Let’s spare a thought for those unhappy souls who would like Mr Wenger to leave

By Walter Broeckx

With Arsenal not doing too shabbily in the PL so far this season it must be a hard time for those wishing us to do rather badly in order to get rid of Mr Wenger. One of the phrases that then is used is ‘there is no trophy to be won for being first now’.

And that in itself is a very correct statement. No argument about that. The fact we are first (or joint first to be completely exact) means nothing. It is of course better to be in that position than being in the position that Chelsea and their special one finds themselves. Can you imagine the mental break down some of those moaners would have if we would be where Chelsea is now?

And yet it was the same moaners who once the transfer window ended came over here and told us what a terrible manager we had who hadn’t bought anyone (or at least no outfield player – which in fact was also a wrong statement) and that doom would be upon us. Certainly after a start that saw us only gather 4 points after 3 matches.

And they pointed at Chelsea. The team that had won the league with a big advantage compared to all the other teams and that had done excellent business in bringing in Falcao and Pedro. Certainly when the latter marked his debut with 2 goals. Oh, that was the way to do business. And as we all know that the tactical master brain that Mourinho was we had no chance. The league was over even before it had started.  .

We could have told them that there was no trophy to be won at the end of August. But for them it was clear. Chelsea or Manchester City, one of those teams would win the league. FACT.

But since then the Arsenal has produced a few decent results. And now we are joint leaders with Manchester City. Of course the mood at Untold Arsenal is great. It usually is in fact even when we are not top of the league. Because we more or less celebrate each win as if it was our last chance to celebrate a win. Well that is how I do it.

But being happy after each win is something that is not possible for some people. Is it their nature or is it just their hatred of our manager that makes them unable to celebrate each win and enjoy it?

And when some come to Untold they have to say things like: you don’t get a trophy for being first now.

This sentence means that all that talk in the last years about not being trophy hunters was a lie. In the days when we didn’t win for a few years they came to us and said: ‘No I’m not a trophy hunter, I just want us to compete’.

But when we compete (I think being joint leaders is competing) they suddenly tell us that competing is not good enough and that only the final outcome of the season is important.

Of course I want us to win the league at the end of the season. But in order to do this we have to play 38 matches. And in those matches we will win, lose and draw. Because that is how football works. But I do know that each win can take us closer to a possible title at the end of the season. So I think it is really worthwhile celebrating each win. Whether you are of the ‘winners only’ or ‘compete only’  set of mind… without those wins during the season you will not win and you will not compete.

So yes we at Untold tend to celebrate each win as a new and important step. A step  on our way to compete and if all goes our way a step on our way to the title. I think it takes around 26 matches to win the league on average. I didn’t look it up but that is what Chelsea did last season and Man City needed even 27 wins. So it should be thereabouts.

We celebrate them, each of them. And so it makes us happy and makes us feel good. As it should be as a supporter. But some are apparently not able to enjoy it. Each time we win they seem to be a bit upset that we won and they tell us that ‘maybe next time we will lose’. And that thus celebrating a win is not a wise thing to do as we will probably lose next time.

It really must be sad to live with such a set of mind. Unable to enjoy a win, or sometimes even a draw when all looked lost but we managed to avoid defeat. If I stopped feeling the joy after each win I don’t know if I would keep on supporting my team any more. What is the use of wanting all and everyone to feel unhappy even if we win? I might not be the smartest person in the world so it could be just me, but I really cannot understand this.

In a way I sometimes look at a football season as the whole life of a human being. Early season you are still learning things for the future. Then you have your first love, your first kiss, your first time, you get married, you get children, your children give you great moments, you feel proud of their achievements, you are still happy with your wife (well I still am), you celebrate important days together, you get grandchildren, your grandchildren are your special treasures and give you immense joy and happiness. But I also know that in the end… we all will die one day. The outcome of our existence on this planet is the same for all… we can’t escape that.

All the nice things I mentioned can be compared to Arsenal winning a match in the season. I know I would celebrate all these things and feel happy about it. But then I wonder how would a moaner enjoy those things? Can he enjoy them because… well you know at the end you will die so what is the use of celebrating those things?

We don’t know the outcome of the league each season. We might win it in the end and then the feeling of happiness will reach even greater heights of course. But that is not written in stone unlike the fact that we will die one day. So if you can enjoy the steps in between birth and death even if you know you will not win (stay alive forever) then it should be so much easier to enjoy a win of Arsenal. We might win the league or we might not win it, but I know that without those wins that I enjoy so much we certainly will have no chance to win it in the end.

The outcome of our life is known, the outcome of the league not. So just enjoy it. Certainly when we win matches. Just be happy. Or at least try to be happy. It’s not that difficult.


  • 3 November 1963: Ian Wright born in Woolwich.  He started out with Greenwich Borough and then having been spotted was invited to have a trial at Crystal Palace who signed him in August 1985, when he was 21 – a late start in professionalism for a player.
  • 3 November 1993: Standard Liège 0 Arsenal 7 in Cup winners Cup.  Arsenal won 10-0, the highest aggregate ever achieved by Arsenal.  Smith, Selley, Adams,, Campbell (2), Merson and McGoldrick got the goals

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33 Replies to “Let’s spare a thought for those unhappy souls who would like Mr Wenger to leave”

  1. Walter, you know how it works, we celebrate the win, mourn the cheats with the whistle & pray the players that were stretchered off or limped off return quickly & do not suffer pain.

    What a beautiful Game this would be if only….

  2. the people you mention have a some easy…and perhaps, ultimately cheaper options, they can go and support a team that Wenger doesnt manage (as I suspect a few of them already do), or they can go and support a lower or non league team.
    I do not know whether we can win the league or not this season, the team certainly look as if they will give it a real go, but we are up against at least one formidable team, we may be up against behind the scenes agendas.
    But what I do know, even the day we do win this league, some will relegate it to a non trophy as they have done the FA CUP.
    Perhaps the only real option to save face for those who said Wenger would never again win a trophy. Why did they say such things, only to be proven wrong? perhaps their own original thoughts, or those of the media, or maybe just because some blogger who fairly recently suggested Arsenal should sign Owen Coyle said so.

  3. Walter.

    Very true mate.

    The moaners are cranking it up a notch on their blog. Apparently Wenger has destroyed our youth setup (aparently as proven by Sheffield Wednesday) and his tactical ineptitude is a problem for when we face Bayern and Spurs. Spurs apparently have such a good midfield (after watching them out play mighty Villa)that our only hope is to go wide but Wenger has let us down because we dont have any wide players. I kid you not.

    These Fantasy Football Managers are really very funny. It is amazing how they wear their stupidity as a badge of honour. Despite always being proved wrong, they just come back for more.

    I don’t understand this sort of ‘fan’, imagine never getting any pleasure from good results?

    One of them kept typing ‘bollocks’ every time a goal went in against Man Utd. Apparently this wasn’t good for some Wenger Outers.

    We are top of the league, on a great run. We have beaten Bayern and Man Utd (despite their pre-match predictions of us getting well beat). We have also gone away to Watford and Swansea and achieved big wins. In those 4 games alone, we have secured 12 points (PL/CL), scored 11 goals and conceded 0.

    That makes me feel good, happy and proud.

    It makes these idiots unhappy!

    These results are not a fluke, we are a very good team. In fact, since January 1st we have the best points total and goals against then any other team since January 1st.

    Instead of celebrating they are moaning about us losing in the Capital One Cup and using that as proof Wenger not only injures his own players but has also destroyed our youth setup! (Ssssshhhh, don’t mention Coquelin and Bellerin).

    The funny thing is they cannot see the irony. How such a rubbish manager with a squad of average players can win so many games must have them scratching their heads. It must be luck. Or Bould.

    I suspect they are getting the knives ready for Bayern and Spurs. If we lose, Wenger will be the problem, if we win it will be because there is something wrong with the other team or the stars have aligned.

    What a terrible way to support your ‘club’. Shit fans.

  4. Walter,
    So much easier to have a positive mindset than to be a ‘moaner’ or anti-this, anti-that or anti-Wenger for that matter. When we try to see the positives, our mind is so much more open to suggestions too. Imagine what it must be like to be such a negative person with a mindset that you wish that the team you support, actually lose matches so the manager gets fired(or asked to go). Must be a sad existence when you don’t appreciate the good that happens around you and continually look for the item to criticize…..

  5. Great article Walter.

    We should indeed be greatful for each day and try to enjoy it to the maximum – and especially celebrare our Arsenal wins!

    We probably should have some sympathy for the unhappiness exhibited by our resident and part time moaners, but as the moaners have an ongoing agenda – the undermining of the most capable manager in the EPL – for reasons that have nothing to do with football – it is difficult to have any compassion for their obvious and self inflicted misery!

  6. If you ever want to see Arsenal lift the big eared cup then it ll have to be with someone else at the helm! Wenger s record in Europe is piss poor… (only manager ever to have lost all 3 European cups and first manager to have lost 50+ CL games!!) I am enjoying wins but I have a sense of perspective and Wenger s perpetual faults always lead to the same end result…th is not a trophy! He s done everything he could! If you people want to believe we’ll win the league fair enough as if we don’t we won’t be overly disappointed as it was expected and should Wenger somehow manage the impossible then we ll be more happy than you lot as it ll be a nice surprise… I ll leave you with your anal massaging I am off to Munich actually supporting my club! 🙂

  7. I am confident Arsenal will win the Premier League this season to the dismay of their distractors whether they moan over the win or not, is no concern of Arsenal. To be truthful and to be kindid, I was tensed up when Arsenal was playing against the Swansea City last Sunday. Despite the fact that my inner vision had already informed me of a Arsenal victory and even predicted the score-line accurately to me, I was still apprehensive of what the outcome of the match is going to be for Arsenal. But Arsenal won the game even convincingly too. I was happy and I felt elated afterwards. I have bad news tor the Arsenal moaners. Arsenal will beat Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night by 3 goals to nil. And they will also beat Tottenham Hotspur neat and clear next Sunday going-in to the international break.

  8. Life is full of negative, critical, complainers. Some watch football. If we want to be happy, it’s best to avoid them when we can, and when we can’t avoid them, give thanks that mostly we can.

  9. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin
    I will be more than happy if your two predictions come true. 🙂

    Please remember that without negativity there would be no positivity, everything requires a balance to function and create motion, much like a magnet.

    It is only when one leans to one side or the other permanently that extremism occurs.

  10. Thanks for the prompt Mandy. Here is all of the appointments:

    Saturday 7 November 2015
    K.O. _MATCHES _ _ _ _ REFEREE _ _ _ ASST. REF. 1 _ _ASST. REF. 2 _ _4TH OFFICIAL
    12:45 Bournemouth – Newcastle _ _Lee Mason _ _ _ _E Smart _ _ P Kirkup _ _A Marriner
    15:00 Leicester – Watford _ _ _ _Roger East _ _ _ A Garratt _ M Scholes _ R Madley
    15:00 Man Utd – West Brom _ _ _ _Mike Dean _ _ _ _H Lennard _ M McDonough N Swarbrick
    15:00 Norwich – Swansea _ _ _ _ _Mark Clattenburg S Beck _ _ _J Collin _ _G Eltringham
    17:30 Stoke – Chelsea _ _ _ _ _ _Anthony Taylor _ D Cann _ _ _L Betts _ _ C Pawson
    15:00 Sunderland – Southampton _ _Mike Jones _ _ _R West _ _ _D Eaton _ _ O Langford
    15:00 West Ham – Everton _ _ _ _ Paul Tierney _ _ D Bryan _ _ A Nunn _ _ _M Atkinson
    Sunday 8 November 2015
    K.O. _MATCHES _ _ _ _ REFEREE _ _ _ ASST. REF. 1 _ _ASST. REF. 2 _ _4TH OFFICIAL
    16:00 Arsenal – Spurs _ _ _ _ _ _Martin Atkinson _M Mullarkey S Child _ _ A Marriner
    13:30 Aston Villa – Man City _ _ Craig Pawson _ _ M Perry _ _ A Halliday _R Madley
    16:00 Liverpool – Crystal Palace Neil Swarbrick _ S Ledger _ _M Salisbury K Friend

    The BBC is reporting that Teddy Sherringham has re-registered as a player.

    There was some mention of Mesut equalling or setting a record, if he were to get an assist when Atkinson is in charge. Does Martin buddy look for someone to break Mesut’s leg before that can happen?

  11. Loved this, Walter. You are spot-on in your assessment that these people seem philosophically at odds with life in general. Nothing is guaranteed, in sports in particular, and isn´t it that uncertainty, the fact it´s such a thin margin between glory and having to go back to the drawing board (which happens anyway even after victory if you want it to continue), that gives it all its meaning? If only trophies mattered, then, pray tell, why would there be supporters for small and medium clubs? Wouldn´t they completely be wasting their time? And yet if you were to ask any of them, they would emphatically refute the notion, no doubt. Because even if the faint glimmer of silverware in the distance entices us like the song of the siren, it´s the spontaneous joys, the wild emotions of a last-ditch tackle, the incredulous awe over a miraculous one-touch pass that sustain us daily. It´s what we feel in the process that makes us come back for more, not an accountant´s verdict.

    I would feel sorry for these drab individuals if they didn´t insist continuously on telling us that we should be as miserable as them and if they were honest enough to state their complaints as rational criticisms instead of the gospel truth. They´re always oh so certain that if we just bought so and so, and if we just put that player there, and if we just sacked Wenger, and if we just did this or that we would be winning at the end. It´s never that they think those things would give us a better chance, no, but that they plainly know exactly what we need. Which ultimately proves that it´s not about *hoping* for a different outcome for them, just really about lording their supposed superiority over us fans who dare to do so.

  12. Thank god nobody listens to the moaners and self proclaimed Fantasy Football Managers.

    What a bunch of numpties who havent even got the brains to acknowledge when they have been proved wrong.

    Based on what I hae read on ‘that’ blog:-

    1. Our Manager would now be one of Owen Coyle, Paul Lambert or David Moyes.

    2. Players we would now have in our squad would include; Ashley Williams, Stuart Downing, Cesc Fabregas, Rickie Lambert, Tom Cleverley, Wanyama, Eriksen (he’s better than Ozil!!), Balotelli and Falcao.

    3. Players that would have been sold would include: Ozil, Jack, Ramsey, Giroud, Theo, Ox, Mertescaker, Coquelin.

    4. Our Scouts will have been replaced by Youtube and some game called FIFA15.

    Now there’s something to excite you!

  13. The WOBs at the so called pro Arsenal blog did not celebrate our two back to back FA cups.
    They have also forgotten that wenger has already won 3 league titles.
    They only point out that we didnt win anything from 2006 to 2013 failing to realize that Arsenal were handicapped by stadium debt and wenger had to sell players during that period.

    The WObs prefer to win a title once at the cost of dropping us mid table.
    Everyone has his choices but i would prefer consistency over an occasional league title.

  14. @BG
    Ever heard of Manuel Uribe? He holds the record for the most weight lost ever- about 500 pounds. Now, surely, he must have been one thin man after the operation? Well, he weighed 700 pounds AFTER the operation.
    So just saying that Wenger has lost 50 UCL games doesn’t make his European record piss poor. He has overseen 18 seasons of champions league football in the last 18 years for Arsenal (not to mention a few for Monaco as well), and progressed to the second stage in all but the first two of those seasons. Now that’s a lot of games and the fact that he managed a win rate of 49% in those games, with a decade of financial constraints, is all too conveniently ignored.

  15. BG
    Anal massaging?
    I hope you come back and read the responses to your message. Would be cowardly not to.

  16. BG -you will never understand victory because you have only losses in your history. Wenger is the greatest participant in European football. His will be the greatest victory because it will be despite those who dispise his honesty. He exposed the Marseille cheating & has had to cope with those who lost a lot of corrupt money. The corruption in football is gradually coming out like maggotts reacting to saline. They still have a lot of control in the game. Just watch the effect of the US led money laundering investigation. It is percolating into Europes elite & some glorious names are being stained.

  17. First to start with a confession. Some 4-5 years ago I wobbled as a firm AKB. I still maintained strongly that never less than 4th over 15 years and the utter transformation on Arsene’s arrival which led to a shower of siverware which was unprecedented in Arsenal history cemented Arsene as one of our best managers ever. But I had a nagging doubt that Arsene still had the incredibly sharp cutting edge that would take us to another league title.

    However two seasons ago we overcame serious big game nerves (and a mighty first half footballing wobble) and won the FA Cup which together with yet another fourth place (but no trophy) showed the first major silverware to end our drought. Last season we not only won the FA Cup again and in magnificent style but also improved to third place in the league. Clear and indisputable evidence of our progress and by the end of last season we clearly had at least three world class players and a squad where the only position for which there was not at least one virtually as good competitor to the incumbent was DM where Coquelin was superb but pretty well unchallenged (or if you want to be a pessimist uncovered).

    That brings me to this season where I truly hope and believe that we can win the Premier League and I would dearly love it to be another Wenger double. To win the FA Cup three times in a row has never been done before and would make Arsene unique in FA Cup history. Indeed I would settle for second in the league and the extra special cup record as still being clear progress. Against this I don’t believe we are ready yet for CL success (although you never know in cup competitions) which makes tomorrow nights game less important to me.


  18. “Wenger s record in Europe is piss poor”

    Oh, I’m sorry, I must have missed all those European Cups that your beloved George Graham won.

    Let me remind the Wenger-haters that, in his career — all clubs combined — Graham managed four Champions League (then still called the European Cup) games. Won 1 (home to Austria Memphis, September 18, 1991), drew 1 (away to Benfica, October 23), lost 2 (away to Austria Memphis, October 2; HOME to Benfica, November 6).

    True, the Heysel ban kept us out of the tournament in 1989-90, but anybody who thinks even the Michael Thomas team could have beaten THAT AC Milan team is a fool. And, yes, even after the ban was lifted, it was just the 1 English team that qualified. But in 3 of his 9 seasons, Arsenal finished lower than 4th wouldn’t have qualified for the next season’s CL.

    But, they tell us, Graham won a European trophy! Wenger never has! Yes, Graham won the Cup Winners’ Cup. A trophy of such great significance that it got phased out of existence. But you don’t see West Ham fans saying Bilic isn’t as good as Harry Redknapp because Harry won the Intertoto Cup, which also no longer exists.

    So when Wenger wins the League this season, the haters will say that this achievement, which they have been demanding since 2004, will mean nothing because he hasn’t won the Champions League. But what if we beat Bayern tomorrow? After all, we’ve beaten them away before, when they were stronger than they are now and we were not. And then, and then, and then…

    What will they say then: We would have won MORE Champions Leagues with a different manager? Get in the sea.

  19. Loan update

    Maitland-Niles scores for Ipswich against Bolton. Wellington didn’t feature in the game (injured?).

    Toral played last 25 minutes for Birmingham.

    Martinez unsuccessful in keeping a clean sheet as Wolves lose 0-1.

    Akpom played 73 for Hull, and Hayden again stayed on the bench all game.

    Congratulations to Maitland-Niles on his first goal, and Hayden really needs to figure out how to cut that tie to the subs bench.

  20. Again confused ‘uncle mike’ why are you slagging off G Graham and Mickey T why slate the Arsenal team from 1989 or 1990??? Football or more to the point Arsenal did not start when Wenger came to manage us I as always have stated to be a supporter of Wenger but get really pisses off with people like you who keep slagging our former player’s and manager’s perhaps this site is for people who are a cult and pray for Wengerism every day?? Please explain your comments as to why you hate Graham and the great team of the late 80’s and early 90’s who almost went the season unbeaten losing only 1 game and conceding only 18 goals ( I thought I would give you a little imput into that teams achievement )

  21. In the “news” today, were a couple of variations on “Arsenal is going to lose too many midfield next summer”. With their idea no doubt being that Wenger will need to spend 500 Million to get new players next summer.

    Obviously someone forgot about all the midfield players out on loan: Toral, Crowley, Zelalem, …. No, I don’t think there will be any huge need to buy in midfield next summer. If nothing else, there was a nice interview with Toral tonight to read, which mentions just how many midfield players are ahead of Toral in the apparent pecking order.

    Keep working young man, you will get there.

  22. Nice piece Walter , true and from the heart . Just like life’s journey , a football season too has many bends, turns and surprises . It is up to one to determine the pace, the direction and destination .
    Maybe its high time that people should think for themselves and not listen to or read into any fool’s take or advice . They may believe themselves to be in the know or even may seem knowledgeable , but in truth are just biased and pissed off morons .

    ‘Rebellion is not what most people think it is .Rebellion is when you turn off the tv ,
    start educating yourself and thinking for yourself.’
    -Gavin Nescimento .

  23. Here are some riddles to make you smile , or happy , or not !

    Q: What is the similarity between a Rubix cube and a dick?
    A: The more you play with them, the harder they get!

    Q: What is the definition of eternity?
    A : Four blondes in four cars at a four way intersection.

    Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker?
    A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again.

    One of ‘them’ met his friend in a shopping centre. The friend had a look at his feet and asked, “Why are you wearing one red and one black sock”?
    He paused for a moment then said, “I have married this stupid woman. She buys funny things. I have another pair like this at home”.

  24. @ BG

    What a prat. Does that make Fat Sam or Pulis or Pochettino better than Wenger because they’ve never lost a Champions League game? Try using both your brain cells next time you write a comment.

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