Arsenal fans action against “Kick Arsenal” culture among EPL clubs

The idea that the only way to beat Arsenal is to kick Arsenal is widespread, and unless we take action to stop this it will spread further.  It is already in place in clubs such as Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and quite obviously Birmingham City.

 Sadly the mass media will give no support to the notion of stopping this destruction of football – not least because radio stations such as BBC Radio 5, and TV stations such as Sky Sports and Setanta Sports have made the “stop Arsenal kick Arsenal” call central to their “panel of experts” discussion.

So it is necessary to take action ourselves – and the most obvious place to start is by taking action against the club sponsors.   The first sponsor to target is Carlsberg – one of the sponsors of the thoroughly awful Birmingham City. 

If you care about football, if you care about Eduardo, please do not buy any Carlsberg product.  It is the first step to try to recover our game from the terror that has taken it over.

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