying on a diamond encrusted chaise longe!

    Truth is, Wenger never replaced Lehman until this summer and he still hasn’t replaced, adequacy anyway, RvP, Vieira or Gilberto.

    So by my reckoning we should have a title winning squad again in 2036!!!

    Can’t wait!

    Up the Arse!

  25. Pete

    Btw are you the one who always asks people for names and transfer fees??? Hmmmm, interesting. 🙂

  26. @Dex

    Sure it’s difficult to sign players and there’s a whole raft of variables at play, but that is what these people get paid millions to do! Can you imagine a surgeon telling a patient they’d love to help them, but they can’t because it’s just too darn tricky???

    happens a lot, Sir…

  27. @Dex,
    That still not naming any striker that was available or actually moved that is better than Giroud!

    Coquelin is doing a great job in that Veira/Gilberto role, but no player out there now is like them.

    Thierry Henry said, “I continually hear people say Arsenal failed to replace Patrick Vieira and could do with a player like now but it is an impossible argument,For a start, Patrick was an incredibly gifted midfielder who could not only defend but move the ball forward with great power.
    ‘Not a lot of players in the history of the game compare to Patrick, so you are never going to sign another one like him.”

    No striker that moved this summer is a significant upgrade over Giroud.

  28. Arsene has also failed to replace Wilson, Rice, McNab, Radford and Charlie George, not to mention Jack Kelsey, Tommy Lawton and Alex James.

  29. Walter – why haven’t you sold this Dex character. He must be wanted somewhere. He is as much use here as woodworm in a cripples crutch!

  30. Dex – Just seen your other comment.

    Yes! Criticism has to be specific or else it is useless.

    Names and values of players, who moved in this window, who are better than existing first team players please.

    On Radio 5 they were talking about £70mm for Cavani – which is idiotic for a player already past his best.

    Clearly there are better players out there than those we have – but are they available for an acceptable/affordable price?

    I’m not saying you have said this, but others have said “just go the extra mile”. And then complain about ticket prices.

  31. [I posted this on the other thread but seems more appropriate here.]

    Okay, now that transfer the madness is temporarily over (January transfer rumour is around the corner though), can we, who support the team, players and manager look forward to the rest of the season with excitement while the WOB (aptly described by a poster recently as Without Our Brain) wait until we lose a point or three before coming out to vent their life frustration again.

    I just love this man Wenger like my dad.

    In Wenger I Trust.


  32. Here’s what I was hoping for. Zlatan. Hear me out before you start getting offensive.

    1) He is the perfect age where he can play for a couple years and then we have the young gunners coming up (Akpom)

    2) According to some, he was available.

    3) He has the ability to score from the balls that Giroud normally cant. I mean of course this season first goal by Giroud was fantastic, but from what I have seen of Zlatan, he can do that more often.

    Now comes the real problem people cite while I mention his name. His attitude (Let’s look over his wage demand for now). For my argument, I’m gona turn to one of the few good News papers, The guardian. (please tell me if I am naive to trust this particular paper).

    From what I read, he has had a tough childhood. And I believe (what I can gather from his other interviews) is that he doesn’t have a bad attitude. It’s just how media portrays him. And later he got fed up with it and then started to bite back. It’s more like he doesn’t tolerate bullshit well. Of course, there are the moments of megalomania. But if he remembers his roots so well (I skimmed through his book “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic”) I sometimes think it’s for show.

    Happy to discuss on this. 😀

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