Ignoring facts and turning a blind eye to further an agenda


Ignoring facts and turning a blind eye to further an agenda

Let it be known that I am writing this while I am still seething from the extreme injustice that we faced yesterday. It has happened far too often for my liking and still nothing has being done about it. You would have thought after all that has been said and written (even in mainstream media) about Mike Dean and Arsenal he would have been kept far away from our matches. Alas this is PGMO we are talking about and a PGMO under Mike Riley.

I don’t expect anything from Mike Riley and his gang of incompetent and/or cheating referees seeing how they are the untouchables. At this point I believe even if a referee intentionally scored for a team nothing would be done about it seeing how PGMO (B or L, whatever) are not accountable to anyone. I fully expect Mike Dean to get a match next week even though he deserves demotion for his antics yesterday. Zero accountability as I have already said.

Anyway it is not my intention to discuss Mike Dean and his horror show. I don’t wish to go in detail about the fiasco seeing how it has already been covered by both Tony and Walter in their articles. It is my intention however to talk about the behaviour of a part of our fan base and their usual antics after a defeat i.e. moaning, blaming the manager, blaming the players and throwing all their toys out of pram while choosing to completely ignore all other factors that led to the particular defeat.

I am talking of course about the knives sticking, doom-mongering, player booing, manager abusing, panic inducing and ever negative section of our fan base. Every defeat is the end of the world and means Wenger must be sacked or player “X” must be sold. They can never see or rather choose to ignore other factors that can lead to a defeat specifically the influence of referees on the match.

Try to say anything about injuries, referees, linesmen or time wasting tactics and you’ll be hounded, called deluded and told to stop making excuses. These people let nothing get in their way of furthering their agendas, not even blatant injustice as that of the weekend. Instead of speaking out against the sheer incompetence of referees, they choose to stick knives into their own team.

It is this kind of attitude in my opinion that has led us to being shafted time and time again without the referees ever being held accountable for their actions. It must be common knowledge among referees right now that you can make mistakes against or choose to screw Arsenal and not face any consequences. The media will do all in their power to protect you and justify your mistakes and wrongdoings and a large section of Arsenal fans will ignore you as they rip into their manager and team instead. As a result the referee gets off the hook being free to do it next time.

I sincerely believe if all of us decided to speak up against fiascos like that of yesterday we could bring about some change in the attitude and perception of referees regarding how they can referee our matches. We all know the referees who normally don’t miss chances to screw us over. Get on their backs from the whistle whenever they referee our matches, boo them out of the stadium whenever they make unfair decisions against us and call them out for what they are when they try to cheat us. Make them know we won’t tolerate any injustice and bring them under the spotlight. I am sure referees will think twice before screwing us over.

I am sorry to say this but our fan base is guilty of doing the opposite of the above. I think we let referees go off lightly. How many times have we been screwed over at the Emirates and the home crowd instead of ripping into the referee chose to boo the team and manager instead? A referee screws us in one match and instead of giving him hell the next time he referees our match we are totally indifferent to him. This makes him think we didn’t care and he does it again.

Make no mistake about it, we were screwed yesterday but as always the usual suspects on twitter were distancing Mike Dean from their talks and instead ripping into the players and managers. Calling Gabriel a mug, saying we lost because we didn’t have leaders and of course their favourite; Wenger out.

It saddens me that some prefer to further their agendas instead supporting their team even in light of being cheated out of a win. I don’t know where they got their meaning of support but I am sure it does not mean ignoring facts and turning a blind eye to all factors just so you can rip into your team.

I think it is time that some of us revisited the meaning of the word support as it seems lost on them. Supporting a team does neither entail getting incensed about each and every thing that the club do and nor does it mean getting worked up about transfers and team tactics. Certainly it does not mean booing your players and manager every time your team is defeated. If in your eyes the club can do no right and everything it does deserves criticism then I am sorry to say you would be better off supporting another team.

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The petition “Prevent Mike Dean from refereeing another Arsenal game” now has over 50,000 signatures.  Please sign up if you agree.

The anniversaries…

  • 21 September 1889: Arsenal beat Tottenham 10-1 in the opening game of the season.  Arsenal played six games between this date and the end of November and scored 50 goals, letting in five.
  • 21 September 1925 – Chapman finally sees Arsenal win at home on the seventh league game of the season as Arsenal beat West Ham 3-2.  Buchan got two and Neil the third.



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  1. True, the MikeDean issues keep happening against Arsenal, with majority of the press and media just ignoring the bad decisions that are even too obvious not to be noticed.I have lost trust in most of these biased officials and FA now!

  2. Wow, its the fans fault this happened…

    Refereeing horror show? Absolutely

    Predictable result regardless of refereeing horror show? Again, Absolutely.

    Calling for a utopian world where everyone plays fair is foolhardy, clubs and managers know this so they play the game as it is, they fire there players up, play mind games, tactically foul ect.

    We are the only club naive enough to believe in FFP, to believe in fair play its utopian nonsense, it will never happen.

  3. just had an argument with my bro and dad, one supporting man u, the other supporting chelsea, and conclusion they draw is arsenal is weak against chelsea and buying the referee is perfectly fine… arguing with stupidity is really hard

  4. Excellent article Mahdain. There are plenty such fans, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Get the feeling Costa will be let off scot-free by the equally corrupt FA. Yet the Internet is awash with pictures that show Costa got away with 7 cardable offences, of which four or five should have been straight reds. And they want us to think only Fifa is corrupt.

    Dean’s yellow would have been for one incident only, the altercation with Gabriel. But what about the two separate slaps on Koscielny, chest bumping Koscielny, raking his nails on Gabriel’s neck, kicking out at Ox…..
    If the FA fail to take action then it just confirms that we’re up against the pgmob, FA, media, as well as the mafia who control these oil clubs. Disgusting.

  5. I doubt the FA will listen to us or anyone for that matter. I can guarantee you Mike Dean will be allowed to referee more Arsenal matches and he will screw us over again.

    An interesting observation on Saturday. As soon as my wife, who is not a football fan, but watches some matches on TV with me, saw Mike Dean was the referee of the match, she immediately said we were not going to win because he doesn’t like us.

    I am constantly puzzled at fans who will use any excuse to blame Wenger. When we are winning many seem to keep quiet and will not utter a word to complement the team or manager, but as soon as we lose they out with their knives. There have been mistakes made by Wenger, far too many to list, but every fan will say that about their club. We are six games in and 5 points behind the leaders. I would rather we get all our uncertainty and poor performance out now than later in the season. If we are still within touching distance at the turn of the year, I am confident we will come close.

  6. Ref was shocking. He didn’t give Chelsea blatant penalty and made a complete bollox of Gabriel and costa incident. It might help you to work on some objectivity and balance. It seems anyone who questions the manager is labelled as above. Such a shame that you mirror what you attack. An open mind.

  7. I always read untold because it truly shows the bias shown by referees against Arsenal. How many leaque titles have we lost on because of cheating referees? How is it ever possible that Mike Dean has always managed to sent our players off, and given penalties to the opposition? Our fans spend hard earned money to watch a fair contest, yet are not prepared to condemn criminal referees for brazen cheating that’s causing our losses, We are quick to criticise players and the manager for something beyond their control. How many leaque titles were lost due to favouritism shown by referees towards rivals? Everything said in this article is true and nothing evens out for Arsenal. Cheated out of penalties, having goals disallowed, players being sent off is the story of 6 matches this season only. This has gone too far, and the referees are not incompetent as some believe, since such incompetence would be for both teams. These guys are screwing us big time.

  8. Maybe the way i put it was bit misunderstood. I am not blaming the fans for referee mistakes but what i am blaming is some of our fans letting the referees get away with it. They choose to blame the manager and the team even when it has been blatant that we were cheated out of the match by a bent referee.
    I believe the fans especially the ones in the stadium can do more to get a ref under a microscope. Our own bob has suggested a red card display and i am sure the media could not possibly ignore that

  9. All clubs with huge support have a big section of mainly very young, ignorant males, who know nothing of football, very little of life and have no idea how to conduct themselves on social media. These are all fair points Mahdain but just at the moment, we should all concentrate peoples’ minds on the issue at hand, which is Mike Dean and how he could get away with his behaviour on Saturday. There are hundreds of thousands of fans, not just Arsenal ones who are adamant that Mike Dean has brought the game into disrepute in this country. Other referees who support him at the PGMO are condoning it. Let’s keep gunning for justice to be done at the PGMO. Nothing else really matters if we are to have a season worth watching except as a pantomime spectacle with the actual football of little importance.

  10. @Fred
    Maybe you should work on your objectivity and balance rather than always making comments excusing our opponents and criticizing the posters on this site.

  11. The people who turn a blind eye to all these things really piss me off. The evidence is right there infront of your eyes and yet you blatantly refuse to accept there is a problem? Just because you have your own agenda? As i have mentioned these kind of people are guilty of letting ref get off easily. The referees know that they can screw us and the media will cover up for them and the Arsenal fans who should be angry at them will choose to direct the anger to Wenger. As a result they get off the hook

  12. For those who think that Dean would be taken out of the spotlight by Mike ’50’ Riley… of course not. Mike ’51’ Dean will do his PL match as usual.
    So the PL, the FA and the PGMO all agree that he did the right thing.
    Nice to know that the rest of the football world looks on stunned and amazed but not the boys who run the show….

  13. @Walter as i have said, ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY…. Someone really needs to investigate PGMOB and Riley

  14. Fred – The Gabriel incident with Hazard was not a penalty. It was a foul by Hazard pulling Gabriel down. The ‘foul’ on Costa by Coquelin was a dive no where near the opponent & given by Dean who didn’t see anything but assumed it was contact.

    You Fred are an antagonistic twat who knows that this blog has many upset angry Arsenla supporters, yet you bring your shit to annoy us. You are not welcome nor wanted.

    Costa & Jose are of the same kind – obnoxious people in sport. These people take the game to new lows & are supported by idiots in the media. The saddest thing is that there are twats like you who also help the game sink.

  15. Great comment

    The Wenger Out Crowd can spend every waking minute on their agenda for all I care but what I cannot understand is their behaviour after Saturdays game.

    When you watch the team you support being cheated, surely your passion for the club means you defend it? That is the normal reaction.

    The fact they have chosen to join those attacking the club is a disgrace. Turning on Gabriel and Cazorla – what can you say, speechless.

    However, it proves that the agenda means more to them than the football club. Peter Woods blog is an absolute disgrace, the comments by him and some of the social devaiants on there are appalling. We know a lot of opposing fans pretend to be Gooners on there and despite getting found out, continue to post anti-Arsenal comment. For some reason he allows them to continue to pretend they are Gooners – he cleary wants their content. But even so, there are still around 40 regular Gooners who post anti-Arsenal comments. They complain about everything to do with the club, not just the manager. Abusing the players is part of the fun. What galls me is that the media use LeGrove as a measuring stick of Gooner sentiment when it is nothing of the sort. I am not sure of his motives but I suspect they are nothing to do with Arsenal. He is a social media ‘expert’, so perhaps he knows negativity sells and his stock will rise. Along with his income from the ads that litter his blog.

    He was on Talksport the other day slagging us off and does teh sae in the Metro and the Mail. These traitors are not supporters, the only thing they care about is being proved right. Snidey little traitors.

  16. I was sieving after the first half! Didn’t manage to watch the second! But for once my brother the Chelsea supporter said Arsenal got robbed! He usually says I’m insane. I was lost for words! The club needs to do something! Its getting way out of hand!

  17. Fred.

    Open mind? What about a open head, which you clearly display the symptons of.

    So which of the catalogue of Diego Costa incidents do you think was not worthy of a card?

    1. Diving when Coquelin did not touch him
    2. Waving imaginery card at Mike Dean regarding the above
    3. Hand in Koscielnys face
    4. Both hands in Koscielnys face
    5. Swinging his left arm into Koscielnys head
    6. Barge into Koscielny sending him to floor
    7. Grabbing Gabriel around the neck
    8. Slapping Gabriel hard in the chest twice

    This was all before Gabriel was sent off.

    Howard Webb said at least two red cards in the above. I think that is being leniant. But whatever, it is clear the rules of the game were ignored by both Mike Dean and Diego Costa.

    Oh, there was another incident too Dean mised:

    9. Flicking a kick at Oxlade Chamberlain befoire being quickly subbed by Mourinho

    I admit I am a biased Arsenal fan but I have pictures which prove the above incidents.

    I would also add that while a lot of people seem to agree that Cazorla deserved two yellows, that seems a hollow argument. Not just in view of what thug Costa committed but also based on the fact Ivanovic committed four fouls before he was booked.

    As for your objectivity? It is clear that you arent interested in objectivity, you just want to get a rise from people. Because if you actually understood football, you wouldn’t have come out with that claptrap and shown yourskef to be a bit of an idiot.

  18. AFC sacked GG before AW was appointed.

    Therefore whether you approve or not of what the club, these people who say they are attacking AW can be observed to be attacking the identity, character and policies of AFC. Policies that pre-date AW’s arrival at the club.

    in the simplest language, dispite their protestations anyone who knws the basic history of the club which is not exactly a state secret can come to the only unfortunate and unavoidable conclusion:

    They, especially LG, they hate The Arsenal. Simple.
    As a result of their own words, repeated over long duration, this is irrefutable and undeniable.

  19. Clockendrider
    When the FA are reviewing the footage of the Gabriel sending off they will surely be unable to miss the bit where Zouma grabs Gabriel by the throat and be duty bound to take action against him as well.
    Won’t they?
    Or am I being naive.

  20. 48 hours and that’s the best the community of all the talents that makes up the FA can come up with.
    If it wasn’t so fucking sad it would be laughable.

  21. @bjtgooner
    September 21, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Thats the first part then…and the one that matters really, because thats where the incident leading to Gabriel’s red started!!

    He is now charged, meaning the FA found grounds (violent conduct) to charge hime with. Does that not leave Dean hanging in the air right now??

    Had dean given a straight red to Costa there and then, no other incident would have taken place!

  22. So the clubs and players are charged – used as scapegoats to covers Dean’s deliberate acts of BIAS!!!

    That is ridiculous !!

    PGMOB must be stopped.

    They are a company and surely open to legal action…SURELY!

    There is enough video evidence to lock the lot up!

  23. Farton & Joey… Oh dear chaps.

    Clearly no rational debate to be had here, conspiracy theory’s are the order of the day.

    ‘how many titles have we lost because of reffing cheats??’ Erm, none.

    Untold Arsenal, the last bastion of the legion of the specialist in failure. It really is like a cult religion.

    The funny thing is, all this attitude achieves is failure and a health bank balance for Kroenke Sports Enterprises.

  24. Mahdain you are totally correct and I didn’t mean to put any downer on what you were saying, it came out wrong. All true.

    Excellent, we are to get further punishment as a club (Clockender 5:10pm). So the FA remains as bent as the PGMO, great! I think we can all enjoy watching further sequels of Escape to Victory over the rest of the season because it is a victory of decency even if not in scoreline. Our team is apparently now so good that Mourinho, Costa, the PGMO and FA have to do all they can to stop us! They must be really odd in their deluded little world where decency has unfortunately vanished. We simply have to see the funny side of this, because it is actually rather funny. We also should strengthen our display of support for this great club and great manager. The petition is gaining momentum and we should spend some time making humorous banners, tweets, posts etc. to keep up morale as supporters. Has the FA officially thrown the rule book out of the window or does it just appear that way to virtually every football fan in the world who saw the game.

  25. The punishment for ‘improper conduct’ and ‘violent conduct’ is in both cases 3 match bans?? Is that right?

  26. @apo Armani

    Re your comment at 5.28pm I suspect this is the start of the cover up.

    Apparently Dean didn’t see the Costa assaults on Kos!!!

  27. At some point, Arsenal need to file a lawsuit regardless of what the EPL rules state. Going to an outside source for help against the corrupt/biased system that doesn’t work on a level playing field is the only way to change it.

  28. @barton ok no debate to be had here “opens the imaginable door for you to leave quietly”

    and go and support the manger you quote so eloquently

  29. Rosicky@Arsenal

    “The FA has also charged both clubs with failing to control their players.”

    It takes two to tango.

  30. I’d rather follow the specialist in failure(what a strange concept people have of failure!)than the specialist cheating.
    Does it mean we will now hear “same old Chelsea,always cheating”?
    Till then:


  31. What do we all think of the RICO enterprise oops must be my autocorrect I mean the pgMOB and the sweet FA?


    I guess that Cazorla knows the rest of the song.

    He’s still a hero. One of the players who helped AFC Escape to Victory during the 2014 FA cup final which they played against the pgMOB (hull AFC might have been there somewhere too watching from the sidelines – that’d explain how they took twenty yards on that free kick for their second in case you were confused as a result of using some common sense and thought the officials were completely biased on that day).

  32. I agree with everything you have said. The reaction of some of the supposed Arsenal fan’s was nothing short of disgusting. I have always believed that when you support a club that you do it through good times and bad times no matter what and more important is the bad times because that is when your club need you the most.we should be singing and shouting our support from the rooftops either home or away. What must it do to the players when the fans are not behind them 100%, it’s bound to impact on the team. Supporters need to understand that the clue is in the word that some have the bare face to call themselves, SUPPORT.

  33. What struck me during the end of first half incident and that I did not see mentionned (yet I have not looked everywhere and may have overlooked it), is that the ref was almost all the time he was shown surrounded by blue players. 3 or 4 at least around him, talking to him.
    I thought this was unlawfull behaviour ? Why is nobody mentionning this kind of bullying (there was talk about it last season)?

    As for PGMOL and getting a change…grassroots should be the word. Who is the sponsor of the refs ? How about a call to boycott the sponsor’s products ? If worked for Greenpeace and some oil giant with a petrol platform in the North Sea… You at Untold are good at using the web… Maybe time to raise the bar and start going on the offensive ? use the web for its capability to organise masses ?

    The final thought I have is that when I see games played in the CL or Bundesliga, this level of violence is not something I see very often. Not surprised our teams do not fare well in Europe as quite visibly the PL is not playing the same kind of soocer as the rest of Europe – just thinking of Giroud in Zagreb.

    Keep up the good work.

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