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  1. Menace

    What chance Sports Integrity Unit when MPs make 1 house into 3 & claim that they are in different post codes? 😉 It’s a strange world when the Law is made by professional criminals with smiles for their electorate & promoted by tennis playing hacking media.

  2. WalterBroeckx

    Clean it up, clean it up….

    One of the problems I have with the serious media who should be on the lookout for anything that can be linked with corruption is that it took them oooooooooohhhhh ssooooooooooooo long to go after FIFA.
    There have been people (real journalists!) who have been telling for more than 10-20 years that Fifa and their big boys are corrupt. Yet nobody really went on the search apart from those few who didn’t let go and who now are getting their reward by seeing the corrupt being taken down and sent to prison.

    So Untold has only been campaigning against the PGMO for 5-6 years now so still a long way to go. But as with those few who did go after FIFA I am pretty sure that one day the curtain will fall for the PGMO also. And for some of their referees. People who in their sporting career as a ref have shown to be vulnerable on the field and being not free of bias in favour or against some teams have no place in leading an organisation that has so much influence over referees.

  3. serge


    But it was the “serious media” i.e. BBC, Guardian & Telegraph who started this off all those years ago.
    Because of space ( other news etc ) they were unable to keep the pressure on and dedicated blogs like Untold have filled the void.

  4. serge

    ……have filled the void admirably

  5. Pete

    We’re all human beings. Whether it is a local League fixtures secretary shifting a fixture to suit the agenda of his mate’s team – or whether it is the full-throttle corruption of FIFA – I’m afraid it is not surprising.

    The key controls over any organisation are (i) transparency and (ii) checks and balances.

    As these supra-national Sports bodies are not beholden to any national government and appear to have very weak oversight (often coupled with a very long-serving president) then this is what happens. It is also typically the most ruthless psychopathic people who end up with the power. In a democracy this is slightly tempered by the fact that the leaders must appear popular to get re-elected – but with very limited electorates at these kinds of organisations, many of whom are also compromised, it is not that hard to see it is possible to sustain power. Term limits would be another important thing to do. 4 years max for any leader.

  6. Big Lebowski

    I remember a journalist “Ian Wooldridge” who worked for the Daily Right wing Bastard (Mail) over 20 years ago writing about FIFA & UEFA saying that the european clubs would do better if they left those organisations because of corruption.

  7. Jerry

    Unfortunately corruption is deep seeded in the roots of all these sports organizations and has been refined and perfected over many decades. It is probably impossible to get rid of the corruption without first breaking up all of these organizations and starting fresh.

    Slightly OT:
    There has been a website called Football Leaks that has been allegedly printing secret details of some football contracts, mostly going after third party ownership at clubs in Portugal, but also some deals affecting PL clubs- Martial, Bale, Mangala, etc..
    Looks to have some truth since there’s been responses from FC Twente and Bale’s agent on some of the documents released on the site about them.

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