Journalists try to cover their Arsenal / Tottenham error

Last summer the journalists did their regular thing – who is going up, going nowhere, going down.  Everyone except Charlie Nicholas agreed – Tottenham were going into the top 4, and Arsenal were sliding into mid-table, going bust, having supporter walk-outs and all that stuff.  Henry was gone, the club was on the slide.

Since then the journalists have not said a word about their collective errors.   But the supporters remember, and blogs and commentaries keep on reminding them.  Tottenham for top 4.  Oh yes.

Now the Guardian and others have found a way back – the Tiny Totts really are a top 4 club only in disguise, and Arsenal aren’t really that good anyway.   The Totts are big time because they won the little cup.   Arsenal aren’t because – well no one quite knows why.

The point is most journalists don’t bother with research.  They don’t know about overseas players who are not in the EPL.  They don’t watch up and coming kids.   They don’t bother with the tactics.   So they talk tripe.  And then some more.

But this one – Tottenham really is a big time club because they beat off the challenge of the Big 4 to win the Little Cup really is too silly for words.    Man U had one of those crazy days at home to Coventry, just like Arsenal had away to Man U in the slightly bigger cup.  Arsenal kiddies had another mess-up with the totts, but it was one slip among year after year of winning against them.

So what does any of this prove?   Arsenal, with a small squad can get down to a very modest number of players, and maybe ought to have a few more knocking around.   And the Totts, putting out their first team all the team can beat a Chelsea team that doesn’t really know where it is going at the moment.   Chelsea didn’t even play Mr A Cole – and we all know how wonderful he is because he told us.

There’s not much solution, except stop buying the papers (and dont forget not to buy Carlsberg either – they are one of the sponsors of Birmingham City)