Arsenal – MU 3-0, early Arsenal blitzkrieg pays off

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal made four changes to the side that started against Olympiacos in the Champions League. Cech came in goal in the place of Ospina.  Per Mertesacker played in the place of the injured Koscielny. And Ramsey and Monreal started again.

The Arsenal team that started was

 Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Alexis, Walcott.

The subs on the bench:  Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chambers, Campbell, Giroud

The big question would be how Arsenal would react to the midweek defeat in the CL. Would there be a CL hangover or not?

Arsenal immediately attacking from the start resulting in a free kick and a few corners. It looked as if Arsenal had no real hangoever and started with attacking very fearce against United from the first minute.

Özil with a low cross from the right and Alexis with a sublime backheel to put the bal in the net! GOAL!!!!! 1-0 To the Arsenal after 6 minutes. Arsenal get the ball back from the kick off and Özil puts Theo in some space, Theo waits a bit and puts the ball in front of Özil who cooly puts the bal in the net! GOAL!!!!! 2-0 to The Arsenal after 7 minutes.

What a start of this match for Arsenal. Koscielny certainly enjoying it.

Arsenal completely in control and MU shell shocked. Ramsey with a ball on the right giving it to Theo who gives it wider to the left to Alexis who dribbles inside past a few MU defenders and then unleashes a fierce shot that ends up in the top corner behind De Gea. GOAL!!!!! 3-0 to the Arsenal after 20 minutes. What a goal!

Young gets a yellow card for coming in too hard on Ramsey.  Cazorla a bit later with a shot from distance but the ball went wide.  Mertesacker with a good intervention on a low cross when United getting some attacks together.  Darmian getting a yellow card for stopping Alexis when he almost got away on the wing.  Rooney clearly offside but the assistant missing it and from the resulting corner Cech has to be strong to claim the ball.

At the other end Alexis with a delightful cross but Ramsey cannot get the ball between the posts. That should have been the 4-0.

Walcott with a sliding tackle winning the ball back but then he tried something in between a pass and a shot and the ball went wide.  Utd trying with a few long balls but each time they only found Cech at the end. Arsenal more or less sitting back in the final minutes of the first half and that isn’t alwasy the best option as it invites pressure upon yourself. Martial with a good turn on Mertesacker suddenly free in front of Cech but our keeper had the last word and saved with his feet. The last scare was a foul on Alexis that saw him leave the field in some pain. Fingers crossed for the second half he would be able to continue.  3-0 to The Arsenal at half time.

Young with the first shot in the second half but Cech with a comfortable save.  Taylor ignoring a blatant push on Walcott but Coquelin gets in the book when he trips Rooney.  But the card stays in his pocket when Carrick trips Ramsey on a dangerous attack from Arsenal.  Özil hits the wall and the rebound is diverted in to a corner.  Rooney then gets a card when he brings Özil down when Arsenal could start a counter.

Arsenal leaning back but going forward when they get the chance. A good attack over the right hand side with Bellerin and Ramsey but in the end Ramsey cannot come to a shot. Good pressure from Theo make United lose the ball but Arsenal cannot capitalise.  Rooney with shot but Cech with a good save.

Suddenly a ball that is missed by everyone and ends up in front of an United attacker but Cech with a brave save on Schweinsteiger who was in front of him completely free.  Arsenal then giving the ball away but united cannot capitalise from the error from Gabriel.  Mata in the end with a shot that went wide.

Arsenal then with an attack and Monreal laying it off to Özil but his shot is straight at De Gea this time. Shortly after that a double change for Arsenal. Theo goes off and Giroud comes on. And Oxlade-Chamberlain comes on for Özil. Alexis then goes off a few minutes later holding his groin. Something we don’t like to see. Gibbs comes on with 10 minutes to go.

United had given up after the good intervention from Cech on Schweinsteiger and Arsenal are happy with the 3-0  lead at the moment.  Oxlade with a low cross but the shot from Giroud with his weaker right foot was also direct at De Gea.

Arsenal with a final attack in extra time and Oxlade-Chamberlain with a chip over De Gea but the ball ends up against the crossbar and so the final score stays at 3-0 to the Arsenal at the final whistle.

Arsenal can blow hot and cold and was last Tuesday cold then today it was hot, hot hot from the start. Once we got our big lead we decided to play the waiting and holding game. Our defenders did a great job in keeping United very quiet for most of the match.

A great attacking performance from the start, a great defensive performance for the whole 90 minutes. Now we have an international break and let us hope that after that we get all our players back in good health and ready to build on this great performance.

Arsenal now is two points behind league leader Manchester City in second position. Not a bad place to be after our opening defeat and all the moaning and groaning. Time to stop that and get completely behind the team in the PL.





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  1. Remember a comment here ……”wait till we face Man Utd”. Don’t remember who made it.

    Now that it’s done and dusted, hope you get behind the team and the manager…

  2. Wenger played it right, the scumpool didn’t know what hit them. 2nd half we played it cautious, that ref would of fucked us given the chance. The scumpool resorted to route one crap with elbows.

  3. Great effort from the off. On the front foot and confident. Couldn’t ask for more. Everyone played well and AW clearly got the tactics exactly right. MU had more possession – mostly in their own end and had 2 chances which Cech handled in top fashion. COYG!

  4. Hey, an unexpectedly good day at the office. I was counting on Alexis and why not?

    Btw I had no idea of how intelligent Theo is before the post-match interviews. Much obliged.

  5. Fantastic performance! Great performance by all the players. Come to think of it, the “no football sense” Walcott had two assists. I prefer him “senseless” then.

  6. It wasn’t the offensive work at the start per se that I noticed but the way we pressured them and got the ball back and then the transition by immediately going forward instead of sideways. Even our defenders (bar the first minute) would get the ball and then either split their midfielders with a pass or step up and force their midfielders to come in thus allowing a pass to the sidelines.

  7. They couldn’t hate on the usual Ozil, Theo. Everyone witnessed the scum’s lack of real ability

  8. I thought the crowd were good today. They stayed with the team, not getting frustrated by the tactical style. It was a much needed display defensively and so good going into the break knowing we have a clean sheet against the scum. Commentators will not have any suspect remarks to make about our performances in recent fixtures. I hope we kick on from here to increase the distance from chavski as well. All in all there is a great boost for everyone as an answer to Tuesday.
    It was a good afternoon to be a gooner

  9. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done guys , great game . We now have twice the number of points as the champions !
    Was thinking that both Debuchy and Gibbs would be introduced together at the 70 minute to play in front of Bellerin and Monreal , but then again I’m not the manager !

  10. has Brendan Rodgers got the boot? If he has I reckon Klopp will go there.

  11. And to be fair, we didn’t hear Taylor’s name the entire game. As it should be.

  12. That felt so good. Classic Arsenal and normal service has resumed with 3:0 v United, just as it should be and often used to be. Great performance in both contrasting halves. Yey!

  13. Taylor was very selective in awarding or ignoring fouls. On the standard set by his booking of Coquelin, MU should have had at least half a dozen bookings, including possible second yellows.

    Also, because of what followed, there was no comment on the failure to award a penalty at our very first corner, when 2 of our players were wrestled to the ground.

    Sky commentary insulting BFG, droning on about our poor record against MU, and openly hoping for MU fightback. Also, every time Cech touched the ball, mentioning the choice of Ospina against Olympiacos.

    G. Neville comments quite reasonable, but clearly uttered through clenched teeth.

  14. It almost feels like this year’s Manure are last year’s Liverpool. Same match pattern, same result, only slightly different timing for the goals. Btw, when was the last time we beat them by a 3 goal margin? Yep, thought so. This is the kind of day I wish it could last forever.

  15. Harsh on Rogers. Has ego issues, but is,clearly a decent coach if Steve G to be believed, and though he has had some bad results, and bought some dodgy players, he is not alone there. I wonder how much upsaptairs interference has hindered him. So Liverpool get a new guy in and will have to go on yet another spending spree as soon as they can. I would have given BR until the end of the season, not as if he is doing as badly as the toxic one this season.
    Still not our problem,

  16. Great result had to be very careful Taylor inconsistent in a lot of decisions with us compared to them
    How Carrick was not booked for the trip on Aaron Ramsey

  17. A great result. I have not yet watched the first half – had to do a hospital visit – but I am really looking forward to watching it later tonight.

    From what I have heard, some wonderful football, great goals and a crushing victory – always good to beat PGMO2.

    I did see LvG’s post match interview – thought he was fairly honest about the result & match – basically he did not as yet understand what had happened to his team – could be they were outplayed and then some!

    But, well done the team & manager.

    With the valuable three points we are now second & would have been first had the PGMO not cheated us out of up to 6 points!

    Now – what we need is consistency!!

  18. Hold on!!! AW does no tactics 🙂 aaa you poor…poor souls; feel sorry for you!!!

    UP THE GUNNERS!!!!!!!!

  19. Couldn’t give a monkeys about G.Neville, he was hurting so bad, loved every minute. The scum are just as reliant on the ref as they are on Fellaini, how the panel/commentators fail to see this beyond corruption.

  20. I am very delighted to see our beloved Arsenal FC go 2nd in the table after a great beating of their rivals, Man Utd. Looking at our next game away to Warlord after the international break, Arsenal are not looking to be in danger of losing their 2nd spot in the table But can enhance it after which they will host Bayern Munich and beat them. That said, Olivier Giroud and Oxlade MUST upgrade the level of their shootings in front of goal to standard form. Whether shooting with his weaker right foot, Giroud should do better next time by directing his efforts to the near post instead of shooting to the goalkeeper’s hands. And Ox should learn to lower his shot, so that when the ball flies, it will still be level with the goal mouth instead of hitting the woodwork or skyed off. The sacking of Brendan Rodgers should have been delayed by the Liverpool owners until Arsenal have gone there and wallop the Reds by 5-0. Anyway, whoever mount their hot seat at Anfield, cannot stop the Gunners from wallopping the Reds when the Gunners go there.

  21. Fantastic performance from all of the boys! Especially satisfying after a tough week and against the Riley Leg Ends. According to Carragher on Sky, this Arsenal team won’t win the title. Remember we heard it here today!

  22. I think Tony and Drew will have loved every minute of that! Well we all did I think. …or… maybe not all… LOL …

  23. Sanchez has a groin injury. Hope he does not aggravate it during the international break. He was absolutely tremendous against MU. Almost every Arsenal player had a good game. Continue like this and we have a great chance of winning the league.

  24. Genorm
    Ask that prick if scumpool could win the league, and the answer would be a resounding yes.

  25. Amount of joy right now is embarrassing. Can I say good day to each and every one of you, and a good fucking rest of the week as well.

  26. Do we start calling Alexis “The New King” now? 🙂

    Loved the game. Thanks to the boys and everyone at AFC.

  27. We should be stopping Slexix going on the international break if he is injured, don’t want repeats of RVP or TV

  28. Fabulous performance and fabulous result. Missed the first half (and the goals, as i had vowed not to watch fearing the usual shafting we get from the pgmob) but what i did watch the boys were playing very well. The scoreline could easily have been 6-0, 7-2, 9-2 or something crazy like that. Beautiful day, no haters in sight 🙂 Up the gunners!

  29. It was indeed a fantastic experience inside the stadium, and certainly in the East Upper, and I think most of the rest of the ground, we were increasingly annoyed at the ref’s utter inconsistency.

    I’m not an ex-ref myself so I can’t really talk about refereeing decisions, but to my eyes, and those of the other Arsenal supporters around me, this was fairly shocking stuff from the ref. Be interested to see the report.

    Support in the stadium was excellent, no moaning or whinging – but then we took them apart fairly early on.

    Just back home – a wonderful day out.

  30. Just on my way home and I have to say that a lot of people seem to have missed how much leeway Taylor gave Man U in an attempt to get them back into the game. He would have obviously struggled to rule out any of our goals but he let them off with so much……..Fellaini’s five yellow card offences spring to mind.

    But well played boys. Hopefully AW will be allowed to stay one more game and the ill informed blokes from the pub (AAA’s) will have crawled back under their glory hunting stones…….until next time

  31. Let’s not be blinded by joy, the ref was shocking. Riley’s hand picked fixer was waiting for any given chance.

  32. Especially in the second half, ManU resorted to the early professional fouls to stop our counters. Should have been yellows.

  33. Had we not ended the game in the first 15min, we would have been screaming of injustice right.
    Our brilliant football shocked not only MU, but also Taylor himself who couldn`t get them back into the game.

    2 minutes of extra time? since when in the PL? Where they trying to avoid the 4th goal to a tired MU players? I wished Ox shot was in!!!

  34. Yassin
    Never thought about that, Riley’s mob wouldn’t want their favourite cheats being completely done. Taylor was throwing his cards about like confetti to our boys, I’m glad the team surrounded him when he failed show a yellow card to Carrick.

  35. The scum spend money like water Fellaini makes no sense. A so called tactician in LVG is embarrasing with his long ball routine.

  36. I watched the game with a childhood buddy who happens to be a MU supporter and and ex-owner of a football team in NZ…he was speechless!!!

    If anyone on this blog thinks thinks they give their buddies a hard time…there is no comparison between what I and my buddy give each other over a span of 40 odd years on many topics…he had not much to say apart from Arsenal were way the better team…and I may switch 🙂

  37. + the 3 points PGMOB owes us from the Chel$kie scam game and we are top of the league…JUST LIKE THAT!

    Guess we have to ALWAYS do it the hard way!!!

  38. Was rocking downstairs too. When the team start like that the crowd gets right behind them. When we play with pace it lifts the crowd. The first half hour we were a sight to behold. Second half we gave a professional performance protecting the clean sheet.

  39. I must say this; Van Gaal is a gentleman and a real football man; it was evident he did not instruct thuggery or any unfair play!

    The EPL needs these type of true and honest managers!

  40. And I love it when Per Mertesacker and Theo Walcott shoulder bump each other (don’t know what the technical term is!).

    There’s also a photo on of Mesut Ozil after he scored his goal – just pure joy on his face! So nice to see.

  41. So both pundits on Match of the Day say Brendan Rogers deserves the sack. Shearer says there has been no improvement.

    Neither of them says what Arsene Wenger points out – that in taking them to second two seasons ago he did better than any other recent manager.

    I don’t like the man, but we have to be factual and we have to be fair.

  42. Closest to winning the premier league of any recent Liverpool manager, were Arsene Wenger’s words.

  43. First time Manure concedes 3 in the first 20 mins. Guess Moyseh didn’t break all the records. COYG!

  44. It’s nice to reflect that we won an encounter with the league leaders IN SPITE OF THE REFEREE.
    I couldn’t quite make out whether Taylor is incompetent, biased, or a combination of the two.
    Arsenal have three months now to maintain improved performances, before hopefully there will be new signings to strengthen the squad. 😉

  45. The team were amazing and I was so pleased for Theo when he said the win was for Arsene and the fan’s. Theo was fantastic and his commitence from the first minute till the time he came of was second to none. The team played as one and when we play that way I would take them to win over any team in Europe. Great day to be a Gonner. Well done Arsenal FC and thank you Arsene Wenger for just being you and sticking to your principles when it must have seemed that the people in the English PL and of course that piece of human scum Dean and his cohorts not to mention the not so special one were trying to take your good name and rip it to shreds. It’s a old saying but class always wins in the end.

  46. AFC played great on both ends of the pitch. The ref wasn’t really a factor. Did he cost us any goals? No. Did he cost us points? No. Move on. Let’s just talk about a great performance top to bottom, players and manager. Great day to be a Gooner.

  47. Congratulations Gunners and Gooners.

    Don’t be deceived, had we not scored 3 in quick succession, most of our comments now would have been how another PGMO puppet ‘decided’ the match in manure’s favour.

    A chant…(They are still cheating, those fcuking bsastards, they are still cheating).

    Shame on Looserpool on BR sack. I was expecting Abrahamovich to announce the ‘odious one’ booting.

    Let’s have all our boys back intact from the international games.


  48. Personally, I don’t think Rogers deserves the sack, and Klopp , should it be him, has a more checkered history than some make out, I do like the guy ….but he is another expensive gamble. If Hodgson screws up wouldn’t mind Rogers as England manager…..but I guess he is not English and will be safely in another job come any summer England screw ups. Sunderland sounds convenient.
    As for Taylor…..yes, he is what he is, maybe early game blitzes , when they work, are the only tactic to deal with the pgmol, except of course arsenal don’t do tactics. Think we all got the feeling he would have let Utd back in if he could……I fear mike Riley will send Taylor to bed with no dinner on this
    As for the Toxic One, I would guess next summer will see his departure unless things dramatically pick up, and I just cannot see that. But expect a random, out of context anti Wenger rant from him any time soon.
    But above all brilliant day for us and the team, terrible weekend for the aaa, their hero is struggling, their favorite MF came on as a sub, then was substituted, and another aaa maxim, we never beat big teams bites the dust.
    Just a good weekend, only ruined by the England rugby team, but shit happens……..

  49. As for Taylor…he was bent…totally bent; his problem though was that he never got a chance to screw us…within 7 odd minutes we were two UP; he went out of his way to give fouls which were never that against us, and failed to send a couple United players off (one of them is the obvious… AFRO). Kerrick should have been at least booked once; but hey; this Arsenal team that has no plan B, and has no defense, and needed to buy another ‘outfield’ player,and has a manager who’s expired date has long gone, who can’t beat the ‘top’ sides, who has no ‘steel’, who can’t defend…Just BLEW United AWAY!!

    yes…United…’the in-form’ team in the PL!!

    ohhh and Martial looked ordinary against us…too much pressure on the poor lad!

  50. This Media make me laugh…its like they are constantly trying their VOODO on Arsenal; and it comes back to bite THEM.

    Since Gin Face – who departed – leaving the team in a shambles, to spending more than the interest due to the IMF by Greece 🙂 and not to forget how they (the media of course) pumped up poor Rodgers only to DROP him like a ton of bricks!!

    Rodgers may not have been flamboyant or dirty; but perhaps of the ‘too much bla bla’ type… however, he saved a sinking ship!

    What will they write in the next few days will be very comical 🙂 🙂

  51. I think that Carragher should come out of the closet – we are all modern people; we have open minds, but thank God we don’t have the negative IQ he is lumped with!

    What a plank!

  52. I think we might completely embarass a team one of these days with a vulgar score like 7-0 or something. Man Utd got lucky, they should be happy they only swallowed 3. As for Carragher and Neville, talk is cheap as someone has already mentioned; just ask Shearer.

  53. I admit to being anxious until it became too late for MU to score 3. I could foresee Taylor sending off Coquelin and giving them at least one penalty. (I remember Dowd’s performance when we were 4-0 ahead at Newcastle).

    Thankfully, our players were too good for our 12 opponents.

  54. I’m quite sure that there will be certain managerial openings soon at Newcastle and Sunderland for Rodgers to fill !

  55. I wouldn’t be at all be surprised if I were to find out that the total number of opposition managers that AW faced in his tenure at Arsenal in the EPL alone , is more than 100 ! Probably closer to 150!
    The lowest of that lot would be ManUre with 3 !
    Anyone counting ?

  56. Liverpool and Chelsea should provide at least ten each , what with interim and caretaker managers .
    Then again they both have won the CL , so we should not ……. !
    With the compensation they each paid to their departing managers , they could have built a stadium in the sky ! Or in a brand new township . Or on reclaimed ground. No slash and burn required !

  57. As for the Spuds , I think they top this table of mis-managers !

    1992 Doug Livermore /Ray Clemence
    1993 Osvaldo Ardiles
    1994 Steve Perryman (C)
    1994 Gerry Francis
    1997 Chris Hughton (C)
    1997 Christian Gross
    1998 David Pleat (C)
    1998 George Graham
    2001 David Pleat (C)
    2001 Glenn Hoddle
    2003 David Pleat (C)
    2004 Jacques Santini
    2004 Martin Jol
    2007 Clive Allen (C)
    2007 Juande Ramos
    2008 Harry Redknapp
    2012 André Villas-Boas
    2013 Tim Sherwood
    2014 Mauricio Pochettino

  58. Great result for you and 3 fantastic goals. It’s about friggin’ time you turned that lot over in a league game – you’ve had the upper hand in a lot of matches against them of late but not ended up getting the 3 points. I wasn’t going to watch any of it because I can’t bear to see United winning games but I’m glad I watched that first half now. A draw would’ve arguably been a better result from a City point of view but as the goals were going in I couldn’t care less and just wanted them humiliated.

    A word about Anthony Taylor – he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a game involving United. He’s from Wythenshawe which is a suburb of Manchester but claims to be an Altrincham fan (yeah right!), yet most of his family are United fans. He’s put in some dodgy refereeing performances against City in the past.

  59. Well done the team, and i mean TEAM.
    We played like one, was determined and wanted to win.
    Let’s see more of the same after the break eh!!!

    Manu are shell shocked and good so. Payback, although i wanted some more goals, the day has been brilliant.


  60. Oh, what’s up with Lee Dixon?

    I think he has been replaced(cloned) or coerced to become a Manu supporter. Listening to him made me think. I thought he was an Arsenal man?

  61. Ref nearly cost us a goal when Buff Head (Fellaini) handball and Rooney shot on goal, lucky Cech made the save. Did you feel the ref was more lenient on ManU after we scored 3 goals? Felt like he wanted ManU to have a comeback.

    Excellent win, made me jump off the seat a few times with joy. That’s how football should be played.

  62. Para, Dixon was actually born in Manchester……but I think I remember hearing he is a City fan, but stand to be corrected. But whatever he is, something happens to them regarding Utd when they become pundits .
    Agree on Taylor M18, think he is a little gift to Utd that so called Leeds fan…but I do wonder……Mike Riley has slipped by most of us. I am sure Taylor would have done us if he could, but good to nullify his influence so early in the game

  63. Mandy, Dixon was definitely a City fan growing up so on the face of it and considering he spent most of his career at Arsenal, his brown-nosing of United in a game against Arsenal doesn’t make any sense. However, I think pundits do this because they (United) have more fans than anyone else so they’re under instructions from above to “go easy” on United even if they’re having a mare – typical media pandering to their audience. Witness Martin Tyler yesterday – he was practically begging for United to score and would’ve probably climaxed all over Gary Neville if they had!

  64. M18CTID – Thanks for background on Taylor’s roots. Suspected it but you’ve confirmed. A total travesty appointing him to MU games.

    As for Martin Tyler, he co-authored a book on Arsenal’s history so suspect following orders as well. Although, on checking, I see he comes from the North West… Also didn’t realise how old he is – 70 (same as Motty who is being slowly pensioned off by the BBC).

  65. Think you are right on the pundits M18. I know Sky especially have a bit of a Utd thing going and have done for a while…..didn’t they once try to invest in them?
    Really not a nice image regarding Martin Tyler.

  66. M18CTID

    Would love a 2 horse race to the end between yourselves and us.

    2 teams that basically just go for it.

    2 teams with similar flaws it would seem. One minute looking un beatable. Next looking a shambles.

    Not great for the heart but sure is an exciting ride.

    Could happen, but I suspect United will get enough PGMOL favours to keep them in the mix. Similarly I expect Chelsea to claw there way back into it with a bit of help, although looking at them they may be beyond help. We can only hope so.

    May the best team win.

  67. Chelsea to be relegated after the ‘sly’ receives his matching orders by their next defeat. Anyone?

  68. I lost my voice yesterday thanks to shouting like a maniac and giving it all back to their unbearable fans. Man that felt sweet. I am kinda disappointed we didnt beat em by more but sweet win nontherless. I noticed there arent any articles anywhere slating Ozil today and calling him a waste of space. He showed them all what twats they are to ever slate him

  69. Andrew Crawshaw predicted EXACTLY what Taylor would do in his Referee Preview. Everyone should go back and read it. He stated if Arsenal can score a couple early Taylor would be more balanced. That’s how the match played out. One can nitpick here and there but aside from an intentional handball from Fellaini it wasn’t that bad. MU were not allowed to clatter us all over the pitch and Le Coq, Gabriel and Rambo got in a couple of hard tackles without punishment. So, KUDOS TO ANDREW, forget about the ref, he didn’t cost us points and enjoy a brilliant performance in every aspect of the match. I know I will enjoy the week, wish there was a match this week. Enjoy it gooners; you deserve it.

  70. It was truly a beautiful game. Arsenal were awesome in the first 20 minutes. Wenger was so happy. It is nice to be at a match like that.

    However, the PGMO cheat was appointed & so were his assistants. Talk about selective vision. I was screaming cheat from the start, reminding those who knew & telling those who didn’t. Taylor tried his best to gratify Riley, even ran half the pitch to book Coquelin for consistent fouling!! here, there & there & last week,& the week before!! What a blatant cheat. He allowed Schweinsteiger freedom of the ems & also allowed the toilet brush (Feleini) to spread his filth everywhere. He fouled anyone he was near & Taylor just didn’t see it. Both should have had reds, just as Darmian should have also. Two footed lunges, pulls, fouls after yellow cards with a chat (mustn’t spoil a good game with a red). I picked up most of them (the cheats) & made sure the aaa heard me. I was enjoying the fact Arsenal had given United a lesson despite their favourite sons choice appointment.

    What a fantastic display of football with workrate second to none. Theo was like Alexis’ apprentice. Hunger & excellence. Ozil was superb. Everyone played fantastically well including Cech, who made some blinding saves.

    Alexis had a groin strain – any wonder after giving United a right rodgering!

    Oh 2 B A gooner!

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