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  1. Clockendrider

    really encouraging to see the u21’s doing so well after last years poor effort.
    Tony, would the stadium be open to supporters for the u21 games?

  2. Clockendrider

    Apologies, just seen it is for u21’s amongst others.

  3. nicky

    I suspect that all this brouhaha about a new stadium has been fuelled by the Head Groundsman at the Emirates, desperate to keep as many folk as possible off his beloved pitch. 😉

  4. Andrew Crawshaw

    It is good to see both youth teams doing much better this season, the U18s last season finished bottom of the second tier and, whilst still exhibiting some of the same frailties at the back, are managing to compensate with a better attacking lineup. I guess that most youngsters want to be attacking midfielders these days rather than play defence.

    I am a regular, albeit intermittent, spectator at Meadow Park and the ground really isn’t of the standard that our Ladies and Youth teams should be playing competative games on so a new small stadium would make a lot of sense. I guess it would need to have a 5-8,000 or so capacity to allow for the likely increase in popularity of the Ladies game over the next few years. The top gate this year at Meadow Park was close to 2,000.

    I just hope that the new Stadium is close to decent public transport links.

  5. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin.

    It is long overdue Arsenal have their own mini Stadium to be hosting their under 21, 18 and the Arsenal Ladies games. Therefore, if this Stadium can be built at their London Colney training ground is a welcome idea as the Gooners cannot watch the Gunners in training sessions save on an open Arsenal day at the Emirates Stadium. The building of this new mini Stadium could give the Arsenal Ladies a home feel instead of having an away feeling as they play at Boreham Wood or at Meadow Park. I hope London Colney is not more than that Uefa’s 45 miles requirement to the Emirates Stadium.

  6. Anaekwe patrick

    It will be a welcome development if Arsenal builds another Stadium. This I believe, will ease off problems at the Emirates.

  7. Stan The Man

    Another stadium? Wow. That would be nice. It will be getting one more over our next door neighbours in North London. And the Chavs for that matter.

  8. Clem Weweh

    I see it more like improving on what is on ground already at London colney and not building an entire new stadium as the heading suggests which is easier I think

  9. Andrew Crawshaw

    Man City have a 7,000 capacity stadium as part of their training complex which opened at the start of last season. Their development squads and Ladies play their games there. The whole complex is literally over the road from their main stadium and linked by a footbridge. We need a similar sized stadium to be able to match facilities and ensure we can continue to attract the best young talent from across the world.

  10. Andy Mack

    If we need to build a stadium then there’s a bit of overgrown waste ground not far from the Wenger Stadium. It’ll need some serious soil de-contamination and it’s in a real rough area though, a place called Shite Fart Lane (something like that)……….

  11. Gord

    OT: A Spurs fan with CartilageFreeCaptain at SBNation has a request for Gooners

    I stumbled across this note. I seldom look for other blogs. In any event, this person at SBNation has learned that a Gooner blogger recently picked up some nasty injuries, and bills to go with them. If the story is true (I have no way to check). Maybe someone can check?


  12. porter

    A mini stadium to watch youth ànd reserve football would follow the continental line. I Know that Barca have one as I have seen a few matches there.However I am not sure that London Colney is the place to get the footfall. If a crowd of 5 – 7000 were to turn up there would be quite a parking problem which I doubt the local council would be too enamoured with.

  13. Shakabula Gooner

    One day, Arsenal TV will be able to show these other games: Arsenal Ladies, Arsenal U21 & U18 to a worldwide audience/fan base. I feel there is a market there – though one that shouldn’t be over-hyped or even priced for too much as the idea is to develop the boys and to give the fan base some idea about how our boys are shaping out. It will also improve the awareness and interest in Arsenal Ladies – something that tends to fly under the radar at this time.

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