Another media attack against Arsenal

by Walter Broeckx

There is something strange going on in the media in the UK.  With the hype surrounding Cesc Fabregas they acted in a way that I never have seen before.

From the Spanish point of view it us a bit reasonable what they are trying to do. They just want to bring their own little kid home. We can and we must be angry and despise them for their behaviour but for them it is just the matter of bringing Cesc back to Barcelona so they can embrace him and give them the love they want to give.

That they are tools in the manipulating hands of Barcelona is just part of their daily job. Those who pay you tell you what to write.

If we go to the Arsenal blog land it is another matter. Some bloggers completely lost it and believed every word that whorenalist Ballegue wrote. Do they know that this person makes this prediction every transfer window? If not then they should try to think first before they believe something and take it on as if it was written in the bible. If they did know then they had to be more careful before writing it over and over again. I must say that to me relief there still were a good deal of writers who had not lost their common sense immediately.

Those who went on to blame the manager now already for the leaving of Cesc were utterly ridiculous and those who were writing nasty words about Cesc were despicable.  How can you write something about a person about an event that has not happened? Some people even wished Wenger a painful disease. I must say the lowest of the low have made themselves visible.

So to the real Arsenal bloggers out there I just would ask to use their head before they write something down instead of jumping on the Barcelona bandwagon and by doing so even risking that our captain will leave even sooner than expected.  For the not real Arsenal bloggers I can only say: get a life somewhere and do something useful with your live.

But now on the English media. The way they jumped on this story was like flies on a fresh dog shit. They even made photo shop pictures of Arsenal being the Titanic and Cesc leaving the Titanic. This was to suggest Arsenal was a sinking ship and that even the captain was leaving.  First of all Arsenal is not a sinking ship. No, I think it is the only ship in the EPL that is sailing on a good course now. Other ships like Liverpool and Manchester United are already very close to an ice mountain but they don’t know it yet.  But no according to the media Arsenal is a sinking ship and its most important player is leaving.

Now wait a minute. Did they make the same picture now Torres and Rooney also are linked with Barcelona? Well, I didn’t see it anyway. So why the difference in the way they treat us and the way they treat those other teams and players?

I wrote an article a few months ago that the media hated us and this was to harsh according to some people who commented. No, I think I was spot on and the hype they made of these reports from Spain only confirmed my idea.

They way they picked it up and rolled over each other to tell that Cesc was leaving, without delivering any evidence was like a gift from heaven. Because the media have their own agenda. They hate us and they will do anything to sink us. Even if this means they have to make their own ice mountain.

By repeating these story’s from Spain they wanted to sell newspapers, that’s for sure. But also they saw it as a chance to weaken the Arsenal, and if I look around me it seemed to have work. If I read the comments some people wrote, it was certainly effective.

They just want to undermine the position not only of Wenger but also of Cesc himself. That the media want Wenger out is not new. They take every opportunity to make him look ridiculous. They twist and turn his words and make up quotes he never said, and then write “ha ha ha” at the end.

Let’s face it he is French and for some part of the media this still is enough. The boss is stronger than this so he just ignores them. I hope that once he writes his memoires he will settle some accounts.

But the media also undermine the position of Cesc. And we have seen this before. And that time it was because of the player in question was, to stay it in a  friendly way,  a bit dumb by letting us know everyday how good he was and how he wanted to play for Inter, AC Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, and so on. The media also jumped on to this and wrote about it every day.  And at the end of the day he had to stay with us because Wenger did not want to let him go and nobody really wanted him for his price tag. But came the first games and what happened: a part of the supporters turned against him, booed him. And something was broken.

So the media hope to do the same trick again. They keep throwing oil on the fire in the hope that some fans say:  “Well if he doesn’t think we are not good enough no more, we don’t want him anymore.”    And could you imagine that there will be some idiots who will boo Cesc when he comes out the tunnel as our captain? Then the result will be that he surely will go in the next summer.

So I can only call on the common sense of the Arsenal fans. Because so far Cesc has done nothing wrong THAT WE KNOW. He has said that at one day he would love to play for Barcelona. Well this is something we know for years. He just repeated it and this was maybe not the smartest move but we all know how the Spanish press is always jumping on him to say something about Barcelona. But in telling the world that he one day will go back to his home is not something to give him bad names or to pick on him.

But let us not forget the foul play the media is engaged in. They try to get Cesc out of the Emirates and are willing to do anything to get this done. Cheating, lying, and all the normal stuff they do.  They now seem to crawl back a bit and admit that there is nothing really going on for the moment as they can not deliver any proof of what they are saying. But they will bring this up as long as is needed to destroy Arsenal, Wenger and Cesc.  They are trying to devide the Arsenal supporters in 2 different camps, and are very well succeeding in it.

So the only thing I can ask for is to be calm and just wait. Let us not give the media the pleasure of bringing our club down.  At the moment of writing this nothing has been finalised or arranged.


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36 Replies to “Another media attack against Arsenal”

  1. Coouldn’t have said it any better. Come on The Arsenal, were better than the media and the bullshit they constantly label our club with. We have one of the greatest managers in the world, we have one of the greatest captains ever to grace the beautiful game, and off course we have a team who will bring back the glory days. Why not give them what they deserve, a big thank you, because without them we would be a nowhere team with nowhere dreams…FOREVER ARSENAL!!!

  2. ABSOLUTELY 100 % agreed…
    Just look at espn player ratings and how they treat the gunners when they do something wrong.. like “EVEN A SCARE CROW CUD BE A BETTER KEEPER THAN ALMUNIA AND FABIANSKI” and things when Bendtner missed loads of chances against Burnley…
    GUYZ u just wait…!!!

  3. The media and especially Sky Sports are stating as “fact” that Cesc has meet Wenger and said he wants to leave.where is there ANY proof of that? How can they get away with it? its very wrong !

  4. Arsene does have a nasty disease. It is called:

    Gloomers’ Sarcoma.

    This is an incredibly virulent and nasty rash that breaks out without the slightest provocation and can threaten to engul a person, or indeed a whole team.

    It is characterized by

    1) Extreme ingratitude – a person could save your life, and the next day you would hate them
    2) Extreme impatience – you want everything, well, yesterday
    3) Promiscuous opportunism – this virus doesn’t matter where it goes, and although it is supposed to blend in with the colour of your top, can quite happily migrate to someone in, say, a white top
    4) Complete irrationality – this virus makes you barking

    Gloomers’ Sarcoma loves fetid muggy beery environments. But it is adaptable also. When they the put air-conditioning in in Fleet Street – it quickly adapted to the new environment.

    Above all it is attracted to vacuous people, and it loves to be centre stage, using the media and high profile pundits as a host body.

    …….When I say Arsene has the disease, I mean in the sense, he has to cope with this disease as a General would have to cope with Gonnorhea in the troops……

    Known remedies: Apparently shouting ‘Come on you gooners’ quickly dispels this disease.

  5. I haven’t come across an Arsenal comment on a blog which is abusive of Cesc. I’m normally on gunnerblog, we’re the biggest load of doom-mongers in the blogosphere, and we’re all of the opinion that we love Cesc Fabregas, and if he wants to leave Arsenal then we understand him. What we’re pissed off about is that Wenger can’t put together a team that allows Cesc to fulfill his ambitions with us.

  6. Not quite sure what the rambling is about. Cesc has clearly said he wants out of Arsenal otherwise Wenger and Cesc would have retracted it by now. We cannot support Lord W


    Joe – – you have posted two comments here, but anti-Wenger. It made me go back and re-read all your comments to this. They all follow the same theme – you just put out your anti-negative point of view without any evidence. In the other piece you have written today, which I have not published, you say, “But if Cesc goes, can Wenger be trusted to spend the money on good experienced replacements ? History tells us he wont.”

    There might be some sort of consequential analysis here as you see it, but I just don’t see it. You are anti-Wenger, which is fair enough, and if you had an argument which showed exactly and why he should not be trusted, or whatever the argument is, then I would publish it. But these simplistic points are really better suited to other sites.

    Here’s another one of yours. “He can only be wanting to leave because he is not convinced Lord Wenger will buy what it takes to really make us challenge for trophies, instead of giving the poor youngster his usual spin.” How can you know any such thing? He might be going because he wants to pay less tax.


    “The injuries at Arsenal shows there is something fundamentally wrong with our medical team, or some of our playing staff are simply not strong enough. I think it is more to do with the latter.”

    Again – a simple negative point, and no explanation.

    This site is a site that is set up as a counter-balance to the vast number of anti-Wenger sites that there are, and I really can’t see the point publishing your simple statements.

  7. Well said Walter, I completely agree. There must be a huge fear factor about Arsenal and Wenger that has these people running scared.

    From all the media attention on Arsenal, you wouldn’t of thought that Chelski (sorry the KGB in Fulham) won the FA & EPL! Are they just not interesting enough? I can think of so many other stories for journalists to write about. Such as

    1) Liverpool – will they end up like Leeds or Nottingham Forest? Teams with a big fan base & history, but haven’t been in the EPL for years!

    2)Did Sir Alex, risk England’s chance at the world cup to come second in the EPL by playing Rooney so much this season?

    3) Following Chelsea’s players continuing aggressive behaviour towards Ref’s this season will they take action?

    4)Will the FA review their practices concerning teams, whom are known to play ‘brutal’ football like Stoke & Blackburn. I don’t believe a 3 match ban is severe enough for players/teams that think career ending tackles are ‘all part of the game’. I also believe ‘intent’ should not overshadow ‘reckless’ in the aftermath of such incidents like Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey.

    Anyway looking at the positives for Arsenal, we could say what they say in PR – There is no such thing as bad press! All of this talk just elevates the club, everyone is talking about us and the spotlight on us leaves other clubs in the shade! As we come though this storm, people will watch and admire us, winning us more supporters worldwide and a bigger fanbase than the KGB in Fulham or Man Citeh could ever of achieve!

  8. I just find it so bloody ironic, how these “fans” continually moan about us being a selling club and all our best players leaving us… and at the next instant take actions that perpetuate this cycle- abusing our own players, inviting them to leave and all. Just hope cesc is smart enough to see these “fans” for who they really are.

  9. Some quotes I found posted in response to an article on the grove today:

    May 22, 2010 at 09:46
    And about cesc.. I think we should let him go! He is the club captain and is now acting like a twat. He was kissing the badge earlier in the season!!
    (ED – love it. “He IS now acting like a twat.” IS?)

    This was said about Mr Wenger:
    May 22, 2010 at 10:11
    (ED – Can anyone give this person some Prozac?)

    I’m not saying all on the grove were negative, but many posts are overly critical of either Cesc’s behaviour, Wenger’s, or that of the board.

    I just don’t get it. It’s not like any of these posters could do any better than those in charge.

    Also… I live in Asia, and I’m currently watching a sports summary programme on ESPN. All the pundits have spoken as if Cesc is going. All of the pudits have said he should go, that it is the best decision for him. All of the pundits have said Arsenal will probably fold as a footballing team when Cesc goes.

    1) What bullshit.
    2) I wonder whether they are just repeating what the British domestic media are saying, or if thet actually believe it for themselves.
    3) I remember watching another edition of this show at the beginning of the season. They said Arsenal would finish outside of the top four, maybe even sixth. We finished third.

    I don’t agree with all you say Mr Tony. But media bias – you are dead right. Spot on. You’ve hit the bulls-eye with this one.

  10. While I don’t agree with all the rubbish the media have been spouting about our dear captain recently you can’t really blame them.

    Arsenal FC are probably the worst club in terms of PR in the whole of Europe.

    It does suck but the way the media work in the UK is that they make up some story and if it’s not true the person(s) it relates to gives a statement or an interview denying whatever has been alleged.

    The harsh truth is that this story about Cesc telling Wenger he want to go to Barca has been out all week and not Cesc or anyone at Arsenal FC has denied it.

    Think of all the times throughout the season the media have done just this and Cesc has come out the next day and denied it.

    Well the silence is deafening. I DO believe Cesc had a chat with Wenger and expressed his hurt at being one of the best midfielders in the world in one of the best clubs in the world but having not won a trophy for 5 years!!!

    I think Cesc is worried that Wenger will not invest enough in the squad AGAIN and he (and we) will end up being agonisingly close but not quite there next may.

    That and the fact that he’s playing in a league and for a team where serious career threatening injuries occur all too frequently. He is beginning to worry for his future career playing in midfield against the thugs in the EPL.

    That said I do believe Wenger will convince him to stay one more season. He’ll buy a few players and he’ll promise Cesc we’ll win something or else he can go for cheap (£30million).

    All we have to do is pray that everything works out and we finally get a season free of serious injuries.

    I honestly believe if we suffer no long term injuries next season and 90% of our squad s fit we could win the double.

  11. The writer in the mirror of the titanic stories a Liverpool fan (fact lol)!

  12. It must have been a hard few years for Cesc, I can completely see why he wants to ‘jump ship’.

    Paid £110,000 a week, captains the club, fans adore him, he lives in the greatest city in the world and plays for a top three team challenging for the greatest prizes In club football.

    Barcelona may be in Cesc’s ‘DNA’, but I’m not so quick to assume he’s leaving the club. Arsene has basically made a public admission that he’s getting more experienced players in, next season will be our best chance of winning the league in the last five years by my reckoning, as all our players are now fully experienced in hard fought campaigns (let’s hope a few of the players who didn’t quite get ‘hard fought’ are left on the bench to mull things over a bit).

    If Cesc does leave, good luck to him. He’s been great, though not quite making himself a legend just yet, he’s done everything we could have asked of him and dazzled us with some pretty fine skills.

    He’s also not an utter cunt like Ronaldo, Gerrard, Terry, Rooney, Lampard or Drogba.

  13. rb3281 – No amount of positive pr by Arsenal is going to alter the current predisposition of the media towards Arsenal. Apart from the club not being English enough, the way the club is run is contrary to the conventional wisdom that the press itself has sown, e.g. spending big, experience over youth, English spine, grit over skill etc. Think for one moment the favorable treatment Ferguson and Man Utd received during the Ronaldo saga to understand how these biases come into play.
    The only antidote to the media is over the long-term; building the financial and footballing foundations so deep and strong as to easily resist the annual destabilization campaign. So far the financial side is is working for us and against Barca. A club which is already indebted 420 million Euros is already on the hook for between 40-50 million pounds in their current campaign to tap up Cesc. Soon they will have to put-up or shut-up. Unfortunately victory will leave scars as in the case of Cesc. But if he is smart and is around next year he just has to perform week-in and week-out; the boo-boys only care for winners. The footballing foundations will soon bear fruit. IMO, it is just a matter of time before we start winning trophies left-right and center. On that I am fairly certain.

  14. Quite simply, the media don’t want The Arsenal’s approach to football to succeed. If we can show the rest of the League that we can succeed without the need for mega transfers, then the media won’t sell half as many newspapers as they need to.

    No more needs to be said. Otherwise everyone is just giving creedence to all the BS.

    I’m off to hibernate until August.

  15. I see no vendetta, no witch-hunt, no bias and certainly no great inaccuracies in the British media. Ask yourself these questions: Does Cesc want to go to Barca? Has Barca made an approach? Why did the Arsenal board take so long to react?

    Arsenal have brought all the speculation and titillation on themselves. This is because at the end of each season of late there has been an auction and a lot of good players have been sold and not replaced.

    The fact that the Arsenal board [Peter Hill-Wood] have come out and said they are confident that Cesc will remain with Arsenal is in itself uncertain because in the same sentence he indicated that he did not know whether or not Cesc will leave.

    Calling other Arsenal supporters who hold an opposite view from you despicable is just childish. What you wont do is to bring them to your point of view by shear weight of abuse.

  16. I completely agree with you Matthew B,

    I will still respect Cesc, I am just a bit disappointed that he’s doing this to us now as he can see how close we are getting to the top. Barca will be unforgiving of his mistakes and will expect him to be the finished article if he comes with a price tag of 40+ millions. Having a bit part role from the bench may even jepodise his postion in the national team, so he should think twice before he ‘jumps ship’.

    The club has done a lot for him & I think he owes us 1-2 more years. If does go this year, I will wish him well, but he will know the destablising effect it will have if the captain leaves like that – Arsenal legends don’t do things like that.

    Again on the positive side, maybe it will cut out the last bit of the ‘im-off-to-a-better-club cancer’ which I think Hleb, Senderos, adebayor and Flamini had. I have no doubt that years down the line, all will admit they were young and stupid to leave how & when they did.

    I don’t want the new group of players progressing through the club like Wiltshire, JET, Ramsey & Gibbs affected by it. No doubt they must look up to the senior players and listen to the conversations in the dressing room. Watching the Chamakah video, I have to say brought a smile to my face – this is what I want see and hear, someone with some reverence for Arsenal. Only time will tell if he’s good enough to wear the club shirt – but he is certainly talking the talk. Having someone like this must be good for the dressing room.

    I call the Arsenal shirt, the Superman shirt because when players take it off and put on others, they look quite ordinary. I hope this will not be the case with Cesc.

  17. The, er, um,

    ‘The Eduardo Embargo’?


    You are a 22 year old footballer, one of the worlds best. Two weeks to go to the next world Cup, your first.
    Your leg is in plaster more or less.
    You are an athlete.
    You have trained your whole life to play in a WC.
    What annoys you more: transfer speculation, the composition of the squad,
    or the fact that you can’t walk properly?

    Let me think about that…

    …Still thinking…

    the foul that caused the injury (a broken leg, or a bruised bone, the choice, is yours!) was not even called a foul. Funny that. Especially when you remember that three of your current team mates have also received broken legs.

    Two of the most gifted technical players to play in the PL recently, cited such concerns as being major reasons behind their moves, Hleb and CR7.
    Make of that what you will.

    I see that the Mirror now have a lead, linked helpfully off the BBC site, that Barca may pull out of their bid. Wow, I mean, after listening to all the ‘experts’ earlier in the week, how could this even be considered?

    When those slothful hacks’ twitted about the fact that ‘it’s going to get messy’,
    I did not expect to be induced into a coma.

    “Mr.Twit was a foul and smelly old man….He was born a twit, and now, at the age of 60, he was a bigger twit then ever” – Road Dahl

    I’m supporting Blackpool!

  18. Walter

    It’s well known that a few key editors were/are fanatical football fans.

    When Piers Morgan was editor of the Mirror, he ran the headline ‘Arsenal win the World Cup’, which wasn’t strictly accurate and caused a lot of anger amongst non-Gooners. He sent Sir Alex some Imodium which was opened by a secretary who took fairly strong offence.

    Andy Coulson, ex editor of the NOTW is a well known Spud. As he is now Communications Director for the Tory Party he may possess some influence.

    Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade), ex editor of the Sun and now CEO of News International (newspaper subsidiary of News Corporation) is from the North West.

    Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail is a well known West Ham fan whose son supports Chelsea.

    On the plus side, the Daily Telegraph is a safe place for Arsenal to place some stories, although it wouldn’t be through Henry Winter.

    I’m afraid money talks in the media. I know that, years ago, De Beers, the CSO in the diamond trade, could pretty much keep anything out of the Press if they wanted to. I got that from an employee. No idea if it’s still true, but it says that someone like Roman A. could do likewise if he needed to.

    It’s a bit fanciful to assume that anything printed in the media should be taken on trust.

    You should perhaps look at the stories about Torres and Gerrard at LFC. It’s not just against Arsenal. Chelsea, Man City, Real Madrid (Gerrard), Barcelona are all quoted as suitors. It’s not much less than the story about Fabregas to be honest.

    To be brutal, the easiest way to crush this stone dead is to sign someone and get Fabregas to announce that he’s staying as a result. Because if Fabregas was happy as is, he’d say on May 10th ‘I’m staying here next season, 100% so please stop insulting my integrity by running lies this summer’.

    I wonder if that will happen?

  19. Rhys,

    I completely agree with all you say except the last paragraph.
    All season long Cesc has stated he wants to stay at Arsenal, that he is heppy in London.

    Until I read or hear quotes that state otherwise, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

    What is the difference when he last said it, if it was March or May? Until I hear him say otherwise, I’ll carry on believing he is happy in North London.

  20. Spot on aa usual Walter. Fuck the English media and those moaning gooners who are stupid enough to swallow every piece of shit rumour whipped by these tossers. AW has built a legacy for this club that will last long after these same moaning cunts have drunk themselves silly on the success that will come our way sooner rather than later. No other club in the world is in a more stable financial situation than we are at the moment despite building a worldclass stadium and sustaining CL football for the last 5 years. So what if we’ve not won anything. Just look at how the team has evolved during that time. We’ve lost a lot of experienced players like Henry and Vieira but replaced them with some quality youngsters who play some real quality stuff. All we need to do now is to strengthen in one or two areas and we’ll put in another good challenge next year. If we allow our team to be managed by the english media and so called pundtwits like Ian Wright, we’ll be shelling out millions on players like Chelski and Shitty the only difference is they have sugar daddie but we don’t. where would that leave us? I’ll tell you where , in the the championship or league 1 with the likes if Leeds UTD. I’m the media and mister would the jump on the same bandwaggon and critiscise the mismanegment if our club. These people dont give a toss about Cesc, Arsene,or Arsenal Football Club. They are only in it fit one thing and one thing only and that’s to sell newspapers and make money. So all you true gooners out there don’t subscribe to the shit being spouted on talkshite or being written by the ‘Scum’ and whorecasters like Gollum blagger. They do to wind you up so you buy into their crap and use it to undermine our great club and the best manager we have ever had.

  21. I think you are correct in everything you say above.
    I also dont expect Fab to have to come out every week and deny these stories.
    I am sure though that he sees and reads what we all see and read online in the gutter press and it I find it a little surprising because of the nature of these stories that he hasnt decided to say I will be at Arsenal next week though he shouldnt have to keep repeating himself.

    The only dissapointing thing about of all this to me is the official Arsenal football site we can have stories on all potential transfers in to the club.

    We can have quotes from Arsen on the champions league final saying that Bayern are on a different planet.

    BUT he cant be bothered to do a one liner saying ….”Look cesc is our player he has four years remaining on his contract and I have no intention of selling him to anyone”

    This to me just adds fuel to a fire and is annoying to many supporters for the simple fact we love our youth project but we cant keep having the flaminis the fabregas’s the adebayors every single year leaving us.

    Thats not a youth project thats I will start something tear it down start it again tear it down and so on.

    we tried raising players wages to keep the best young players as they develop with us if thats not working we need to look at another avenue of keeping them together.

    But long and short of it Arsen should and could have made some comment on the website.

  22. Red,

    I understand your frustration.

    However, I would also say this. I’ve learnt many things so far in life, most of them the hard way. One of the best business lessons I’ve learnt is keep shtum. Say as little as possible until you need to. It’s a bit like poker really.
    Look at PHW, and what he said about Fabregas not even getting into the Barca team. I imagine what he meant was “I’d be surprised if Barca tried to buy him as they don’t need him”. Instead we (via the press) interpret it as PWH saying Cesc isn’t good enough.
    Personally, I remember losing a contract with Littlewoods, the mail order catalogue, several years ago. The reason? I was too impetuous and hadn’t learnt that it is better to keep your mouth shut until you need to open it.

    I fully stand by the way Mr Wenger handles transfer speculation, and wish more managers/agents/players had the integrity to do the same.
    As fans, it is difficult and stressful trying to cope with the snippets we get from the press. We’d all love to hear what is going on behind closed doors, just like the BA employees would love to know what is going on during the Unite meetings with Mr Walsh. All we can do is hope that Mr Wenger, Mr Gazidis, PWH et al know what they are doing and do what is best for the club, just like the Unite members hope the union leaders will get the best deal for them.

  23. If I may quote you back Ceri

    I see no vendetta, no witch-hunt, no bias and certainly no great inaccuracies in the British media.

    Now, if you would care to read any of the media’s Arshavin stories – which have been run here several time – surely you must admit that the inaccuracy level is 100%. And that’s just one example.

  24. The press pick on Arsenal, no doubt, but maybe because we’re an easy target (among other things).

    Look at the fuss made here. Cesc has been a wonderful servant to Arsenal, we all love him, but no player makes or breaks a team. And Gunners are a solid team.

    Players come & go. Wenger should be appreciated for picking up such talents at rock bottom prices, and then getting other clubs to shit their pants with huge offers! Wenger has partly made this club, single handedly.

    It is not for us to judge. We should be proud that we have such talent in our Arsenal.

    These kind of transfers take time, lots of it. From what I can see, this is the first of many transfer periods that Barca & Arsenal bargain on Cesc. Keep your cool fellow Gooners!

  25. Well said, Sam.

    Much like Gooner Gal, I’d be very disappointed if Cesc left and I firmly believe it would be a mistake for him to do so.

    But, we’d survive; the club always has and always will. Henry, Viera, Anelka, Petit, Overmars… etceterah!

    What I can’t understand is supporters saying Cesc should leave. Errr… no he shouldn’t! Why would any Gooner want our captain to leave for a rival club?

    The internet is now swamped with miserable fuckwits spouting doom and gloom about the Arsenal.

    With a media hell-bent on creating news where there isn’t any, it seems even reasonable intelligent fans are now buying into all of this and assuming Cesc is gone and Arsenal are fucked.

    Cesc hasn’t gone anywhere; he’s probably negotiating a pay increase and because of this can’t come out and dispel the rumours.

    If he is truly weighing up a decision to move, the doom and gloom merchants bemoaning Arsenal’s future (or lack thereof), the pricks making nasty comments about him on various internet fora and the utterly cuntish English press are hardly helping are they?

    Fabregas is one of the great talents in the Prem. As everyone seems so keen to see him off, maybe they should consider what a dull and wretched little league this would be without the 10 – 15 genuine world class talents that light up the competition week in week out.

    If you’re truly an Arsenal fan and you want bad things to happen to our club… You’re a cunt! If you are sat wishing for Arsene to cock things up and lose a few games on the trot so you can say ‘told you he’s lost the plot’, then… You’re a cunt!

    Doom and gloomers often preface their snipes with “I really hope I’m proven wrong, but…” This isn’t a get out of jail free card: “No offense, but you’re mum’s a whore”. It doesn’t work like that. Supporting your team means supporting through thick and thin, not slagging them off to high heaven when the goings tough and then enjoying the times when we’re winning.

    If you can’t get the ‘support’ bit right, then:

    1. You are an imbecile
    2. You are a deeply miserable git who will find a cloud in any silver lining
    3. You don’t really want to support a team, you just like winning (fuck off and support Barca then)
    4. You are a cunt!

    Sorry for the effing and jeffing, but there it is.

  26. Rhys – agree with what you’re saying.

    It’s probably a little tricky for Cesc to come out and say he’s 100% an Arsenal player if he is in the middle of negotiating better terms on his contract.

    He may also want to see signs from Wenger that new personnel are brought in and we address some of the ongoing concerns we have on the pitch.

    I’d say that’s fair enough. He’s the captain, he’s one of the few players we have who gives 100% in every game (John Terry, you prick, it’s not possible to give 110%), so I think he’s entitled to expect a bit of support from the manager and to see we’re strengthening the team.

  27. ive been reading ur blog sir a few many times and this is the first time im posting a reply. i must say that its the best out of any other blogs i can find at

    about cesc, does anyone even remember when he played limping with a broken bone against barca at emirates? mybe he’ll leave or maybe not, but he has given everything while wearing an arsenal shirt

  28. When i first heard of this controversy i could only think of one explanation… Cesc wants Wenger to get in the market and bring in some experienced players because he wants to win a trophy… I saw it as the captain telling the general to bring in some specialized soldiers and artillery so that we can Gun down the competition. We have consistently shown that we can beat anyone in the league, but we struggle against Man U and Chelsea. His statement was basically saying, its time to bring in the players we need so we can close out the deal on the league…

  29. Very interesting article.

    I think that all the supporters who are being *unts at the moment are just to frustrated about this season.

    I am in many ways. I love our team more than any other sports team. And I support Wenger in all he does ( he is fantastic, and the day he leaves I will be afraid of the future.)

    So, don’t get me wrong. I love Cesc and I wish him to stay, and I love Wenger and I will support him, even if Cesc leaves.

    But I think that Cesc has very strong thoughts about it.
    And I believe that the reason why, is that Wenger has not yet cleared his own status in the club.

    The same thing happend to Henry,(the year before he left).And that was also due to Wenger not being clear on his status.

    Cesc is having thoughts about his Arsenal future. But I believe it is simply down to Arsené. Arsené will have to decide his own future and give a statement to that, And, the team needs two or three Sagna/Vermaelen/Eduardo (Before his injury) players.

    Chamakh, is the first step.

    I personally believe that Cesc and Arsené has talked. I think they talked about transfers, and the results.

    I know Cesc wants a trophy, and so does everyone else.
    But ofcourse, Cesc is still only human. The grass will Allways look greener on the other side.

    I hope he stays. And I hope we have a good following year.
    Because that will be the only thing that could keep him in next summer.

    The triple next year. It is our turn now.

    Nuff Said.

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    This post has been edited as the author posts from one of those places that has lots of different anti-Wenger email addresses all coming out of one computer.

  31. I think all great managers learn

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  32. When Peter Hillwood says

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  33. Boring as it is there is no doubt

    This post has been edited as the author posts from one of those places that has lots of different anti-Wenger email addresses all coming out of one computer.

  34. Great article-and so true but this time all the signs are that Cesc has initiated this latest episode via his agent.i.e. A deafening silence from him (unlike past media speculation which he has been quick to squash ) a deafening silence from his agent- one Darren Dein. Clear signs that Arsenal are being railroaded into negotiations (Wenger cuts short his holiday, and the club bring forward the Chamakh announcement), Barcelona too seem unprepared for this negotiation.
    A deal is likely – though not if Arsene is not interested in the makeweight players- because 30m is not going to be enough and rightly so.
    What is key is what happens to the money Arsenal receive for Cesc. Does it go on the stadium debt?- given that Cesc is our most valuable player or does it go on new players? If it is the former-and his replacement is from within the club (Wiltshere or Ramsey) – it will be seen as a massive loss to the squad by almost everyone -on the other hand if Arsene was given the full amount to reinvest in players Cescs sale could strengthen the team.

  35. thanks … finally something sensible… couldn’t agree more… don’t trust the media and btw this doesn’t just count for sports ! … the history of the word public relatios is a direct descendant of the word propaganda invented by the cousin of freud Edward Bernays. look it up yourself… 🙂 just do more research than wikipedia…

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