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  1. para

    A classic “too many cooks” situation eh?

    Football has become such a big event one would think that there would slowly be just one international organisation developed to oversee all the individual country organisations, who would just locally carry out/maintain the rules of the international organisation, but i guess national egos are probably too big and then the possibility of enrichment through a personal scam are given. See the problems the EU has consolidating Europe.

  2. Pat

    ‘I am stifled by this smell’. Your quote of the day. How appropriate!

  3. Tai

    Great insight into the game we all call beautiful Tony.

    I do believe that it was the British press that tore FIFA to shreds, especially after denying England. The expose on corruption, stern reports that followed eventually consumed Blatter, Platini and many others.

    Now my concern – if the BBC and others based in England could so courageously tear into a cartel like FIFA, why are they keeping quiet to the obvious mischief and even corruption going on in the EPL? Why do refs and officials like Mike Dean get away with blue murder while same press turn the blind eye?

  4. colario

    Some people claim that ‘money is the root of all evil’ they quote wrongly.

    The correct quote is:

    ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’

    We see the reality of this truth by those who have some control of football be it a major or small control.

  5. Andy Mack

    Again a useful list of operations which effect the PL, but it’s actually run by the PL it’s self. In particular, it’s run by the Marketing and PR dept of the PL, who have just one interest, to make as much money from it as possible. The season has a rough script and certain people (manager, players and anyone else that can get a headline like a medic) are given roles by the PR unit, which the media then expands upon. The main storey is organised by the PGMO and the sub-plots are run by the Marketing and PR team. It’s one big soap opera where each team is given a role. Leicester are the ‘plucky tiddlers fighting against the might of the big guns, whilst Man Disunited are the cornerstone of the PL success, $iteh are the new money Noisy neighbours and we are the Johnny foreigner managed team with odd continental ideas about football. The fact that most other teams are managed by non-uk guys is irrelevant as we are already that team, with some of the others waiting to take our place if we fail.

    Fifa and Uefa may set some of the guidelines but will never run the PL unless they enforce the rules of the game to be interpreted in the way they’re actually intended.
    Until then they are just a bystander.

    The FA have zero effect on the PL.

    Advertisers are a major influence but won’t run the game as long as there’s other potential advertisers who can take their place. Having said that, the PL marketing and PR team do run it 100% to get the advertisers money, so they are the grease that allows the PL Marketing and PR cogs to turn.

  6. Norman14

    Following yesterdays’ efforts of the self styled “Elite” it could be argued the the Premier League, along with their co-conspirators PGMOL, the Media and the FA, are surging forward their desire to re-write the meaning of bribery and corruption. Or, in the case of Anthony Taylor and Mike Jones, perhaps it is fairer to say “incompetence”.

    Then there is the self important media, who on Channel PGMOL this morning, made one of their own the centre of attention, as opposed to discussing the incompetence of our referees.

    So, as long as the administration, lawmakers and decision makers, backed by the fawning media, continue with their “heads in the sand” governing of the game in this country, the more confusing their end game becomes.

  7. Rich

    We were talking on here this week about refereeing issues and Keith Hackett’s opinions on them. I’m still highly dubious about him, yet interested to hear his take. The following was from a piece in May and seems relevant to those discussions this week and today’s article:

    —— ——– ——-

    [‘The other question is do the PGMOL and The Football Association have a strategic plan that enables the flow of young competent officials to get to the top by merit and not cronyism? I think not!

    And now perhaps the most important question – who pays?’]
    ———— ————

    The cronyism stuff is intriguing enough but it’s the last bit that really interests me; it suggests it is as I thought, and that despite the obscene money in football we have a situation where, ludicrously, it is not being channeled towards developing referees.

    My understanding is that all stages of development up to the final one when a referee enters the pgmol fold are funded by the (poor) FA, while Pgmol is a totally different entity, funded differently (direct from premier league?) and with healthy finances

    Why would anyone want that situation?

    Why would it not be an obvious and uncontroversial move, desirable for the clubs, pgmol, the fa and every other party to remedy this situation and use some of the gargantuan riches from the tv deal to significantly improve funding for referees? With the aim, of course, of providing the best standard of referees possible from the bottom up, which is ultimately the only way to look after the top level of refereeing.

    If al parties are clean and reasonably competent, simple undeniable logic should lead to refereeing at all levels being extremely well funded. Thanks to being easily the richest league in the world, surely that should mean we have the best funded refereeing programme in the world, instead of the utterly ludicrous situation of being cash-strapped below the top level, which is the only place that those who can reach the top level come from.

    Why are all the clubs, who must be totally aware refereeing is not being optimally funded, and who all do their share of complaining about refereeing, not insistent that simple, easily affordable steps are taken to sort the situation out?

    It cannot be explained unless some party or parties self-interest is in conflict with what should happen and is preventing it from happening.

    Not so much just ‘follow the money’, but also follow the lack of money.

    Who feels things are perfectly fine as they are? Who likes the current system and standard of refereeing? Who wants it to continue as it is for years and years to come? Who benefits?


  8. Rich

    Oh, and not sure what he did to earn the privilege in midweek (hard to keep up at the minute) but Anthony Taylor was sent to the championship for a game yesterday.

    The howler he made there is scarcely believable (allowed a corner to take place while a substitute was slowly leaving the field; then allowed the subsequent goal to stand until he came or was helped to his senses)

    In terms of ability, I don’t think the poor bloke is as bad as that, but I suspect his brains are scrambled at the moment.

  9. Menace

    OOooooops! Rich your misuse of poor for a PGMO idiot is almost Shakespearean.

    However – ‘I am stifled by this smell’ not only describes Stokes fans……the group of whistle blowers also stink.

  10. Rich


    In fairness, I imagine some pgmol meetings might not be far from this (just swap the name at the end… Mc…Ferguson?)


  11. Andy Mack

    Rich, they’re probably more like this with Riley giving the orders;

  12. Mandy Dodd

    Football is at least in part, run by crooks of various shades.
    So it seems is the noble sport of tennis…..
    I applaud Untold for even mentioning Scudamore in a lead article, I do it in comments, but have heard he likes the lawyers……

  13. omgarsenal

    World Football is a spiderweb of corruption, mismanagement and greed…starting with the national associations and their executives(Jack Warner,Chuck Blazer. etc.) and the MAFIFA vampires Blatter, Valecke and Platini. We then see the PIGMOB under smiley Riley merrily running roughshod over the EPL with their stable of incompetents and blind mice.
    If the supporters ever hope to wrestle control of their Beautiful Game from the stuffed suits of the FA and worldwide from FIFA, then here is what needs to happen:

    1)Refuse to participate in this charade, do a rotational boycott of EPL teams and World Cups.
    2)Harass and ridicule the PIGMOB continuously including their 3 blind mice.
    3)Pressure your politicians to start seriously investigating the FA, the EPL, the PIGMOB, FIFA and EUFA and challenge the EU to do the same.
    4)Bombard the media (especially the papers) with letters and e-mails complaining about their biased, 2nd rate and blinkered reporting on Football worldwide and in the UK.

    Anyone have other suggestions?

  14. Brickfields Gunners

    @ omgarsenal – January 18, 2016 at 2:18 am – What about ….

    5) An Untold Arsenal Youtube or other similar popular sites where match clips , animation clips or puppets or cartoons could be used with humour to point out refs mistakes , fuck ups , and general current observations and commentary .

    We could have our own version of Paul Trevillion ‘s ‘You are the ref ‘ series
    ( http://www.theguardian.com/football/series/you-are-the-ref ) , but use Arsenal games , where the ref had fucked us over as examples. All in jest ( at the refs ) of course. Could become very popular for at least to 2 million of our regular readers .

    What about our own daily page 3 ‘ big boobs ‘ section ? We already have a big pool of ‘them’ on here ! If boobs seem too ( or not ) offensive , what about the daily ‘big butt ‘, ‘dickhead’ , ‘prick’ , ‘cunt’ or ‘pussy ‘- to cater to all tastes ? Piers Mogan could become a popular regular item here !

    I could always contribute jokes and cartoons to keep the masses well informed and also in stitches ! We could even be syndicated worldwide and translated in all languages . With drum rolls and canned laughter .

  15. Brickfields Gunners

    Lets try it out – Today’s- YOU ARE THE BERK
    ( so as avoid any legal or copyright issues ! And it does sound better !)

    Watch the following clip and answer the question .

    Q :- The lithe, skillful ,quicksilver fast and very charismatic striker has broken free and is in position to attack the home team’s defence , when he is ‘set upon’ and manhandled by the fat , overweight , clearly unfit and not too bright opposing British player , who proceeds not only choke him , but throws him to the ground . What is the next course of action ?

    a)Play on , after all the EPL is robust and tough and meant for real men .

    b)Play on ,for these bloody foreign types are devious enough to ‘fake’ it.

    c) Stop play , prance around , snort in derision and restart with a drop ball.

    d) Although fearful of Orcs and Mikey , you give a foul and book the player .

    e) You send off that !@#$%^&* shitty piece of Neanderthal scum .

    Please don’t cheat , and comply all of your subsequent answers to see how you fare in the great scheme of things .

  16. Rich

    omgarsenal, Brickfields Gooner

    Only thing I believe could be effective is if you could amass and organise a large amount of clips of incidents and decisions.

    An added bonus would be to have the commentary, as I’m sure it would reveal very different reactions for near-identical incidents (I think there’d be a lot of instant ‘has to be a booking’, ‘I’m not sure that’s even a foul’, etc, for the same thing in different matches.

    What you’d need is lots and lots of clips, well sorted and, ideally, with an additional feature to split it into teams and referees.

    We can only organise our impressions in an ad hoc way, thanks to the ole brain, but I believe it would create at least as damning a picture by using clips to illustrate the bizarre and suspicious refereeing (and commentary that goes on)

    What you would need to make it happen is a number of people working together with excellent computer skills, and…full access to premier league footage.

    That’s the problem, unfortunately. Organising yourself for what would be a difficult, time-consuming undertaking would be hard enough, but it’s an impossibility as, I’ve no doubt, you’d be shut down instantly if you tried putting what clips you could find and had access to on the web. There’s no chance that would be allowed.

    I may not be right on this, but at the time of that Gabriel incident supposedly the only thing that helped clear him was a bit of footage picked up by Brazilian (espn) tv cameras, which was not shown in British broadcasts and which showed no contact was made when Gabriel flicked his foot back. Ominously, the links to that footage all disappeared/ were shut down within a day or so. Never saw that footage again.

    I suspect that high level of control they look to exercise on copyright is, at least in part, about making sure no one gets the idea of putting any clips packages together.

  17. thierryhenry22

    Love it how you guys always have little nuggets of facts to back up what you’re saying. Sorry to be dramatic but it’s a dream to read, because it’s stuff we’ve all felt and sometimes seen for years.

  18. Brickfields Gunners

    @ Rich – January 18, 2016 at 11:03 am – We need someone with both the skills in making or animating these clips , and who has the resources and the time and passion on their hands .
    We don’t need the live commentary but could use subtitles , to avoid copyright infringement . The animation could be even rudimentary to start with and later any interested party with better skills could be attracted .
    All we want is to do is to show that not everything is right with the EPL , PIGMOB and the media , and to give a different perspective on debatable incidents , fouls and cards .
    Adding some humour often gets attention . These guys are on the right lines –


  19. Norman14

    So, Naughton got off his red card and played last night.

    What’s the betting that the non-holywood referee who sent him off will be down the leagues this week?

    What’s the betting that the other 3 who made glaring errors won’t be demoted?

    BTW, the game between Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds is a derby of north London proportions. That is why they were subjected to Taylor, not through any disciplinary reasons

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