A more serious view on the statement

By Walter Broeckx

After my bit of nonsense yesterday about the official Arsenal statement I come back to this tonight. I certainlyhad the feeling after the official statement that it was a very straight forward statement that was not up to much interpretation. But some people and media think otherwise, or try to make us believe that we have to think otherwise.

Now it could be that I don’t understand the English language well enough. Tony does write such things (like press releases and so)among other things  to make a living, and maybe he could try to tell us what is hidden behind the words. But as Tony is on a well deserved holiday somewhere and maybe looking for a new French wonder kid to bring under the attention of Wenger , so you have to do it with me. So I will try to go over it again to see if I missed something and I just want to repeat the statement and give my interpretation of it.

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.”

In fact this sentence came a bit as a surprise to me. If an Arsenal players signs a contract with Arsenal they usually say ‘signed a long term agreement’ and they normally don’t say how long he has agreed. So the fact that they name the end date of his contract is very un-Arsenal. But maybe it is becoming a sign of the new Arsenal that we will see in the future. A team that comes out and tells what it is about.

The second part of these lines is a very clear message and signal to Cesc himself. The fact that the club openly praises him in the fact that he is highly valued and  the corner stone to their future plans is also maybe a bit of an open question : will you be that highly valued in Barcelona as you are over here?  

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment.”

Here is a public answer to all the fans that have asked why Arsenal did not react to the media reports. Arsenal could have come in the open and denied it official but there was nothing to deny before yesterday. It has never been the habit from Arsenal to answer to any article in the press before so why should they change this now. I really don’t think that Arsenal should react to every bullshit article that comes out of any reporter’s imagination. Or maybe Arsenal could do something. They could reprint this article on the website every day till the end of the transfer window. But surely they don’t have to do this in fact. It would be better for the fans to use their brains themselves.  

“However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.”

And this tells us why they now did react and made this statement. From the moment that they do got an offer they came out in the open. And again this is something completely different than the Arsenal we used to know. Until now when Arsenal did a transfer they mostly didn’t talked about it until it really was a done deal. But until now players left us, like Henry and in those days there was a lot of rumours but Arsenal did not say anything until it was done. In those days Arsenal negotiated secretly and said nothing in the open. Or when they said something they left it rather open. That is the way I remember it from those days anyway but I could be wrong on this. But again I have the feeling that something is changing in the way Arsenal is approaching their transfers dealings when it comes to players that are linked with the exit.

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion”.

And then we come to the final sentences in this statement and I really think this is the most important part of it all. They kept the best part for the end. They just say in the open that they will not enter any discussion with Barcelona. Now I know some think that this is only playing the game but can you give me any proof that Arsenal doesn’t mean this? But let us suppose they would be starting negotiations behind everybody’s back. How on earth can any decent person in the board or the manager come out later and say : “hey we just sold Cesc and it all was just a joke that statement.” Now we may think of our board what we want and we may think of Wenger what we want but I never saw them as some kind Rowin Atkinson or John Cleese  or any other comedian.

No way can the board or the manager come back on such a statement. And if they would do this I think they will see a revolt from the fans. It would make their position impossible for the future. No fan would ever believe the board or the manager again if they would do such a thing.

It also would mean that if they did such a thing it would undermine the position from Arsenal in relation with the rest of the clubs in Europe. If they would break their word the other clubs in Europe would say: “never mind what they say, they don’t mean it and we keep on playing games until they give in.” The board and Wenger would be the laughing stock in football and every time they would open their mouth they would be laughed away. The way I have seen Wenger during all the years with us is as a man who is not the person who wants to be the laughing stock in football. So I really don’t think he has any ambition to become it from now on.

” Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

And to give the final deathblow they use the words that has been spread by the Barcelona media in the last weeks. On the Barcelona website Begiristain himself has said in May: “Cesc has a contract with his club and we have to be respectful “ This last sentence in the Arsenal statement points at this declaration from Barcelona and it tells that Arsenal is having enough of it. And this also means that if Barcelona continue their pursuit of Cesc we can call them disrespectful and give them a bad name. And we can expose them as people who break their words and this would make them look foolish. Now it could be that they like it to look foolish but that is not our problem but theirs.

So this is it. That’s what I make of it. A very hard statement for Arsenal and one I have never seen them make before. I think the times are changing. Arsenal will not let the other clubs run over them like in the past when it comes to players who are under contract and that we don’t want to sell. And because we are in such a good financial shape we don’t need the money like in the last years anymore. The Arsenal is on their way not only to dominate football in the next years but maybe also to tell other clubs that enough is enough. We set out the way how football and the business side of football should be done.


Last temporary editor’s note: As Tony is going away for a few days to get a well deserved rest,  I have agreed to take over the operation of the site during his time away .  If you have something that cant wait to be published you can send it to this  email address  walterbroeckx@hotmail.com. If you want to wait for Tony’s return you don’t have to wait that long anymore.


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37 Replies to “A more serious view on the statement”

  1. on the part of Cesc himself, he said that he would leave Arsene and the club to decide where his future lies. Arsenal havu unequivocally stated where the boy belongs.
    the next stage is a public announcement by Cesc himself that he is NOT going anywhere.
    REMEMBER this….when a fortnight ago we were told that Cesc flew in to say he wanted to leave Arsenal, there were 2 sources to this story. The media and the Barcelona camp. NOT ARSENAL. NOT CESC. What Cesc said was that he is loved at Arsenal. He respects Arsenal. But whether he would stay or go, that he ENTRUSTED, though not the actual word used, with Arsenal. And after that statement, if I had mortgage, Id use it all to bet that he is going nowhere.

  2. Good analysis Walt, jus hope this is the end of Cesc saga at least for another season

  3. No way we will go back on this kind of statement hey? What like we said Vieira would noy leave, like we said that Overmars would not leave, even Henry ok we delayed his a year got a season of mediocre out of him and about half the fee. This deal will happen if not now then January or next summer, we will get less money and an under performing unhappy player if it does not happen this summer. Interesting statement from Toure’s agent, could it be that it will turn out that Arsenal have bid for Toure and a statement will be released that Arsenal have decided that with Gourcuff, Cole and Toure in place and no financial outlay that they have decided to let Cesc leave? or perhaps as soon as Chygrisky, Caceres or Guillan agree to move to Arsenal that deal will go through? If Toure was going to City, Chelsea or Utd why would the deal be announced immediately?

  4. Just been watching loads of clips from the old days. So sad to see the days of brilliance from Henry/Pires/Bergkamp/Vieira have gone. Even when we beat Sparta 7-0 there were players who WEnger thought would still be part of the experiment (Hleb/Flamini/Adebayor). Wenger has created so much at the club but destroyed it with his arrogance and megalomania. Any other club would have sacked him by now like Monaco did when they saw what was going on. I still wish that Arsene will turn this all around but he can’t. Anyone who feels we have 2 world class keepers in Almanure and Flapihanski and lets dross like Diaby and Denilson plod their way through games without any commitment or desire has lost the plot. And I’m sorry but Arsene has lost the plot big time. No wonder Cesc wants no part of it anymore. And sorry to put the boot in but Wenger is not the most tactically aware manager on the planet. He feels our pretty passing game will beat anyone, but fails to understand teams soak it up and hit us on the counter attack. Most of Chelsea and ManUtds goals v us are counter attacks, so how can Wenger not see this? Wenger has done so muxch for us butr his time is up. I was going to give him one last season but Cesc saying he wants out was enough for me. Its over for Wenger

  5. Walter, I agree with your conclusion: Arsenal will not agree to be treated like a second tier football club that imagine they may not be good enough for their best players and are obliged to lap up to the interest of their club betters when or where that interest conflicts with their own.

    I also believe that the very public stance is for Fab4’s consumption too: to make him see how much Barcelona really wants him and how far they are prepared to go in order to get him.

    A football super talent and super star is NOT one if those who want him in their club want him on the cheap or if he has to beg, threaten, arm-twist or even forgo some or part of his personal emolument in order for him to join the suitor club.

    However, as for negotiations, there will be one. In order not to lose face completely, Barcelona will have to respond; their long-distance, tabloid-based courting and noises have gone on for too long for them to turn their tail so quickly and run away. The questions are: when will they retort? How much will they now offer – seeing that Arsenal is set for hardball? How far and no further are they willing to go? Will it be good enough for Arsenal?

    Fab4 will have to make up his mind too when it becomes obvious that, as someone has said, Barcelona may “want” him but they don’t really “need” him; at least not MORE than Arsenal does at this time:

    Will he, at that time, then choose to remain a super talent and a super star where he is and is valued as one or will he grovel and throw-in pay-cuts, contract buy ups or throw unprofessional tantrums and make threats in order to wear Barcelona’s shirt once again?

    However it pans out, its a win-win for Arsenal: either they get close to what they value Fab4 at or Fab4 stays, never ever to be bothered again by the likes of Barcelona or Fab4 leaves at a great cost to his professionalism and self-worth but still at close to what Arsenal is prepared to lose him for.

    I believe, Wenger – Fab’s conversation has prepared him for this reality.

  6. Walter

    The first thing to say is that Arsenal FC are a publicly listed company and hence all public statements from the Board must conform to the Stock Exchange Rules. Which broadly say that the Board must inform the market of any price-changing things of significance, but must not make spurious statements which affect share prices without merit.

    As a result of that, commenting on rumour is unwise, whereas formal bids for Fabregas must be commented upon as he is currently a material influence on Arsenal’s future performance, just as income from any sale would be materially significant in the 2010/11 financial statements. The statement can be interpreted in two ways: firstly, that he is not for sale; or secondly, the price suggested was so far below a worthy bid as to be laughed out of court. They are not showing their hand as to which is the case, which is normal in negotiations with competitors.

    The second thing to say is that season ticket renewals closed on June 1st and it wouldn’t be sensible to sell your captain the day after all the fans splashed the cash, would it? Particularly not with a lowball offer!

    The third thing to say is this: if, and only if, Arsenal were countenancing a sale, which I’m not saying they are, then Wenger would want to be sure that he had his squad strategy well down the line before he risked signing the contract to sell his captain. I don’t know Wenger’s strategy and he’ll be keeping it quiet, I’m sure, but he’ll be operating in the best interests of his squad, his club and his Board. But he wouldn’t be signing contracts on day 1 of the transfer deadline.

    I suspect that there is little to be gained from speculating or worrying at this stage. Decisions will be taken by the powers that be and I guess we’ll need to trust them.

    I’d certainly rather be an Arsenal fan than a Merseyside red this summer, that’s for sure.

  7. Nice analysis Walter and i think Tony would be proud!
    The club’s statement was beautifully constructed and definitively answered all of the questions and innuendo that had been circling around in one fell swoop. The statement is so matter of fact, and in our usual classy and sophisticated manner, that it makes anyone who now questions the facts look very stupid and exposes them for having a hidden agenda. What’s more, Barcelona’s integrity, or their lack of, has now been directly and publicly challenged and will be exposed if they persist. It’s great to be a gooner!

  8. This bullshit story has always been about the Barcelona presidential election coming up on the 16th June!
    Juan Laporta, who’s got a few mates in Spain that report on Spanish football in the UK (notably those twats: Sid Lowe; Balague; and Hunter), is spinning them to try to upstage the current favourite for president, Sandro Rosell. Rosell’s definitely not keen on breaking the bank to get Cesc but he will be trying to get Torres this summer (particularly by selling Ibrahimovoc and freeing up funds as he knows they have no money) once he’s won the election and Spain’s World Cup campaign has finished. Laporta’s tactic is a smokescreen and he’s attempting the same thing Perez did when he ran for Real Mad president last year. However, unlike Perez, he knows he’s losing their election.
    Fundamentally, Barcelona have NO MONEY! Laporta doesn’t have the same access to banking buddies that Perez had when he was able to buy Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, etc, so once Rosell has won, you’ll see this story die a glorious death and the bullshit media will have to shut the F**k up! But as we all know, they’ll just start something new for all the naive doubters and FAKE GOONERS to start wetting themselves about!
    On another point, i agree with you Rhys Jaggar! If i was a Liverpool fan, i’d be scared shitless right now. Benitez has gone and once Rosell becomes Barca president, Torres will be leaving too. Gerrard is also likely to follow him over to Spain to join Mourinho at Real Mad. What a pisser for them and the premiership!

  9. I want to indulge in a bit of futurology- Cesc is say 27-is Barcas number one- his days as a gooner are well behind him- and he is the star man in a Barca team with Messi and others-Barca are playing us in the CL us with Wiltshere, Gibbs, Walcott, Ramsey and one or 2 others-Vermaelen etc in our line up.
    So why are we so desperate to get another year out of him now? A player who has put in a transfer request. If he’s not part of our future- (and he isn’t)-hes part of the past- and I would not want Arsene to spend another minute on building his capability when it will count against us in the near future-when he could spend it on players who want to play for the club.

  10. @ goonergerry,
    I don’t think Arsene cares about how good Cesc might become, and how that might impact on us in the future, as he’ll always be able to discover wonder-kids that will be just as good! I just think that he wants Cesc to also experience our upcoming success so that when he does eventually leave, he leaves as an Arsenal legend like Henry, Viera and Pires have! After all, doesn’t he deserve to have that status too now that he’s reaching his footballing prime and at such a young age too?!

  11. The important thing is that,because Arsenal have been so well run financially, they have a choice. There is no creditor standing over them demanding that they accept bids for players in order to make someone else feel more secure about getting their money back.It means they are in a much better position to dictate terms and will decide when Cesc goes (which, at some time, he will) and for what price.
    Whatever they decide I hope that it will lead to lasting benefit for the Club. Remember what happened last time a young player was lost to us against many peoples better judgement? The cash for Anelka paid for a new training ground and bought us Thierry Henry. The fortunes of the Club were changed, for the good, for a very long time.

  12. A class act(the statement)from Arsenal. Now if only politicians could be as principled as the Arsenal managers, what a lovely world it would be…

  13. @goonergerry,
    Besides there is absolutely no evidence that Cesc has put in a transfer request. If we can glean anything from this its that he has definitely NOT put in a transfer request. Would someone who has put in a transfer request then say he’s leaving his future in the hands of the man who he knows does not want him to go? Somehow I don’t think so.

  14. Here is the official statement from arsenal on PV4…he was sold 12 months later for 13 million.

    Naturally the club is delighted that Patrick Vieira has reaffirmed his commitment to Arsenal. As most people are aware, Patrick has spent much of the summer considering his future.

    “Whilst we understood Patrick’s quandary, our position throughout has remained the same. We are a club driven by success on the pitch and that means we do not seek to sell our best players.

    “Arsene Wenger has assembled a highly-talented squad of players with the ambition of winning every major honour the game has on offer. Patrick is pivotal to that objective and it has always been our desire for him to stay here at Arsenal.

    “We now look forward to Patrick captaining the team to further glory over the coming seasons.

    “On a final note, we wish to state that despite any suggestions to the contrary, Real Madrid have acted properly throughout this uncertain period.”

    Walter mate these official statements mean little or nothing. The idea that arsenal would be a laughing stock if we sold Cesc now for 60mill after a statement is just plain wrong. Were we a laughing stock after PV4 left after that statement?NO.When there is hundreds of millions in trade available from Barce in the future do you really think that this statement means anything? Walter don’t be so naive.

  15. I hope this whole saga is just a smoke screen for Wengers transfers,Im more worried about who Wenger is going to sign because he said he wanted to wrap up all signings b4 the world cup, get your finger out, one signing by even the most loyal of wengerians is not good enough, I lay somewhere in the middle, I support wenger and dont know if anyone could do a better job but 5 years is alot of time by anyone’s standard.

    if cesc is the smoke screen for your dealings bravo you have led the press up the garden path again, The squad needs strengthening.

    has anyone noticed that it is not just arsenal suffering more injuries than usual, i think it is down to the lesser teams causing the damage, the blackburns, boltons, stokes of this world there is too many of these technically inferior teams so we need a better squad in order to compete, because the excuse of injuries cannot keep being used the game has changed,injuries have gone up so squad rotation and squad players are needed and another reason i thought of why injuries have gone up because wenger rotates the squad alot less probably because some players are not good enough or the competition has increased and the lesser teams have improved to such an extent that we cant use fringe players like we used to in should win on paper games.

    i dont want to hear there is not enough money, or the usual excuses that come out. we are too big a club to be finishing 4th and with no trophies. i think the fa cup is a starting point, in recent years chelsea and man u have won the fa cup before following up with the league the following year, these players need to get the winning mentality even the league cup.

    winning nothing without any further signings is not good enough, if you sign players and dont win at least you tried but the problems in defence and injuries are there for all to see. the signings made will have alot to do with whether we hold onto cesc for more than a season

    i do think that some players need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask whether they are happy with their performances,

  16. @gooner80,
    Actually most clubs would kill to win something once every decade, never mind every five years. Using the phrase “by anyone’s standard” does your point no favours whatsoever.

    The problem these days is impatience. Everyone wants everything and they want it now.

    People keep talking as if the near £400m it took to build the Emirates is completely separate from the clubs other finances and should never have impacted on our ability to sign players. Well sorry peeps but that’s simply not realistic, no matter how you look at it. We aren’t Real after all, the banks will only lend us so much.

    Just try to take some satisfaction from the fact our club is fighting to keep our best players. Thats all it is, theres no secret smokescreen and I for one applaud the Arsenal.

    There is no doubt in my mind Cesc is happy at Arsenal. As for signings, we’ll just have to wait and see. Do not just shrug off Chamakh though, as I think that he’s a great signing personally.

  17. Ah – twas a thing of real beauty. Pure sexual tension. Timed to perfection. Always in control. Barcelona is Arsenal’s bitch.

    And then we have the emasculated whores at Euefa and Fifa. When they sit back, shut their eyes and ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ it makes me sad.

    This whole drama is about ‘when’. Let’s not get upset.

    But this may put a smile on your face – with the ‘Special One’ now at Real Madrid, the Brasso will have to be handed over as the trophy cabinet will gather dust at Barcelona. Cesc wants to win trophies, ironically he may just miss out on a ‘golden generation’ about to emerge closer to home.

    If you are reading this Cesc, the grass isn’t always greener….

  18. @ AFC 1974,
    Well said! The C**talans are gonna regress and win f**k all next season and beyond with the “special one” now being at Real Mad. Barca know this and their already shitting themselves! Cesc will see that very soon too whilst we’ll be challenging both domestically and in Europe for trophies. Subsequently, he’ll start reconsidering where he really should be if he wants to win things in his prime – at a club on the decline or at one that is growing?

  19. DC – the cut of your jib is familiar. Have you posted in ‘Holics bar?

  20. I am not sure if you guys have seen this, but Barcelona have CLEARLY broken the rules and should be punished accordingly. According to FIFA Regulations, Article 17:

    Any person subject to the FIFA Statutes and FIFA regulations (club officials,
    players’ agents, players etc.) who acts in a manner designed to induce a
    breach of contract between a Professional and a club in order to facilitate the
    transfer of the player shall be sanctioned.

  21. @ AFC 1974,
    I have indeed been having a few pints of Holic’s finest! Nice to read the views of some genuine and objective Gooners. Keep up the good work fellas!

  22. at the moment I cant think of anyone leaving Arsenal and having a better career somewhere else. Sylvinho, Van Bronckhorst were all reserves. Overmars had his best years at Arsenal, while Vieira had a rapid loss of ability which is also behind the reason of only 13 mill and also that Fabregas did not play well with him.

    I think this is only for tabloids. It is simple; if Fabregas had “the greatest conversation he has ever had” with Wenger, would that include him forcing a transfer and Arsenal having this hard stance. This is politics at Barca, how often does politicians promise more than they can keep. I think the Greek philosopher Plato gives the perfect answer to this saga and Barca when talking about democracy:

    “Imagine then a ship or a fleet in which there is a captain who is taller and stronger than any of the crew, but who is a little deaf and has a similar infirmity in sight, and whose knowledge of navigation is not much better. The sailors are quarreling with one another about the steering—every one is of the opinion that he has a right to steer, though he has never learned the art of navigation … [The sailors] throng about the captain, begging and praying him to commit the helm to them; and if at any time they do not prevail, but others are preferred to them, they kill the others or throw them overboard, and having first chained up the noble captain’s senses with drink or some narcotic drug, they mutiny and take possession of the ship and make free with the stores, thus eating and drinking. They proceed on their voyage in such a manner as can be expected of them. Him who is their partisan and cleverly aids them in their plot for getting the ship out of the captain’s hands into their own whether by force or persuasion, they compliment with the name of sailor, pilot, able seaman, and abuse the other sort of man, whom they call a good-for-nothing; but that the good pilot must pay attention to the year and seasons and sky and stars and winds, and whatever else belongs to his art, if he intends to be really qualified for the command of a ship, and that he must and will be the steerer, whether other people like it or not—the possibility of this union of authority with the steerer’s art has never seriously entered into their thoughts or been made part of their calling.”

    As Plato critisizes; in this case as in a democrazy, most people do not have patience or desire to acquire the necessary knowledge; so they quarrel. This is the same with this case; people do not have the calm to read the sources but end up quarreling and throwing themselves over each other rather than listening to Wenger, Hill-Wood and Gazidis who are skilled in this. If they listened to the supporters, the ship would be a ship with no direction. They have worked for years and proved themselves. Reading the sources calmly and critical,and not jumping to conclusions or unquoted unproven sources; nothing tells me or lead me to think otherwise than trusting them

  23. Those statements from Yaya Toures’ agent do interest me. If he has already agreed a switch to a premier league club, as his agent is saying, then it does strike me as odd that they cannot announce it yet. Surely if he was heading to either ManIOU, or Citeh or Chavski, then there would be absolutely no reason why those clubs wouldn’t announce it, if the move was indeed agreed. To add to this further, it seems strange as well that an agent would say anything if the two clubs involved hadn’t agreed a fee. I have doubts about him wanting to go to Citeh, even though Kolo is there, it is looking more likely that he won’t be in the team next season after they signed Boateng, so Kolo maybe on his way out if anything. Man IOU could be possible but they have little money left to invest I would say, and even if they sold Carrick, they would still need 20m in my estimation. An attacking midfielder is also seen as a bigger priority in most quarters for Sir F word, so their remaining money would surely go here. The Chavs already have Essien and Mikel, but its possible he could go there and maybe as Ballacks replacement, but again, why would they not announce a deal? And are Chavski eying up Torres above anyone else? Or is Roman looking to spend his millions again? (I doubt it really, and they need home grown players more than anything)
    So that leaves Arsenal. The reports that he has already snubbed us were mere speculation off the back of the Fab propaganda, so it could be possible that things are being done in the background. The fact that Arsenal have stated they will not enter negotiations, means very little to me. Statements similar to Arsenals are always made generally (ManIOU did similar with Ronaldo and Real if I remember correctly), but every player has a price. It also doesn’t stop them then accepting an offer, if Barca put something straight on the table that is agreeable and therefore requires no more negotiation. Maybe £45 plus Toure is what is needed, and they are just waiting for Barca to get the funds in place?
    These are all just my personal views though and I could be well out. Whatever happens, Arsenal will march on and I expect them to be playing great football again next season, and beating most teams easily. But Toure, Joe Cole and A.N. Other (possibly Gourcuff) in the midfield next season is no bad thing, even if it means no Cesc. RVP is our best player anyway and as long as he stays fit, then we’ll beat anyone.

  24. ok, thought that one up in a rushed minute, not saying Wenger is blind or deaf 🙂 I admire him very much, but point still there, so with a pinch of salt…

  25. @ Mikey whenI say by anyones standard. I mean the elite of Europe to which class we belong. To say Arsenal fans should be glad winning a trophy every 10 years stinks of a lack of ambition, we are the third most successful club in this country and im sorry 10 years is way too long, how many Arsenal fans would be happy with that. Do you think manu or liverpool would put up with that. I agree the emirates held us back in the transfer market.

    We need players MIKEY 5 years is not impatient, a famous quote by a great manager said something along the line ” show me someone satisfied with second place and I will show you a loser”

    We are not an ordinary club, we dont have ordinary standards. When a player puts on the Arsenal shirt it should be the greatest privilege, to be able to keep cesc Arsene and the board should show cesc we are building.

    We should have plenty of money with the players we have sold like the £25 million raised for Adebayor, Im sorry MIKEY one free signing is not good enough.

    My question is where do you draw the line

  26. Zebediah, maybe things have or are changing at Arsenal since Vieira left us? 5 years ago Arsenal needed every £ to keep their head above water with the building of the Emirates. We had to cut down on our wages to keep the club in a good financial state.
    And like you said yourself Vieira didn’t leave that summer.

    And now I have read the statement from 6 (six) years ago and the statement now I see a big, a very big difference in fact.

  27. A big difference is the fact that they even praised Real Madrid for their behaviour and now like I explained, they are not doing this with Barcelona. Au contraire as Wenger would say.

  28. Walter I agree with you article and comments completely.

    All of us know that Cesc would be leaving us one day, Arsene has set plans in motion for this eventuality. What was unexpected was this unsavoury political public display from the C’tlans. In my opinion it was so that when the incoming president re-signs Cesc in a year or so, Laporta can say it was my ground work that lead to it.

    I believe the statement we made was very good because it forces them to stop (for the time being) or return with an extrodinary bid. Laporta’s grip on the club is diminishing rapidly, Pep has stayed relatively quiet – why? The players haven’t I know, but I would of thought that if everyone was on board with Cesc-gate the manager would of joined in too. It would make sense for Barca to now offer us players on the cheap so that they can repair relations and re open channels for business. Without Cesc leaving this year.

    I am guessing in a few weeks we will have a number of incoming players once Laporta’s time is up. Laporta has tried to make the incoming president’s job as hard as possible. We are used to doing business with Barca and this will continue after Laporta leaves. I think he has hindered Sir Wenger’s plans to wrap up business before the WC.

    Nowadays it is hard to find a Giggs type player and in any event all I expect of a player is respect and to commit fully to the team whilst we pay their wages.

    I agree with Mikey’s comments – the EPL has chanaged alot in the past decade with Chavski and Citeh benefactors distorting transfers and player wages. Arsenal have done really well to navigate this and still be competitive. I am happy we have not ransomed our future for short term glory. Liverpool & Portsmouth are examples of what can happens when you run up too much debt. Chavski & Citeh are good examples that money doesn’t automatically buy you into elite football or silverware each year.

    Don’t get me wrong there is alittle too much dust in the silverware cabinet at the Emirates, but I am sure that even when we do win something next year there will still be doom and gloomers slating the manager and team. We would have to win all four trophies for some to be satisfied.

    I love my club, Sir Arsene Wenger and like minded fellow supporters on this site. The more the anti – Arsenal movement try to put us down, the stronger we will come back, its the Arsenal way.

  29. Mikey-How do you know that Cesc or his agent on his behalf have not submitted a written transfer request? Are Arsenal likely to publicise this-when doing so massively weakens their position? Will Cesc-when as his father says “he wants to walk out of the front door” and witnessed the whole club turn against Adebayor last year-really push to go?I believe that the club want to do the right thing by Cesc and will let him go -if the price is right.
    But as ever, Barcelona are taking the piss with offers of half what the player is worth. Because in reality they don’t need him-he is to them a trophy signing.

  30. Although I definitely don’t want Fabregas to leave, I can’t help thinking of what the team would look like with Nasri in the centre and our new number 10, Joe Cole on the right….

  31. I hope to god your right it would be nice to see things starting moving in the right direction and reap some sort of benefits from the move after a few years of frustration.

  32. Great Post.I just Love it. Specially I just loved this part of your Post.

    And then we come to the final sentences in this statement and I really think this is the most important part of it all. They kept the best part for the end. They just say in the open that they will not enter any discussion with Barcelona. Now I know some think that this is only playing the game but can you give me any proof that Arsenal doesn’t mean this? But let us suppose they would be starting negotiations behind everybody’s back. How on earth can any decent person in the board or the manager come out later and say : “hey we just sold Cesc and it all was just a joke that statement.” Now we may think of our board what we want and we may think of Wenger what we want but I never saw them as some kind Rowin Atkinson or John Cleese or any other comedian.

    No way can the board or the manager come back on such a statement. And if they would do this I think they will see a revolt from the fans. It would make their position impossible for the future. No fan would ever believe the board or the manager again if they would do such a thing.

    It also would mean that if they did such a thing it would undermine the position from Arsenal in relation with the rest of the clubs in Europe. If they would break their word the other clubs in Europe would say: “never mind what they say, they don’t mean it and we keep on playing games until they give in.” The board and Wenger would be the laughing stock in football and every time they would open their mouth they would be laughed away. The way I have seen Wenger during all the years with us is as a man who is not the person who wants to be the laughing stock in football. So I really don’t think he has any ambition to become it from now on.
    Keep on the Good Work WALTER.

  33. @goonergerry,

    I don’t know for a fact that Cesc never handed in a transfer request, much the same way you don’t know for a fact he did. But if he did hand one in why would he then say that he’s leaving the decision on his future to Arsenal and Arsene? That just seems very strange to me since he knows exactly where they stand on the matter. Moreover he said this while with the Spain team so he could easily have said something else if he wanted to.

    Also, don’t for one second think that I am not bothered by the lack of silverware recently. However you cannot simply look at this in isolation. You must take all the surrounding factors into account. The truth is in the last 10 years we have spent more money than almost any other Prem club, including Man City. We just spent it on building a new stadium. Please show me the club that can spend £400m and still have money left over for significant squad-building, especially with no ‘sugar daddy funds’ to tap into.

    While you are right when you say we are no ordinary club, I think its fair to say that we’ve only really become a European football powerhouse under Wenger. Therefore he created the ‘standards’ you speak of, and I don’t think there’s many if any who can maintain those standards like he can. He is the reason you now see us as ‘no ordinary club’.

  34. @ Mikey,
    Spot on! It’s all been about short-term budgeting and prioritising for our future! Let the good times roll in!

  35. Mikey thanks for clearing that one up-of course I am such an idiot that I make statements knowing them to be untrue and rely on you to tell me what I know and what I dont know. Sometimes it helps to know some very well connected gloomers.
    Its the values of the club which sets Arsenal apart from the rest-which goes back generations- as Tony’s book points out. Actually I’m not anti Wenger at all- just reckon he’s human and not a deity- makes the odd mistake, makes difficult choices- that not everyone agrees with-shock horror- gets it right most of the time- after all who does not love the way we play?

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