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October 2020

Arsenal – Sunderland 3-1, it must be December

By Walter Broeckx


Sorry but things beyond my control prevented me from getting home on time to see the start. In fact I missed the whole first 20minutes. So forgive me for letting them out of this report as I really haven’t got any idea how they went.

From when I could I see it Arsenal in control for a long time with Sunderland defending in numbers and deep. Arsenal trying to find a way through the Sunderland defence but too many passes went wrong. A few misunderstandings between some players. Maybe down to the new positions on the field?

Sunderland trying to work with long balls most of the time. Or trying to win fouls that the ref loved to give. Arsenal could have a penalty when Kaboul wrestled Giroud to the ground in the penalty area but the ref does what they usually do when Arsenal players are fouled in the penalty area…Nothing.

Finally a fine combination from Özil who found Campbell at the left flank who slotted it home past the Sunderland keeper. 1-0 to the Arsenal after 32 minutes.

Arsenal could have a penalty when Kaboul wrestled Giroud to the ground in the penalty area but the ref does what they usually do when Arsenal players are fouled in the penalty area…Nothing.

Sunderland then get a free kick when Koscielny steps on the foot of Watermore. M’Vila with the free kick and Giroud puts the ball behind his own goalkeeper. Another own goal from Arsenal… how is this possible??? 1-1 after 44 minutes.

Arsenal try to do somethin back before half time when Monreal cuts the ball back to Ramsey but his shot hits the sidenet. 1-0 at half time.

Arsenal try to go forward again but not really any open chances at first. Bellerin pulling a Sunderland player and saving his moment with heading the ball away… that could have been a foul and even a red card if he hadn’t played the ball…

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Ramsey the almost in front of goal but the offside flag went up correct. Arsenal not just getting the shot in as too many bodies in the way, Sunderland counter and Cech has to make a low save. Corner to Sunderland and the ball gets a nod on to the second post where Fletcher slides in but Cech saves his effort on the line. Fletcher slides in to the goalpost and seems badly hurt at first but can continue.

Still 1-1 after 60 minutes. Özil with a low shot-cross that goes wide and Giroud can’t reach it anymore. An attack over a few stations on the left leaving the ball in the feet of Ramsey, a cut back inside a low cross and this time Giroud puts it in the correct goal. 2-1 to the Arsenal after 63 minutes.

Wacott comes on for Oxlade-Chamberlain right after that goal. Walcott immediately involved but can’t get his foot around the ball, the attack continues and Bellerin his shot is blocked for a corner. Header from Giroud but saved on the line. Ramsey with the follow up and a nice dribble on the sideline past two opponents but Sunderland can prevent the shot from Giroud.

Özil with a magnificent chip over the Sunderland defence but Ramsey had to do a half volley on the turn and that was too difficult to do and Pantimillon could gather the attempt. Arsenal try some 1-2 combination but it just won’t come off for Arsenal. Watmore suddenly away,not offside according to the linesman, but his shot is too soft to really bring Cech in danger. Campbell goes off and Gibbs comes on after 75 minutes.

A cross from Bellerin drops on to the crossbar and goes over for Sunderland. Flamini with a wrong pass in midfield but he is on hand to collect the following cross from Sunderland. A pass to Özil who does some amazing trickery and is brought down at the expense of a yellow card.

With 10 minutes to go Chambers comes on in the place of Giroud. Theo as the central striker now. Chambers when Arsenal have the ball more on the right wing. Ref still likes to give fouls in favour to Sunderland more than he does to Arsenal.   Özil dancing around some opponents… amazing skills and yet again the ref refuses to give a foul when he is bundled over.

Sunderland suddenly with a chance but the shot goes over. 5 minutes of extra time are indicated as Özil runs on the left flank and cuts back to Ramsey but his shot is saved by the keeper as it was straight at him. Monreal with a risky chest control but Cech can gather it. Arsenal try to score a third goal and Ramsey at the start of the attack, giving it to Theo who gives it to Chambers who has a shot that is blocked and the ball ends up in the feet of Ramsey who puts it over the line. A well deserved third goal for Arsenal that makes even Wenger jump up in the air. 3-1 to The Arsenal after 93 minutes.

Arsenal win again as it is December and as Man City lost their match and Man Utd couldn’t win Arsenal go to the second place in the league 2 points behind Leicester who won their match at Swansea.


49 comments to Arsenal – Sunderland 3-1, it must be December

  • syd

    Sky sports exclusive (in Germany watching ) “Giroud put ball past check on half time” can anyone notice the mistake lol

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Good three points today, more Han most of our direct rivals managed. Well done Joel as well, must be a bag of sand off his shoulders as well!

  • Norman14

    Well, we managed to win a somewhat “hairy” game by persistence, and thanks largely to Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech. Sunderland were through the back of our players constantly with no punishment from “call me Bobbie” (just like West Brom and Norwich). Yet as soon as we did anything to them, evn 50/50, out came the yellow card from Mr Madeley’s pocket.

    In the 2nd half, Sunderland were time wasting – not least their keeper, who could have made a cuppa in the time it was taking him to take a goal kick. Once OG got us back in front, Feo came on and we seemed inspired for a while. We looked a bit dazed and confused at the end of ordinary time, maybe due to the number of defenders we had on the pitch, not doing any defending. Even more confusing was where the 4th official found 5 minutes of extra time, thus giving them back the time THEY had wasted. Luckily for us, a brilliantly taken goal by Rambo in the dying seconds, made fools of PIGMOB’s attempts to floor us.

    I think the boys will feel a whoe lot better now that they have won well, despite the loss of S & S.

  • Josif

    Big victory, especially from a psychological point of view (no, I’m not a psychologist but I can recognize a match played with a bag of sand – to borrow Andrew’s expression – when I see one). This is so crazy season that after 15 matches only two teams have averaged two points or more – Leicester and Arsenal. Yep, only two teams have reached 30-point-mark. At this rate, it would take just 80 points to win the league.

  • bjtgooner

    Another attempt by the PGMO to tilt the playing field. It was a difficult match playing against the Big Sam bus co and their PGMO assistant.

    But, it was a good win and a very valuable three points. Well done the team.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Bournemouth are ripping the Chelsea midfield (assembled by spending millions) a new one there….

  • syd

    Prediction (only if the ref has any balls) Pedro to get sent off for Chelski and Maureens head to explode

  • ARSENAL 13

    How evenly matched they look….hahahaha.

  • apo Armani

    Ye I screwed up…listened to commentators!!! Had MaNure,Liverpoo,Chel$kie, come out of that with 3 points; it would have been comments on the lines of “thats the kind of games champions grind out and win”!!! instead it was along the lines the scoreline doesn’t do justice to Sunderland FFS!!! Jokers!!

  • apo Armani

    On other News: Mighty Bournemouth vs Chel$kie: Evenly matched 🙂

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I don’t think Giroud was hacked down in the Sunderland’s box in the 1st half. Giroud went down easily after failing to control the pass to him. So, to me it wasn’t a penalty kick denied Arsenal by the referee.

    If I must be frank, the Boss will need to work seriously on the Gunners playing cohesion before they travel to Greece to play Olympiakos in their final Ucl match group rounds match.

    By this display of of today at Ems against the Black Cats, the Gunners played as if they are playing a difficult away game in a Europa League fixture. The Gunners failed to hold the ball in final 3rd and had many occasions of miss-placed passes.

    We have to thank Cech for saving a couple of goal bound shots by the Black Cats as the Gunners defense-line were caught napping as a Black Cat attacker sent his shot over, with only Cech to beat late-on in the game.

    The bottom line is, the Gunners were not commanding or imposing their authority on the game to brush the Black Cats aside despite their scoring the 3 goals that gave them all the 3 points that mattered.

    From my own thinking, I think the absent of General Cazorla and Commander Alex Sanchez has affected the usual Gunners’ accurate passing game and ball control under pressure(cohesion). The Boss MUST make sure the Gunners don’t fail to collect their passes under being pressurized by the opponent players they should collect their passes and hold them, and in turn pass the ball successfully to their mates.

    At Olympiakos on Wednesday night, the Gunners MUST be strong in holding the ball in the final 3rd and not miss-placed their passes. They MUST also be strong in collecting passes from their collegues and hold the ball without losing possession to the opponent player. And however difficult it maybe, the Gunners MUST guide against scoring an own goal at Olympiakos. Because they have seemed to take to doing such a habit this season. It MUST stop.

  • bjtgooner


    Giroud was wrestled down, not hacked – still a penalty. An equivalent foul would probably have been given at the other end.

  • serge


    It’s true that Giroud was pulled down and deserved a penalty, but it amazes me how often this happens. He’s a really big strong bloke and should be able to resist the wrestling that goes on in the penalty area, but regularly hits the floor under the slightest challenge.I think this is why referees tend to ignore him. Not saying it’s correct, but perhaps understandable. It’s not so much a dive as not trying to stay upright.

  • Josif

    Hahahaha, Chelsea are one goal down.

    For those with a better stream then mine – was it offside? It seems to me there was just one Chelsea player in front of Murray in the moment of pass.

  • Jerry


    Great quick match report! Game was definitely not for those with a weak heart!


    No the the commentators are just continuing with their Chelsea lovefest trying to claim offside. They kept asking did Rahman play him on, yet completely ignore Cahill who ran back to the goal post, and definitely played Murray on for the goal!

  • Josif

    @Jerry, there should have been two Chelsea players between a goal-line and Murray to avoid offside. In this case, there was just Cahill so the goal should not have stood.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Hahahahahahahaha.. Chelsea should’ve had a penalty they said.

    Remember how many such penalties Chelsea could’ve conceded last season of Cahill and Terry!!!…..

  • apo Armani

    Stamford Bridge: Fun park

  • ARSENAL 13


    There was other player on the far side who was in line…. So can be offside or not depending on referees interpretation.

  • apo Armani

    Off to watch Neville and ALL his football knowledge knock Barcelona for six = hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Josif

    @ARSENAL 13

    It was a close call (and I think wrong one, regardless of how much I dislike Chelsea and their manager).

  • ARSENAL 13

    Smash and grab!!!

    Bournemouth had 5 shots on target against Chelseas 6. Smash and grab mourinhos sacks…hahahahahahahaha.

  • Al

    And just when I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better, along comes Bournemouth…

    Can anything top this, Gary Neville being put in his place perhaps? 🙂

  • Mandy Dodd

    All credit to the team, they had some very periods but stuck to their task and three very valuable points .
    They have been in a period where very little seems to have gone right, triumphs in adversity are as welcome as they are character building.
    Bad bad day for the WOB, and their hero Jose….hilarious result!

  • Mandy Dodd

    How did Agent Cesc play today?

  • Tom

    A marginal off- side, but too close to blame the linesman.
    Chelsea also had a penalty shout denied, when Costa’s low cross struck the outstretched arm of the Bournemouth defender.

    Seems the refs got fed up with Mourinho’s bitching and moaning and make him earn it.

  • Tom


    Cesc was very poor. His lack of pace was highlighted on more than few occasions and his involvement was marginal.

    Arsene Wenger really got this one spot on.

  • bjtgooner


    It is actually easier than you may imagine to pull someone down – especially if they are on one foot, slightly unbalanced or moving – so long as the push/pull is timed correctly.

  • colario

    Been following the media to day and its been all ‘What a bad November Arsenal have had in the league!’

    We did have a bad November but today’s win puts us in 2nd place 2 points behind the leader’s One point ahead of mancs and manure 4 ahead of spuds 7 ahead of wetspam and looserpool.

    So what happened to them in November? They to (Leicester apart) must have had a bad November.

    No mention of their November.

  • Al

    Serge 6:54pm
    I could argue Drogba was even bigger but went down even more frequently, from less contact even, but got rewarded each time. I guess its a lot more to do with the color of shirt Giroud wears than his size 🙂

    Having said that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Giroud dive – not saying he hasn’t, but I just haven’t seen it in the games I’ve seen him play in. I seem to recall him getting shoved, getting his shirt pulled and tugged each and every way with nothing given, like at Norwich last week.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Very strange with Cesc, he has been such a good player. Not,sure if he is unhappy, if they don’t play to his strengths…..or if he has just lost it…….
    Still,mot our problem

  • Pat

    I remember Arsene Wenger saying Giroud comes off the pitch having fought a hundred battles every match. We probably don’t even see half of them.

  • hrishi

    What a brilliant day for us! Was quite worried after the own goal- that was the third game in a row that we had let inferior opposition back in the game after taking the lead. And we didn’t look like scoring until we actually scored. However, it was an entirely different game after that.

    No problem with the Leicester result as well- they are not going to stay there forever and let them win when they can. It would be one hell of an achievement if they make top 4.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Working on a figure of 68-70 points for the top four, …ok strange season, could I guess be lower, Chelsea are going to need almost 2.5 points per game to finish there, a very tall order , especially they way they have been playing.
    Think Jose may be right, top six possibly the best they can hope for, no ECL qualification unless they win it…..very unlikely.
    Quite astounding really, but adds weight to the theory of many that Jose these days cannot manage in adversity .
    Wonder if RA will sack him, or trust him to put money the way of Mendes in Jan?
    Sorry, shouldn’t be going on about Chelsea when we have had such a good day, but their situation is intriguing as it is amusing. They are some excellent players, something must have gone very wrong somewhere

  • Josif


    I think Mourinho has lost it in 2015 after the defeat against PSG which was even worse than the one against Simeone’s Atletico a year before. The whole Cech conundrum didn’t help him either as Petr is a real leader and someone who is probably well-respected and adored by his team-mates. I think losing Cech to Arsenal was a real blow for all Chelsea players, especially the last senator- UKIP’s poster boy John Terry. That’s why Mourinho wanted to make Ivanovic his right hand on the pitch but that was a spectacular failure as Ivanovic has been crap all season long.

    Then, there is a story about Hazard and Real Madrid. Once Real start praising a player, he becomes unsettled. We have seen it with Anelka. I think Hazard wanted to sign for Real last summer, especially when he realized Chelsea won’t add players that would be able to compete for Champions League trophy. Stones’ fiasco didn’t help either.

    Also, Mourinho fell out with PGMO. I think it’s safe thing to say Dean wasn’t helping Chelsea by destroying us but vice versa. Riley wants City or United as the champions because only big spenders have a right to win the trophy. The whole Leicester fairy-tale is a pill given to the fans so they can easily swallow inevitable Manchester triumph sponsored by PGMO.

  • Tom

    Reasons for Chelsea’s demise IMO

    1. Playing a small squad of players last season which lead to key players’ exhaustion.

    2. Giving the squad extra time to recover during the summer brake and bringing them into the preseason two weeks later than the rest of the PL teams.

    3. Which resulted in the slow start and key players not being up the speed at the start of the season.

    4. The early loses have put extra pressure on the underperforming players.

    5. Mourinho lost the key players by publicly criticizing them.
    6. Mourinho antagonized referees by criticizing them after each loss, even when most decisions went his way( Southampton game)
    7.The ” siege” mentality Mourinho operates under is too tiresome in the long run, and most players begin to see through it and stop responding.
    8. I don’t have the 8 , other than maybe it’s been fun to watch.

    9.where is Mike T when you need him? 🙂

  • Mandy Dodd

    Some very interesting points on Chelsea’s current demise Tom and Josif
    For a supposed top manager with a track record, he has clearly got a hell of a lot wrong this season……but I guess that’s what an out of control ego can do. Perhaps goes to show the powers of the refs as well, I have been vocal on here wanting, if not Wenger, then our execs to lay into the pgmol a bit more….perhaps behind the scenes, but with Chelsea’s example, can see why they may be wary. Things do seem to have turned against them on the ref front these days, Dean excepted.
    Agree Josif, can see the establishment wanting a Manchester champion this year, unless media favourites Liverpool can mount a challenge….which I personally doubt.,there is certainly a north South thing in our football….and last year was Londons year, and as you say, they seem to like the big spenders.
    And long may it continue!

  • Josif

    Imagine if, say, Arsenal win the league. We have spent 11 millions on Cech (a robbery, I’d say)…and that’s it.

    Premier League is a business. That business needs glamour, bilboards and numbers. Huge numbers to justify and advertise so-called the best league in the world. To cover for poor results of England at big tournaments and serious lack of HG-talent. To cover for a terrible youth policy.

    Arsene’s self-proclaimed socialist agenda makes him a bit of a thorn in their eye, a thorn that could make their bubble burst and blow all their covers.

    Imagine if Arsene, so many times marked as a danger for English football and English footballers, wins a title by spending 11 millions on a 33-year-old goalkeeper and by playing six English players (today all available English players participated in our victory). Riley would self-implode.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Not only Riley, but also those that run the EPL, don’t think Scudamore would be too impressed if we won it.
    If we are in with a shout come New Year’s Day, with players coming back, and the chance of signings should Wenger identify anyone suitable and available, there will be grounds for optimism, but the powers that be will make like very difficult.
    If we win the league this year, I would rate it as Wengers finest achievement, we see game after game what he is up against. And he doesn’t have the powerful dark arts master David Dein by his side this time.
    Riley , annoying as he is , is just a very willing enabler for something bigger.
    But this league is intriguing, Utd just don’t look good enough, City …..could come good, but too inconsistent. I expect Liverpool to be given a very easy ride just in case the Manc giants falter .
    If we were to win the league, more than a few would self implode, within tthe FA, EPL, LMA, PGMOL and mainstream media…..powerful forces

  • Rantetta

    I posted the following in the last thread and I want you to see it, hence I’ve pasted below:

    @Hrishi-nice boy serge

    There’s so much evidence in various archives and it’s clear you’ll not bother to look for it.
    But in case you’re willing, here’s a tip for tracking down Walcott’s injury:

    Facup Ars v Totty Jan 2014 Game time 54:00m
    This game is on the Arsenal Player (which doesn’t need to be signed into this weekend), and you can also find the full game via youtube).
    Then, prior to Theo’s attempt to tackle Rose, check what Rose does to Walcott at the other end of the pitch.

    Now, in view of the tone of stuff I see from you on here, you’ll either look up the tips I’ve given you – and concede (at least to Al) that you’ve missed the particular assaults on Theo


    You will expose yourself as being what I suspect you are!

  • hrishi

    @ Rantetta

    Thank you for the clip.
    “check what Rose does to Walcott at the other end of the pitch….”. I presume you meant Chiriches instead of Rose. So, yes, that tackle was missed by the referee when it shouldn’t have been. Whether it was that or his own awkward landing when he tackled Rose (80th minute) that caused his 9 month layoff is for you to decide.
    This discussion reminds me of a famous quote- “If a district attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.” Granted, Chiriches may not be as blameless as the ham sandwich but in the context of the ‘crime’, ie Walcott’s ACL injury, the analogy seems legitimate.

    “You will expose yourself as being what I suspect you are!” If I had a clue about your suspicions, it probably is in “Hrishi-nice boy serge” 🙂 With due respect to Serge, I would have chosen a different alias- probably with the word ‘Gooner’ somewhere in between. Am I the ham sandwich now 😉 ?

  • colario


    ”Am I the ham sandwich now ? ?”

    Would that be a wet spam sandwich?

    For those not brought up in England before the arrival of the ‘internet’ in England ‘spam’ was and is known as a type of cold pork meat.

  • nicky

    Two things I noticed about the game:
    1. The mark of a great player we have in Ozil. He appears to have so much time as he prompts and probes with his passes.
    2. Ramsey clearly demonstrated throughout that to get the best out of him, a more central role is his best position.

  • serge

    God! People do take themselves seriously don’t they!

  • John

    If we dont win the league this season we never will.Its there for the taking .One or two quality additions in january will help the team push on and if we can go a decent run we have every chane.

  • Pat

    Hi John. A comment like that seems to me to be setting us up for criticism if we don’t. And if we don’t win this year, why exactly would there not be other chances? Obviously I hope we do win.

  • Menace

    Hrishi, Serge – you guys really make a pudding out of a biscuit. Arsenal players get injured by & large because of unpunished bad physical assaults. You can make what you want from that but having watched the game on 3 continents over 50 years & played the game at schoolboy level, I think my opinion is fair.

    John try managing Fantasy Football & you will find that your summary is still rubbish. This game is more complex than buying players to win trophies. One needs to coerce PGMO & the FA to get a fair run. Arsenal create success without any assistance from PGMO or FA (incidentally the same two faced organisation).

  • John

    Hi Pat
    I say this year because in my opinion the standard of teams around us and including us is the worst that i can remember.City arent firing on all cylinders.Man U are bang average and Chelsea arent the team they were last season.

  • John

    Stop spouting your rubbish about how the dark forces are against us and are conspiring to stop Arsenal winning the leage.I know its more complex than that buying players but im sorry to have to have tyo tell you that it does play a massive part these days sadly.My summary might be rubbish to you but having being involved in the game for 30 years i think i know a little bit about what im talking about.