A big stick to beat our dead horse with

……….Don McMahon

“The big sticks they carry are in reality tiny twigs and the dead horse they try and beat is, in actual fact, a magnificent stallion that is beginning to kick their collective arses and will rise above them all come May.”


Arsenal are now in a crisis of sorts, having lost to WBA and having an insurmountable mountain to climb at Olympiakos in December.

Our critics, among them a few jaded plastic fanboys and a pub-load of unimpressive media hacks have concluded that our season needs  saving but it may already past redemption.  Our DM crisis  is all due to Wenger’s stinginess AND to top it all off, our injury list keeps growing even as it diminishes in number each week.

(I know the latter statement is an oxymoron fit only for the British media oxymorons.)

Please excuse the mixed metaphors I have begun this post with, but it seemed so visually appropriate that I couldn’t resist. Here are some irrational but oft-repeated criticisms the aaa and the media fall back on, once we drop points, lose another player to injury or better still, perform under the standards set by the invincibles:

  • Wenger SHOULD have brought in a backup for Coquelin this summer because we ALL knew that he’d get injured sometime over the 38 game season and that our backups were so poor that they weren’t worthy to wear the shirt, except that they do deserve to be Gunners.
  • Wenger only brought in Cech and this error will cost us the CL, the EPL and maybe even the FA Cup, because AFC are just too shallow to win anything without at least 28, fifty million Euro valued players on the field and on the bench, except that as tony and others have clearly shown, we can’t..and shouldn’t.
  • Our injury crisis is Wenger’s fault and could have been predicted, like the weather, well in advance of the season’s start, so whatever happens, win lose or draw, Wenger is at fault except that he isn’t because he isn’t God, just yet.
  • What joy our aaa and media haters will wallow in, along with their recriminations and arrogant self-admiration WHEN we topple out of the CL, just make 4th place in the EPL or in their fevered hope worse, stumble out of every cup competition we enter and end up with 5 healthy players in the entire team, except that we won’t.
  • The desperate media will continue to berate and beat us with their imaginary stick about how former Gunners had and still have all kinds of opinions and solutions that point the finger at Wenger without any positive suggestions or reasonably practical strategies, except that these former gunners never actually said anything like that.
  • The disappointed aaa will continue to pretend that our injury crisis, which they proclaim to the heavens is Wenger’s fault, is not a valid excuse for our occasional poor performances all the while lamenting his lack of foresight and stinginess.
  • Similarly, they will continue to berate us for our conspiracy theories about the PIGMOB and our proven evidence of EPL official’s incompetence and evident bias against AFC.  Except that it is becoming clearer and more rational, following current criminal pursuits against Uefa and Fifa, to recognize that such corruption flourishes, not just with those greasy foreigners BUT also in the home of the lily-white Anglo-Saxons as well.

While our dead horse gallops around the Emirates, chased by the fanatical aaa and their media hacks wielding their imaginary light-sabers and screaming at the top of their lungs: “Wenger out”, in an ultimately fruitless, desperate attempt to convince everyone that Wenger has no clothes and that the sky was/is and always will be falling onto the Club’s collective crowns, we the faithful enjoy that spectacle and the beauty of Arsenal in full bloom.  While knowing that Wenger and the current team are headed in the right direction which is directly opposite to where the aaa and the media wish us to go.

No matter what positives occur at the Arsenal, our dead horse will continue to be walloped to an even more profound death by these angry, pessimistic, Wenger-hating, degenerate plastic fanboys and their court-jester media accomplices, whose entire existence and raison d’être depend on imagined or real AFC lacunae, no matter how insignificant or exaggerated they are.

The big sticks they carry are in reality tiny twigs and the dead horse they try and beat is, in actual fact, a magnificent stallion that is beginning to kick their collective arses and will rise above them all come May.

Two from the anniversary files

  • 28 November 1990: Arsenal 2 Man U 6.  League Cup.   Arsenal were unbeaten in the league, second in the table and 12 points ahead of Man U in 7th.  Man U had only won two of their last six in the league, but as Man U took the league, Arsenal seemed to say, “we’ll give you that; we’ll have the league”.
  • 28 November 1999: Henry scored two goals in one game for the first time in a match that ended Arsenal 2 Derby 1.  It meant Arsenal had won all three of their November league games and unbeaten in six.

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15 Replies to “A big stick to beat our dead horse with”

  1. Well said Don.
    Even if we win nothing come next May I will still consider myself fortunate to have watched the most scintillating, beautiful football, truly an art as stated on our banner. That alone is worth a trophy as far as I am concerned.
    What a shame the detractors cannot enjoy it as we do.

  2. All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.


  3. OT: Loanees

    Maitland-Niles started for Ipswich. In the play-by-play, he assisted a shot so far.


  4. OT: Loanees

    Maitland-Niles played almost the entire game in Ipswich’s win.

    Toral started for Birmingham. New loanee O’Conner started for York City. Martinez must still be injured for Wolves.

  5. And what about that ‘theory ‘ that Arsenal always lose against the top teams ? Wrong ! Well this season we lost to the 8th , 13th, and 15th placed teams (according to the updating table above ) and they are all placed lower than us !
    But we have already beaten The Foxes and ManUre who are above us . Surely the table doesn’t lie ?
    Probably a bad time to be one of ‘them’ !

  6. Not so much a rocking horse from the Arsenal stables, albeit deceased, I was thinking of a lame donkey unfortunately suffering from RSI as it trolls all and every AFC blog these past several years. There is some, um, evidence

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Jai………….this could almost warrant becoming The Arsenal’s theme poem,although originally from Tolkien’s the Lord of the rings. It has such a noble and dignified ring to it, like The Arsenal and Wenger. thanks for the inspiration.

  8. OT: Loanees (Last one today).

    Toral scored in a losing effort. Almost 8 minutes of extra time. 4 yellows to Birmingham (none to Toral).

    O’Conner played the entire game, and I believe gave up a penalty. But a 5-1 loss can’t be attributed to one new player. Better luck next time young man.

  9. OT: Corruption – The FIFA gift that just keeps giving

    Tribal Football seems to be the only place running this.


    Real Madrid had been found guilty of something to do with children (Tony words it nicely), but before they could be sentenced, Valke (FIFA secretary) was suspended for corruption. So, Real Madrid has been avoiding a 2 window trading ban for corruption, because the FIFA secretary was corrupt.

    Apparently Athletico Madrid is also involved in some small part as well.

    Apparently this was seen recently (today?) in a Deportivo News source (El Mundo Deportivo), but the article doesn’t actually have a link to it.

    Here is another article, which links to the Spanish source.


    Mixed in the headlines looking for this, is Benitez and his manager job. Real has not been doing well, and they still had access to transfers, while Barcelona who had been (sort of) banned, has been doing well. How are things going to go, if Barcelona is not banned, and Real Madrid is?

  10. The loanee O’Connor

    First off, apologies. I was spelling his surname O’Conner.

    O’Connor was not the only new player in the York side today. There 5 players who started the game, who were new. Four of those new players were loanees. A fifth loanee started on the bench.

    In any event, that loss set a new club record for successive defeats. Not a great environment to be starting out in. I think young Mr. O’Connor needs all the help/support he can get.

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